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Last Call & Fred Jerkins: On the Record

The duo from Bermuda teamed up with super-producer and composer Fred Jerkins to bring us their smash single "Victory", featured on Jerkins' "Project of Healing". In the interview, Jerkins and Last Call tell us about the process that brought them together as well as the inspiration for the project, the loss of Jerkins' 1st wife. The song "Victory" demands a response. At home, the song elicits shouts of joy and multiple reprises. Here in America, the song is gaining traction at radio and...


On the Record: Understanding Fatherhood As Part of a Spiritual Awakening

On today's show, we're talking about the gift of fatherhood as we celebrate Father's Day. Something that caught my attention was a passage of scripture- Malachi 4:5-6 as it deals with the hearts of fathers turning to their children and the hearts of children being turned to their fathers. There is actually a spiritual reason for this reconciliation of the family and we deal with it in this episode. Music in this episode by: NBC Worship (California)- He Loves Us Tim Bowman, Jr.- Good Good...


Jekalyn Carr: You Will Win

In this special episode of "On the Record", we're re-visiting a previous interview. We had the opportunity to speak with Jekalyn Carr ahead of her book and cd release last February. Her book is selling well and she has garnered another #1 on Billboard with "You Will Win", also the title of her first book. As always, our time with Evangelist Carr was soul stirring and satisfying. Be sure to share this episode with your friends, family and everyone that needs to know that THIS is their...


Rebekah Gordon: On the Record

What began as a simple idea for a Facebook frame became the idea that shifted Rebekah Gordon and her company CopywrittIN into overdrive at the close of 2017. Two weeks into 2018, she and her company are already shattering expectations and reaping the benefits of saying YES to the leading of the Lord!


Brely Evans- On the Record

Brely Evans-Eddings stars in "You Can't Fight Christmas" premiering on TV One Sunday December 10th at 7pm EST. The story begins with the annual holiday decorating of the Chesterton Hotel by interior design expert Leslie Major (Evans). She is hard at work managing the transformation when she meets and develops a crush on the hotel owner's handsome grandson, Edmund James. Soon she discovers that Edmund and his uptight business partner, Millicent, have secret plans. They intend to completely...


Jo Saxton- On the Record

Jo Saxton is an author, speaker, leadership coach, church planter and visionary, who empowers women, challenges societal stereotypes and helps people discover who they truly are, by seeing themselves the way God sees them. On January 23, 2018, Jo will release her much-anticipated new book "The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For". The book aims to help readers confront their past, break through stifling perceptions, and live authentically. Music in...


Tracy Bell- On the Record

Meet Tracy Bell of Asah Entertainment. Mr. Bell boasts a diversity of clientele and is currently working with talent from all parts of the world in differing genres of music. In this sponsored podcast, you'll discover more about Mr. Bell, Asah Entertainment and whether his company is the right fit for your music and career.


Patrice Lovely- On the Record

She's scaring up laughs alongside Tyler Perry in BOO 2, opening up in theatres nationwide on October 20th. Click to listen as Patrice Lovely talks to us about the new movie, tv shows and much more! Plus, you don't want to miss Aunt Hattie's words of wisdom! Music in this episode: GIEL-Forever Jacquie Green- Superwoman Infinity's Song- What the World Needs Now


Dick Gregory: On the Record

In memoriam, we've dug into the archives to share this poignant interviews with the iconic comedian. The fight for civil rights and equality was no laughing matter to the comic who gave every part of himself to the movement in each stage and phase, even til his death on August 19,2017.


Dr. Cheryll Hope

Separation is never easy and whether it's a breakup or divorce, it takes an emotional toll on both parties. Many times though, the emotions of the men involved are seldom considered. A recent divorcee herself, this realization led Dr. Hope to speak with men and women about their experiences and views of relationships. She has written her findings for all to see in this groundbreaking book. Compiling hours or research, she takes the conversations she’s had with men and shares them with the...


Anthony Evans- On the Record

Singer/Songwriter Anthony Evans' new album, Back To Life, laned at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Gospel Albums sales chart. "See You Again," the debut single from the album, was the No. 1 New & Active track on the Gospel radio in its first week. Anthony and his sister, New York Times bestselling author and War Room actress Priscilla Shirer, are currently on the FerVent Tour. The tour features an evening of music from Anthony and dynamic teaching by Priscilla. A date at the Playstation Theater...


Preashea Hilliard- On the Record

She is the daughter of Bishop I. V. Hilliard and Dr. Bridget Hilliard and a signature part of the leadership of the New Light Ministries of Houston, Texas. "Pastor P" as she is affectionately known is preparing to release her latest album "The Glory Experience". This album is just that, it captures enthralling moments in the glory of Lord in a live recording. In this podcast, you'll hear her talk about the recording process and lessons learned on the journey to this dynamic recording. The...


Terrell "T-Rex" Simon- On the Record

T-Rex is back with his latest single "Let It Rain" and we're chopping up and catching up on this edition of "On the Record". Check out this interview and be sure to add his latest single to your music collection.


Sybil Sloan- On the Record

She's an author, she's an artist, she's a Superwoman! Meet Sybil Sloan a woman after God's heart making a difference for people everywhere. I met Sybil at a conference and was drawn to her knowledge. Sybil completed her undergraduate degrees at Campbell University. Sybil is a degreed Life Coach as well as a licensed Spiritual Counselor. She is also a. Certified Veteran Development Coach. Sybil currently owns Sloan’s Consulting Insurance and Financial Services as well as Snappy Taxes. She...


Ari Squires- On the Record

In the wake of women's protests and national discussions on women's rights, a local woman with national influence has created a haven to explore, and help women release, their trauma...and using a very creative medium! Success coach and author, Ari Squires, is set to release a documentary on February 18th titled No More Chains: Succeeding Against The Odds. The film lifts the veil on the secret struggles of women, from societal pressures to perform under duress, to the hidden pain millions...


What Have We Really Overcome?

During an interview with a local news outlet, I answered the question posed in regard to America’s proximity to Dr. King’s dream: “...we’re still working toward it.” I couldn’t stop rehearsing my answer once I got home. That got me to thinking though. This year, Dr. King will have been dead exactly 49 years and the best response to his dream is for this country to have elected a bigot who has staffed his cabinet and leadership choices that think exactly like him. Dr. King ‘s dream is not a...


The Mighty Clouds of Joy- On the Record

The Mighty Clouds of Joy are back with a new album and a fresh, yet reminiscent sound. The group is comprised of longtime members committed to carrying the legacy of Joe Ligon and the Mighty Clouds of Joy brand to not only a rebirth but a re-introduction to the gospel music masses. The Mighty Clouds of Joy went on the record to talk about their future without their legendary leader, the late Joe Ligon and their new album entitled: "Rebirth".


Joe Ligon Tribute

On a very special episode of "On the Record", we're saying farewell to "The Bossman" Mr. Joe Ligon of The Mighty Clouds of Joy. This is part 1 of a 2 part show.


Jekalyn Carr- On the Record

She's celebrating Stellar Award and Grammy nominations this year all the while telling the world that God is BIGGER! She's Miss Jekalyn Carr and she's turning gospel music upside down! At 19, she's poised for longevity in the industry and a fierce preacher in the pulpit. We've got the latest with Jekalyn Carr, plus a very special Christmas surprise!


Jacqui Phillips- On the Record

She's a star on both sides of the camera but Jacqui Phillips' latest triumph comes in the form of her children's book series " The Adventures of Stushy & Bello" as they teach kids and parents about family, acceptance and so much more. We caught up with one of our favorite guests to learn more about the book series, her newest book, radio and television and much more! Check out our interview with Ms. Jacqui Phillips.