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A podcast for people who face suffering, loss, and pain and come out the other side better. How do people face darkness find light? Listen for the spark!

A podcast for people who face suffering, loss, and pain and come out the other side better. How do people face darkness find light? Listen for the spark!
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A podcast for people who face suffering, loss, and pain and come out the other side better. How do people face darkness find light? Listen for the spark!






#36 The Necessity of Saying "No"

Is it hard for you to say no? Is it okay to give from a place of empty and ease the burden of others while we increase the burden on ourselves. In this episode I talk about reasons why it is hard to say no, and why it is so important for our growth and our well being to be able to do so.


#35 Self Management (stress/impulses/motivation/goals)

Do you struggle with managing your stress? What about with the ability to control your impulses, self motivation, or achieving your goals? If you feel like you could use help in any of those areas you'll enjoy this episode. This is a proven way that I have found makes a HUGE difference in my ability to self manage.


#34 Self Care

Do you feel guilty when you take care of yourself? Most women do, in fact less that 20% of women report that they do regular self care. In this episode we are going to discuss why women struggle and learn 5 steps to start a self care practice today.You can do this. You do matter and self care will make a difference.


#33 Losing Yourself

Do you feel empty? Lost? Unfulfilled? It is not uncommon for women to get lost on the roles we play as mother and wife, and forget who we are as an individual. In this episode you will learn about things you can start doing today to find yourself.


#32 Your Healing Today Will Impact Generations

It doesn't take much today to change your future in years to come. The healing that you do today matters, not only to you, but to all those that you love. Change always begins as one small step. In this episode I share how 7 years later I am now seeing the fruit of my labor of choosing one day at a time to work towards healing. It is so worth it. Start healing today.


#31 Justification

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you felt like you had to justify yourself? I have! In this episode we dive into why we justify our behavior, and three different traps we can get stuck in. Plus the best part, you don't have to stay stuck. You have the power to change everything.


#30 When Sleeping Women Wake Mountains Move: Helping Our Children When Doctors Don't Have the Answer

In this episode Shelley Swapp shares what is is like to be a young mom that had two children born with severe food allergies and another with Muscular Dystrophy all within 5 years. This is her journey of finding hope and healing when doctors didn't always have the answers to help her babies. Shelley is a woman who woke and made mountains move, and now she helps other families do the same. I love this episode!


#29 Hardworking and Homeless

Have you ever been curious about people who end up homeless? I have been. In this episode Pharaoh Kelley talks about how he was working full time and still ended up homeless. This story opened my eyes to a world that I didn't know much about. Pharaoh is open and honest and this interview changed the way I think about homelessness. It was amazing.


#28 The Pride Cycle: When we Forget to Put God as an Active Participant in Our Lives

Do you ever have times of prosperity and happiness when you forget to place God first? I do! In this episode I discuss the pride cycle and how it impacts my life. Do you ever fall into the pride cycle? How do you get out?


#27 Sharing the Glory of God that is Inside of Us

You have the light of Christ inside. It is always there, but life can be hard and sometimes layer after layer of suffering and loss and pain can start to cover up our light. You may begin to forget that you have it and wonder if you are worthy or even okay at all. It is your job to magnify the glory of God, he placed that light inside of you so that you could bring light to others. Find your light so you can share it with others. The world needs you.


#26 Living With a Spouce That Suffers With Anxiety and Depression

What is it like living with someone that suffers from Chronic Anxiety and Depression? Dan Hayward, husband to Ally Hayward from episode #1 talks about how Ally's anxiety and depression impacts him and their children. If you know someone who has a family member who suffers with anxiety and depression and wants information on how another man copes with this struggle please share this episode.


#25 Sorrow That the Eye Can't See: Hope After 10 Miscarriages

Have you ever heard the phrase 'Sorrow that they eye can't see'? After having 10 miscarriages Emma talks about how this phrase took on new meaning for her. She shares her story of finding light, hope, and the knowledge that God never leaves us.


#24 Stop Judging: Three things to Change our Brain and Behavior

Do you find yourself ever making judgements on other people? I sure do! In this episode I share three things that we can do to start shifting our brains and behaviors around judgement.


#23 Embraced in Gods Mercy and Love: Healed After Abortion

Her Fear of rejection and recrimination did not stop her when God called her to share her story of abortion publicly for the first time. With extreme faith she accepted what might happen and walked into the spotlight that night. Instead of finding a wall she found the loving embrace of friends, family and strangers. By shedding light on her story, she gave others permission to do the same. In this Episode Cindy Case a National Leader from Surrendering the Secret opens her heart to us about...


#22 How to Nurture Those Around Us: The Sacred Role of Women

Women have a sacred God given gift to nurture and mother those around us. It is a gift that only we can give. In this episode I share three ways we can do this to help the men, other women and children in our lives.


#21 The Sacred Role of Motherhood: Infertility and Adoption

When she was a tiny little girl Kay had dreams of growing up to become a mother. She found an amazing man to marry, but her dreams of becoming a mother were delayed by infertility. In this very touching episode Kay West shares her story of finding light and hope in adoption. She shares how much heavenly father loves his daughters and how much he loves you.


#20 Praying for Angels and Learning How to Be One

Do you believe in Angels? Did you know that you can be one for someone here on earth? In this episode I talk about the 4 steps you can begin taking today to be a servant of God here on earth.


#19 Choose Bitterness or Choose to See the Blessings: The Heartache of Divorce, This is My Story

The darkest days of my divorce were filled with intense bitterness. I thank God every day for surrounding me with amazing men and women who comforted me and taught me that I had a choice. I could either stay in intense bitterness or choose to see the blessings that were all around me. If you are struggling ask for Angels I know God will send them.


#18 Raising Boys to Become Men Who Help and Heal

We want our boys to grow up to be good men that help and heal women and children. How do we do that? This is a tool that you can teach them and model for them that will help their brain develop in a way to encourage healing instead of harming.


#17 Deep Wounds, The Impacts of Abortion on Men

At 19 years old David encouraged his girlfriend to get an abortion. Little did he know that the side effects of this choice would impact him for years to come. On that day his girlfriend changed, her trauma left him with no words to console her. In this touching episode David talks about how not being able to show up as a man for his girlfriend or his baby girl left him with deep wounds. He found healing through God and he encourages other men to find it too.