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EP46: Abundant Boss with Jenna Black

"It is Spiritual to be rich!" - Jenna Black... Do you need to upgrade your level of Abundance? Are you a purposeful business owner who struggles with allowing the level of abundance that you KNOW is meant for you? This episode will be perfect for you! Jenna Black is the creator of AbundantBoss.com and we had an amazing conversation about ABUNDANCE and being RICH. We talk about identifying our blocks and being a empowered circulator of abundance in this universe! There are SO many golden...


EP45: Crystals, Crystals, Crystals!

Soooo if you're anything like me, You're probably obsessed with Crystals and having them all around you! If you'd like to hear about my fave crystals to work with, how I work with them & which ones I recommend for opening the third eye, Channeling etc. Make sure to check out this audio training! Listen now and subscribe for more ways to connect with Spirit!


EP44: My Journey With Mother Ayahuasca - Part 2

This episode is 'Part 2' from the previous episode where I share my journey with Mother Ayahuasca! I share further details about receiving DNA upgrades and much more! Listen now & remember to subscribe, Jessie x


EP43: Journey With Mother Ayahuasca

Have you been curious about taking a Spiritual Journey with Plant Medicine? Or do you feel drawn to Mother Ayahuasca? I definitely felt the call loud & clear earlier this year! And in June I booked myself in for a retreat at Rythmia in Costa Rica (The BEST place to have such an experience!) It was by far the most intense week of my life and in this episode I share why... There will also be a second part coming next week so remember to subscribe!


EP42: New Paradigm Healing

Are you Healer? Or just love learning more about different forms of energy healing? Melissa Habibi and I have each been trained in different forms of energy healing and in this episode we talk about how to be a Healer in the new paradigm... We discuss how healing really works (The healer isn't responsible for the results!) As well as de-bunking myths about healing from the old paradigm AND CRYSTALS (I know you all love crystals as much as I do) Listen now and remember to subscribe!


EP41: Little Miracles Movement with Suzy Ashworth

Suzy Ashworth is a mother of three, a Hay House author, TEDx speaker and a mindset and business coach! Suzy and I spoke about how she became a Hay House Author in a different way than most, How she helps her clients to get their souls message across AND Suzy shared with us the 'Little Miracles Movement' that we can join


EP40: Earning 7 Figures From Reading Cards?!

Most people would assume that Reading cards or utilising your intuition for others could only be a hobby or a 'side-job'... I even remember hearing someone state (5 years ago) "You'll never ever make any real money from light-work, It's just not possible"... But now that we're in the new paradigm of light - the limits have been shifted. Brigit Esselmont is the creator of biddytarot.com and has obliterated these old beliefs by building a 7 figure empire from what started as a passion for...


EP39: Get to know the REAL me, Juicy Q&A with our boyfriends!

So Viola Hug (From the Abundant Babes Podcast) and I were spending some time together the other week (slumber partying) and we thought it'd be fun to record a podcast where we interview our Boyfriends about us! (So that you can get to know us behind the scenes!) They spill on our most annoying traits, whether we 'walk our talk', What they think about our intuitive gifts, The weirdest things we do, Which Sex and the city character I am, Which mainstream 'job' they think we would have if we...


EP38: Authenticity + Purpose = Millionaire! With Angie Lee

Angie Lee went from being 6 figures in debt to being a 7 figure earner in her Authentic, Purposeful Business! In this Episode we have So much fun talking about how Angie has kept herself authentic while becoming a self-made millionaire, How we each channel our purposeful messages from the higher dimensions, Why we love CBD to calm overwhelm AND all about her upcoming 'Pays To Be Brave' Event! Listen now and remember to subscribe for more...


EP37: Manifesting with Emma Mumford

Listen in on this fun girl-chat I had with Emma Mumford who is the host of the Spiritual Queen's Badass Podcast as we talk about: manifesting, taking leaps of faith, twin flames, and all things we felt inspired to share!


EP36: The New Paradigm Of Tarot With Britt Carmichael

Unsure how you feel about tarot cards? I know, There are a lot of old paradigm connotations around tarot cards and how they work. Brittany Carmichael is a Psychic Medium, Empowerment Coach For Entrepreneurs and the creator of Shine School - Who also reads Tarot Cards! In this episode we talk about the new paradigm of working with Tarot cards, How to understand why the old fear-based connotations aren't true & how to work with them from a very intuitive & high vibration! If you feel drawn to...


EP35: My Natal Chart Reading With Tiffani Purdy!

So you know your star sign but have no idea what your natal chart is all about? Neither did I! I heard so many friends talking about all the intricate details of their Astrology and I would just be like 'Wellll I know I'm a leo? lol' And then over the past few months I felt the urge to understand what could be discovered within a personal natal chart reading & I was recommended to connect with Tiffani Purdy! In this episode we recorded the Natal chart reading so you could listen in and get a...


EP34: Ayahuasca; Healing Cancer and Soul Mates!'

While I was at Rythmia on my Ayahuasca Retreat, I connected with Candice Marie Fox who is one of the Shamanic Assistant's... She glows like a complete Goddess, has the best sense of humour and spreads love like a fairy! So I asked to interview her on the show to talk about how she naturally healed herself from Thyroid Cancer, journeyed with Ayahuasca and found her soul mate! If you've been interested in going to Rythmia yourself - this would be an especially beneficial episode for you!...


EP33: Priestess Of The Moon

Do you love embodying your inner priestess, Connecting with the moon and alchemising your life through connecting with nature? In this episode I am joined with Achintya Devi and Ameya Cohen from www.priestessesofthemoon.com ! We talk about all things divine feminine, syncing our cycles with the moon, and just generally being Goddesses! Listen now & remember to subscribe...


EP32: Soul Shine Astrology'

Are you ready to learn about more than just your average Horoscopes? I've had a huge interest in Astrology lately and so I interviewed Natalie Walstein from Soul Shine Astrology to learn more about it! I asked Questions about: - What can be explored within an Astrology Reading - How an Astrology Reading can be applied practically in our lives - How your purpose can be illuminated through Astrology AND Natalie shared a 'Forecast' of 2018 for each star sign! Find out what she shared about your...


EP31: Spirit Guides 101

Do you want to be in close connection with your Spirit Guides? Do you want to learn how simple and easy it can really be? Natalie Miles (Spiritual Guide & Mentor) and I are both obsessed with our Spirit Guides and helping other soul sisters to connect & communicate with their Spirit Guides too! So we put this Podcast together to share our guidance, We also share our personal experiences that you may relate to or find inspiration from, While keeping it very light and playful - just like...


EP30: Empathy & Energetic Mastery

It's time for some girl-talk about being empaths and how to really create energetic boundaries that actually work! As empaths (Or as I like to call us - highly tapped in earth angel's) our energy is especially precious and we often find it hardest to set boundaries with other people (Cause ya know, we just wanna be nice to everyone), But as we step into the new paradigm of light we gotta make sure we're aligning with purely loving & supportive people in our lives.. Also as lightworkers here...


EP29: Spirit Inspired Choices

Do you want to connect with your Spirit Guides more often? Would you like to know how Astrology integrates with our paths too? Nancy Byrne is the Author of the book 'Choices' - All about working with Spirit to make aligned & guided choices in life! Nancy and I both work with our Spirit Guides reguarly and share our experiences in this podcast. Nancy is also an Astrologer and practices automatic handwriting - So I asked her how we can all integrate these tools in our lives to make aligned...


EP28: Clarify And Manifest Your Vision

Do you consider yourself a visionary? Do you feel there's a 'bigger' life waiting for you? But you're just not quite clear on it... Or you know that you need to get into alignment with it in order for it to manifest..? In this episode Viola and I share the 4 top ways that we clarify and manifest our visions. Viola is a Alignment Coach for Visionaries & Holistic Nutritionist who shares her expertise with us on how to align our current lives with our vision AND especially how we can increase...


EP27: Working With Spirit Fear-Free

This weeks episode is a lil different, I am going to be sharing with you an audio training about how to work with Spirit Fear-Free! As you might already know from hearing about my story, When I was a little girl it was very natural for me to see, hear, feel and experience my connection with Spirit, They were all around and I thought everybody knew about it, Until after a few experiences I realised that what I was experiencing wasn't 'normal', After not being able to understand it on a human...