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EP 63: Communicating With Spirit - My Top 10 Tips & Tricks

Wanting to communicate with Spirit? (Whether that be your Spirit Guides or Past Loved Ones...) Sometimes it can feel a bit confusing, like you've got to de-code the insights! Over my time of working with Spirit, I've worked out a few of their common signs & signals! Which I'm sharing with you now for this week's Spirit Girls Episode... Listen now & Subscribe for more guidance on strengthening your intuitive abilities


EP 62: Intuitive Wellness

Love going beyond mainstream approaches to health? Tara Goddard is an Intuitive and wellness expert who shares her guidance with us upon intertwining Spirituality and Health (Mental & Physical.) Which I know is SUPER helpful for empath's especially - As doctors used to try prescribe me with anti-depressants for my sensitivity to energy (no thanks doc.) By listening to this episode you can even have a complimentary Spirit Animal Reading with Tara! Listen Now and subscribe for more amazing...


EP 61: Ayurveda & Mystical Beings With Sahara Rose

Ever wondered what Ayurveda is? Or what your Dosha Type is? How this is connected to your health, purpose, lifestyle & so much more...? Sahara Rose is the Ayurveda Goddess of our time, Is a best selling author, Host of the Highest Self Podcast AND has been referred to as "A leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift." By Deepak Chopra! We are so lucky to have her sharing all of her channeled insights with us in this episode. She even delves into Mystical beings...


EP 60: Lunar Love with Stephanie Boridy

Ready to get your Moon Rituals on? Stephanie Boridy has been hosting fabulous Moon Circles for her soul sisters - And is now sharing her secrets with us! Learn how to sync with the moon's energies, connect with your cycle & get to know the different phases! P.S this episode is also perfect if you want to become aware of when its the time of the month to create vs when to rest - whether that be in your personal life or business! Listen now and remember to subscribe if you vibe


EP59: Astro, Oils and Clairvoyance!

Want to know the difference between your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign? Or what essential oils can be used to open your third eye? Amy Masters is an expert on all things Astro, Oils, Yoga, Clairvoyance and much more! In this episode she shares with us how we can get to know our Astro signs better, top tips on using oils... As well as sharing her story of awakening through motherhood AND 'coming out' as a Clairvoyant! Listen now and subscribe to hear from more experts on all your fave things!


EP58: How To Become A Gifted Expert!

Want to know my step-by-step process of becoming a Gifted Expert? There are a few things that I find essential in activating & utilising your intuitive gifts, In this episode I share them with you! If you've been interested in my Gifted Experts Course and want to know what you would actually be learning - this is a perfect episode for you! Or if you're just curious as to which ways you can work with Spirit - Listen Now & Subscribe for more guidance upon your Gifts x


EP57: Living In Alignment With Your Human Design!

Do you know your Human Design type? To be honest I didn't realise how important it was until I knew mine! Lauren McMullen is a soul sister who is here to help us live a Soul-Radiant life! Lauren helps us to understand HOW by illuminating our Human Design types, while also utilising her intuition to help guide us forward! If you're anything like me, I know you'll be fascinated by the insights that are bought forward in this episode, Listen now & remember to subscribe girl!


EP56: Addiction to Ascension

Sometimes you need to hit your rock bottom in order to find your purpose right? In this episode Libby shares her story with us about how she found her purpose through LITERALLY hitting rock bottom. Becoming sober helped her see her purpose and is now helping souls sisters to ascend! Whether you relate to any form of addiction, Or utilising a habit to 'escape' from your reality - This will be a really healing episode for you to listen to xx


EP55: Being An Intuitive Witch In The 21st Century

: Do you feel as if you were repressed in a past life for being a 'witch'? Or that your intuitive / magical / healer self was silenced? In this episode Tereza Wolf joins us to talk alll about being an Intuitive Witch in the 21st century! She shares with us how sh healed her past life and has empowered her inner witch in this life to fulfil her purpose! We also talk about the differences between old paradigm concepts of 'Witches' and what it actually means in the new paradigm of LIGHT. Listen...


EP54: Sparkle As A Starseed

Ready to activate the stars within your cells? In this episode we have the incredible Sierra Morningstar Blue sharing her magic with us! Sierra is an Intuitive Guide for Starseeds - and I've experienced her amazing work first hand! Sierra tells us about her near death experience that changed her life & we share our insights upon what it's like to be a Starseed here on Earth. As well as how we can integrate, awaken and sparkle in our light! Listen now and remember to subscribe for more xx


EP53: Being An Intuitive Girl Boss

Wanna be an Intuitive Goddess as well as a complete Girl-Boss?! In this episode we talk all about the balance between the two, How to integrate both your feminine and masculine energies within your soul business or career! Our guest this week is Jerico Mandybur, Who is a Tarot Card Reader as well as the Editorial Director of @Girlboss ! Both Jerico and I share our insights on how we engage in both our Intuitive energies with our Spirit Guides & Cards AS WELL as our driven career goals! If...


EP52: Chakra Girl, Modern World! With Amber Lee

es, You can have your spirit Guides on speed dial AND go out with your girlfriends for a cocktail too! Have you found the old paradigm of Spirituality somewhat boring? In ways where you feel like there are rules around what it means to be a 'good spiritual person'? Or that you find it hard to balance being a spiritually connected girl who also has a modern life? We know exactly how you feel, And we're here to help you give YOURSELF permission to create your own balance in the new paradigm -...


EP51: Soul Mate Strategy With Kelly Pretty

Wanna join us for some girl-talk about relationships? Kelly Pretty is a Soul Mate Strategist, Speaker and Love Mentor & we talk about some amazing topics in this episode! Its all 100% relevant to the energy we are experiencing lately around letting go of past relationships and opening space for Soul Mates! If you're wanting to learn more about how to: - Forgive & let go of your ex with gratitude - Clear your energy for your soul mate to come in - Be true ready for your highest relationship...


EP50: A Journey Through Journaling with Katie Dalebout

Ready to start journaling? Or to take your journaling to the next level? Katie Dalebout is the Hay House Author of 'Let it out, A journey through journaling' and is an expert on helping you to get really self aware through the practice of journaling. Katie shares with us some of her 'prompting' practices that are in her book to inspire new & unique ways to spice up your journaling practice! And for the soulprenuers - we also talk about how she got her Hay House book deal, How to start a...


EP49: Let your ailment guide you! With Camille knowles

If you have a body ailment of any kind, This episode will help you see it as a guide! And if you struggle with Eczema in particular - This will be a very powerful episode for you!! Camille Knowles is the Author of 'The Beauty Of Eczema' and in this episode she shares with us how she went from being hospitalised to realising her purpose by what her skin condition was teaching her! We each speak about how we have found our physical ailments and pains to be our friends - not our enemies. That...


EP48: Self Lovin' With Shannon Kaiser

Could you do with some more self lovin' babe? Shannon Kaiser is the QUEEN of self love and living for JOY! And we're lucky enough to have her on Spirit Girls this week! We talk all about our experiences with finding self love, Our journeys at Rythmia and how Ayahuasca taught us deeper self love awareness... Listen now and remember to subscribe for more spiritual convos!


EP47: The Rise with Danette May

Do you ever feel like you don't know what happens BETWEEN someones biggest struggle and their 'overnight success'? In this episode Danette May (Self Love Activist & hay House Author) shares her story of The Rise between losing her child, having $46 dollars to her name and now having a 8 figure business with her soul mate, Dream Life and landing a book deal with Hay House! We also talk about Spirit, automatic handwriting, and how you can get your hands on her new book - with bonuses! to...


EP46: Abundant Boss with Jenna Black

"It is Spiritual to be rich!" - Jenna Black... Do you need to upgrade your level of Abundance? Are you a purposeful business owner who struggles with allowing the level of abundance that you KNOW is meant for you? This episode will be perfect for you! Jenna Black is the creator of AbundantBoss.com and we had an amazing conversation about ABUNDANCE and being RICH. We talk about identifying our blocks and being a empowered circulator of abundance in this universe! There are SO many golden...


EP45: Crystals, Crystals, Crystals!

Soooo if you're anything like me, You're probably obsessed with Crystals and having them all around you! If you'd like to hear about my fave crystals to work with, how I work with them & which ones I recommend for opening the third eye, Channeling etc. Make sure to check out this audio training! Listen now and subscribe for more ways to connect with Spirit!


EP44: My Journey With Mother Ayahuasca - Part 2

This episode is 'Part 2' from the previous episode where I share my journey with Mother Ayahuasca! I share further details about receiving DNA upgrades and much more! Listen now & remember to subscribe, Jessie x