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#159: Debunking Personal Growth Myths

This episode is brought to you by the Spiritual Lifestyle Collective. An online gathering place where you can be guided, build and embrace your Spiritual Gifts or dive deeper into growing your Spiritually Centered business armed with knowledge, training, & resources. Learn more about the Spiritual Lifestyle Collective here. In this episode, Tia discusses personal growth hurdles we face when we want to do better & how to overcome those beliefs. Some of these beliefs include: You’ll change...


#158: 5 Lessons I learned from Marie Forleo

Episode #158: 5 Lessons I learned from Marie Forleo Express yourselfTell your story multiple timesIt’s okay to be consistent in a couple of platformsB-School AlumNo shame in a "bridge" job This week’s blog: You Don't Have to be a Professional Speaker to Speak Your Truth. Click here to dive in! Transformational freebies: https://tiamariejohnson.com/Freebies Visit Tia on Instagram @tia_johnson_ (or at www.instagram.com/tia_johnson_ ) Based in Philadelphia, Tia is an intuitive healer,...


#157 Confessions of Tia: How Mind Prepping Saved My Entrepreneurial Mind

Faced with being burnt out and frustration, in this episode, Tia confesses how mind prepping kept her in line so she can be fully present for her business and navigate through the rocky road of being an entrepreneur. This episode is brought to you by The Spiritual Lifestyle Collective, a membership community that is your central location for spiritual and entrepreneurial resources and tools to Live Life Unapologetically. What's Included: Guidance: Receive Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Guidance...


#156: Are repetitive numbers following you?

In this episode, Tia discusses the importance of the numbers, their meaning, and your life path number. Also mentioned in this episode: Spiritual Lifestyle Collective: www.Spirituallifestylecollective.com/waitlist Daily Oracle Reading Monthly Training for Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneurs & Spiritual Trailblazers Guidance sets Free Inspirational Downloads Resource Library Community Forum Weekly Office Hours with Tia Special Guests Also, latest on the blog, what everyone needs to know about...


#155: Manifesting: Why You Need To Say What You Want & Be Direct

In this episode, Tia discusses how to manifest, how to quickly manifest our needs and wants, how to be direct, and why we need to say what we want out loud. Visit her at http://www.tiamariejohnson.com Show notes: The Confidence Lab online workshop: https://spirituallifestylecollective.com/ConfidenceLabWorkshopReplay 5 Quick Ways To Stop Feeling Discouraged In Your Business: http://blog.tiamariejohnson.com/5-quick-ways-to-stop-feeling-discouraged-in-your-business/


#154: Mid-Year Check in. Are you on track?

In this episode, Tia discusses ways to keep ourselves on track with our goals, how we can bench test our progress and more with questions like: What were your goals in Jan? What did you have to scrap and why? What should you scrap and why? Where there delays? Where are you now? Who do you need? How are you tracking? Show notes: Blog: http://blog.tiamariejohnson.com/be-productive-stop-overthinking/ #132 Your 2018 Oracle Card Reading: Listen Here The Confidence Lab Workshop:...


#152: How To Get Into Your Creative Flow

In this episode, Tia talks about several ways we can get into our creative flow. This week’s blog: 5 Ways To Get Back To Your High Vibrating Self at http://blog.tiamariejohnson.com/your-high-vibrating-self The Confidence Lab at http://tiamariejohnson.com/ConfidenceLab Other Transformational freebies: http://tiamariejohnson.com/Freebies Visit Tia on Instagram @tia_johnson_ (or at www.instagram.com/tia_johnson_ ) Based in Philadelphia, Tia is an intuitive healer, international speaker, and...


#151 Getting Unstuck & Creating A Business You Love With Jade Jemma

In this episode, Tia chat's with Jade Jemma to discuss ways to get unstuck and create a business you love. Even if you don't have a business, you can still ascertain ways to get unstuck. Jade Jemma is a Sales Coach and Strategist. She helps women to create strategies and systems to connect with premium-paying ideal clients while increasing profits and decreasing stress! Shpw Notes: Visit Jade at https://www.freedomzest.com/ Visit Tia at www.tiamariejohnson.com Instagram:...


#150: Quieting The Over-Worked Mind & Expecting Miracles With Rosella LaFevre

In this episode, Tia chats with Rosella LaFevre to get the mind on a smooth path towards attracting and noticing miracles in life. Blog: http://www.blog.tiamariejohnson.com Freebies: http://www.tiamariejohnson.com/freebies Rosella LaFevre is a Success Coach and speaker. She helps women entrepreneurs to drown out the self-hating voice in their heads and make space for consistent miracles in their lives and business. Rosella has authored a book, available on Amazon, called Dare to Share:...


#149: How To Remain Focused When Faced With Set-backs

In this episode, Tia explains how she overcame several setbacks and provides 7 techniques for you to conquer your setbacks, large and small. The Spiritual & Empowerment Living Blog: 7 Habits To Stop Now If You Want To Be Productive In Business & In Life http://blog.tiamariejohnson.com/7-habits-to-stop/ Other Transformational freebies: http://tiamariejohnson.com/Freebies Follow & Interact with Tia on Instagram: @tia_johnson_ (or at www.instagram.com/tia_johnson_ ) Based in Philadelphia, Tia...


#148: Confessions of Tia: #OverIt

In this episode, Tia explains the issues that are long overdue to be let go. She also discusses the process for standing your ground against obsolete social norms that are hindering your spiritual and personal growth. Show notes: Receive access to Tia's library of free resources: http://tiamariejohnson.com/Freebies This week’s blog post: Why I’m Obsessed With Matcha And Your Should Be Too: http://blog.tiamariejohnson.com/matcha-green-tea-latte/ Visit Tia on Instagram @tia_johnson_ (or at...


#147: How To Build Confidence In Your Leadership Abilities

In this episode, Tia discusses 12 points of developing your confidence in your leadership abilities. Show notes: Free online masterclasses: http://tiamariejohnson.com/spirituallifestylemasterclass The Spiritual & Empowerment Living Blog: 5 Wellness Hacks To Improve Your Life http://blog.tiamariejohnson.com/5-wellness-hacks-to-improve-your-life Other Transformational freebies: ?http://tiamariejohnson.com/Freebies Visit Tia on Instagram @tia_johnson_ (or at www.instagram.com/tia_johnson_ )...


#146: 5 Crystals You Need In Your Life - Pronto!

In this episode, Tia discusses 5 crystals (& two bonus crystals!) you need in your life to help you in multiple areas, from stress to intuition. Crystals: AmethystClear QuartzSapphireLapis LazuliApache Tear Show Notes: Books by Judy Hall - Crystal Bible - Crystal Bible 2 - The Encyclopedia of Crystals Upcoming Masterclasses: Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Personal Growth, & Spiritual Warrior Enroll in the free masterclasses at http://tiamariejohnson.com/spirituallifestylemasterclass On...


#145: Stop, Drop, and Rebuild

April is National Rebuilding month. In this episode, Tia discusses the process of stopping, dropping, and rebuilding in life: Stop: Acknowledgement Drop: Strategies Rebuild: Implementation Grab your Spiritual and Personal Transformation Freebies at www.tiamariejohnson.com/freebies Get the latest on the blog, How To Pick Your Success Team at www.blog.tiamariejohnson.com/pick-your-success-team/ Visit Tia at www.tiamariejohnson.com & on Instagram @tia_johnson_ (or at...


#144: Confessions of Tia: What I Learned From Being An Entrepreneur For 8 Years

In this episode, Tia confesses about her journey of being an entrepreneur for 8 years, her health during the beginning of her business, spending money in her business, and more. Show Notes: Freebie page: tiamariejohnson.com/freebies The second freebie of the month is How To Live Unapologetically, a three-part video series that I filmed while in the Bahamas - lots of fun! In that video series, we will focus on three very important mindsets to live life according to you! Also, latest on the...


#143: International Color Day: The Power of Colors

In this episode for International Color Day, Tia discusses the meaning and power of colors based on its relation to Reiki. Pinterest Gratitude Board: www.pinterest.com/tia_johnson_ Freebie Page: http://www.tiamariejohnson.com/freebies The second freebie of the month is the "How To Live Unapologetically" three-part video series. Blog Post: Spring Clean Your Life In 7 Effortless Ways @ http://blog.tiamariejohnson.com/spring-clean-your-life/ Visit Tia at www.tiamariejohnson.com & on Instagram...


#142: Dream Talk

#142: Dream Talk In this episode, Tia discusses what dreams are, where they come from, their messages, and common questions she receives. Tia also explains how you can prepare for sleep and clear your mind. Show notes: Grab your freebie at www.tiamariejohnson.com/freebies Check out this week's blog, 10 Best Spiritual Practices You Can Do In Under 10 Minutes at www.blog.tiamariejohnson.com Remember, Grab your Transformational spiritual and personal growth freebies at...


#141: Spirituality vs. Religion

In this episode, Tia discusses Spirituality vs. Religion and reviews the Q & A session she had after a talk about Spirituality, what is it, and does it relate to religion. Click here to read the Blog: Spirituality vs. Religion: Is it wrong? Grab your Transformational, Spiritual, and Personal growth freebies by clicking here. Visit Tia at www.tiamariejohnson.com & on here on Instagram. Based in Philadelphia, Tia is an intuitive healer, international speaker, and best-selling author. Tia...


#140: Confessions of Tia: I'm Not A Hater; I Just Disagree

In this episode, Tia confesses about her feelings regarding being called a hater for speaking her truth and how we can approach and respond to negative labels. Gratitude- https://www.pinterest.com/Tia_Johnson_/attitude-of-gratitude/ Tia discusses: -Tone -How you live your life -State your opinion and back it up with facts -Here the other person’s perspective -Empathy -Don’t flip flop -Stay away from those people who can’t respect your opinions and feeling. Visit Tia at...


#139: What To Do When The Universe Isn’t Working For You

February is Expect Success Month. So let’s expect to work successfully with the universe. Grab the Honoring yourself free worksheet by clicking here. In this episode, Tia debunks the idea that the universe isn't working in your favor and teaches you to understand the language of the universe. Tia also talks about 7 Areas of Focus and questions to ask when working with the universe: 1. Know that the universe is always working for you whether it’s directly with you or behind the scenes. 2....