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EP025: The Mental Muscle of Maggie Jones achieving her dream of becoming a Strong First Instructor

Maggie goes into how training with the kettlebell has changed her life within her mindset and shares a very important life lesson. This life lesson is how not every battle in life needs a to be fought, but how to walk away with kind and grace. Make sure you listen to the very end to learn the kettlebell skill she is referring to that taught her this very important life lesson! Maggie Jones shares her experience becoming a Strong First Level One Instructor after attending two different...


EP024: Home to Our Bodies this Holy Season

When we come home to our bodies, we come to the dreams our soul and spirit long to live into the physical of our being December is a perfect time to reflect on Dreams! Enjoy this short sweet session with your host, Anna Willard, and learn three simple steps to move towards a dreamed fulfilled life! Dreams are important to have within living life. They anchor our decisions, actions and our thoughts. Without dreams we go about life aimlessly living a life people pleasing instead of...


EP023: Join the journey of the Team Muscle Bus and gain knowledge of the Kettlebell with Anne Casstevens

Anne Casstevens is a solid Kettlebell Team Leader empowering students and other coaches through her present mindset and spirit giving them the confidence to find their strength. From saying she hates kettlebells to becoming a gym owner, Anne Casstevens shares her journey with the kettlebell. During this hour you will be intrigued with the kettlebell and how it change and challenged Anne leading her to be one of the most influential woman in the kettlebell world. You will learn about...


EP022: Power Stance to Speak Your Truth

Enjoy this short sweet session with your host, Anna Willard, and learn how to empower yourself. When we stand in our power stance, we give our voice a physical platform to speak from and tell our truth. The weight of our words can be heavy to speak and we need a strong stance and a strong body to give us the confidence to speak. The Kettlebell swing literally trains this power stance. As it is training the body to become strong within its power, it is training the mind to become...


EP021: From Anorexia to Binge eating to Metabolic Reset Expert Kim Schaper Coach

"The term "FIT" is a tricky one. To me, that word carries far greater weight than just the physical element. I think being FIT means acknowledging and accepting ourselves entirely. ” - Kim Schaper Such an amazing episode with Kim Schaper! She shares the depth of her story within the mental and spiritual effects of eating patterns. She tells the how injuries forced her to face her emotional body of sexual trauma, divorce, and unhealthy relationships. She give insight how she started...


EP020: Your Body's Wisdom is your Highest Authority

Enjoy this short sweet session with your host, Anna Willard. She first gives you the freedom to be lead by your highest authority, your body's wisdom intuition. Then she leads you through this practice of listening to your intuition, your body's wisdom, through these three simple steps: Trust the momentLean into your bodyBe open for conformations She encourages you to practice trusting your mind body and spirit as it leads you to become the person you always wanted to be creating...


EP019: Rapping Dad Throws it down finding Joy within Forgiveness

Derek Clark is know as Rapping Dad! He is a motivational speaker, author of 7 books, been featured on numerous TV shows and has 250 million view on Social Media. Most importantly this man gives his knowledge and guidance through this process of forgiveness. Near the end of the episode he shares his big forgiveness story. From being burned with boiling water, to almost aborted, he shares the power of forgiving his past to empower his future. "To get out of ourselves we must give...


EP018: Self-Love within Forgiveness and Strength to move forward with Reita Johnston

Reita Johnston shares her journey of self-love through this practice of Forgiveness as she paid off a ton of debt and set herself to live from a place of Freedom. This transformed her to become a Life Coach, a Reiki Healer and has studied at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. She guides her clients to this same freedom she has given herself with the act of forgiveness. During this Episode, Reita Johnston shares her wisdom and experiences of Forgiveness. You will learn the . ....


EP017: The power to Forgive the man who murdered your mother a story from Dean Smith

Take a deep breath! This is a heavy Episode! Dean Smith is know as the Forgiveness Guy from his epic journey of forgiving the man who murder his mother when he was only 12 years old. As he guides us through his journey of forgiveness he invites us all to picture our own B.O.B. Burden of Bitterness and shares how he still incorporates forgiveness as a continuous practice throughout his life. His award winning documentary video Live to Forgive captures his interaction with his Bob....


EP016: The Issue is in the Tissue with Yogi Betsy Shilling

Betsy Shilling is a beautiful soul sharing her insight to the practice of Forgiveness within the physical and mental and emotional body. She has been practicing yoga close to 10 years and has incredible wisdom of the mind body and spirit connection. She shares how the issue lives within our body's tissue. You will also learn from her the following: Forgiveness frees your spirit to speak its truth leading you to live your truest self. After listening to this episode you will have the...


EP015: Step into Freedom with the Fitness Forgiveness Challenge

Enjoy this Short Sweet Episode with your host Anna Willard as she guides you towards your greatest potential with the practice of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a continuous practice similar to Fitness, it is a continuous practice to obtain our truest health. Seeing the similarity of Fitness and Forgiveness Anna leads you to the blessings and the freedom Forgiveness give to your emotional and spiritual flesh. While at the same time she shares forgiveness does not deny or negate the pain...


EP014: UnapologeticallyU with amazing Kristen Hicks

Kristen Hicks was a firefighter/NREMT for 10 years and now empowers audiences all over the world to be Unapologetically You! Spiritual Profiling is her unique proprietary method of identifying energy patterns in people that she created by combining her medical background, Reiki Master training, and profound intuitive gifts. She helps law enforcement professionals find criminals, skyrockets the results of entrepreneurs, communicates with those who have passed on, and transforms...


EP013: The Strength to Heal the inner child and Spark Your Youth

Enjoy this Short Sweet Episode with your host Anna Willard as she guides you to heal and live from a place of innocence. You will learn the difference between a child like spirit compared to childish behavior, how no matter what age we all have a inner child living within us, and how movement has and can heal your inner child. Understanding patterns in her life she started exploring healing the emotional body along her physical body during another devastating injury in 2014. She shares...


EP012: Jump in with Janae Fletcher creator of the Self-Care Passport

Janae and I jump right in the discussion about water sports and the lessons water teaches us. Janae being a fresh paddleboard instructor and me a former water skier you will learn . . . . Janae Fletcher, Self Care Architect, Quiet Leader, Personal and Professional Mentor and Creator of the Self Care Passport Podcast and Process, a system that helps you build personal foundations that create IMPACT to maintain and sustain a Self Care lifestyle that you LOVE. She is an accidental tiny house...


EP011: Living from our Wholeness vs the Fractured parts of our past

Wholeness is making decision for the greater good of our well being and embracing the unknown - Anna Willard Enjoy this Short Sweet Episode with your host Anna Willard as she guides you to live a life from your wholeness. You will learn how our decision between good and great determine if we are living from our wholeness or our fractured self. Understanding her movement patterns she shares how a particular moment she decided to live from her fractured self. Then she relates this to how we...


EP010: The Strength of Stacey Sorgen and her Wisdom of Faithful Fitness and the Courage to Cry

"There is more room on the outside" ~ Stacey Sorgen Stacey shares her incredible wisdom and the importance of expressing our emotions through our body. She tells her personal story of how she found her passion working as a wellness coach and how exercise helps her manage anxiety and depression. Throughout the conversion she explains the how body holds our emotions and the how we can tap into our emotions through myofascial release (tools used for self-massage). There are so many good...


EP009: How Fitness can enhance or defeat our Health with your host Anna Willard

Enjoy this Short Episode with your host Anna Willard as she guides you through the difference between Fitness and Health. In this episode you will understand the difference between fitness and health, how goals are the intersection of fitness and health, and how to use fitness to expand our limitations and grow into our whole health. She shares the importance of knowing and learning to listen to your body through a simple movement flow. To learn about this movement click here to...


EP008: The Spunky Spirit of Camy Kennedy a Self-Love and Success Coach

From a Collegiate Athlete to A Self - Love Coach Camy Kennedy! Camy is a ball of energy and a passionate Self-Love Coach and Trainer. She shares her story how she was a competitive athlete and body builder and the transformation of a back injury spun her into the health profession. During our interview, we explored the concept of freedom through structured routine and how freedom is when we allow for different choices. She explains the importance: You will be uplifted through this...


EP007: Strength to Let Go and allow Brokenness for Divine Connection

Enjoy this Short Episode with your host Anna Willard as she guides you to the beauty of brokenness. You will learn three important steps to let go of anything that does not server your full health. Empower yourself to your true health by letting go. Letting go could be from gossip, to coffee, to toxic relationships. Allow the brokenness of trauma to cleanse our mind, body and soul through painful tears giving us a fresh perspective to a deep divine connection ~ Anna Willard For more...


EP006: Defining Hope in the midst of Darkness and Courage to Heal with Dr. Derek McNeil

Dr. Derek McNeil shares his insight about Hope during dark moments in life, the importance of being alone while healing from trauma, and the relationship between body work while healing the mind and the spirit. This Episode will leave you with numerous amounts of wisdom to heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally while learning the language of your body. We do a deep dive into the significance of body work while healing from past trauma and the spiritual meaning of breaking glass. We refer...