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SST_67: JillFit and Fitness within Forgiveness around infidelity

Jill Colman shares her story of forgiving her ex-husband who cheated for two years of their marriage. In this episode she walks us through how she was able to forgive herself during this chapter of her life. Listen in and learn . . . . Its ok to forgive without letting them off the hook Forgiving self and without repeating the same patternShoulding and blaming creates self shamingSelf acceptance is the key of forgiveness How to ride the waves of emotions through forgiveness Letting go...


SST_65: Fight out Fears while Fighting for your Dreams a solo episode with Anna Willard

Enjoy this short sweet episode with your Host Anna Willard as she reads part of her book: Spark Your Youth: A 21-Day Fitspirational to give you hope and the power to believe. She continues this theme of FEAR from the last two episodes and gives insight to what we may truly fear and the importance of living out our dreams. As she is reading a section of the book about fear, she is sitting and soaking up the holiness of nature at one of her favorite locations Edmonds WA. CLICK HERE...


SST_64: Love over Fear Part 2 How to face our fears with your host Anna Willard

"We fear the pain within our weakness" ~ Anna Willard Todays Short Sweet Solo Episode Anna Willard talks about how to overcome our fear, how to deal with the pain it brings and the difference when we face our fears and weaknesses vs when we continually train our strengths. When continually train our strengths, we develop rigidity, limitations, and boxed perspective. When we face fears and train weakness we develop resilience, openness, and true strength.Side Note this Pain is usually the...


SST_63: Love over Fear is FALSE with your host Anna Willard

Is Love over Fear a spiritual bypass of our fears? Listen to Anna Willard as she shares from an athletic point of view how fear is very healthy. She list when it is good to fear and it is not good to fear Good to fear . . . Bad thing to fear because it limits us from ourselves Having a healthy respect to fear is know our environment and gives us a sense of self. KNOWING FEAR IS KNOWING SELF. "Panic is deadly Fear is healthy." - Chasing Mavericks movie CLICK HERE TO...


SST_62: Slow is the new Strong

Slow is the New Strong To build a stable foundation of strength, it requires a slow approach. Listen to another short sweet solo episode with Anna Willard as she shares the benefits of going slow when learning the kettlebells. She list three simple benefits by taking things slow Self Awareness Ability to self correct Stay true to yourself Anna encourages everyone to not only slow strength training down but all areas in life so that you will be able to stay true to you! CLICK...


SST_61 Death Brings Life with your host Anna Willard

Death brings life, it is a transition stepping into the unknown to become open for a newness within life. Listen in as Anna Willard gives insight to how she has recently been dealing with a death within her life. How easy it is to bypass emotions, How scary it is to lean into our emotionsHow healing our emotions can be. Anna encourages everyone to allow the “death” of an unhealthy habit, to be a new opportunity for improving your health, living into this concept of Death Brings...


SST_60 How letting go is not completing going with the flow, understand the force within flow with your host Anna Willard

When we live from a place of force, we are working against the flow of life. Letting go is not completely in flow, there are times in life you need to hold on! Listen in as Anna Willard shares three things to be aware of when forcing things in life versus being in the flow of the rhythm of life. Force: Wanting the future to be in the current now Overworking wasting time and energy negating the joy within the processRunning back to the past for comfort of this idea of the...


SST_59: Dance the movement of energy in time & space how we live is a form of Dance with Hayley Shannon

Dance is a form of expression and connection Dive in with Hayley Shannon a healing dance practitioner as she shares many gold nuggets of truth from her experience as a dancer and now a healing dancer facilitator. Here are some of the things you will learn: How to have connection instead of perfectionHow to stay grounded in your body when in a crowd of people How to hold the space for the tears to fall for self and others How to allow movement without the should’s but what feels good...


SST_58: Religion & Fitness Learning to Love through differences with your host Anna Willard

ENJOY THIS SHORT SWEET SOLO EPISODE WITH ANNA WILLARD! Have an open mind a willing heart to learn to love through our differences - Anna Willard In less than ten minutes Anna shares from her experience how we can create a neutral ground within fitness and religion. She uses the analogy how different types of fitness can be beneficial at different times in life to how we can also benefit from different forms of regions and spiritual practices. Her main goal with this episode is to...


SST_57: Holy Water the power of water healing our mind, body, freeing our playful spirit with your host Anna Willard

ENJOY THIS SHORT SWEET SOLO EPISODE WITH ANNA WILLARD! She shares how she has been feeling a fish out of water since she has not been water skiing for 3 years. Now returning to the water this time on a surfboard, she thrilled to share with you the health benefits of being in and around bodies of water. Within this episode you will learn how magical water can be for our soul and heal our mind giving us the freedom to simply play and enjoy the beauty of nature. As you listen you will also...


SST_56: The Power of Brainspotting with Paige E. Roberts Performance and Neuro Training

Physical injuries can be traumatic creating a mental block leaving the body in a state of muscle guarding. Paige specializes in neurophysiologic therapy of Brainspotting to assist athletes in de-conditioning mal-adaptive brain-body neural pathways from perceived sports failures, sports injuries and surgeries. She uses photobiomodulation-light therapy to assist athletes in healing their sports injuries and surgeries by up to 50% faster including concussion-traumatic brain injuries. As...


SST_55: The Awaken Aussie Originally from Poland, Ela Staniak shares her fitness and awaken stories

Awakening moments do not have to be a tragedy but can be from the beauty from life. Our first international guest Ela Staniak give here wisdom and insight about the connection between mind, body, spirit within the fitness industry. She shares her personal story that brought her to understanding the connection of spirituality within the physical from the death of her parents to living in beautiful Australia. Through her telling this story she shares important topics. As you listen...


SST_54: Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Show: How to stay consistent with a new healthy habit with your host Anna Willard

ENJOY THIS SHORT SWEET SOLO EPISODE WITH ANNA WILLARD! She explores this concept of staying consistent with a new habit to improving your well being In this episode she dives into three key elements to maintain consistency, but first she explains the importance of trust as an undercurrent or a thread weaving these three concepts together. Discipline within the Daily Persistence within weeks, months, and years Patience within the process Listen how you can implement health within the...


SST_53: A west coast soul with a midwest heart Angela Glaze an Ayurvedic yogi

Join Angela as she shares her story of what brought her to become an Ayurvedic yogi practitioner. Lean the three types of Dosha: Pitta, Kapha, and Vatta. Take the quiz to learn more of your personal Dosha As you listen to Angela explains these three types of Doshas, you will gain body wisdom and knowledge to be more attuned with your health. By understanding the elements of each one, Pitta, Kapha, and Vatta, you will be given the tools to know how to improve your health to the exact...


SST_52: Wisdom of words and Wisdom of our body a short sweet solo episode with Anna Willard

ENJOY THIS SHORT SWEET SOLO EPISODE WITH ANNA WILLARD! She explores this concept when talking can limit us from our healing process and from reaching our goals. In this episode she dives into three aspects how and when words take away from the wisdom of our body. TAKING ACTION WILL ALWAYS BE THE KEY TO MOVE FORWARD YET THE MOST CHALLENGING TAKE ONE ACTION TODAY THAT WILL PREPARE YOU FOR YOUR FUTURE SELF! CLICK HERE TO JOIN IRONWILLTRAIN_STRENGTHSPIRIT PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP Thank...


SST_ 51: Mind of the Body with Alison Mattek a postdoctoral neuroscience research scientist

If you are listening CLICK HERE to watch the slides Alison goes over and learn about the connection between brain and body. Alison Mattek is a postdoctoral research scientist in the department of psychology at the University of Oregon. She works in the Computational Social Neuroscience Lab, and received her PhD in the Psychological and Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College. After learning from her about the Mind of the Body with her slides, We discuss the following: How the brain see...


SST_50: The man about meditation James Brown

Life is a meditation it is learning to be in flow with it, the everyday flow ~ James Brown. Three types of meditation concentration of the mind - anchor your focus on a certain thing, it is concept of being better control of your mind, tame the monkey mindcontemplative practice - curate your thoughts into better thoughts, from negative to positive thoughts.Vedic - allowing your mind to meditate with a certain mantra, allowing your mind be in flow You will learn how meditation will help...


SST_49: Believing is a journey worth living and loving with your host Anna Willard

THIS EPISODE YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS!!! Anna Willard shares what she believes spiritually and her journey struggling through this life learning the layers of love and embracing the spiritual through the physical. Join her today as she shares key concepts of believing in a greater power, an infinite and intimate power of love. Key Concepts to Believing: Forgiveness of selfHaving Grace and MercyAcceptance of self and the creation of selfCourage to achieve wild dreamsConfidence...


SST_48: The Intersection of Faith Fitness and Domestic Violence with former Pastor Andy Wallace and Health Coach Kristen Wallace

Team Wallace joins us for deep conversations and questions about religion, systems, and health, and much more! We jump right into the depths of trauma living within the Church and how this was the game changer for Andy. Listen and Learn How the breath of life is breathing into the painHow to address the Four Brains of our body for complete healingHow living in the longing is like our physical hungerThe importance for not knowing to be fully presentHow losing control is having faithCut...


SST_47: From modeling to the Amazon how Troy Casey became the Certified Health Nut

From starting a career in modeling, Troy Casey turned to holistic nutrition to help decrease his stomach from bloating. As he continued to understand more about nutritions he continued to broaden his knowledge about health and healing and is known as the Certified Health Nut. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates In this episode you will learn How trauma is stored in the bodyHow thoughts are stored in the bodyHow to feel the pulse of the planetGut is our...