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At St. Peter Orthodox Church, you will find a people committed to our Lord and to one another. Everything we do in our Parish is to either encourage us toward maturity in our Christian life or to be a means by which we can encounter the reality and grace of God toward the healing of our soul.

At St. Peter Orthodox Church, you will find a people committed to our Lord and to one another. Everything we do in our Parish is to either encourage us toward maturity in our Christian life or to be a means by which we can encounter the reality and grace of God toward the healing of our soul.
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At St. Peter Orthodox Church, you will find a people committed to our Lord and to one another. Everything we do in our Parish is to either encourage us toward maturity in our Christian life or to be a means by which we can encounter the reality and grace of God toward the healing of our soul.






Render to God the Things that are God's

November 11, 2018 - We have all hear Jesus' words from Matthew 22 when He says to the Pharisees, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's." What does it really mean to render to God the things that are God's? This homily answers that question and talks about the spiritual discipline of the tithe as a gift of God to us all; a grace-filled discipline that transforms our lives so that we are enabled to live our lives as a joyous offering to God of all that we...


God in the Midst of our Suffering Part 6: Learning Lament from Job

As Job undergoes an incredible level of torment and suffering, he keeps his lament directed toward God. But it is certain that not everything that comes out of his mouth makes us comfortable. For example, he cries out to God for death saying death would be so much better than life; a suicidal sentiment. Is Job right in all of the words he lifts to God? Absolutely not. But the key is that he never turns away from God even when he is in such error of thought. He always goes to God...


The Call & The Grace to Forgive

November 4, 2018 - Peter asks Jesus how many times must he forgive the offenses of his brother. Jesus answer is that he must forgive endlessly, without limit. Then Jesus gives us what we know as the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. He begins with the words, "The Kingdom of God is like..." This homily explores the realities of the Kingdom regarding Christ's call to us to forgive in the same way we have been forgiven. Though Jesus gives difficult words, His words are true and always for the...


Grant Them Rest Eternal

November 2, 2018 - The Church has been praying for the departed since its inception. St. Ignatius of Antioch, a disciple and one mentored by the Apostle John, wrote one of the most beautiful Christian prayers; the theme of which has continued to be prayed in the prayer services and liturgies of the Church for over 2000 years. Why do we pray for the departed to be welcomed into a place of rest and peace? The All Souls Mass answers this by placing in the forefront Jesus Christ, the...


The One Body of Christ in Heaven and Upon Earth

November 1, 2018 - This day we celebrate the Feast of All Saints and what a glorious feast to celebrate before Christ our God. It is this day we celebrate the saints in heaven and on earth; for there is one Body of Christ that death cannot separate because through Christ all in Him have been granted His victory over death and hell. We focus tonight truly upon All Saints for the veil is much thinner than we perceive between those who have gone before us and those of us who now remain. Thanks...


God in the Midst of our Suffering Part 5: Job's First Lament

Today we begin our overview of the narrative of Job. Job is a man who, because of his faith and the blessings of God because of his great faith, lives in somewhat of a paradise. As Satan is allowed to destroy Job's property, kill his servants, take the lives of Job's ten children, and finally inflict great physical suffering upon Job, we take a look at how Job responds to God in all of this. It is his first lament of many and we seek to learn how to desperately hang on to God and not let go...



October 28, 2018 -The word consecration means to set apart something or someone for a holy purpose. In the Old Covenant items to be used only for the worship of God in the Tabernacle or Temple were consecrated to God by being anointed with oil. The Israelite Kings were consecrated to God for that purpose by being anointed with oil, separated to God for His holy use. Jesus Christ, Christ meaning anointed One, was set apart to God and would become Prophet, Priest, and King for the salvation of...


God in the Midst of our Suffering Part 4: An Introduction to Job

We find no greater example of great suffering, prayers of lament, and the revelation of God to man that delivers man and makes him whole than in the narrative of Job. Today we look at the story arc of this incredible testimony noting the major themes in this writing. God has given us the gift of this book to teach us the language of lament so that we might cling to Him in times of suffering and experience His deliverance, His presence, and His revelation to us of Himself. All of this given...


Redeeming the Time

October 21, 2018 - In Ephesians 5 St. Paul teaches us to "walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil." When St. Paul says that we are to redeem the time, he is saying that we should make holy and sacred use of every moment of our lives. When we do, our lives reflect the light of God in Jesus Christ who stepped into time to redeem all things and reconcile the world back to God.


Our Priorities

October 14, 2018 - It is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed in the extreme busyness, responsibilities, and distractions of this life. Sometimes we truly experience the sense of drowning in these intense waters. Today's homily brings into question our true priorities and how these priorities can either raise us up by the grace of God above what life constantly throws at us or they can keep us bound and drowning under the weight of this present existence.


The Blessed Reality of the Body of Christ

October 7, 2018 - Ephesians 4: After St. Paul calls those in the Church to walk worthy of the vocation to which they have been called, he goes on to paint an incredible picture of what Christ truly intends His Church to be in this world for the life and salvation of all. He tells us all that the Body of Christ functions just like the human body. Christ is the head of the body and all members that make up that body, with their different gifts given by the grace of Jesus Christ, are knit...


Walking Worthy of our Vocational Calling

September 30, 2018 - So many times we hear vocational calling and we think of someone being called to the priesthood, diaconate, or monastic ministries. But today we hear St. Paul from Ephesians 4 tell us all that every Christian has a vocational calling no less important than those mentioned above. St. Paul also instructs us on how to walk worthy of the vocation to which we have all been called. In this homily, we seek to remember the vocational calling we have all been given and to heed...


God in the Midst of our Suffering Part 3: Remembrance within our Lament

September 27, 2018 - As we have said in a previous session, the majority of the Psalms in the Psalter are Psalms of lament. And many times within these Psalms we have the Psalmist voicing a lament and then coming to a place were we read the words..."but these things I remember." The Psalmist then remembers either the mighty works of God done on behalf of His people or he remembers the very nature of God. In this session we discuss the importance remembrance has within our lament to God in...


The God Who Joins Himself to our Suffering

September 23, 2018 - Our Gospel reading today is the narrative of Christ raising from the dead the only son of a widow in the city of Nain. The Lord of life and the crowd that follows Him collides with the procession of death at the gates of the city and we see that death can never have victory over He Who is the Resurrection and the Life. But here we also see the nature of God fully revealed as our Lord has compassion on this widow and moves to act on her behalf. St. Ephrem the Syrian...


God in the Midst of our Suffering Part 2: The Wilderness

As we discussed a week ago, our journey in Christ from Baptism to the day we pass through the veil is a wilderness journey. We have left the captivity of our enemy but are not yet in the fullness of the Promised Land. In this wilderness there will be suffering. Today, we look at the wilderness journey of the Hebrews to discover a pattern common to us all. In the wilderness there will be suffering, God's people lament to God of their suffering, God hears them and is fully acquainted with...


The Ones Who Love

September 17, 2018 - Reflecting on the last two week's Gospel readings of both the Good Samaritan and the 10 Lepers, Deacon Ken points out Jesus' comparison of those who were supposed to be righteous and the outcasts. In the Good Samaritan, it is not the Priest of the Levite that loves, but the Samaritan who was considered an outcast by the Jews. In the 10 lepers who were healed, it was the Samaritan leper that returned with love to praise Christ for His healing. Those who love are the one's...


The Power of the Cross in the Daily Life of the Christian

September 13, 2018 - We are taught in Holy Scripture, both in the Gospels and the Epistles, that our Lord Jesus Christ overthrew Satan and the demonic as He would be lifted up upon the Holy Cross. St. Paul tells us that on the Cross Jesus "disarmed the principalities and powers making a public spectacle of them." Today we look at these Scriptures, the teachings of the Early Church Fathers, and the prayers in the Mass for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. We do so in order to be reminded that...


God in the Midst of our Suffering: An Introduction

Today we begin a teaching series entitled "God in the Midst of our Suffering." It is in this introduction to the series that we acknowledge our need to rediscover the Christian language of lament to God. In this life in a post-fallen world, we all will endure times of great suffering. But how do we reach out to God in times of suffering and how does God walk with us through these times? If left to ourselves, our humanity, the sufferings in this world produce nothing but further brokenness...


Free Us from Ourselves that We May do Thy Will

September 9, 2017 - One of the prayers found in an Orthodox Prayer Book is "O God, set our hearts at liberty from the service of ourselves, that we may do Thy will, through Jesus Christ our Lord." Today we look at these words carefully along with the teaching of St. Paul from Galatians 5. If Christ has called us to the ministry of the Good Samaritan, as we spoke of last week, then we need to acknowledge that a consistent focus on ourselves and our desires stands in the way of our becoming...


The Good Samaritan & The Mission of Christ

September 2, 2018 - In today's Gospel reading from St. Luke and chapter 10 we hear the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It is in this parable that the compassionate heart of God comes through very clearly and demonstrates the mission for which God became man. He came to bind up the broken and bring healing to those half-dead from the Fall of Man. As we see Christ very clearly in this parable we are reminded that Christ has filled us with Himself not only for our healing and salvation, but also...