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Hot topics affecting your Christian faith. Challenge your beliefs each week with topics on U.S. and International politics, missions, Christian movements, persecution and global outreach. Join host Steve Strang, founding editor and publisher of Charisma magazine, as he discusses these topics and challenges you to know what Christians are experiencing nationally and globally.


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Hot topics affecting your Christian faith. Challenge your beliefs each week with topics on U.S. and International politics, missions, Christian movements, persecution and global outreach. Join host Steve Strang, founding editor and publisher of Charisma magazine, as he discusses these topics and challenges you to know what Christians are experiencing nationally and globally.




Are You Ready For What's Next? with Clay Clark

Clay Clark joins with Stephen Strang to discuss what's coming next in our world and the Power struggle between BRICS and Dollars. Hear how it affects you and what you need to do to be ready!


Special Jonathan Cahn Responds to Rolling Stone Hit Piece

Stephen comments on Jonathan Cahn's Response to the Rolling Stone Hit Piece


Mike Johnson - The Miracle Speaker with Bunni Pounds

Bunni Pounds joins on this special Strang Report to discuss the miracle of Mike Johnson the new Speaker of the House in Congress!


Stephen Strang responds to the Mike Bickle Accusations

Stephen Strang responds to the Mike Bickle Accusations


Mike Bickle joins Stephen Strang for a special report on Israel

Mike Bickle joins Stephen Strang for a special report on Israel


Strang Report "Cessationist" comments

Stephen Strang gives his comments after watching "Cessationist" film


The Holy Spirit, Censorship, and More

Welcome to the latest episode of the "Strang Report" hosted by Steve Strang. In this October 3rd edition, Steve dives into a range of intriguing topics, including the power of digital media, his recent vacation experiences in Greece, and the importance of audience engagement. He highlights the challenges of censorship and the necessity of sharing content beyond big tech platforms to ensure the message of the Gospel is heard. Steve delves into matters concerning the Holy Spirit's role in the church, discussing Pentecostalism and the internal debates within the Christian community. He also gives a sneak peek into his upcoming book on the Holy Spirit. Don't miss this insightful and thought-provoking episode. Hit the like button, subscribe to stay updated on future live podcasts, and leave your comments below to join the conversation. Share this video with others who seek a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit and its relevance in today's world. Subscribe to the Strang Report on YouTube or Rumble, or find it on your favorite podcast platform. And remember to sign up for the Strang Report newsletter at for weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox. Thank you for watching, and may God bless you as you explore the world of spirit-led living with Steve Strang.


On The Road with The Holy Spirit! Featuring Ken Fish

Ken Fish joins with Stephen Strang to talk about the making of his powerful book of testimonies "On The Road With The Holy Spirit"


Woke Jesus: Unmasking a Dangerous Trend in the Church | Interview with Lucas Miles

In this thought-provoking interview, join us for a special edition of the Strang Report as host Stephen Strang sits down with author and pastor Lucas Miles to discuss his groundbreaking book, "Woke Jesus." πŸ“š πŸ”₯ Discover the Disturbing Trend: Lucas Miles sheds light on the dangerous rise of wokism within the church, examining its origins and far-reaching implications for believers. From the cultural Marxism behind wokism to its impact on race, gender, and sexuality, this eye-opening conversation brings clarity to a pressing issue facing the modern church. πŸ’‘ Unraveling the Nuances: Many are aware of the term "woke," but few truly understand its complexity within the church context. Lucas Miles goes beyond the surface, delving into the historical background and ideologies underpinning wokism. From Gnosticism to various movements throughout history, he lays the foundation for understanding its current manifestation. πŸ™Œ Standing for Biblical Truth: As the influence of wokism permeates various institutions, even churches are not immune. Discover why pastors and church leaders must confront this trend and uphold biblical orthodoxy. Lucas shares his own faith journey and professional development that led him to address these crucial issues fearlessly. ✨ American Pastor Project: Lucas Miles introduces the American Pastor Project, a movement empowering pastors to take a stand against wokism. By signing a statement of biblical orthodoxy, pastors can join a growing community of leaders dedicated to preserving the true message of Christianity and resisting false teachings. πŸ”” Join the Movement: If you're concerned about the current trajectory of the church and want to understand the complexities of wokism, this interview is a must-watch. Share this eye-opening discussion with your friends, family, and local pastors to ignite crucial conversations and unite against the growing influence of wokism. πŸ“– Get Your Copy: Lucas Miles' "Woke Jesus" is now available wherever books are sold. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your understanding of wokism in the church and explore practical ways to counter this disturbing trend. 🌟 Stay Connected: Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to never miss an insightful interview. Don't forget to share this video with your community and join us in the fight to preserve the timeless truths of Christianity. 🌐 Connect with Lucas Miles: Website:


Responding to the Maui Fires with CityServe

In this episode of the Strang Report Podcast, host Stephen Strang sits down with Todd Lamphere, an eyewitness to the devastating fires that engulfed Maui on August 8th. The fires have caused widespread destruction and loss of life, prompting urgent humanitarian efforts. Todd shares his first-hand experiences, detailing the ominous and unique nature of the fire's impact on the Lahaina region. Join the conversation as Todd discusses the incredible work of CityServe, a ministry dedicated to disaster relief and community support. Through partnerships with local churches like King's Cathedral and Calvary Chapels, CityServe is actively providing aid, resources, and assistance to those affected by the fire. Discover how the local church community has risen to the occasion, offering a helping hand and a ray of hope to those who have lost their homes and loved ones. Find out how CityServe's efforts are making a significant impact in the midst of this humanitarian crisis. πŸ™ Let's come together as a community to make a difference. Watch the full episode to learn more about the Maui fire, CityServe's initiatives, and how you can contribute to the recovery and rebuilding efforts. πŸ”— Helpful Links: cityserve.usDonate hereπŸ“’ Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video to spread awareness about the ongoing Maui fire relief efforts. Together, we can be the heart of Jesus and extend a helping hand to those in need. πŸ€πŸ•ŠοΈ


Fighting Suppression and Cancel Culture With Filmmaker Matt Thayer

Matt Thayer knows that Former President Trump is a controversial figure but he says that the media portrays him as a misogynistic monster but those who know him have experienced a very different Donald Trump… Especially the women that have worked close to him and believe in him. The effort to get the β€œTrump I Know” to people who need to know the real person, Thayer has has an uphill battle, but he isn’t giving up! On this Strang Report, he joins with Stephen Strang to discuss the fight against suppression and cancel culture as his Hybrid live event is preparing for it’s premier. Learn how films like β€œSound of Freedom” have cleared a path through the jungles of Hollywood and traditional media to bring light to important issues and how YOU can make an impact!


Defending Authentic Faith: Steve Strang and Mario Murillo on Battling False Prophecy

Welcome to a thought-provoking episode on our channel! Join us as Steve Strang sits down with the renowned speaker and author, Mario Murillo, for a captivating discussion about a pressing issue within the Christian community – false prophecy. πŸ•ŠοΈ In this enlightening conversation, Mario passionately shares his insights on the importance of addressing false prophets and their teachings. Discover the potential dangers they pose to believers and the impact on the authenticity of the Christian faith. πŸ“–βœοΈ With a focus on discernment and staying grounded in the Word of God, this episode sheds light on the critical role each of us plays in safeguarding the integrity of our faith. πŸ›‘οΈβœ¨ Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of discerning spirits, biblical teachings, and maintaining the authenticity of our Christian walk. Don't miss out on this empowering discussion that aims to empower you with the wisdom and insight needed in a world where false prophecies can lead to skepticism and division. πŸ™πŸŒŸ Make sure to hit that play button, engage in the conversation, and share your thoughts in the comments below! Let's come together to strengthen our faith and navigate through the challenges of the modern world. 🌍🀝 Subscribe to our channel for more insightful content and hit the notification bell to stay updated with our latest episodes. Remember, knowledge is power, and together, we can foster a thriving community of believers rooted in truth and authenticity. πŸ“’πŸ””


When Prophecy Goes Wrong: A Journey of Redemption and Renewal with Jeremiah Johnson

Join us for an eye-opening and inspiring conversation on today's live edition of The Strang Report! On this special episode, host Stephen Strang welcomes guest Jeremiah Johnson, a prominent figure in the world of prophecy, who opens up about his remarkable journey through the highs and lows of prophetic predictions. Discover the twists and turns, the triumphs and challenges, and the ultimate transformation that emerged from Jeremiah's experiences. 🌟 In this episode, you'll find: The story behind Jeremiah's predictions around the 2020 election and how some prophecies came true. Jeremiah's honest reflections on dealing with a failed prophecy and his decision to publicly apologize. A candid discussion about the role of prophecy, wishful thinking, and the intentions of the heart. The surprising moment of deliverance that changed the trajectory of Jeremiah's life. Jeremiah's exciting new venture, "The Altar Global," born out of ashes and dedicated to a fresh vision. 🌐 Stay connected with Jeremiah Johnson and his ministry: Visit his website ➑️ Learn about The Altar Global ➑️ πŸ”” Don't miss out on this impactful conversation that reveals the strength found in vulnerability, the hope born from humility, and the transformative power of faith. Subscribe, like, and hit the notification bell to stay tuned for more enlightening content from The Strang Report.


Empower Your Spiritual Journey with the Spiritual Warfare Bible | The Strang Report

Welcome to another captivating episode of The Strang Report! Join us as Stephen Strang delves into the intriguing world of spiritual deliverance in "Empower Your Spiritual Journey with the Spiritual Warfare Bible." Discover the powerful realm beyond the visible, where evil forces lurk and where understanding is essential. Strang draws fascinating parallels between accepting the mysteries of technology, like the internet and embracing the spiritual realm's reality. In this episode, he introduces the "Spiritual Warfare Bible," an exceptional study Bible designed to equip you with the knowledge and wisdom to navigate the spiritual battles we all face. Strang passionately emphasizes the importance of the Word of God and shares how his lifelong journey in Christian journalism has led him to bring forth empowering insights for your spiritual journey. If you're ready to tap into the power of deliverance, explore the spiritual realm, and deepen your connection with the Divine, this episode is a must-watch. Subscribe to The Strang Report to stay updated on inspiring content that will enrich your spiritual life. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion that holds the keys to walking in freedom and empowerment!


Walk In Deliverance By The Power of the Spirit

πŸ”₯ Discover the Power of Spiritual Deliverance with Steven Strang! πŸ”₯ πŸŽ™οΈ Welcome to this LIVE edition of the Strength Report Podcast, hosted by Steven Strang. In this captivating episode, we delve into a topic that resonates with believers seeking freedom from the clutches of evil. Tune in as we explore the realm of Deliverance and the transformative role of the Holy Spirit. πŸ’ͺ Have you ever wondered how to break free from addictions, strongholds, and negative patterns in your life? Join us as Steven Strang uncovers the profound insights shared in the documentary "Come Out In the Name of Jesus." Learn how a Baptist preacher's encounter with an evil spirit led to a powerful journey of deliverance. πŸ“š Dig deeper into the supernatural with Alexander Pagani's book "The Secrets to Deliverance." Discover the keys to casting out evil forces and embracing a spirit-led life. We'll also touch upon the upcoming book "The Josiah Manifesto" by Jonathan Cahn and explore the shifting spiritual landscape. πŸ™ Whether you're a believer seeking spiritual growth or simply curious about the unseen forces at play, this podcast will illuminate the path to deliverance and empowerment. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as we navigate the world of spiritual warfare together. πŸ”” Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight, find inspiration, and connect with a community of seekers. Leave your comments below and share your thoughts on this riveting topic. Remember, the journey to deliverance begins with a single step. πŸ“˜ Mentioned Resources: "The Secrets to Deliverance" by Alexander Pagani "Come Out In the Name of Jesus" Documentary "The Josiah Manifesto" by Jonathan Cahn 🌐 Stay connected with us and be part of the conversation: πŸ‘‰ Subscribe for more empowering content. πŸ‘‰ Like, share, and comment to engage with the community. πŸ‘‰ Follow us on social media for updates and exclusive content. πŸ™Œ Together, let's unlock the power of the Holy Spirit and walk in the freedom of deliverance! Sign Up to Receive the Strang Report Newsletter: Subscribe to Charisma’s other Youtube Channels!


Unlock the Mysteries of Prophecy: Discerning True from False!

πŸ”₯πŸŽ™οΈ Unlock the Mysteries of Prophecy: Discerning True from False! πŸŽ™οΈπŸ”₯ πŸ•ŠοΈ Are you seeking divine wisdom and guidance through the power of prophecy? πŸ•ŠοΈ πŸ“£ Join us on an electrifying spiritual journey as renowned author and charismatic leader, Stephen Strang, investigates the captivating world of prophecy! 🎧✨ 🌟 Are you hungry for insights into how to discern true prophecy from deceptive claims? Want to learn how to navigate the prophetic landscape with spiritual discernment? Look no further! This episode is specially crafted to empower you with the knowledge and tools to weigh the authenticity of prophecies in the Spirit-filled realm. πŸ™πŸ’« ⚑ Prepare to be amazed as we explore the scriptural foundations of prophecy, uncovering its significance in today's world! Witness the unveiling of historical prophecies that shook nations and gain inspiration from their impact on believers throughout time. βŒ› πŸ›‘οΈ Your spiritual armor will be fortified as Stephen Strang sheds light on the telltale signs of false prophecies and how to guard against misleading messages. This episode is packed with practical guidance to enhance your discernment abilities, ensuring you stand firm in the truth! πŸ›‘οΈ πŸ™Œ Tune in to this life-transforming episode, where modern-day prophecy meets ancient wisdom, and discover the profound role prophecy plays in shaping your faith and personal journey. Whether you're a seasoned believer or a seeker eager to understand prophecy's dynamic realm, this episode will leave you empowered and inspired! 🌠 πŸ“’ Calling all Spirit-filled believers, passionate worshippers, and those thirsty for spiritual truth! Don't miss this powerful episode on prophecyβ€”a testament to God's guidance and presence in our lives. Subscribe now and join our vibrant community, united in seeking the voice of the Divine! 🌈🌿 πŸ”” Hit the notification bell, so you're the first to catch this exhilarating episode. Remember to share the blessing with your charismatic friends and familyβ€”it's time to unlock the mysteries of prophecy together! πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰ #ProphecyRevealed #SpiritualDiscernment #CharismaticLeadership #DivineGuidance #SpiritFilledJourney #StephenStrang #PowerfulPodcast #PropheticWisdom #SeekingTruth #SpiritualAwakening


Come Out From Among Them - A Divine Wake-Up Call | Todd Coconato

In this powerful interview, join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Todd Coconato, the author of the book "Come Out From Among Them." This engaging discussion reveals the divine encounter that led to the writing of this important book, urging the Church to awaken to its true calling. Todd shares the Angelic visitation that shook him to the core, compelling him to deliver a timely message to the Body of Christ. As an ordained minister and national evangelist, Todd fervently prays and believes for a Reawakening in America, and this book serves as a beacon of hope in these challenging times. Throughout the conversation, we explore the state of the Church, the disruptions faced during the pandemic, and the need for Believers to stand united, holding fast to the entirety of God's Word. Together, we examine the importance of understanding our identity in Christ and the authority we possess in the name of Jesus. The book outlines a Divine strategy for separation from the Babylon system, a return to the foundational truths of Scripture, and a call to be active and involved in advancing God's Kingdom on Earth. Todd introduces the concept of an Underground Railroad for the remnant, connecting devoted followers of Christ to support each other in these tumultuous times. If you are seeking a renewed passion for your faith and a deeper understanding of God's calling in your life, this interview is a must-watch. We encourage you to grab a copy of "Come Out From Among Them" and embark on a journey that will challenge and inspire you to embrace your true purpose as a believer in Christ. Join us in this thought-provoking discussion and share this video with others who seek to be part of a revival that will change the course of history. Like, comment, and subscribe to stay connected to our channel for more empowering content and interviews with inspiring authors like Todd Coconato. Order your copy of "Come Out From Among Them" on Amazon or visit to explore more enriching books and resources. Together, let's embrace the divine calling and stand united in faith, hope, and love.


Controversial Pastor Meets Benny Hinn AND APOLOGIZES!

Greg Locke had a change of heart after a little girl manifested a demon in his church. That led him to leave his cessationist beliefs and turn to the power of the Holy Spirit through Deliverance ministry. His change of heart led him to ask for forgiveness from a former ENEMY... Benny Hinn! Hear comments from Stephen Strang... the man who was there and made it happen!


The Hidden Dangers in School Libraries: Pastor John Amanchukwu Reveals All!!! @revwutruth ​

In this eye-opening episode of The Strang Report Podcast, Pastor John Amanchukwu returns with a powerful message that demands attention. Join us as he fearlessly exposes the hidden dangers lurking within our school libraries and sheds light on the disturbing books our children are being exposed to. 🌈 Discover the truth about the Gay Agenda infiltrating our schools and the shocking content found in library shelves that support this agenda. 🌈 From race relations to socialists exploiting divisions, Pastor Amanchukwu, a TPUSA Faith contributor, dives deep into critical issues that are shaping our society today. Gain valuable insights into critical race theory, welfare, and the importance of school choice in shaping our children's education. πŸ“š Are you ready to take action and safeguard our children's future? Pastor Amanchukwu shares practical steps to examine school libraries and address the cultural challenges we face. πŸ“š Join the national movement ignited by Pastor Amanchukwu's bold stand. With over 150 million views on YouTube, his message resonates with people across the country. Get informed, get involved, and make a difference. πŸ“’ Don't miss this thought-provoking episode that will empower you to speak truth in the face of adversity. Tune in now and be part of the grassroots effort to protect our children's innocence and education. πŸ“’ πŸ”” Stay connected with Pastor Amanchukwu's work by following him on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Rumble, and Instagram @RevWuTruth. Together, let's ensure that truth prevails and our future generations thrive! πŸ””


Uncovering the LIES of Critical Race Theory with John Amanchukwu

In this compelling episode of The String Report, host Steven String sits down with the bold and outspoken John Amanchukwu, a renowned preacher from Raleigh, North Carolina. Known for his unwavering stance against cultural Marxism and critical race theory, John Amanchukwu has garnered immense attention and millions of views across various platforms. Join the conversation as John Amanchukwu shares his experiences traveling the country, speaking at school boards, and warning about the tumultuous impact of cultural Marxism. He fearlessly addresses issues of division based on race, income, and even vaccination status. In particular, he sheds light on the concerning presence of explicit content in school libraries, bringing attention to the need for action. With thought-provoking insights and unwavering conviction, John Amanchukwu challenges the silence of pastors and Christian leaders on critical cultural matters. This episode will inspire viewers to consider the importance of speaking out against divisive ideologies and staying true to biblical principles. Tune in to The String Report for a thought-provoking conversation that uncovers the lies of critical race theory and empowers viewers to stand strong in an increasingly divided world. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more engaging content. Stay informed and empowered on The String Report.