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Black Company Theology – Episode 3

In this episode, Dangerous looks at Song of Songs and the dangers of ignoring it or interpreting it in the light of what we want Christianity to be. He also takes a brief look at porn and how it is affecting our society and muses on whether society would look differently had Christianity not ignored … Continue reading Black Company Theology – Episode 3 →


Black Company Theology – Episode 2

In this episode, Dangerous begins to look closer at why we might need a reformation of Christianity in the Western world. He covers, well, loads really, but he does talk about the key things that have lost focus in the modern church. The Holy Spirit; service; Heaven/the afterlife and Evil (with a capital E – … Continue reading Black Company Theology – Episode 2 →


Black Company Theology – Episode 1

In this brand new podcast that builds upon the ideas from “Stuff We Don’t Talk about In Church”, ‘Dangerous’ Walker starts to outline why he thinks the Western, Protestant church needs a reformation. Why he thinks it’s broken. This podcast series will delve into the many facets of this, challenging us with the idea that … Continue reading Black Company Theology – Episode 1 →


Ep.16 – Christmas ‘special’

If you thought Christmas was all peace and fairy lights, think again. In this episode we host a sermon that Dangerous preached. It’s basically ‘Stuff We Don’t Talk about in Church’ – Christmas Edition covering the exciting history of the Magi; the interesting lack of evidence for the Virgin Birth; ditto the lack of Nativity … Continue reading Ep.16 – Christmas ‘special’ →


Ep.15 – The Bible (part 2)

In this episode BT and Dangerous discuss how they use the Bible, what it means to them and, more importantly how the Holy Spirit uses it. With that in mind they ponder when, if and how we open up the Bible to new converts. Are there black and white answers in the Good Book or … Continue reading Ep.15 – The Bible (part 2) →


Ep.14 The Bible (part 1)

In this episode, Cirque du Sola Scriptura, the gents look at whether the Bible is reliable. Paul tells Timothy that all scripture is ‘God-breathed’ and that’s often used to prove Biblical inerrancy (ack of errors), but can we really use the Bible to argue the Bible’s reliability? Can we show Biblical reliability in other ways? … Continue reading Ep.14 The Bible (part 1) →


Ep.13 The Greatest Novel Never Written

It’s Bible month here at unspokenchurch with both our podcasts taking a gander at the Good Book. Rather than get tangled up in Biblical dating (the historical type, not the fun type) we thought we’d re-record a light-hearted talk Dangerous gave on the topic. It’s a sort of prologue, or scene setter, if you will. … Continue reading Ep.13 The Greatest Novel Never Written →


Ep.12 The Milk Podcast (episode 1)

Not a normal episode from the guys this week; instead we’re highlighting our new, limited run, podcast, Milk. It’s taking a look at Christianity Basics from the same eyes as the ‘Stuff’ podcast, rooting around and seeing where we might have added our own traditions into the very basics of our religion. New episodes won’t … Continue reading Ep.12 The Milk Podcast (episode 1) →


Ep.11 Women and Jesus

Completing the ‘Women’ trilogy ‘Dangerous’ and Lenae look at how Jesus treated women and how his female followers impacted the early church. They also delve into men’s and women’s ministries; female apostles (or lack thereof); the origins of marriage and nuns. Plus Samurais and how to bathe a baby. (apologies that a little of Dangerous’s … Continue reading Ep.11 Women and Jesus →


Ep.10 Women in Leadership

In this episode, Pauline Theology, ‘Dangerous’ and Lenae dissect the verses that are used to argue that women should not hold leadership roles, or only specific ones. Basically the idea that women can’t teach men as espoused in in 1 Timothy 2, but, as ever, they drift into other exciting topics such as Biblical inerrancy … Continue reading Ep.10 Women in Leadership →


Ep.9 Women in the Bible

In this episode, ‘Wo Men, Wo Problems’, ‘Dangerous’ is joined by Lenae (while BeaTs is on holiday) to discuss some of the groovy women in the Bible and what they can teach us. Exploring such questions as why articles on Biblical women are aimed only at women; how these women tended not to screw things … Continue reading Ep.9 Women in the Bible →


Ep.8 Communion (part 2)

In this episode, ‘Holy Communion, Batman!’, the lads talk about their personal experiences of Communion. How do we do it? What do we think about? How do we use it as a spiritual milestone? Are we too sombre, or not sombre enough? Also is not taking Communion seriously bad for your health? Contact us with … Continue reading Ep.8 Communion (part 2) →


Ep. 7 Communion (part 1)

Do you know why we do Communion? Did you know that Communion is linked to Passover? Or that, according to John, it’s not? Or the difference between Communion and the Eucharist? Also what exactly are snags and a tinny and are they heretical? Contact us with your thoughts at: Twitter: @unspoken_church or Produced … Continue reading Ep. 7 Communion (part 1) →


Ep. 6 Singing (part 2)

In this untitled episode we chat over praise Vs worship (is there a difference?); being led by the spirit and asking: do we consume worship? There seem to be a lot of opinions/complaints about the songs we sing, how we sing them. Is there a right way? Also a loverly tangent on whether singing in … Continue reading Ep. 6 Singing (part 2) →


Where the Hell is Episode Six?

Just a short message to explain why there is no, as yet, Episode 6…


Ep.5 Singing (part 1)

Just as widely accepted as prayer, but rarely discussed, the boys are back to ask: why do we sing in church? Is it Biblical? Is it weird? Also Moonbeard makes a return, so there’s that…


Ep.4 Prayer (part 2)

In this episode, ‘Doing Art in Heaven’, BT and Dangerous take a walk through the Lord’s Prayer. It’s the model for all our prayers, but one we often rattle off way too lightly. They go line by line discussing the meaning and repercussions of praying each and how, if we mean it, it affects our … Continue reading Ep.4 Prayer (part 2) →


Ep.3 Prayer (part 1)

In this episode, Half Way There, Dangerous and BT discuss prayer looking at how and why we do it. Plus some of the pitfalls such as ‘do we have to use special language?’. Plus we have a proper intro with theme music and everything! As ever there will be blog posts around this topic which … Continue reading Ep.3 Prayer (part 1) →


News Update

In a brief news update, Dangerous fills you in with what’s been happening and where we hope to take the podcast in the future. HINT, it involves you and building a community… We love you, guys and gals


Episode Two - Stuff We Don't Talk about in Church

In this episode, “All Aboard the Disciple Ship”, BT leads us in a discussion of what discipleship means and how we do it, while Dangerous obsesses over ox’s and how they’re yoked together. Produced by Beanyman Contact us here: or @unspoken_church on twitter