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Rare Peek into Nomoli Sacred Stones

DOGON and NOMOLI SACRED STONE FIGURINES Is there a connection between the well-known Dogon and the suppressed/obscure Nomoli artifacts unearthed in West Africa? Are proximity and pronounciation coincidence or evidence of connection between the Dogon's Nommos and the Nomoli Stones? After Dogon came up in my first Nomoli radio interview a listener pointed out that - The Dogon were visited by the NOMMOS fish like beings… This did not initially chime because NOMOLI are not “Fish-Like”. Then upon...


How Walking on Fire Can Free YOU!

Melissa Mogdans is a consultant, coach and fire walk instructor based in the United States. Melissa has spent 15 years in small business finances which has helped her gain an in-depth understanding of the common threads of bookkeeping and finances in various kinds of businesses, as well as personal money management and lifestyle choices. Melissa decided to broaden her understanding of the power of the mind, after her first fire walk in 2016, when her footprints were left visible on asphalt...


Transformational Journeys to Spirit with Sean Michael Cruz

Sean Cruz is a Spiritual Development Guide, Intuitive Coach, Energy Worker, and R&B/Soul Singer and Lyricist. Sean is a leader whose story is one of teaching others to transform their pain into passion and trusting their inner wisdom/higher knowledge.. Being an advocate for world peace, Sean has found his passion in assisting others through their self-healing journeys and transmuting emotional blockages back into unconditional love. He believes in spreading this love into the world to help...


How Sexual Energy Channels Your Success

Julia is a business and marketing coach for coaches. She is Partner and Chief Energetic Officerat Shot Of Copy, a renowned copywriting agency serving the self-development industry since 2012. Julia is an expert in coaching sales, lead generation, and money mindset. First and foremost as a coaching professional, Julia understands where coaches and entrepreneurs get stuck in their business. The foundational problems always lie in the most basic habits of the individual: mindset, eating,...


How bending a spoon can change your life

Today Deni is talking with Michi from the SpoonBenders Cafe "I have struggled with deep depression for most of my life. I always felt I had a mission and I always felt I was falling short. I judged myself mercilessly. I was never enough. Going to bed at night meant facing the flaws and faults I hadn’t been able to erase or overcome in the day. Waking up in the morning, before I even got out of bed I was already exhausted just from last night’s list and the thought of the struggle of the...


A spiritual discussion on the topic of Sin

I went to Google and here is what I found - Sin - noun 1. an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. "a sin in the eyes of God" synonyms: immoral act, wrong, wrongdoing, act of evil/wickedness, transgression, crime, offense, misdeed, misdemeanor; More verb 1. commit a sin. "I sinned and brought shame down on us" synonyms: commit a sin, commit an offense, transgress, do wrong, commit a crime, break the law, misbehave, go astray; archaictrespass "I have sinned"...


Researching the Spiritual Awakening Process

We are about the start the first of its kind research study on the spiritual awakening process. What this study is about? Who this study is for? Who can you participate in the study?


The French Doors

About Kelley Dr. Elkins adores his work. He is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher/physician. He also has a great sense of humor and is a kind, honest and genuine human being. As a result of his experience, compassion and understanding, clients allow him to advocate for them working with the Innate Intelligence of the Body-Mind-Spirit bringing about healing from within. Dr. Elkins' empathic ability and developed intuition allows him to have a great connection with Source which opens...


Did 'LOVE' hurt you?

I posted a question in a couple of large womens group. When you hear the word 'LOVE' does it trigger a bad memory? Did 'Love' hurt you? The responses were amazing, heartfelt. open and vulnerable. But it showed me something that is a basic need. We all need to have an understanding of what love is. Let's discusss this from the perspective of Nature. Join our Social Learning Facebook Group Heartfelt Awakening Village.


Are you an exhausted lightworker?

Empaths - Know your Self! There is a difference between feeling what others are feeling and taking on those feelings as your own. I am finding too many empaths/lightworkers are taking on these projected energies as their own. Please tell me how you are dealing with these energies. What do you do to ground yourself? What do you do to keep your own balance? Or do you find you are getting overwhelmed, feeling like you're going insane, being sucked dry by an 'energy vampire', or just plain tired...


How to Tap into your Spirit on iHeart Radio with Helen Granskog

Listen in on my interview with Helen discussing EFT and Tapping into your Spirit. Learn how I facilitate the spiritual awakening process. Learn more about what we're doing and how you can participate at You are not going crazy, you are shifting! Let that shift happen! Thank you Heartfelt Wellness Radio and Helen Granskog for this awesome interview! Keep the conversation going! Join us in our Facebook Social Learning group!


Is it possible to transcend the mind?

We are live stream and live podcasting to with the topic of the mind while livestream in our social learning facebook group and in our live podcast. Mind attacks, psychic attacks, mind wont stop, are you your mind? Let's put the mind in the proper perspective. From there we are able to clearly see the energetic movement of the mind.


Meditation Monday focus on the Mind 28 May 2018

For the month of May in our Facebook Social Learning group Heartfelt Awakening Village we have been focusing on Meditation for the month of May. All live streams are available in our group.


Spiritual Energy Healing Circle 28 March 2018

Join us for our weekly spiritual energy healing circle livestream AND live podcast! We are live from our Facebook Business Page To continue the conversation, join us in our Heartfelt Awakening Facebook Group #AligningBodyBreathandSpirit


Spiritual Energy Healing Circle 14 March 2018

Join us for our weekly spriitual energy healing circle.


Energy Healing Circle 28 February 2018

Livestream and live podcast!


Energy Healing Circle 21 February 2018

Your Spirit Body Breath Mind coach Guiding you to Reconnect to You! We are discussing topics of spiritual awakening, ascension symptoms and shining a light on the Human aspect of Self from the perception of your Being. This podcast is about Humans who are in the process of waking up and discovering their Beings. You are a Being of Light first. This is the larger, stable, timeless, expansive, space that is naturally you! We point out the obvious that is all around us and show you that we are...


Energy Healing Circle 14 February 2018

Energy healing circle 7 Feb 2018 Always starting from the space of stillness. Depression came up. Take time to find out where you are perceiving from. Relationship is discussed. First and most important relationship is with Self. Fear is brought up. Fear is movement. If we can see fear from the stillness of the Being, we see clearly that it is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear can prevent you from discovery the space of the Being. We begin to see the illusion of fear that keeps us in the...


Using EFT to remove money blocks

Today we will be livestreamed on Facebook and live podcast using EFT to discover and remove energy blocks. We recognize the movement of energy in the body and watch it from the space of stillness within. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique or what I like to describe it as emotional accupuncture because we are working the emotional meridians in the body. I work 1 on 1 with Beings who would like to go deeper and discover energetic blocks. Please contact me! Our livestreams are also...


Energy Healing Circle 7 February 2018

Join us for our weekly energy healing circle.