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VIOLET FLAME Readings Rachel White,Salina Brilla -Psychic Mediums

We will have a discussion and do some readings. Salina Brilla https://www.facebook.com/salina.brilla Salina Brilla Bio "My name is Salina, it means Goddess of the Moon, as a child I saw things that "weren't there." There had been a history of Schizophrenia in my family, so people being delusional was the term given to seeing and experiencing things that "aren't there". When I was 17 I spent a brief time in a mental facility, where I was found to be "very intelligent, and highly intuitive"...


ROUND TABLE Mystery of Spirit & Other Realms Cindy, Chris,Renee,Diane

Guests tonight are: Chris Times (curioustimes.ca) Host of Curious Times radio show at www.intuitalks.com Renee Richards (www.psychicmediumreneerichards.com) Diane Hamilton (www.dianehamiltonpsychicmedium) Cindy Plume, host of Keeping It Real With Cindy, and a Psychic Medium.


SHELBY AESTHETIC - Clairvoyant -Third Eye Adventures and Revelations

Shelby Aesthetic is a Mother, Wife, artist and Extraordinary Clairvoyant. Tonight we interview her about the multiple worlds that have opened up in her world, and get a view of the spectacular realms that most of us cannot see. You can make an appointment with Shelby for a reading & check out her phenomenal art work, and informative Blog at: www.intuitalks.com/shelbyaesthetic


A Life After- AUGUST GOFORTH -Love, Grief & Survival-Conversation w/ A Medium

Tonight we Interview August Goforth, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, who is also a spirit medium. He intentionally does not utilize his mediumistic abilities for psychotherapy sessions, nor does he work as a professional medium to give readings. This is an ethical as well as a personal spiritual choice and thus utilizes this non de plume as advised by the Risen. Along with Timothy Gray he currently sits in a physical mediumship circle for the development of...


ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION- Heaven,Hell, Metaphysics- Join Us!

OUR GUESTS ON THE ROUNDTABLE TONIGHT ARE: George Lenker Dave Scott Amy Cavanaugh S.P. Durnin Corrine De Winter For over a decade, S.P. Durnin crisscrossed America seeking the perfect pint of Guinness, while developing a deep love/hate relationship with the idea of hungry, mobile corpses. Previously he was known to keep a morning after backpack in the trunk of his car for if he woke up in a strange place. S.P. resides in Ohio with his family, one (mutant) dog, and three (very spoiled) cats...





Psychic Mediums Diane Hamilton, Jennifer's Journey- Readings & Spirit Wanderings

Have you ever gotten a reading that left you in doubt, feeling scared or just feeling lousy? It happens too often, unfortunately, and is mostly unethical on the reader's part. Tonight we'll discuss the harm in getting a "bad" reading, and how it really is not good for your health. Also readings from Diane Hamilton: Diane Hamilton is a highly intuitive gifted Psychic Medium and Certified Angel Card Reader. She is sensitive and compassionate with both people and animals, which creates a bond...


MYRNA DEAS Modern Day Mystic Psychic Medium Readings & Answers on Life!!

Tonight we welcome Myrna Deas!! (PLEASE if you have called in for a reading in the last 2 months, give others a chance at getting a reading) From Myrna's Site: www.amoderndaymystic.com "My first spiritual experience occurred when I was 3 years old. I saw my great-grandmother after she died. I continued having similar experiences throughout my childhood; unlike many children, however, it never “turned off”. I found ways to utilize my gifts, without ever having to acknowledge them, in my...


Psychic Reader NIKKI Grossman-Readings & Getting into the groove w/ Spirit

TONIGHT- Spiritual Nikki!! Psychic Nichole Grossman lives in Las Vegas . “ I have believed in past life, spirits, Angels, since I was a young child . As a teenager I loved Medium and ghost shows . When I was about 15 I could feel things when I met someone or talked with them , and could feel what they were feeling. As time went on I could read people’s energy and began going to psychic shops , and learned to read the cards ,runes, etc. I am intuitive, a healer by words & a psychic medium....


Psychic Medium Shay Midgley- Into The Mystic- Readings and Chat

From Our Guest, Shay Midgley: I am an extremely gifted medium with psychic abilities, and I grow stronger by the day. I can conduct any sort of divination. I have provided countless readings for those who have lost loved ones as well as those who are experiencing difficulty in their lives. I have also assisted in missing person and murder cases. My gift is to provide answers, comfort and accuracy. You can contact me at: Shaymidg@ gmail.com.


Psychic Mediums Jennifer's Journey & Corrine De Winter Readings & Halloween Chat

Jennifer & Corrine will give free mini readings & discuss all the cool things about upcoming Halloween- Please be thoughtful, if you have called in before please let others have a chance to get a reading. This show brought to you by: www.purpleplates.com "Expect A Miracle"


Jennifer's Journey & Corrine De Winter Free Mini Readings - SOUL TALK

Jennifer & Corrine will offer free mini readings, and discuss the purposes of our souls in everyday life. Please, bew callers will be chosen first. Brought to you by: www.purpleplates.com


LOU MARTIN Channeler, Counsellor and Healer on Spirit, Soul & the Light Inside

TONIGHT LOU MARTIN discusses spirit, chaneling and the dimensions outside of our 5 senses. From www.loumartin.eu I had three life-changing events which got me on this Spiritual Journey. The first was by sitting with Krishnamurti when I was 16 years old. His presence, (and later his books) were profound and told me there was much more to life than what I’d seen. Secondly, when I was 18, my Father was murdered, which although terrible at the time, his death opened me up to a lot of...


Cinnamon Moon - Shamanic Path -Tales of Ancient Wisdom- Readings

Cinnamon Moon is our guest tonight. Cinnamon has walked a shamanic path of service as a spiritual coach and reader for over 50 years. She is a non-denominational minister, the Author of “A Medicine Woman Speaks,” founder of Spirit Lodge, an online study center located at www.spiritlodge.online, and the host of “CinnamonMoon At Night” on Blog Talk Radio. Cinnamon’s passion is in assisting others to know the authenticity of their inner spirit along with their own gifts and abilities. She...


BIGFOOT Expert & Friend EDIE CAITO Encounters with A Beautiful Mind

EDIE Caito, author of "Indiana Bigfoot- The Beautiful Mind" joins us to describe her many encounters and associations with the legendary Bigfoot. She also is the author of "Indiana Bigfoot: The Cave and beyond." She has researched Bigfoot for years with IBFRO and has discovered much information on the gentle beast and his ilk. Find Edie on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/edie.caito THIS SHOW BROUGHT TO YOU BY : www.purpleplates.com


WILLIAM STILLMAN Psychic Medium -Visionary -Author

William Stillman is the Award Winning author of the ground breaking book "Autism & The God Connection" and has been working to serve people since 1987. Bill takes his Psychic & etherical work very seriously and conducts all readings and workshope with mindfulness and integrity, We discuss Bill's work tonight & will do a few readings toward the end of the broadcast. You can find Bill at: http://www.williamstillan.com Brought to you by: www.purpleplates.com


DEBRA TAITEL Clairvoyant Reader -Healer-Spiritual Insight & Mindful Living

Debra Taitel is a gifted Clairvoyant Reader, Energy Healer, Author & Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to cliemts around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one personal empowerment sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. You can find Debra at: www.spiritlightinsight.com This show is brought to you by:...


Psychic Medium,Author & Healer BECCA WATERS- Readings,Fairies,Spirit & Will

BECCA G. WATERS is a travelled and enlightened soul- Having a Near Death experience at 16 "opened" her up and since then She has been studying spirit and the metaphysical, including the Fairy Realm and Native American idealogy for years. She is also an Artist, Automatic Writer and a Reiki Master. She is also the author of a number of books, including "Sally is Seer" Series, and a book of poetry "Divine Inspirations" from which she shall read from tonight. WE will be taking calls for...


VICKI JOHN Psychic Medium Reader- On Life, Love and Faith

Vicki Johns is a psychic medium with years of experience in life and spirit. She is co-host of BEYOND THE STARS Radio Show on Paramaniaradio.com She does readings for us tonight!!! She can be reached at BEYOND THE STARS on Facebook.


DOLORES Small Elk Chiasson SHAMAN, Psychic Medium-Dr.Of Divinity-Reverse Speech

Dolores, a Reverse Speech Analyst, Sacred Energy practitioner, Certified Psychic reader, Reverend, Reiki Master and Doctor of Divinity joins us to discuss her work. www.facebook.com/groups/Reversespeech smallelk@sesacredenergy.com Brought to you by www.purpleplates.com


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