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TMV Podcast, brought to you by The Muslim Vibe is a weekly podcast where we speak to influential and inspiring Muslims across the world. Hosted by the TMV team, the podcast delves deep into the issues affecting Western Muslims and much more!

TMV Podcast, brought to you by The Muslim Vibe is a weekly podcast where we speak to influential and inspiring Muslims across the world. Hosted by the TMV team, the podcast delves deep into the issues affecting Western Muslims and much more!
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TMV Podcast, brought to you by The Muslim Vibe is a weekly podcast where we speak to influential and inspiring Muslims across the world. Hosted by the TMV team, the podcast delves deep into the issues affecting Western Muslims and much more!






Ep 53 - Tokenism, Sensationalism, and Identity Politics (ft. Ali Milani)

On this week's TMV Podcast, Salim is joined by Ali Milani, the Labour Party's prospective candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. Ali Milani is a 24 year-old councillor, Vice President of the National Union of Students and is looking to take on Boris Johnson at the next General Election. We discuss the media's fixation on Ali's identity (as a Muslim immigrant) as opposed to his political stances, and what his thoughts are being boiled down to this label. Note: This podcast was recorded on...


Ep 52 - My Ten Nights: Never miss out giving charity on Laylatul Qadr

On this week's podcast, Salim is joined by Jessica as they speak to Ayat from My Ten Nights in an automation platform that allows you to never miss Laylatul Qadr - you pick your charity before the last ten nights comes in, decide how much you want to pay across the last ten nights - and if you want to give more charity in the odd nights of Ramadan you can, and then it schedules it all in, meaning it's all automated, so you can focus on your Ibadah. Last year My Ten...


Ep 51 - How to get in the zone this Ramadan (ft. Sheikh Alihusain Datoo)

As the month of Ramadan has blessed us once again, TMV chief editor Salim Kassam sits down with Sheikh Alihusain Datoo to talk about how to make the most of the holy month. The discuss the tradition of fasting within Islam as well as how to balance work and family with optimising the nights. They go on to discuss the last 10 nights of the holy month and the night of Qadr. We pray this month of Ramadan is a beneficial one for all our listeners! Send in a voice message:...


Ep 50 - The Honest Struggle: From gang-life to God

On this week's TMV Podcast, Salim is joined by Justin Mashouf, director of The Honest Struggle, and Sadiq, an ex-convict turned convert. The Honest Struggle follows Sadiq around after completing his sentence, depicting the trials faced as he re-enters society. We discuss the issues faced by many converts who leave prison, the lack of effort made by 'born-Muslims' to help them adjust, and the shocking reality that all too many face after their sentence is fulfilled. The Honest Struggle is...


The Christchurch Terrorist Attack

Earlier today whilst Muslims in New Zealand were attending Juma prayers, gunmen entered a couple of mosques and shot indiscriminately at worshippers. So far 49 people have lost their lives and dozens more are injured in hospital. The perpetrators are believed to be far-right extremists and one of them filmed the entire shooting on a bodycam which was live streamed on the internet. He also published a manifesto online, citing mass immigration as one of his motives. On this TMV Podcast, Salim...


Ep 49 - The Riz Test: Challenging how Muslims are portrayed on screen

On this week's TMV Podcast, Salim is joined by Jessica (TMV Deputy Editor) and Shaf, a co-founder of The Riz Test. Taking their name from British-Muslim actor Riz Ahmed, they took inspiration from his now famous speech at the House of Commons in 2017. We discuss how The Riz Test came to be, the need for more Muslim representation in film and television, and the surprising number of films and television shows that fails in terms of accurately portraying Muslims onscreen. Be sure to check out...


Ep 48 - A "Redneck" Muslim on Converting to Islam and Combating White Supremacy

On this week's TMV Podcast, Salim spoke to Shane Atkinson, an American convert to Islam and self-described "redneck Muslim" about his journey to Islam, his role as a white "redneck" in the Muslim community and combating white supremacy. You can watch the PBS documentary about Shane here: ----- Click here to support The Muslim Vibe: Send in a voice message:


Ep 47 - Marzieh Hashemi: Locked up by the FBI & Muslim Activism

After being detained without charge by the FBI for 10 days, held as a 'material witness', we were joined on a special podcast by Sister Marzieh Hashemi who talked to Salim and Haseeb about her ordeal. She discusses the events of the last few weeks as well as her struggle to observe her faith whilst detained, being deprived halal food and having her hijab removed and she also has a message for young Muslim activists across the West. --------- You can support The Muslim Vibe here:...


Ep 46 - Exploring Surah Yusuf with Sheikh Alihusain Datoo

On this week's TMV Podcast, Salim is joined by Sheikh Alihusain Datoo as they talk about Surah Yusuf, exploring both the depth of the story of Prophet Yusuf as well as the human element of this Surah that remains so empowering to this day. Send in a voice message:


Ep 45 - The Link Between Spirituality and Mental Health (ft. Berak Hussain)

Berak Hussain, a Muslim mental health speaker and Islamic counsellor and therapist, is pioneering the way for not only opening up discussions around mental health in general, but to also help Muslim communities break away from cultural taboos around ignoring mental health issues as well. Speaking to The Muslim Vibe's Chief Editor Salim Kassam on this week's podcast, Berak touches on important issues such as the link between faith and mental health, why men are typically not as involved in...


Ep 44 - Jae Deen On Writing Out The Qur'an, Muslim Influencers and Deen Squad Controversy

Jae Deen, a convert to Islam and part of the popular Muslim hip-hop group Deen Squad, is no stranger to controversy. Converting to Islam while still attending his Catholic high school and navigating his way through the complicated world of balancing religion with hip-hop, Jae Deen recognizes the power in both being an influencer as well as staying grounded. Speaking to The Muslim Vibe's Chief Editor Salim Kassam on this week's podcast, Jae Deen reflects on his personal journey through Islam...


Ep 43 - Lisa Vogl Talks About Surviving Domestic Violence And Being An Entrepreneur

Lisa Vogl, an award-winning American fashion photographer, is the co-founder of the immensely popular modest fashion brand Verona Collection. Converting to Islam in 2011 and a proud supporter of hijab, Lisa spoke to The Muslim Vibe's Chief Editor Salim Kassam on this week's podcast about her journey through the entrepreneurial world with modest fashion, why conversations around hijab must be lead by women and not men, and her own experience of being a survivor of domestic violence and how...


Ep 42 - Muslims Of The World (Interview with founder Sajjad Shah)

This week Salim has a chat with Sajjad Shah, the founder of popular Instagram account: Muslims Of The World ( They discuss where the idea for the page came from and how it grew to become the successful page it is today, boasting over 260K followers and having recently published their very own book with unique stories from Muslims around the world. Sajjad talks about the most memorable and mindblowing story he's encountered over the last few years and...


Ep 41 - Photojournalist Emily Garthwaite Reflects On Her Arbaeen Experience

This week Salim is joined by Emily Garthwaite, a 25-year-old photojournalist from London who returned back from Iraq a few weeks ago having travelled to photograph the Arbaeen pilgrimage. The Arbaeen pilgrimage is one of the largest peaceful gatherings that takes annually and it marks 40 days after the day of Ashura, which commemorates the death of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. He was killed alongside his family members and close companions in the city of Karbala in the...


Ep 40 - Bridging Mental Health With Spirituality (Interview with Hooman Keshvarzi)

Syed Rizvi speaks with Hooman Keshvarzi, founding director of the Khalil Center, the largest provider of mental health for Muslims in the U.S. Syed has followed Hooman’s work since he was an undergraduate in Psychology attempting to better understand the overlap of Islam, as a spiritual discipline, and Psychology, as a set of principles designed to help individuals with unseen diseases. Specifically, the integration of the two and how the linking of spirituality and psychology could be the...


Ep 39 - It's Time To Talk: Right-Wing Activist vs Muslim Scholar(Debate)

Right-wing activist James Goddard debates Muslim scholar Sheikh Jaffer Ladak on a variety of concerns and issues. 1:22 - Intro & Islamophobia 33:59 - Israel/Palestine 54:45 - Is Islam Inherently Violent? 1:07:01 - The Right Wing Movement 1:30:30 - Immigration Send in a voice message:


Ep 38 - The Sheikh Who Conquered Twitter (ft. Sheikh Azhar Nasser)

On the TMV Podcast this week, our chief editor Salim Kassam is joined by Sheikh Azhar Nasser as they discuss social media, dealing with hate and his new book entitled 'The Grand Tour: Quranic Descriptions of Paradise'. Sheikh Azhar Nasser was born and raised in Michigan, USA and has a degree in cultural anthropology. Sheikh Azhar has a deep passion for the study of the Holy Quran and is also the religious director of CBE, an organization which specializes in the production of short,...


Angels of Mercy (Spoken Word)

This emotional spoken word is in tribute to Razan al-Najjar and every innocent Palestinian soul killed fighting for their rights. Scroll down for the video and full lyrics. Razan al-Najjar was a Palestinian medic from Gaza who was brutally killed by an Israeli sniper as she heroically tended to the wounds of injured protesters. Though she was clearly wearing a white medic coat, Zionist occupation forces still pulled the trigger from a sniper which pierced her chest leaving her coat soaked in...


Ep 37 - Reflective back on 21 years of activism with the IHRC (ft. Arzu Merali)

Salim is joined by Arzu Merali as they discuss the origins and work of one of the longest standing Islamic activist groups in the UK, the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). Arzu Merali is a writer and researcher based in London. She is one of the co-founders of the IHRC and recently authored a research paper on Dominant Counter-Narratives to Islamophobia, co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union. Send in a voice message:...


Ep 36 - Are we going to face a Muslim genocide in The West? (ft. Imran Shah from MPACUK)

Salim is joined by Imran Shah and Haseeb Rizvi as they discuss the notion of Muslims facing a potential genocide in the West given the heightened levels of Islamophobic narrative found in some parts of the media and in online dialogue, alongside increased anti-Muslim attacks and hate-crimes across the region. Imran Shah is currently the head of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) team. Haseeb Rizvi is the co-founder and director of The Muslm Vibe. You can subcribe to our podcast...