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Take Courage is a place to hear stories of courage in a world full of challenge. Join Matt Miller as he gives insight for living with courage.

Take Courage is a place to hear stories of courage in a world full of challenge. Join Matt Miller as he gives insight for living with courage.
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Take Courage is a place to hear stories of courage in a world full of challenge. Join Matt Miller as he gives insight for living with courage.





Sometimes in life we feel helpless. Where do you turn? What do you do? In this episode of Take Courage, Matt talks about being helpless and talks with a father whose daughter faces a terminal disease. Yet in the midst of struggle, his family not only finds help but as able to help others also.


Agony and Glory

Parenting is tough stuff. We love our children but sometimes live our own lives through them. When they make bad decisions it can be agonizing. Living with courage means learning how to train them up, let them go and entrust them to God. In this episode, Matt hears a powerful story of both agony and glory from one of his friends, Cole.


Hold On

Sometimes it feels like we are at the end, with nowhere to turn, without any hope. In those moments, we need to be reminded that we should hold on. Holding on means we believe that better days are ahead even when things are bad right now. In this episode I interview my friend Jim, who has learned how to hold on despite suffering a great sorrow. He shares powerfully how God has been with him through the loss of his beloved wife of over 30 years. His story is a touching reminder of how we can...


A Father's Love

Matt Miller talks about the blessing of fathers. Everybody needs a loving father but not everyone gets one. In this episode, he interviews his friend Rondell Trevino, who shares his own story of a father he never knew and a step-father he loves but who had his own struggles. Hear how God moved in Rondell's life in a powerful way.


An Unwanted Gift

Sometimes we receive gifts we don't really want but sometimes those gifts turn out to be great blessings. In this episode, Matt Miller talks about how seeing what has been given to us as a gift changes our perspective. He also gives some advice on what not to get your significant other for Valentine's Day.


With You

On With You, Matt Miller shares the story of a girl with a blood disease which prevented her from being in the sun. Any exposure would cause great pain and meant her family had to alter their whole way of life. In this podcast we hear her story through the lens of her mom Polly. She shares about how important it was for them to know that God and others were with them. Matt talks about how important it is for all of us to know that Someone is saying I want to be With You.


All Things?

Does God really work for the good of those who love him in ALL THINGS? When life gives us lemons, can we really make lemonade? Yes, we experience his blessings in the good things but what about the bad things? In this episode, Matt Miller talks about having the right perspective on difficulty. He also talks with his good friend Lynn, who shares her story of loss and how she sees God working in it. Take a listen! #takecourage


Resolving Conflict

Conflict is everywhere and some of us are better than others at resolving it. Join Matt Miller as he talks about a healthy way of resolving conflict that will encourage your life.


What's Your Story?

Are you living according to the right story? If God has a purpose for the world what is his purpose for you? Listen as Matt Miller provides encouragement to live in the right story.


Take Courage!

If you need to be encouraged (and you do) listen to Matt Miller as he talks about one key aspect of living with courage in a discouraging world. He shares the story of a woman who lived with courage despite losing everything and tells you how you can to.