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Millennial, Spiritual, Not Religious: 5 Things I Believe And How I’m Building an App Around Them

I’m a staunch “spiritual but not religious” guy, and I’m building an app around those beliefs. If you believe what I believe, go to to support our campaign.


How Safe Is Your Peace of Mind from Annoying People?

“Whether or not I think I admire them, everyone has accomplished many things that come hard to me, everyone does the best with what they have (even when they’re majorly screwing up and I can see it and can’t help but criticize it). I can still give them a break. It’s so easy to give somebody a break.” – Andrew Gabelic In this 8 minute podcast, I analyze our tendency to get annoyed with imperfection, when imperfection is all we can expect in this life (both from ourselves and others).


How Do You Know If You Have a Brilliant Idea?

“Many think only thinking is bold, believing thoughts become things on their own, thinking it happens away from their soul. A worker can be hired, a thinker can be bought, an audience will find it, and an investor sought. This is how they see execution, a privilege they earned for thinking good thoughts…” – Andrew Gabelic


7 Minutes for Trusting Life and Restoring Optimism in Tough Times

“Right before our fortune turns around, the second before everything finally changes, things don’t get better, they get worse and worse and worse, The small remnants of predictability begin to crumble, The cynicism finally takes over. Right before everything changes, it feels like everything is about to go to hell. But then the rules of your life change unexpectedly, from one second to the next. It’s like somebody flicked a switch: good fortune explodes all over your face.” – Andrew...


Your Life is Like Levels in a Video Game

“Life is not a long climb to a restful and peaceful plateau. It never was and it never will be. Life is a video game, every time you complete a level you advance into a new one. The new level will bring more adventures, more excitement, and yes – more problems.” – Andrew Gabelic In this 10 minute podcast, I go deep into our insistence to see every new chapter of our lives as a “seamless plateau of success”. It’s not just that every chapter will be full of problems, it’s that problems can...


Our Greatest Strength and Most Limiting Weakness: We All Care What People Think

“There is who you are, and there is who you think you are because it’s who others want you to be. Sometimes one has the other strangled.” – Andrew Gabelic In this 15 minute podcast, I go deep into our ingrained obsession with what others think of us, where it comes from, how it has driven us since the dawn of humanity, and how it is both our greatest strength and most limiting weakness.