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A panel of three professional readers gather live online every Wednesday night. Between themselves and the audience, they cover topics of metaphysical, spiritual and other related topics.

A panel of three professional readers gather live online every Wednesday night. Between themselves and the audience, they cover topics of metaphysical, spiritual and other related topics.
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A panel of three professional readers gather live online every Wednesday night. Between themselves and the audience, they cover topics of metaphysical, spiritual and other related topics.




Terra Turas Episode 40 Special Guest - Nancy Gardner Explains the Medicine Wheel

MEDICINE WHEEL FOR THE MODERN WORLD The Medicine Wheel is a ceremonial center. It is a place to strengthen our connection with nature; a place to pray, meditate and contemplate. An earth-based teaching, "Walking the Wheel" honors the Creator, the Sacred Family, the four seasons/directions and "all our relations" as we move through life's cycles. NANCY GARDNER began studying the Medicine Wheel in 1997 with elders of the For Purpose Community. She became an elder herself in 2005 after years...


Mystical Moments with Jarrod and Michael Episode 3

In this episode, Jarrod and Michael talk about professional psychics (what it means, what it takes), ethics in a psychic reader (do they have them) and they also look into the properties of Sage.


Mystical Moments with Jarrod and Michael Episode 2

In this Episode, Jarrod and Michael talk about the not so often spoken about side of being empathic and dealing with people, the plight of the Amazon Rain Forest, and personal energy and energetics.


Terra Turas Episode 38 - Connection Points Live Reading Online

Tonight's show, we have guest Michelle from Ohio on the phone. She has a list of questions, and our readers are going to answer them, while also giving insights and information. An hour of live psychic reading.


Terra Turas Episode 37 - Seances with Rev Pat Beers

Subject: Seances Waiting, just on the other side. This week, Rev. Pat Beers will take time to go indepth about Seances, how the connection is made, how the other side talks to her and through her during a seance, and yes, even how the spirits coming through might make themselves known to everyone in the room. Join us as we learn and explore Seances from a lady who has conducted many of them herself, more than 100 of them.


Mystical Moments with Jarrod and Michael episode 1

Mystical Moments is a 30 minute ecelectic conversation between Jarrod Walters and Michael Peterson, crossing boundries between everyday life and the metaphysical side of life. Episode one we chat about tarot cards, crystals, dream catchers and candles.


Terra Turas Episode 36 - A World Without Theology

Topic: A World Without Theology Image, if you would, a world where there was no Heaven, no Hell. A world with no God no angels. Imagine a world with no spirituality at all. What would that kind of world look like? Would even atheists have issues in it?


Terra Turas Episode 35 - Energy Workers and Modalities

This week on Terra Turas Topic: Energy Workers / Healers & Their Methodology Heave you ever wondered what Healers and Energy Workers tap into? How to they do the work they do? In the world of Metaphysics, energy is abundant, residing in people, surroundings and more. Yet how people tap into this energy is vastly different from person to person.


Terra Turas - The After Show Episode 2

The After Show is a segment from Terra Turas which captures conversations and discussions that take place after the main show is completed. The topics tend to be eclectic, and sound like one large family having an open conversation. Join us for an hour of chatting.


Terra Turas Episode 34 - Breaking the Ties that Bind

Topic: Breaking the Ties that Bind We've all been there: wanting to take a step forward in life, yet something from our past situations holds us back or prevents us from growth. Tonight, we'll look into how to remove those road blocks, not only from a metaphysical side, but also when an astrological side might be most beneficial.


Terra Turas The After Show Part 1

We're excited to begin sharing a new segment from Terra Turas. When the show is done, we find ourselves hanging out for a little while, discussing ideas, topics, events...the conversation becomes eclectic, as it if fluid and goes all over. So, we thought we would record that portion of our time together and then place it online for our viewers to watch. This show is for a mature audience, as the conversation may meander into unknown topics and also contain adult content and explicit...


Terra Turas Episode 33 - Inside the Spirit Circle

Topic: What Really Goes On Inside a Spirit Circle This week, please join us as we welcome Stephanie to Terra Turas. Also, if you remember listening to Rev. Pat Beers speaking of a Spirit Circle, Stephanie is the one how hosts and conducts one on a regular basis. Accordingly, we're going to look into what really happens during a Spirit Circle, why it is formed, what is accomplished while people work within the circle as well as some of the 'Do's and Do Nots'.


Terra Turas Episode 32 - Technology Effects On Spiritual Self

We live in an ever changing world filled with technology. Computers, cell phones, personal gadgets, tablets, medical devices and so much more. The advances have brought a landslide of change to the world, including social media. Yet the question we're going to tackle this week is: What are the effects of technology on the spiritual self? Have the technological advances brought a positive or negative aspect to the spiritual side of life? What role does social media really play in life?...


Terra Turas Episode 31 Accidental Manifestation

Often people will work with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation to bring items, events, good will, wealth and happiness into their life. Then there are times people are unaware that these same things are at work when we are not paying attention. This results in manifesting might have unintended results, often causing a little havoc in life. We're going to look at why this happens, how to work with it, change it.


Terra Turas Episode 30 Energy of Change

There are so many things going on around us that change and transition is happening in all aspects of our lives. At times, it may be difficult as in the change of job, the loss of a loved one, the passing of a loved pet. We're going to look at how to identify the energy and then how to help change it into something positive and creative.


Terra Turas Episode 29 - Eclispe Energy

Planets guide energy, and it at times is very evident. As in Mercury Retrograde, a Full Moon and more. However, tonight, we're going to discuss the energy in an eclipse. It may seem subtle at times, yet it has some serious effects.


Terra Turas Episode 28 - Psychic Abilities

Everyone was born with the ability to be psychic. In this episode of Terra Turas, we take a look at the different types of gifts and talents there are, why some people seem to excel at using them while others seem simply turn them off. We'll also look into gauging how strong people are in those area's.


Terra Turas Episode 27 - Attachments

This week on Terra Turas Our Topic: Attachments: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly It happens more often than we might like to think: we go somewhere and end up coming home with more than we bargained for. Spiritual energy, entities, bad stuff. We may not realize we are walking magnets at times, nor may be be aware of what's "out there". This week, we're going to discuss not only what's out there, but how to deal with it.


Terra Turas Episode 26 - Spiritual Walk Ins

There are times people seem to dramatically change, over night. It might be after a major surgery, it might be after a near death experience. There are many things that might bring this about. However, many people don't know, this might be what is known as a Spiritual Walk In. This is the topic of tonights show.


Terra Turas Episode 25 - Mediumship

Tonight we're going to discuss a form of communication with those that have passed on called Mediumship. It's something that has been around for, literally, thousands of years, and is often passed from generation to generation.