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Ryan Hare brings The 318 Project podcast that is designed to help equip men through Godly kingdom principles to grow as husbands, fathers and sons. We will help you to grow in your Christian faith and also tips on how to mentor and disciple other men to reach their full potential. We will have tips, discussions and interviews on various topics that we, as men, face in our daily life.


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Ryan Hare brings The 318 Project podcast that is designed to help equip men through Godly kingdom principles to grow as husbands, fathers and sons. We will help you to grow in your Christian faith and also tips on how to mentor and disciple other men to reach their full potential. We will have tips, discussions and interviews on various topics that we, as men, face in our daily life.







So often we feel it is easy to purchase that new home or car and not worry about the cost, but then the first payment comes or a costly repair and your appreciation for that item diminishes. How about with your marriage? Or even your relationship with God? In this episode, I share about how God sees the true value in each of us no matter what you and I have gone through in life. You may have that feeling that you are worthless and junk just like an old abandoned house or vehicle, but God...


Mid-Season Break

The 318 Project is taking a short mid-season break. I recently took on a new role in the Fire Department and my schedule is changing from a 24/48 schedule to a Monday-Friday routine. Because of this change and going through training for this position, it has left me little time to concentrate on the podcast. The 318 Project is NOT ENDING, but simply taking a short hiatus. New episodes will return starting on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022. Until then, I challenge you to go back to the previous...


How To Know You Are Hearing The Voice Of GOD

Do you remember in school when a classmate would whisper or make a noise just loud enough to get your attention while hoping that the teacher did not hear it? Maybe you remember when your wife, an old girlfriend or even that first crush you had in school came up and whispered something sweet into your ear for only you to hear it. How about those times when you were outside playing and it was getting dark and you heard your mom or dad yell your name so that the whole neighborhood heard it,...


God Can Use Broken Vessels

Did your parent ever tell you to "Don't throw the ball in the house"? What Happened when you disobeyed and broke a bowl, plate, or special figurine? Did you try to hide what you did by gluing the broken pieces back together? More than likely after your parents found out and the ceramic ware couldn't be fixed it was thrown out in the trash. You probably feel the same way after some of the things that have happened in your life that you are junk and that God has no need for you and just...


The Heart Of Barnabas

What does it look like to have an encourager in your life? We all want to have people that will speak life and encouragement to us when we are going through a trial or crisis. Does that person have a selfish or selfish agenda? Are they looking for way to lift you up even if it means they take a back seat to your accomplishments? Do you have a BARNABAS your life? What was so special about Barnabas? He is mentioned only in a few chapters in Acts, 1 Corinthians, Galatians and Colossians;...


Do You Have A Band Of Brothers?

Do you have an armorbearer? In the Bible, you only see an armor bearer mentioned in the Old Testament, but the same duties and responsibilities continue on even today. An armor bearer was a young man that would carry the weapons and shield of the man he was under, much like a knight's squire that would carry the weapons into combat, but also use the shield to protect his master. Over time he would train and even be able to fight alongside the warrior or knight. Sometimes the armor bearer...


How To Find Intimacy With God

You and I have seen so many types of relationships and the different ways men and women have shown love for each other. Some have been healthy relationships and marriages that worked, while there have been harmful ones where the man or woman felt that even though it was a hostile environment that they needed to stay; or did leave the relationship because of a bad situation. How do you view your relationship with God? Or do you have a full understanding of the relationship that God wants to...


The James Bond Syndrome

We have all probably grown up with the James Bond movies and the image of the character that is presented with him. If you are like me, you probably even saw yourself as the suave, debonair, mysterious man who got all the gorgeous women, drove the greatest cars and had all the cool gadgets. In every movie, he always was with the most attractive woman that was irresistible to his charm even if it cost her life. As a spy working for the Queen and country he still had an image to uphold that...


God's Desire To Bring You Into His Promise Land

In this episode, my guest host Cliff Hare shares a message about the Five sins that kept the children of Israel out of Canaan. It is those same five sins that can keep you and I from reaching God's Promise Land that He has for our lives. This teaching is taken from the book "Maximized Manhood" by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole. 0:00 - Intro 1:58 - Beginning of message and Introduction by Cliff Hare. 2:48 - Canaan Land is that place that many see as Heaven. 5:15 - Dr. Cole's direction to call men...


A Time Of Reflection Pt. 2

This is the third episode in a series that I am highlighting segments from guest of previous episodes that I interviewed. In this final series my guest talk about restoration of their marriage, programs that help young men and women, helping overcome the struggles of depression, understanding the gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit, help men and dads add "Life" to their children by being intention with their involvement and finally about a Father's Affirmation. Segment #1- Bett Harvey...


A Time Of Reflection

In this episode, I am featuring guests that shared their testimony or a point that truly stood out and helped them in their life. I have take a segment from seven guest that I felt stood out from those previous podcast episode interviews. Some of them will be about how God saved their lives and marriages, while others are sharing a point of transition with work and ministry. Segment #1- Todd Smith and how his boys responded during the divorce and restoration of his marriage. Segment #2 -...


Reflecting On Podcast Highlights

In this episode, I wanted to take some time and go back over several of the previous episodes that I have done and share some highlights from a few guests. I will be doing this over the next few episodes just as a reflection of the different guests that I have had so far and just do a small retrospective look at key moments that stood out to me with the guests that I have had, and highlight those moments to help encourage you from these previous episodes. Segment #1- Lee Grady and the 4...


You Are A Living Monument To God

What is your first thought when you think back to school and having to take History? Did you enjoy learning about the history of your country and the people back then? Or did you dread it and feel that history was nothing more than dates and dead people? Did you feel like it had no meaning or relevance to your life today? Have you taken the time to understand why a memorial or monument was built; and the significance it had for being built? What if I told you that God has a purpose for...


Clifford Hare: Sent By The Father

Do you remember as a kid when your parents sent you to do a chore or task? Maybe you thought, "I'm the favorite if they asked me to do this", or "they don't like me if I have to do this chore"? Probably once you were old enough to drive they asked you to run errands for them. Do you feel the same way when God wants you to do something for Him? Clifford Hare, President of Faithful Men Ministries, talks about how God used certain men and how their natural fathers sent them for an...


God's Desire For You To Keep MOVING FORWARD!

Have you had those moments in your life where it felt like everything was going the wrong way? You were serving God and being faithful, yet it felt like every step forward in your walk with Christ resulted in what seemed like 10 steps backwards. Finally you got to the point that you thought why am I doing all of this if I am getting nowhere stronger in my faith. Maybe you were dealing with a financial crisis, marriage troubles, depression or just the stresses of life seem to be piling up...


Why Settle For Good, When God's BEST Is Available

Have you ever felt like all that you were doing was just enough to survive? Do you have a calling in your life that God wants to use you, but feel like after some time those opportunities will never happen and you just settle into being a faithful Christian? Does it feel like the calling has died? In episode 42, I am going to share with you about the Shunamite woman and Elisha and how God doesn’t want you to settle for good, but to seek and hold onto what is His Best for your life. Our...


Why God Wants You To BE STILL And WAIT!

What is that one thing that you pray for when going through a trial or dealing with a situation or person that just seems to test your limits? PATIENCE! It seems like everyone is in a hurry everywhere you look. If you are like me, you want to have an answer or solution to any problem that may arise. And if you don’t, you want to find it as quickly as possible. How many times have you gone to YouTube to find a video to fix a problem with an appliance, vehicle or electronic device? Maybe...


10 Ways God Can Bring You Through A Crisis

When we hear the word Crisis it is usually in the form of economic, environmental, the oil crisis, the crisis in the Middle East, a marital crisis or the ever popular Mid-Life Crisis. Most times when we hear these words it has a negative connotation, but did you know that there are times when a crisis is a good thing in your life? Wikipedia defines crisis as "any event or period that will lead or may lead to an unstable or dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, or all of...


Jeff Zaugg: Adding Life To The DAD Life

Jeff Zaugg is the founder and host of the Dad Awesome podcast. Jeff started the podcast three and a half years ago after seeing friends go through great pains with their family and kids from broken marriages. Jeff is married to his wife, Michelle, for over 15 years and they have 4 daughters ranging in age from 8 years old to 3 months old. It was through seeing this pain that sparked a passion to help those hurt by a fatherless issue. He shares that pain is part of our story, but isn't...


Jay Parker: (DGF) Displaying God's Forgiveness

Jay Parker shares his testimony from growing up in a rough environment in Yonkers, New York, where he was raised by a abusive and drug addicted father after his alcoholic mother left when he was 8 yrs. old. After giving his life to Christ at the age of 8 in a store front ran by a dear lady, Mother Gaskins, Jay was introduced to alcohol by a brother-in-law around the same time. Then began smoking marijuana by age 12, hooked on crack and cocaine by 15 and in and out of jail by age 16. Jay...