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After 5 months, we’re back! Why was there such a large gap between these episodes? A little bit of laziness and procrastination and here we are! But hey, this is a great episode featuring Rabbi Micah Greenstein discussing the topic of rest, and how there’s no need to rush the important things in life.



Happy New Year! It is so good to be opening 2019 with out this episode all about "Community" with Michael Udine. Michael is a former Mayor of Parkland, FL and is currently a Broward County Commissioner. He sheds light on his perspective as a leader in a community suffering through tragic times and reveals his most important component for finding greater balance in his life. We hope you enjoy this episode, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, tips or comments at...


Grind the Grime

Welcome to our last episode of 2018, and an exciting one at that! Danielle Gertner, founder of Gertner Grind ( She joins us to talk about how she relates most with “emotion,” one of our components of religion and spirituality the most, and how her “Why” drives every facet of her life. This episode was recorded back in June of 2018, but we decided to release it in December because of this concept of “Grind the Grime.” Since a new year is beginning, we hope the...



Click here for the extended show notes: After a brief absence, we are proud to present the 3rd episode of The 4 Questions Podcast! In this episode, we will hear from Dug Jones, who works at Sante Fe College in Gainesville, FL. Dug has a great way of defining and looking at life as an “adventure.” The experiences we have are shaped by not only the physical act of experiencing them, but the mental aspect as well. Join us for a discussion with Dug as he...


What's Life if You Can't Have a Good Cupcake?

We're back! And this time, it's legit, because we now have two full episodes! In this episode, we will hear from Carlee Marhefka, Co-Founder of EatThe80. She has a great personal journey that has led her to create a business focused on her passions, food and health. Join us as we seek to find a greater balance in our lives by being mindful of what we put into our bodies. Website: Instagram: Twitter:


Respect the Universe

Welcome to the very first episode of The 4 Questions Podcast! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen! Living a religious life is much more multi-dimensional than a definition based solely on belief and observance. Each component is instrumental. Yet, none of the aspects are more important than another. In this episode, we will hear from Marc Robertz Schwartz, someone who lives his life based on the following philosophy: “Respect the Universe.” Join us as we uncover how this...


Welcome to The 4 Questions Podcast!

Hey Everyone, Logan here. I'm the Producer so I'll be handling the show notes as well! Welcome to The 4 Questions Podcast, hosted by Rabbi Adam Grossman and produced by Logan Peck. This is just a taste of what The 4 Questions Podcast will be all about. It focuses on challenging our thoughts regarding religion and spirituality: it's not all about the dogma! Website: Connect with Us! Instagram: Twitter:...