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Episode 95: Cheryl Bridges Johns - The Bible & Women’s Spirituality

This week Jared and Pete sit down with theologian and professor Cheryl Bridges Johns as she describes how feminism has changed over the years and the importance of both being rooted in your own traditions and staying open to "the other." RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: "All We're Meant to Be" by Letha Dawson Scanzoni & Nancy A. Hardesty"The Prophetic Imagination" by Walter Brueggemann "Seven Transforming Gifts of Menopause" by Cheryl Bridges Johns"How the Bible Actually Works" by...


Episode 94: Pete & Jared - Do We Know God is Good From the Bible?

In this episode Pete and Jared tackle this question and others that our listeners are asking. If you have a question for Pete & Jared, submit it on the Ask Pete page of the website and it might be featured on an upcoming blog post or podcast episode. Resources mentioned in this episode: "We Make The Road By Walking" by Brian D. McLaren"The Universal Christ" by Richard Rohr"How the Bible Actually Works" by Pete EnnsThe Bible For Normal People websitePatreon page


Episode 93: Keesmaat & Walsh - Resisting Empire in the Book of Romans

This week Biblical Scholar Sylvia Keesmaat and Theologian Brian Walsh talk about what Paul was up to in the book of Romans. We visit topics like salvation and politics and how maybe those words don't mean what we thought when it comes to the New Testament. Resources Mentioned in this Episode: "Romans Disarmed" by Sylvia Keesmaat & Brian WalshSanctuaryEmpire Remixed"How The Bible Actually Works" by Pete EnnsPete Enns The Bible For Normal People Patron


Episode 92: AJ Levine - Jesus, Judaism, & Christianity (REISSUE)

This week we look back to our time with Amy-Jill Levine on understanding Jesus is his Jewish context. Levine is University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School and the author of a number of books including Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi. Resources mentioned in this episode: "Who Counts?: 100 Sheep, 10 Coins, and 2 Sons" by Amy-Jill Levine & Sandy Eisenburg Saso "The Jewish Annotated New Testament (2nd...


Episode 91: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 3)

Pete continues his award-winning (his cat seems to like it) and mind-altering series on Exodus by diving into chapters 5-13: Moses and Aaron’s first confrontation with Pharaoh (which did and did not go well) and the story of the plagues, which are loaded with all sorts of symbolic, theological, and mythic meaning. Resources mentioned in this episode: "Exodus in the Bible and the Egyptian Plagues" by Ziony Zevit“The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son” by Jon D. Levinson "How the...


Episode 90: Richard Rohr - The (Biblical) Universal Christ

In this episode, Richard Rohr begins with his famous "tricycle" analogy and then explores how Christ expands our understanding of ourselves, the world, and God. LINKS "The Universal Christ" by Richard Rohr"The Divine Dance" by Richard Rohr"What Do We Do With the Bible?" by Richard RohrThe Bible For Normal PeopleTB4NP Patreon Page


Episode 89: Pete and Jared - David’s Sordid Past: This Ain’t No Kids Story

In this week’s episode, Pete and Jared take a close look at the call of David and the battle with Goliath (1 Samuel 16-17) to show how these biblical stories already portray David as a morally complex character from the beginning. These stories also tell us something of the intricate and layered nature of biblical storytelling. ssed. LINKS


Episode 88: Rachel Held Evans - Reading The Bible Creatively

This week’s episode with Rachel Held Evans is among her last podcast interviews, recorded 2 months before her untimely passing on May 4. We offer this episode, unedited, in Rachel’s honor and as a testimony to her humor, insight, power, gentleness, and courage. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: "Inspired" by Rachel Held Evans"Searching For Sunday" by Rachel Held Evans"A Year of Biblical Womanhood" by Rachel Held Evans"Faith Unraveled" by Rachel Held Evans


Episode 87: Robert Alter - The Art of Translating the Bible

Robert Alter has spent most of his life committed to studying the Bible and the last two decades creating an entirely new translation of the Old Testament. Pete and Jared talk about some of the insights he has gained from seeing the Bible as a literary masterpiece. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: "The Art of Biblical Narrative" by Robert Alter"The Art of Biblical Poetry" by Robert Alter"The Art of Bible Translation" by Robert Alter"The Hebrew Bible: A Translation With Commentary"...


Episode 86: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 2)

Pete continues his series in Exodus chapters 3 and 4. God reveals his plan to use Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt and Moses does everything he can think of to get out of it. He finally gets on board with the program, but not without a last minute bizarre twist and close call. links: Jeffrey Stackert Episode - Season 2


Episode 85: Austen Hartke - The Bible & The Lives of Transgender Christians

Austen Hartke shares his journey of being a transgender Christian and discusses how the Bible might speak to the inclusion of all people into the people of God. LINKS "Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians" by Austen HartkeGender


Episode 84: Jared Byas - Paul is Frustrating: On Fornication & Wives Obeying Husbands in Colossians

Why does Paul say there are no longer slaves but then turns around and tells slaves to obey their masters? What gives? Do wives need to submit to their husbands just because Paul says so? Geez, Paul can be so frustrating.


Episode 83: Judy Stack - The Gospel of Matthew on Integrity & Hypocrisy

What is Matthew all about? Why does it look the way it does? In this episode Judy Stack takes us to school and helps us to see the Gospel in a new light.


Episode 82: Linda Kay Klein - Breaking Free From Purity Culture

Having grown up being told her body was bad, Linda Kay Klein was on a mission to hear from women about their own experiences with Purity Culture. In this episode we talk about what the Bible has to say about sexual purity and maybe more importantly, what it doesn’t. "Pure" by Linda Kay KleinBreak Free TogetherOur Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum


Episode 81: Pete & Jared - Truth is Subjective . . . Even in the Bible

When people find out that the Bible is ancient, ambiguous, and diverse, they often ask, "Is the Bible true then?" Pete and Jared dive into the topic and talk about how truth–in the Bible–is subjective. Resources mentioned in this episode: "The Historical David" by Joel Baden "Luv is a Verb" by DC Talk Is the Bible True? Course


Episode 80: Jonathan Walton - Reading the Bible Through the Lens of Love

What does it mean to remain faithful to the Bible but also have a moral imagination that might extend beyond the Bible? How can that be done? We talk with Jonathan Walton about how he connects those dots and why he feels it’s the way to remain faithful to the Bible. "A Lens Of Love" by Jonathan Walton


Episode 79: Austin Channing Brown - Preaching the Bible in the Black Church

This week on The Bible for Normal People, we have Austin Channing Brown as our guest. She shares about her experience growing up in various churches and what we can learn from black churches - especially when it comes to preaching the Bible. LINKS: I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown


Episode 78: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 1)

There’s a lot more going on in the book of Exodus than what you’ve seen on the big screen or heard in church. More than a story of deliverance, Exodus is a subtle literary creation that contains many surprises when we read it closely. Join Pete here for Part 1 of this series where he looks at some big picture issues (like “did it happen?”) before walking us through the themes of chapters 1 and 2.


Episode 77: Elizabeth Enns Petters - Anxiety in the Life of Faith

Anxiety in the life of faith is a conversation that needs to happen more often. Elizabeth Enns Petters talks with us about her journey and how her old views on the Bible contributed to her anxiety and how her new views on God and faith have given her a new perspective on life. Blog: Twitter: eepetters Instagram: elizabethpetters


Episode 76: Xavier Pickett - So When Did White Christian America Lose Its Mind?

In this episode, Pete & Jared talk to Xavier Pickett about the Bible and slavery, the Bible and race, and the importance of theologian James Cone. RESOURCES Reformed Blacks of America "The Civil War as a Theological Crisis" by Mark Knoll "Stony The Road We Trod" by Dr. Cain Hope Felder "How The Bible Actually Works" by Pete Enns LINKS