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The Billionaire lifestyle is an interview based podcast focusing on people who made major life changes based on intention, purpose, and guidance of the heart.

The Billionaire lifestyle is an interview based podcast focusing on people who made major life changes based on intention, purpose, and guidance of the heart.
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The Billionaire lifestyle is an interview based podcast focusing on people who made major life changes based on intention, purpose, and guidance of the heart.








Christine Handy cancer survivor and Author of Walk beside me.

Christine Handy is a former model who found a new way to live after battling cancer. Christine Handy is a wife, mother, and breast cancer survivor living in Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida. On May 1, 2016, Christine released her first book Walk Beside Me, a fictional depiction of her illness and her long road to recovery.


Zena Contreras - 40 day living A journey of Faith in This Economy

Zena Contreras - 40 day living A journey of Faith in This Economy - This woman is the queen of making it. Hustle mode ON. Zena has so much information to help move forward positively through life. Zena is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Intuitive with over twenty years of professional consulting and coaching experience. She is an expert in human resources, recruitment, human behavior, branding and business strategies with an emphasis on motivation. Zena has a reputation for delivering and...


Alysia Helming Protogenesis book series

American novelist Alysia Helming is the best-selling author of the Protogenesis Book Series, she is President of Protogenesis Media, and Executive Producer of the short film series Footsteps in Athens which bring to life a selection of the book’s most intriguing scenes showcasing real-life experiences in Greece. Alysia is also the Executive Producer of Meet Me In Greece, an American reality-based TV series which is currently under contract. With her extensive business background in...


Peter Van Minnen - The Fate Book

Author Peter Van Minnen share his process and context for The Fate book, pulling from history places artifacts from around the globe. 'If you like fantasy, this is certainly the book for you. Join the intrepid and eccentric explorers, Professors Clarence and Wadji, who will take you on a nail-biting journey through a number of sacred sites around the world, using the mysterious Fate Book to guide them. The pair are joined by Clarence's niece and nephew, Jess and Josh, both of whom...


Shawn O'Brien Executive Director of NABCEP (Solar Energy Education)

I have been teaching and involved with NABCEP for the better part of this decade. I finally was able to speak with Shawn O'Brien the companies Executive director about the path the company is moving forward with regarding Training. Taken from the NABCEP website Raising standards. Promoting confidence. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the most respected, well-established and widely recognized national certification organization for professionals in...


Carolin Hauser-Carson: Blossom 7 steps to sexual Healing

As we are witnessing the #METOO movement, Caroline was ahead of the curve writing about the suject to help people heal 7 years before #METOO came to the public eye. This interview is full of healing information and lesson for business. So under the welcome sweeping influence of the #MeToo movement, you’ve found the courage to denounce your sexual harasser. Or maybe you’ve just finally told someone, or simply felt validated by the stories of so many others who experienced what you did....


Dan Westrick Carriage House International and Toastmaster

Dan Westrick has had to overcome some serious obstacles in his life. With the help of Toastmasters international and Carrige house international he has and is turing his life to a Billionaire Lifestyle.


Valerie Mrak - Tibet, love, and Lessons

She is a TEDx speaker, https://youtu.be/NpHE2Q_QM6E, workshop leader, and trainer, on moving from conflict to possibility in the home, school, workplace, and community. She traveled the world interviewing Nobel Peace Laureates and working with former gang leaders/former violent offenders on tools for transforming hatred, violence, and anger into cooperation, synergy, and acceptance. The workshop is called Conflict to Possibility: Breakthrough to Action. She coaches individuals who take her...


Your Hidden Light - With Raana Zia - You can do Anything

Your Hidden Light - With Raana Zia - You can do Anything Raana Zia has spent her career holding executive-level leadership roles in large Fortune 500 retail companies including the position of Chief Financial Officer. She has spent over 15 years developing leaders and coaching people and teams to maximize their abilities and achieve their goals in the corporate world. Her passion for personal and leadership development and an intense desire to discover her own purpose and potential led...


John Vespasian - Sequentiality: The amazing power of finding the right sequence of steps

John Vespasian - Sequentiality: The amazing power of finding the right sequence of steps


Exploring observation in society

In this episode, I am exploring observations in society. RANT!


Phillip Deluca The Un-Talk Therapist for Relationship

Philip DeLuca, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. But he prefers to be called the Un-Talk TM Therapist. (You have heard of Dr. Phil, well he is Dr. Un!). He is also a psychotherapy disruptor, relationship healer, author, speaker and guinea pig.


Brent Michael Phillips forget what you know Formula for Miracles

Brent Michael Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a staggering physical challenge when chronic pain landed him on permanent disability and then his arm became paralyzed after a surgery. After a long battle of unsuccessful treatments, Brent experienced a miracle when he his elbow instantly healed from energy healing.


Clayton John Ainger - The Ego's Code

Clayton John Ainger Clayton is also a six-time award-winning author of The Ego’s Code, an international speaker, and creative entrepreneur. He has appeared in national magazines like Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Soul Magazine, Yoga Magazine and Paradigm Shift, just to name a few.


Maureen McGrath - Sexless Marriages & New Attitudes

Maureen Mcgrath appeared on a TEDx talk where I had to have her on the show. Maureen McGrath hosts the Sunday Night Sex Show on CKNW and is an RN in clinical practice in North Vancouver. Her TEDx talk on the “No Sex Marriage” has received over 9 million views. Maureen is the Executive Director of the Women’s Health Initiative Network, a not for profit organization to raise awareness about “below the belt” issues for women such as uterine fibroids, sexual, bladder, and vaginal health. She...


Kaliyani - Spiritual Musical Journey

Artist Kaliyani's - Spiritual Musical Journey The latest video release from visionary artist Kaliyani, Tears for Inanna, unveils captivating melodies with stunning visuals, exploring the powerful archetypal myth of the most revered Sumerian goddess of love, power, and sovereignty. Kaliyani’s mesmerizing vocal intonations exude the Divine Feminine, bringing forth an authentic and inspiring expression of the soul. Tears for Inanna is Brazilian-born Kaliyani’s powerful second release. Her...


Rocky Lalvani Richer Soul and Financial Literacy

Rocky Lalvani Richer Soul and Financial Literacy. Rocky Lalvani & Richer Soul All About? I want to help people create the fulfilling, meaningful lives they have dreamed about. I want to help them walk the long journey of shaping themselves into the people they want to be.


Money, Where is it all going, Financial Literacy

How much do you keep-Where is it all going, Financial Literacy, it may not be the big bills that are taking your resources it may be too many small debts.


What's Right with you?

What's Right with you? stop asking what's wrong at look at what is RIGHT!


28 in 28 Don't belive the Lie

28 in 28 Don't believe the Lie, the world can be tricked into believing a lie. The Devil or evil is at work. Stay true to truth. If you pay attention to the world and the information flowing in society, you may notice lies that are perceived as truth. The devils greatest trick was to convince the world he does not exist. Have a listen.


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