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Pastor Ed Taylor and son, Sam Taylor, bring over 30 years of ministry experience to this dialogue format podcast, hoping to challenge and enrich the lives of believers towards true discipleship.

Pastor Ed Taylor and son, Sam Taylor, bring over 30 years of ministry experience to this dialogue format podcast, hoping to challenge and enrich the lives of believers towards true discipleship.
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Pastor Ed Taylor and son, Sam Taylor, bring over 30 years of ministry experience to this dialogue format podcast, hoping to challenge and enrich the lives of believers towards true discipleship.






Ep33- Our Earth, The Sun and Space Weather w/ Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers

Listen in to this very special episode as we have the incredible opportunity to talk with author and space weather expert, Ben Davidson. Mr. Davidson touches on the topics of the sun, space weather and the electric universe, also discussing how all of these interact with our planet. Ben Davidson is the founder of Space Weather News, the author of "Weatherman's Guide to the Sun", has two peer-reviewed articles on solar-terrestrial physics and produces a tremendously popular daily space...


Ep32- Putting God First In Our Marriage W Danny And Mary

The "bunker runneth over" in this special episode as Danny and Mary join Ed and Suzanne for a discussion/testimony time centered on keeping God the priority in our marriages. Future newlyweds Erin and Devin join in during the second half to gain insights and ask questions. With nearly 70 years of Christian marriage experience between them, they share some keys for a young couple who desire to allow Christ to continue to build their relationship and a Godly home/family. At the core, this...


Ep31- Hearing The Voice Of God Pt2

Join Sam and Ed as they discuss some practical application in hearing the voice of God in your life, following up on their discussion in part 1 of the series.


Ep30- Hearing The Voice Of God Pt1

How often have you considered that 'voice' inside as you pray over a decision. Is it mine? God's? Is the enemy at work and attempting to confuse me? It's not a mystery in scripture that God's voice, and His word are critical aspects of understanding who He is and what it means to follow Him. There are myriad examples of God speaking directly and indirectly throughout the Old and New Testaments, and further imperatives to listen for His voice as our shepherd and father. Join Ed and Sam as...


Ep29- Hiding His Word In Our Hearts

What does it mean to 'hide' God's word in our hearts? Psalm 119:11 is very familiar to most believers, and often a Christian anthem upon which we have built programs devoted to the discipline of memorizing scripture. Is this endeavor capturing the spirit of this verse, or missing it entirely? Join Ed and Sam as they discuss what it means to apply the principle of Psalm 119:11 in our discipleship walk, and how "both" may just be an answer worth pursuing.


Ep28- Talking About Evangelism

Most believers understand the Great Commission as a call to go "boldly" forward with the Gospel message. Peter and Paul certainly weren't leaving a Roman Road pamphlet on chariot windshields, so why do churches today spend so much time and effort packaging and marketing the good news? Where is the Biblical precedent for such a mission? Join Ed and Sam as they discuss some critically misunderstood principles regarding evangelism, asking questions that should challenge any believer to...


Ep27- The Journey Of Discipleship W Barry And Diane

Join Ed for special guests Barry and Diane as they discuss discipleship.


Ep26- Salt And Light

What did Jesus mean when he called us to be salt of the earth and the light of the world? Are we to be the preserving agent of a fallen world? Should our works shine for others to see? Many believers would be familiar with the applications that these questions bring to mind. These have been shared and often accepted as solid interpretations of scripture in Christian circles, but what did Jesus really mean? Join Ed and Sam as they dig into this "hard" saying of Jesus to mine for the heart...


Ep25 - Talking With Kenny And Sharla of Daniels Vision

Join us this week for a special testimony episode as Kenny and Sharla Detrow of Christian rock band 'Daniel's Vision' drop into the bunker to discuss their music ministry with Ed.


Ep24 - Prayer Pt2 The Model Prayer

Ep24 - Prayer Pt2 The Model Prayer by Sam and Ed Taylor


Ep23 - Talking House Churches With Mike

Welcome Mike Burris to the bunker! In this episode, Sam, Ed and special guest, Mike, discuss house churches. Is it really 'church' without a choir loft and a bulletin? Hear how Mike's life was changed when he gave up his Sunday morning seat in pursuit of God's plan. As always, we hope God will use these discussions as an opportunity for you to spend time with Him in prayer and encourage spiritual growth through discipleship. If you have any questions/comments about the podcast or ideas for...


Ep21 - Demons, Monsters and Ghosts, Oh My!

Understanding the spiritual realm is absolutely an important aspect of discipleship for a believer. In last week's Halloween episode, demons, monsters and ghosts were all mentioned but not expanded upon. We thought it would be important to expand on these topics as a follow-up, especially considering it's something you would rarely, if ever, hear as part of a Sunday morning message. Join Sam, Pastor Ed and special guest Donnie as they continue to discuss these very real entities, present...


Ep20 Halloween Episode

Many would not be surprised to find that Halloween has its deepest roots in ancient pagan traditions. But you might be interested to find out that “Halloween” is in fact a Christian name given to the holiday connecting it with “All Saint’s Day”. While the Catholic Church melded the holiday with its religious traditions, many protestant denominations and evangelistic Christians here in the US distance themselves from the symbols and ideas associated with Halloween. Join Sam and Pastor Ed as...


Ep 19 - Talking Communion And Lords Supper

Another sacrament or ritual of the Christian faith that is often misunderstood is “The Lord's Supper” or Communion. Join Sam and Pastor Ed as they seek to clarify and simplify this rite, going back to scripture and the picture given by Jesus. Does the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Jesus? How often should this be ‘celebrated’? Who can and should participate? These common questions and more are discussed in this week’s episode of the ‘COOP’. Thanks for being a part of...


Ep18 - Talking Baptism

What is “baptism”? From the outside looking in, it may seem that this aspect of Christianity holds some mystical power. Does the water really wash away sins, or is it a symbol? Throughout the history of the church, the understanding of baptism has manifested in many forms, from sprinkling water on infants in high ceremony, to dunking new believers in the closest river or pond. We know that Jesus was baptized, and the word appears in a few different contexts throughout the New Testament....


Ep17 - Jesus In The Day Of Atonement

Ep17 - Jesus In The Day Of Atonement by Sam and Ed Taylor


Ep16 - Prayer Through The Storm W Donnie

Ep16 - Prayer Through The Storm W Donnie by Sam and Ed Taylor


Ep14 - Prophecy 101

God gave breath to His words of encouragement, warning and judgment through the prophets of the Old Testament, pointing toward the coming Christ. How then did God’s people end up crying, “We have no king but Caesar!” as their suffering Savior was sentenced to die? If there’s one thing that is certain about prophecy, it’s that the ‘religious’ miss it every time. Join Sam and Pastor Ed as they discuss prophecy for believers, giving space for the nuance of God’s ‘prophetic perfect’ and...


Ep13 - When Bad Things Happen To Good People

If you haven’t asked it aloud, you’ve thought it: ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ Many have found their way to the story of Job to navigate the implications of this very question. After all, Job was a good man who fell on some bad times (to say the least), so surely there are some answers here. As believers, we can maintain integrity and even experience joy and peace during difficult times, but how? Join Sam and Pastor Ed as they discuss how Job, olives and an eternal...


The COOP - BTS - Biblical Feasts For Believers - Pt. 2

The Called Out Ones Podcast presents the Biblical Teaching Series, to dive deeper into God's Word as we explore the text behind our discussion episodes. This BTS offering is Part 2 of the Biblical Feasts for Believers study.


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