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Purging the Doctrine and Deeds of the Nicolatians

In this episode of The Chronological Gospels, Michael Rood digs into the things that Yeshua confronts in the first century churches that have reached epidemic stages in modern churchianity today. We have known, for a long time, that things are not right in the Christian world – but we couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Well, Yeshua put His finger on it then – and gives a stern warning to those who turn a blind eye to the perversions in the church. Either straighten up – or come out of the...


Hear and Obey: The Sharp Sword of Truth

The most important words in the Bible to translate correctly are the words of Yeshua (Jesus), who said that he did not come to bring peace to the earth – but rather a sword of division. Before the brimstone hits the fan, Yeshua wants his servants to know the things that are awaiting those who endure faithfully to the end and engage in the end time harvest. Now, in Yeshua’s final address, the book of The Revelation, he wants his servants to know the things that MUST come to pass in the last...


Receiving the Revelation and the Renewed Covenant

Follow Michael Rood back 1900 years to the Isle of Patmos, where he explores the 5th Gospel, the Book of Revelation. Revelation is the only book that was personally written by Jesus (Yeshua), with the apostle John (Yochanan) being His penman and messenger. Michael introduces us to some of the history surrounding the book of Revelation. How it was discarded and considered irrelevant by Constantine at the council of Nicea, and a century later rescued by those who read the words, “blessed are...