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The Fermentation of Life with Trenton Kaminski

What in the world is Kombucha? How does someone go from never having heard of kombucha to starting his own company selling it? I met Trenton Kaminski when I bought a bottle of kombucha at his shop in Richmond, TX. After a few conversations around his product and a bunch of other stuff I invited him to come onto the podcast. Trenton is not satisfied with just buying a product or idea. He is compelled to dive into the marrow of things and get to the essence of what makes something work. Love...


The Gift of Life with Amy-Gray Cunningham

What would compel someone to donate one of their kidney's to a complete stranger? What are the truths and myths about being a living donor? I was introduced to Amy Gray-Cunningham through my friend Anastasia Lipske from Access Speakers. Amy is a living kidney donor and felt a direct calling from above to give one of her kidney's to a total stranger. Join us as we talk about her journey and find out that despite the extraordinary act Amy, and anyone else who can donate a kidney, is just like...


A Cup of Joe with Bryan Hibbard

How far out should your pinky go when drinking fine coffee? What's the difference between a French Press and French Vanilla? What's the magic behind sharing a cup of coffee with someone? Bryan Hibbard and I met at his new coffee shop Fort Bend Coffee Roasters and I invited him to the table based on his knowledge and passion for all things coffee. Like so many people he started his shop after a lifetime of experiencing the intimate benefits of sharing coffee with friends and family coupled...


When A Warrior Atheist Prays with Jerry Dugan

What would motivate an atheist to pray? Is "everything fair" in war? Is there room for compassion and grace in a combat zone? Jerry Dugan and I connected through Facebook and I was invited to be on his podcast Beyond the Rut that he hosts with Brandon Cunningham. I was struck by the humility and presence of both gentlemen. I invited Jerry to come to the table but had a vague idea of why outside of a tug at my heart. This is by far one of the most revealing and amazing conversations I've...


Clarity with Ramahn Henderson

What introspection is required to find clarity? How do we do this with real world issues and challenges? What role does "being relation" play in this process? I met Ramahn Henderson through Facebook and a simple post (picture below) about humility, understand and health prompted me to reach out to have a conversation. He draws upon a perspective that is constantly being redefined couple with a thirst for improving himself. And the best part is he wants to bring as many people along as he...


It's Not About You with Sarah Beckman

What do you do when your friend's son commit's suicide? How do you come alongside someone just found out they have cancer? What do you do or say in the shadow of tragedy? Sarah Beckman drew on her experiences as both the eager friend and the sufferer to write her book Alongside. Ironically, one of the biggest take aways is understanding that it is not about you. You can help but you can also cause more harm than good. Her book is not just a testament but a guide with real time practical...


The Road Less Traveled with Chris & Joi Copeland

What makes Ireland a Christian Mission field? What does it mean to be a long term missionary? What motivates a husband and wife to pack up their family and live in another country for the rest of their lives? I sit down with Chris & Joi Copeland to talk about being called by God to move their family and their lives to Ireland. Four and half years later they are still preparing to make the move to Galway, Ireland, but they are more motivated now than they ever have been. Ireland may seem...


Faith in Finance with Alexander Lowry

Alexander Lowry felt a twinge of motivation after seeing years of financial scandals and poor ethical choices. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and talking about it with his peers he created Gordon College's Master of Science in Financial Analysis degree program to provide not only a hyper-focused Graduate level education but to infuse Christian standards and ethics into those who take the course. Here's a link to a great video where Alexander talks about numerous currencies used by...


The Art of Business with David Hannahs

Like most entrepreneurs David Hannahs got his start at an early age as a result of recognizing an opportunity, no fear in working hard and the value of providing a service. Most of the time we think being an entrepreneur ends in billions of dollars earned and being a household name. David is like most business owners in that you've probably never heard his name. However, he got to where he is using the same grit, determination and savvy as everyone else. Here's a link to his company, Webb...


Across the Pond with Aidan Coughlan

You could describe Aidan Coughlan as many things I am not such as liberal, vegan or atheist. After spending the last six months getting to know him personally and listening to his podcast The Aidan Project I'm simply proud to call him friend. I set out on this journey of conversation with people of all kinds of temperament hoping to help shed light for others. In this case, as have all of my conversations, I see the light shining with my own eyes as well. In the episode he mentions his...


Kindred Spirit with Tony Vasinda

I felt a kinship to Tony Vasinda when he reached out to me and I listened to an episode of his The Threshold Podcast. A man of faith and fellow Christian he was using the podcast medium to have conversations with atheists, former believers and the like to simple listen to their story and be Christ to them. I knew my motivation and I asked him to come to the table so I could learn about his. In the episode he mentions his Brandstanding Game which you can find a link to the Facebook Group...


Letting Go with Sam Morse

Sam Morse got to a point where he had to make a decision about his faith. A childhood of attending church coupled with the science based rationale of his adulthood did not mix. He went a step further and made his personal journey public so others would not feel alone in their struggle through his Podcast Out of Eden. Sam talks to us about his continued journey around science and faith. Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. You can find different mediums to find, listen...


A.W.E.S.O.M.E. with Wade Lightheart

Wade Lightheart has drawn deeply from the marrow of life. Tragic family loss, the false positives of peak physical fitness, understanding health and defining purpose from a near death experience are a few things he has seen. He has decided to take all that he has learned, been exposed to, understood and felt to teach and provide for people an answer on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's through The A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Health Podcast, his website Bioptimizers or books he has published...


An Eye for Justice with Gary Jenkins

Gary Jenkins spent 13 of his 25 years in law enforcement investigating organized crime but he did not let retirement in 1996 slow him down. He has spent the years since his retirement writing books, starting the amazing podcast Gangland Wire, got his law degree and became an author and documentarian. His passion for justice took a different route as his documentaries and books focused on the Western Underground and what happened in Missouri during the days of slavery. Love in action is...


Pods for God with Phil Gauthier & Eric Nevins

The benefits of community are hard to deny and essential to all that we do. As part of a group of not just podcasters but those driven by their faith I felt a conversation with Phil Gauthier, host of The God Watch Podcast, and Eric Nevins, host of The Halfway There Podcast, was merited. Both of these gentlemen, like me, found a need to provide a voice of honesty, reflection and compassion. Each does so in his unique way but the common thread of loving others, humility and being Christ to...


Liberty or Death with John Hall

This episode and our guest John Hall represent one of the top things on our bucket list. To impact and ultimately connect with those listening to us. John was one of our first listeners to reach out to us through email and a friendship began. This led to an invitation to sit at the table and have a conversation. The topic? One of the one's we "aren't" supposed to have and one perfectly set up for John's wheelhouse: politics. It's an honor and pleasure to have him at the Table. Love in...


From Latvia with Love with Kristaps Andrejsons

A Native and Resident of Riga, Latvia Kristaps Andrejsons combines passion for his country, politics and history guide both his podcast, The Eastern Border and his everyday life. Despite growing up on the other side of the Cold War his life experiences have led him to appreciate both sides and come to understand the universal truth that underneath the politics, language, culture and the rest lie people who much more the same than different. Love in action is listening to understand, not to...


Down But Not Out with Rob Decker

What would you do if in a moment of weakness you allowed a lifetime of buried negative emotions and an act of ultimate betrayal to overwhelm you so much that you felt the only way out was through a third story window but by the Grace of God you got a second chance? Rob Decker has an answer to that question and has been living a life dedicated to his faith, family, friends and serving others since that moment. Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. You can find different...


Failure To Act Is With Wally Carmichael

Wally Carmichael is a father, husband, Career Combat Medic for the US Army, Entrepreneur and podcaster. Wally saw the need in his community to help men coupled with the realization that he did not have to wait to meet some economic or professional goal to make an impact on it. His life was full of abundance now...right now! And the key was to get men to realize it as well. You can find links to Men of Abundance below: Website, Facebook, Podcast We also were contacted and asked to promote...


Fatherhood with Brandon Handley

Friend and fellow podcaster Brandon Handley accepts the invite to come to the table and have a discussion around one of the oldest and most important topics in the history of man: Fatherhood. His own personal journey has taken his commitment to it beyond the walls of his own home and into a successful business and podcast focused on helping his fellow man become a better father. You can find links to Brandon's efforts through Fatherhood For the Rest of Us below: Website, Facebook,...