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The Power of Kindness with Deanne Goodman

Deanne Goodman's star was bright, shining and on its way up the ladder of the News Industry until the kindness of Altheia Jackson, her most supportive fan, was made painfully clear. Now she dedicates her personal and professional life to being kind to others and spreading heartfelt stories through her podcast In Happier News You can follow Deanne’s pod on its Facebook Page here. If you’re in the San Diego area and love Kombucha check out Deanne and her husbands company Kombucha On...


The Value of Patience with Patty Pantazopoulos

My friend Patty Pantazopoulos and her husband Tasos started a bakery/coffee shop called Anonymous Cafe in 2017. Less than a year after opening it was voted Best Bakery in Texas in an article by Buzzfeed. Despite incredible success in every way they had close their doors at the end of 2018 and find a new way to reopen. A year and a half later there is finally a light at the end of the long tunnel. We have a conversation about what kept them going during this difficult time, the incredible...


Finding Truth with Jabali Smith

At just six years of age, Jabali Smith along with his older brother & sister was handed over to the leader of a Messianic Doomsday Sex Cult voluntarily by his mother. He's written a raw, no holds barred book about his experience, started a non-profit to bring hope, connection and education to children and during our interview, he wore a white hat with the word LOVE written red across it. Find his book Slave here Find his non-profit here Find his website here Thanks again to my friend...


Missing In Action

This is a short and sweet message to our wonderful listeners about why we've had a recent drought of episodes. Stay tuned dear friends...there are some amazing conversations coming!!!


A Lasting Impact with Lucretia Hall

Millions of Americans and millions of dollars are used to support faith-based missions each year. Groups of people large and small head outside the borders of the US to save the world and be the Gospel by providing all kinds of support. Could we have our typical models of operation structured to do more damage than good? We welcome Lucretia Hall to the table to talk about her experiences in this world. Her husband John came to the table in our first season and we are delighted to call them...


Resonance with Keith Giles

Can a Christian make the Bible into an Idol? And can that idol be placed above Jesus? After reading Keith Giles book, Jesus Unbound, and understanding the argument coupled with the impact it had on me I jumped at the chance to invite him to the Table. You can find Keith’s book, Jesus Unbound, as well as his other books here and his very popular blog here. You can hear Keith on his own podcast, The Heretic Happy Hour, here. Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. You...


A Father's Love with Tracy Winchell

Tracy Winchell experienced grief that tried to break her. As she continues to fight back through the muck and the invisible chains she found a path that strips off all that she knew to build it again. The beauty of her journey is the revelation that in the midst of this ongoing process we must reach across the table, the aisle or whatever barrier, real or not, and truly connect with others. Listen to Tracy on her wonderful show around recovery, The Reboots Podcast, here. In the episode,...


Riding the Beast with David Benjamin Blower

David Benjamin Blower pours out his thoughts and emotions through multiple mediums of sound. I've listened to him through his music, podcasting and devotionals which led me to extend an invitation to come to the Table. He's not self-indulgent or seeking fame, fortune and approval. He is simply on a journey and finds solace in those doing the same. You can hear David’s latest single “The Soil” and all his music on Bandcamp or Spotify. You can follow him on his Facebook and Instagram pages as...


The Heat Is On with Patrick Hanson

Geothermal Energy gets little attention or love in regards to being a renewable and alternative energy source. My good friend Patrick Hanson has worked intimately in this industry and recently started his own company to help shed light on this amazing energy possibility through digital and traditional marketing. I invited him to come to the Table and have a conversation about this amazing and little known renewable energy source. You follow Patrick’s company GeoEnergy Marketing Services on...


Shepherding the Shepherd with Brandon Cunningham

The standards, expectations and time requirements for those who lead a church can be very high. The expectation, fair or not, can be not to just represent the church but to be the perfect Christian. Is that fair let along possible? After all, they need The Gospel as much as anyone. Brandon Cunningham comes to the table to talk about his journey as a pastor and those expectations. You can catch Brandon and his friend, co-host and previous Table Podcast guest Jerry Dugan on their podcast...


Homeward Bound with Karen Spenley

Climate Change can bring about a myriad of emotions and provide a definitive ground for division. When my old colleague and friend Karen Spenley reached out to me to tell me about her acceptance to the Homeward Bound project I felt it was a great chance to talk about this subject. I definitely didn't expect it to have the impact on my own personal viewpoint of the subject as it did. You can follow and connect with Karen and her Homeward Bound journey below: Facebook and Twitter If you’d...


Plus Sized Heart with Rebecca Bedford

Rebecca Bedford's Plus Sized Heart motivates her to be an advocate for self-love especially for those in a society that are deemed overweight, big or plus sized and all that goes with it. We journey down a road of realization and authenticity that reveals some very tough questions around this subject for those of us in the cheap seats. You can learn about, follow and connect with Rebecca on her Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also listen to her podcast Being an...


Shame On You With Brandy Goebel

Brandy and her husband Matt experienced the ultimate threat to their marriage: infidelity. When I first heard their story on their podcast The Road Home to You like many I initially listened with an ear for who had been unfaithful. It's a shame that we tend to start there but with the courage of Brandy and her husband, we get the chance to hear another voice. The one of grace, humility and forgiveness. Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. You can find us on different...


Stigma Kills with Rachel Summers

When my friend and former guest on the podcast Jenni Aguilar reached out about this weeks guest and told me about Rachel Summers, her job in the sex industry and her willingness to come to the table to talk about it we could not pass up the chance. As much if not more than any of the topics we’ve covered having a conversation with “a stripper” is and was ripe for many preconceived notions and opinions. She isn't trying to argue the right and wrong of the job but she is dedicated to...


Total BS with Royce Moore & Brock Farias

Cousins Royce Moore and Brock Farias have taken their lifelong dialogue around sports and life to the podcasting world. The Moore BS Podcast is their medium and when Royce, a friend of mine for many years, asked to do a mashup between our shows I couldn't wait to talk about sports, life, faith and all in between. They didn't disappoint! Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. You can find us on different mediums to listen and subscribe such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play...


God Never Wastes Pain with Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas comes to the table to talk about suicide and the life it almost took…his. Despite the serious nature of the episode and the transparent aspects of his journey the conversation is alive and radiates through his incredible personality. You can find Sean his company and his podcast by clicking on the following: Life Transformation Radio Sean Douglas Speaks Facebook Life Transformation Radio on Facebook The Success Corps Click here to see her website and click on the following...


Burst Your Bubble with Morgan Jaffe

Morgan Jaffe wants to Burst Your Bubble. She doesn’t do it just because she can but due to a sincere desire for justice, truth and authenticity. Her temperament and style may lead you to words or phrases like social justice warrior, snowflake or politically correct. She doesn’t apologize for her passion and be certain those labels don’t do her justice. She hosts her own podcast with the same name…oh and did I mention she helped create our new awesome website? Click here to see her website...


Come As You Are with Autumn Cullen

Autumn Cullen did not set out to be an inspiration but she’s become one. She did set out to face the normal challenges of Motherhood and life head on. When her fifth baby came into the world with chromosomal issues that no one has ever seen she stepped up, not out. She continued to stay true and added hiking/backing packing, with ALL her kids, not just to prove she could but more importantly to provide priceless memories for her family. You can follow her family’s adventures on Instagram...


Relentless Pursuit with Robert Garza

Rob Garza was a Podcaster long before podcasting was cool. My friend Andrew connected with me him a couple of years ago when I wanted to learn about podcasting. He has an incredible spirit of discovery and courage to step into the areas that intimidate most. I’m proud to now call him friend and could not think of a better person to be our first guest in 2019. You can find the Clutch City Podcast here and on Instagram Here. You can follow Rob personally on Instagram here. Love in action is...


Table 2.0

54 episodes in the books for our first season and year! What an incredible ride we’ve had and THANK YOU for listening. Without our Beloved Listeners this show would not exist. We also owe our sincere gratitude to our guests who have been willing to come to the table and have authentic conversations around true variety of subjects. This short episode sets the table for 2019 and our 2nd podcasting season. Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. You can find us on different...