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A Company That Aims to Serve, Men That Claim to Be Women, and Children That Need Representation - Episode 6

We are joined this week by Brian of Ronk Brothers Heating and Air to talk about the beauty of business and entrepreneurship in America. We explore Brian's personal journey through the military and various other jobs and why he felt compelled to become his own boss. We are accompanied by Dank Wood, a barrel-aged Red IPA from Founders and J.P. Trodden's Bourbon. Find us on Instagram @the_contraratics_podcast and Twitter @contraratics


Suppressed Shooting, Loony Gun Laws, and a Hero with a Gun - Episode 5

This episode we talk about our experience shooting a couple suppressed weapons that our guest brings along. Our guest is a gun nerd in his own right and brought some fun hardware to play with. Specifically we discuss an Aero .300 Blackout AR Pistol with a Rugged 7.62 suppressor and a Heckler and Koch 9mm with a Yankee Hill Machine suppressor. We also get into how archaic laws can result in ridiculous hoops to jump through and what good guys can do with those evil black shooting...


Russian, Conservative, Americanism with Phillip Kulishov - Episode 4

Phillip Kulishov joins us to talk about his experience in the business world, what inspired him to #putaringonit, and how insane the new #headtax is in Seattle. We also review Fremont Brewing's Sister Imperial IPA and Founder's KBS Stout.


White-Canadian Privilege, Alfie Evans and a Hop Salad

In this episode we explore some potentially inflammatory topics that our culture is obsessed with complemented by some delicious brews. *All opinions are our own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of our affiliates or sponsors. Please feel free to publicly disagree with us on Twitter @contraratics or Instagram @the_contraratics_podcast


Pledge of Allegiance Contrarianism and a Review of the Glock 43 - Episode 2

We start out this week by doing a brief catch up on Ian's first shooting experience with an AR-15 and then jump into a review of the Glock 43. Josh explains some of complexities of the gun and why it's a great concealed carry option. 14:30 Josh answers Ian's questions about the Pseudo Suhka that he's posted about on his personal Insta page. 15:50 Stone Brewing's Enjoy By 4.20.18 IPA 20:00 News Article - Self-Defense 31:00 Skip Rock Distillers Rye Whiskey (31:34 for the cork popping...


Welcome to the Contraratics - Episode 1

Come along for the ride as we stumble through our first episode! We reveal how we met our wives, what a podcast has to do with raising kids, how little Ian knows about guns, and review a couple of great beers! Guns shot: .22 rifle Glock 19 Glock 43 AK-47 rifle AK-47 pistol Beers "reviewed"/consumed: Icicle Brewing's Dark Persuasion Cake Ale Black Raven Brewing's Feather Weather Stout __________ Check us out on the Insta @the_contraratics_podcast or on the Twitterverse @contraratics