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These are teachings from Greg Howard, the lead pastor of The Cross Church inMiami. Greg teaches through the bible in a clear, relevant, and real way.

These are teachings from Greg Howard, the lead pastor of The Cross Church inMiami. Greg teaches through the bible in a clear, relevant, and real way.
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These are teachings from Greg Howard, the lead pastor of The Cross Church inMiami. Greg teaches through the bible in a clear, relevant, and real way.






"Boundless Pt. 3- Unloading Our Grudges" Luke 23:26-39

We have all experienced holding a grudge, or having unforgiveness in our hearts towards someone. The question is, 'How do we unload that grudge that is weighing us down?' Pastor Greg takes us through Jesus' final moments in Luke 23, and shares how Jesus gives us the ultimate example of forgiveness in the midst of being betrayed and crucified.


"Boundless- The Relentless Love of Jesus-PT 2" Luke 23:1-25

Have you ever needed a good reason to show a little more mercy? All we have to do is look at the love and mercy of Jesus in the final moments of His life. He doesn't complain or argue or retaliate when the murderer Barrabas is released instead of Him. Why not? Because God so loved Barrabas that He would die for him so that even he could be forgiven. Pastor Greg takes us through this next section of Luke 23 as we get reminded that We are Barrabas.


"Boundless-The Relentless Love of Jesus” Pt 1 Luke 22:47-71

Have you ever loved someone or something so much that you pursued them or it with an unstoppable passion and perseverance? Did you know that Jesus has the same passion for us? He loves us more than we can know. In this new series, Pastor Greg takes us through the last days of Jesus and reminds us of His relentless love for us.


Messy Part 4-“Going to War against Temptations” Luke 22:39-53

What is the “lure” or temptation that you have the most trouble fighting against? Have you ever gone to serious battle in prayer against it? In this last part of the “Messy” series, Pastor Greg takes us through the principles we learn from Jesus as He fervently prayed in the garden to battle against the enemy.


“Messy- Pt 3-Our Failures Are Not Final” Luke 22

Do you believe in Second Chances? In this part of our “Messy” series within Luke 22, we see the failure of Peter, but also the love and grace of Jesus. Even though Peter denies Him, Jesus gives him a second chance to be a great disciple for Him.


“Messy-Pt 2” Luke 22, John 1

Jesus, the creator of the universe, was the ultimate display of a servant. How does His example impact you in your church, your marriage, your job, your relationships, your daily life? Pastor Greg breaks down this next section of Luke 22 to see how Jesus displayed His servant’s heart and how we can follow His example.


"Messy-Pt 1" Luke 22

We all can find ourselves getting into 'messes' in our lives both physically and spiritually. When it comes to the mess of sin, we must ask ourselves if we are changing or just taking advantage of grace? In this message, Pastor Greg shares how Jesus became a mess on the Cross for us so that we could have our mess cleaned up.


“Relationship Matters” John 15:5-8, Luke 21:29-38

Do you ever feel like you are just “coasting” when it comes to your walk with Jesus? We know you will be encouraged and challenged if you check out Pastor Greg’s Sunday message about the importance of staying attached to the vine while building a closer relationship with Jesus.


"Peace in the Chaos" Pt. 2 John 14:27, Luke 21:12-28 Pastor Greg Howard

In this second part of the "Peace in the Chaos" message, Pastor Greg finishes up Luke's account of the Olivet discourse, and in the process encourages us on how we can have peace in the midst of our trials and chaos.


“Peace in the Chaos” Isaiah 9:6, Luke 21:5-11 Pastor Greg Howard

We live in a world where we tend to war with our schedules, our time, other people, our worries, and more. It can feel like chaos in our lives when there is no peace. In this message from Luke, Pastor Greg shares how we can have peace in the chaos as we trust a sovereign God who is not surprised by anything


“Trusting God with Everything” Luke 21:1-4 Habakkuk 3:17-19

Do you ever find it hard to trust God? Maybe you have been disappointed because of a job loss, relationship breakup, a health problem, or another trial. How can we trust God even though those tough times hit us? We know you be impacted by this message and the encouragement Pastor Greg brings to the issue of trust as he continues teaching through the Gospel of Luke. Let us know how you were impacted!


"The Perfect Father" 1 John 3 Pastor Greg Howard

The God who created the universe loves us so much that He calls us His Children. In this Father's day message, Pastor Greg shares why having a proper understanding and knowledge of God as our Father is so important.


"Letting Faith Conquer our Fears" Numbers 13-14 Pastor Greg Howard

We have all faced fear and anxiety in our lives that can blind us, bind us and block us from what God has for us. In this message, Pastor Greg shares how we can walk in faith like Caleb and Joshua when we face those fears and anxieties of life.


"WHY NOT?" 1 Samuel 14 Pastor Greg Howard

Jonathon was a man who had a "Why Not?" type of faith. He was willing to step out and trust God even when the odds were against him. Why not trust God? Are you willing to take some crazy, God sized steps of faith for the battles in your life? Check out this powerful message from Pastor Greg about how we can have that "Why Not?" type of faith.


"Followers Not Fakers" Luke 20:45-47 Pastor Greg Howard

Jesus' last words in front of the multitudes was to warn them of the hypocrisy of the religious leaders. He definitely hated hypocrisy! In this installment of our journey through the Gospel of Luke, Pastor Greg shows us how Humility, Harmony and Honesty will help us to avoid hypocrisy in our lives.


"Who Is This Jesus" Luke 20:40-44 Pastor Greg Howard

Are you a fan or a follower? This question is one that Pastor Greg poses to us as we continue in our series through the Gospel of Luke. In today’s study, Jesus turns the tables on the religious leaders, and instead of being questioned, He asks an important, revealing question about the deity of the Messiah.


"Our God Who Sees" Psalm 139, Genesis 16 - Pastor Greg Howard

In this Mother's day message, Pastor Greg reminds us that God saw us from the start and now sees our pain, imperfections, and our future. Keep trusting Him even though you might feel invisible.


"Wired For Hope" Luke 20:27-40 Pastor Greg Howard

The God of Hope has wired us to have hope in our hearts. In this part of our "Conversations with Jesus" series, we see the hope we have in Jesus for wisdom, His Word and Power, Love, and Heaven.


"Rendered for More" Luke 20:19-26 Pastor Greg Howard

Do you have the image of God imprinted on your life? Do you know that God has a greater purpose for you than just the status quo? In this familiar area of scripture, Jesus uses a coin to illustrate that we should give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's. Pastor Greg shares with us that a surrendered life will always lead to a more full-filled life.


"HE IS RISEN- THREE POWERFUL WORDS" Mark 16 Pastor Greg Howard

"He is Risen" Three words that make up a powerful statement that changed the course of history and the lives of many.