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Wisdom throughout life

Throughout life I have found a great friend,and that friend is wisdom. Wisdom has kept me out of danger more times than I can even count. Wisdom has been my conscience telling me right from wrong. Wisdom is a great friend to have. The advice I have received from wisdom is precious. I recommend that everyone take on a friend named wisdom.


I look like Superman, but I feel like Clark Kent

There comes a time in all of our lives where we will look awesome on the outside, but feel tired and beat down. We have given all that we have, but we still manage to look good being tired. I have found that when I am tired beyond words, I pray to God to give me strength. God gives strength to those who ask for it. Our job is to just wait on him to give us strength. His strength operates in us to achieve his purpose and will for our lives. He wants to see you win. You can win, do not give...


Character Building

Liberty is a freedom that we all strive for. We choose what to eat, drink, when to sleep, and even where to work. Although I love being able to choose what I want, I also by default choose the consequences that come with my choices. Everyday when I decide to do something, I reflect on the lessons I was taught as a child. My mother and father taught me to do good always. They started teaching me life lessons when I started to walk. Every time they taught me a new lesson, they built my...