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Dreaming 101 Pt. 2

What is your dream? What drives you to be your best? In today's episode Marci tells us how we should set up our Dreams and win. This is Dreaming 101 Pt. 2.


Dreaming 101

What is your dream? What drives you to be your best? In today's episode Marci tells us how we should set up our Dreams. This is Dreaming 101


Digging in the dirt

We have to break ground in order to sprout new life.


Underestimating God and Overestimating the Devil

Trust that God will makes your path straight.


Stop Being Lazy

Work hard to achieve your dream because laziness will only bring emptiness.


Comments but no Commitment

This episodes helps us to take a look at what we want and what we are doing to achieve those dreams. Every dream is worth the sacrifice. So why haven't you started working on your dream?


Wisdom throughout life

Throughout life I have found a great friend,and that friend is wisdom. Wisdom has kept me out of danger more times than I can even count. Wisdom has been my conscience telling me right from wrong. Wisdom is a great friend to have. The advice I have received from wisdom is precious. I recommend that everyone take on a friend named wisdom.


I look like Superman, but I feel like Clark Kent

There comes a time in all of our lives where we will look awesome on the outside, but feel tired and beat down. We have given all that we have, but we still manage to look good being tired. I have found that when I am tired beyond words, I pray to God to give me strength. God gives strength to those who ask for it. Our job is to just wait on him to give us strength. His strength operates in us to achieve his purpose and will for our lives. He wants to see you win. You can win, do not give...


Character Building

Liberty is a freedom that we all strive for. We choose what to eat, drink, when to sleep, and even where to work. Although I love being able to choose what I want, I also by default choose the consequences that come with my choices. Everyday when I decide to do something, I reflect on the lessons I was taught as a child. My mother and father taught me to do good always. They started teaching me life lessons when I started to walk. Every time they taught me a new lesson, they built my...


Am I Able After Defeat & Failure

This week we discuss continuing going forward after defeat and failure. We discuss the importance of why you should persist despite of what you see, feel, think, or even know at that time. God has given you purpose and it will not return void. Every one has a dream that they need to work on in order to be fulfilled. Every dream that is inside you should motivate you to achieve the dream. Stay focused on the task at hand and make it a reality. Follow Dr. McNeil on Instagram and Twitter...


Am I Able

Being able is a treasure that we would all love to have. Able says that we have the aptitude to get the job done with the best of our abilities. Often times in life our abilities will make us question ourselves, am I able? Am I able to continue, focus, be better, or am I even able to do the work that I am called to do. Why do we ask ourselves this question? Are we not capable to do the work that we are tasked to do? Of course you are able!! Do not let fear and doubt motivate you to become...


Church for the Church

This week dive into the meaning of church. Do you consider church being the physical place we gather, or do you think it is when the people of God gather themselves together? Church for me is when we as God's people gather together and give praise to his name. I have been apart of church my whole and I have loved it. More than anything, I've loved being with the beautiful people. When Jesus comes back, he is not coming back for a building, he is coming for the people. It is important to...


All you gotta do is Obey!

This week we take a look at a man named Jonah who disobeyed God by choice. Many of us have made the choice of disobedience by choice. Have you found yourself in a predicament where you are told to do something, but you do not agree with it? God has a journey for you, whether you take the easy route or not, he expects you to arrive at your destination. He wants you to succeed. Do not let your journey turn you away from following what God has already said you should do. Where God sends you,...


The Unknown Hate

This week we look at hate in a different light according to 1 John 3:15. We all know hate as the intense feeling with hostility, but today I offer you a different light on hate. Hate is much more than just a feeling, it is an action. Hate, defined by the Amplified Bible's definition, is working against your fellow brother. Who would have thought that working against your brother would be defined as hate? Because I did not help him (her) when I had the chance, I hated them? The answer is...


Being Too Tired

This week we talk about being tired. Giving out of energy can have a residual effect that cause us to loose faith. Exhaustion literally drains us and hinders us from completing our goals. We have to wait on the Lord to energize us. He gives us strength to go on and complete the task. He is faithful and just to always supply your needs. He will empower you to go on.


He Said. She Said. God Said.

I have always thought of myself as a can do person, and I owe all of that to God because with him all things are possible. I have never let people tell me whats is and is not possible or achievable. I take God at his word and I run with it. Today I want you to know that you can do all things through Christ. You are wonderfully made by God to do his work. Nothing can stop you. You are who God says you are. You got this!


Turn On Your Light Pt. 2

Tell me, what would you say to your 18 year old self? Would you tell yourself to go for the gold, despite if you win or loose? Would you tell yourself be more cautious in life, and take your time? Would you tell yourself to have more drive and take more chances? Well this week we give advice to our younger selves about the pitfalls we have faced. The bible says that Wisdom is a principle thing, and looking back on our lives today, we truly thank God for wisdom. The choices or mistakes we...


Never Forget the Why

This week on DachDreamer, Katie Maggio of Level 10 Lifestyle interviews Michael Tucker. We find out why he started DachDreamer, and why he continues to pursue his dream. Every dream is implanted in you by God and he entrusts you to fulfill it. Never forget why you started chasing the dream. Always stay true to yourself and the grind. Every trial and tribulation is not to deter you, but to remind you that you have the ability to make it happen. Your dream is within your reach, do not give...


Turn On Your Light

Every story has its beginning, every life has its start, every day has its rise, and every dreamer has their fiery ignition moment. This week we discuss how to turn on your internal light. Your internal light sparks your creativity, faith to keep working, and the ability to power through failures. Visit Dr. Cortez - Rex Trax Studios


Trust The Process

Today we discuss why you should trust your process. Everyone's process is different when it comes to being successful and achieving personal goals. Understand that your present is where you can learn from your surroundings. In your present, you can learn what to do and what not to do. Your journey is tailor made especially for you, so embrace it and be great. Never surrender to fear.