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Pushing Buttons & Asking Questions ft. Renae Kulhawe

We’ve learned to think of pushing buttons and asking questions as a bad thing. But perhaps we should embrace the spirit behind these attitudes as more about curiosity and adventure than about outright defiance.


The Poverty Of Isolation ft. Chris Glubish

Perhaps in the midst of our privileged communities, it’s time to think differently about poverty and see isolation as one of our culture’s greatest forms of it. Perhaps it’s time we go out of our way, like Jesus, to have dinner with the unlikely impoverished.


Faithfulness Matters

So often we feel like what we do is unimportant and insignificant, but what filter are we seeing this through? To human eyes, sure, it may seem and be deemed unglamorous and unsuccessful. But to God, our dedication and steadfastness is noticed.


Gripped ft. Bob Roxburgh

We belong to the Kingdom of God, and only until that really grips us can we cope with the kingdom of this world. Do we create space for our hearts to be gripped?


The Glory Of The Cross

Jesus said, “Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him.” John 13:31 This isn’t exactly culture’s style of glory, is it? In a culture caught up with big shiny moments, rising to the top and high levels of achievement, it’s hard for the human mind to understand the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Laying down one’s life for others is a stark contrast to the way we naturally live, but we mustn’t forget that it IS the call of every believer. In today’s podcast episode, we’re...


He Is Enough

In a culture caught up with needing more and more, we tend to be oblivious in understanding when enough is enough. We hoard out of our need for security and control, but the manna the Israelites tried to stockpile went mouldy if they gathered too much because God was trying to teach them to believe He would provide for their daily needs. On the podcast today I talk about manna and how it symbolizes God meeting our every need and how He’s always faithful to show up and provide. Manna met the...



So many times we get too caught up with a fast-paced life in our attempts to propel forward that we forget to stop and reflect. But think back to all the momentous occasions you’ve experienced while on your faith journey and appreciate how far you’ve come, how much you’ve changed, and how much you’ve grown. I bet you’re nowhere near the person you were two years ago. In the same we as parents can appreciate the growth that takes place in our children, this too is how God sees us. He’s proud...


A Future Not Our Own

It helps, now and then, to step back and take a long view. The Kingdom is not only beyond our efforts; it is even beyond our vision. We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of the magnificent enterprise that is the Lord’s work. Therefore the annoyances, the day-to-day frustrations and the everyday mundane all serve to remind us that, there is so much more going on than what we see and comprehend. This serves as daily encouragement when the storms of life come and go, but it also...


Hope & Grit ft. Heidi McLaughlin

Joining the podcast today is international speaker and author, Heidi McLaughlin – a widow, mom, step-mom and grandmother. Heidi shares candidly about community and what it looks like to have hope and grit when you’re faced with life’s worst-case scenarios. Not only did Heidi survive the death of her first husband 22 years ago, but she is currently working through and grieving the death of her second husband, Jack, who dropped dead in her kitchen while standing right beside her only a few...


Keep Showing Up

We know our life story is never summed up by only one particular season of life. But still it can be hard. When the present season is a tough one, how does one live with a sense of anticipation that something good is coming? In today’s podcast musing, Cindy shares about how her difficult journey from the last two years has led her to today - with it’s exciting but slightly terrifying challenge: To incorporate a spirit of anticipation back into her life. Exemplified by the story of Joseph, we...


Producing Fruit ft. Glen Madden

Oh how the parable of the sower speaks to our hearts as Christians – sometimes it’s rocky, other times it’s shallow, some days it’s choked and other times it’s fertile. The Christian life is never stagnant. It ebbs and flows with change like that of varying weather conditions. On the podcast today we’re talking about fruit and what producing it looks like in one’s life. Through the lens of Mark 4, we read about the importance of asking ourselves a couple of very honest questions: is my life...


The Paradoxical Commandments

This podcast episode ponders the question: what does it mean to plant seeds in your life? The everyday wear and tear of day-to-day monotony can take a toll. It’s easy to see our daily tasks as nothing more than dutiful responsibilities, but what if we saw them as more? What if, rather than seeing our lives filled with chores, we saw them filled with opportunity to plant seeds – hundreds of thousands of little seeds? Inspired by an author named Kent Keith and his Paradoxical Commandments, we...


I Like Jesus ft. Amie Gosselin

What started out as a question between friends - “What are you reading and is there something specific you are learning?” - turned into a spontaneous conversation about Jesus. Because isn’t that how life should be? His words, His actions and His way of life should always be on our minds. Why wouldn’t we want to talk about Him? On the podcast today is one simple conclusion: When you take time to study the Gospels and the life of Jesus, you quickly discover how captivating He really is....


A Blanket Or The Cross

There’s a lot going around social media these days that is emotional, angry and aggressive. Trump has created a pretty huge divide in his country, which has certainly affected anyone and everyone tied to social media in any way. It’s frustrating to say the least, and feelings of helplessness quickly arise. What does one do? How does one handle such negativity? Do we check out completely, or do we take time to allow the Holy Spirit to check our own hearts as we indirectly sit in the midst of...


Notice The Miracles ft. JT Glubish

One simple insight can lodge in your mind to influence an entirely different direction for your day. But it's up to you to pray and ask that He'll help you notice the miracles.


What Is The Legacy You Want To Leave?

“Consider what you hope others will say about you when they describe you, or what you want to be written in your obituary. What legacy do you want to leave? You will be known for something. What do you want it to be?” –Jenny Santi I was on vacation. I was poolside. I was in brain-off/relaxation mode. And that’s when a surprising conversation unfolded. But why am I surprised? God always amazes me with perfectly timed lessons and miraculous insight when it’s least expected. Am I right? I could...


Conversation With A Friend ft. Sarah Marriott

Every Tuesday I meet with a group of people to discuss books, articles, scripture, and real life circumstances in an attempt to make sense of life and faith together. We call our Tuesday’s, “The Table,” because we do exactly that - we sit around a big square table and talk about anything and everything together. Last Tuesday, in conversation with a friend, Sarah mentioned that 2016 was an extremely hard year for her. I asked Sarah if I might record some of what we talked about because I felt...