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An (unofficial) Sexaholics Anonymous podcast featuring SA speaker meetings, workshops, conventions and marathons. An SA meeting in a Podcast


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An (unofficial) Sexaholics Anonymous podcast featuring SA speaker meetings, workshops, conventions and marathons. An SA meeting in a Podcast





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Monday Speaker Series - Kirkland in TN

Welcome to The Daily Reprieve, where we offer essay, speaker meetings, workshops, and conferences in podcast format. Today, we have a moving episode featuring Kirkland A., who shares his inspiring journey from the depths of addiction to a life of sobriety and service. Kirkland begins by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his story, detailing his early life struggles with addiction and the genetic predisposition within his family. He recounts the painful experiences of his childhood, including the lack of emotional support from his father and the traumatic sexual abuse he endured. Despite the dark path his addiction led him down, Kirkland found hope through the SA fellowship. He describes his turning point, entering a detox facility and finding a community that understood his struggles. With the support of his sponsor and the SA program, Kirkland began to rebuild his life, focusing on service and recovery. Today, Kirkland is an active member of his home group in Nashville, Tennessee. He holds various service positions and finds joy in helping others through workshops and meetings. His story is a testament to the transformative power of recovery and the importance of community support. Thank you for listening to this episode of The Daily Reprieve. Please subscribe to our podcast and consider supporting us by donating at Stay tuned for more episodes filled with experience, strength, and hope.


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Monday Speaker Series - Sarah in WI

Welcome to another powerful episode of The Daily Reprieve, an ad-free podcast providing essays, speaker meetings, workshops, and conferences. If you appreciate our content, please consider supporting us by visiting In this episode, we hear from Sarah, a sexaholic, who shares her deeply personal journey toward sobriety. Despite facing chronic illness and overwhelming triggers, Sarah has managed to stay committed to her recovery. She opens up about her struggles with sexual addiction, the challenges in her marriage, and the impact on her role as a mother. Sarah recounts her initial steps in Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) and the importance of finding the right sponsor who could truly relate to her. She discusses the painful realities of her addiction, including compulsive behaviors and the detrimental effects on her family life. Through this program, Sarah has found a new way to live, focusing on emotional sobriety, spiritual growth, and healthier relationships. Listen as Sarah candidly reflects on her past, her ongoing efforts to maintain sobriety, and her hopes for the future. Her story is a testament to the power of support, connection, and the transformative potential of recovery programs. Thank you for listening to this episode of The Daily Reprieve. Please subscribe to stay updated on new episodes and consider supporting us by making a donation. Your contributions help us continue to provide valuable content to those in need.


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Monday Speaker Series - John in Kansas City

Welcome to another compelling episode of The Daily Reprieve, your ad-free source for essay, speaker meetings, workshops, and conferences in podcast format. We appreciate your support in keeping us self-sustaining by visiting and making a contribution. In this episode, we hear from John in Kansas City, who shares his heartfelt journey of recovery from sexual addiction. John reflects on how his struggles began in early childhood, progressed through adolescence, and led to severe acting out as an adult. Despite years of turmoil and challenges, including a traumatic experience with a priest and subsequent addiction escalation, John found his way to recovery through the program and the support of his family and fellowship. John talks candidly about his battles with anxiety, ADHD, and the difficulties of finding the right sponsor. He also discusses the pivotal moments that led to his re-engagement with the program and his commitment to working the steps. With the help of therapy, a supportive wife, and a strong spiritual connection, John has made significant strides in his recovery journey, culminating in an honest disclosure to his wife and improved family relationships. This episode is a testament to the power of perseverance, faith, and community in overcoming addiction. John's story is one of hope and transformation, offering valuable insights and inspiration to all who listen. Thank you for tuning in to The Daily Reprieve. Please subscribe to stay updated on new episodes, and consider supporting our mission by donating at Stay tuned for more stories of experience, strength, and hope.


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Monday Speaker Series - Levi in Nebraska

Welcome to this episode of The Daily Reprieve. Today, we bring you the powerful and transformative story of Levi, a recovering sexaholic from Nebraska. Levi shares his deeply personal journey, starting from a childhood marred by sexual abuse and addiction, through his struggles with maintaining sobriety amidst a religious upbringing, and ultimately, his path to recovery. Levi's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. He recounts how his addiction impacted every aspect of his life, including his relationships and career in ministry. Despite numerous setbacks, Levi's journey took a pivotal turn when he sought therapy and joined a 12-step program, leading to profound personal growth and healing. Through candid reflections, Levi discusses the importance of honesty, support from fellow addicts, and his commitment to helping others find their way out of the darkness. His story is a moving reminder that recovery is possible, and that sharing our experiences can be a powerful tool for both personal healing and community support. Join us as Levi opens up about his path to sobriety, the challenges he faced, and the hope he found in recovery. This episode is a beacon of strength and inspiration for anyone struggling with addiction.


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Monday Speaker Series - Allan in DC

Welcome to The Daily Reprieve, your ad-free source for essays, speaker meetings, workshops, and conferences in podcast format. In this heartfelt episode, we meet Alan from Maryland, who shares his profound journey of recovery as a sexaholic. Alan's story is one of transformation, moving from a life of deep shame and self-hatred to one filled with joy, purpose, and a miraculous sense of sobriety. He delves into the roots of his addiction, the impact of early childhood experiences, and the relentless progression of his disease. Through his candid narrative, Alan reveals how his higher power has been instrumental in his recovery, helping him overcome immense personal challenges and find a new way of living. He shares the importance of community, the significance of step work, and the life-changing impact of genuine, unconditional love. This episode is a testament to the power of recovery and the incredible potential for change, offering hope and inspiration to anyone struggling with similar battles. Tune in to hear Alan’s compelling story and discover the miracles that sobriety can bring.


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Monday Speaker Series - David M.

Welcome to another inspiring episode of The Daily Reprieve. In today's episode, David shares his heartfelt journey of overcoming sex addiction and the deep-rooted shame that came with it. From his early encounters with pornography at a young age to the struggles of maintaining sobriety, David opens up about the challenges he faced and the steps he took to reclaim his life. Through the support of his sponsor, the guidance of his program, and a renewed connection with his higher power, David highlights the transformative power of recovery. He emphasizes the importance of community, honesty, and perseverance in his six-month milestone of sobriety. Join us as David offers a message of hope and encouragement for those battling similar struggles, and learn how the principles of this program can lead to a fulfilling and sober life.


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Monday Speaker Series - Cathy B

Welcome to The Daily Reprieve, where we bring you essay readings, speaker meetings, workshops, and conferences in podcast format, all ad-free. In this episode, we hear from Kathy, a grateful recovering sexaholic from Western New York. Kathy shares her profound story of overcoming addiction, starting from her early struggles in the 1960s and 70s, her journey through sobriety since 1993, and the pivotal moments that led her to a life of recovery. Kathy's candid recounting of her experiences, including the challenges of dealing with past abuse, the impact of her addiction on her relationships, and her path to finding peace through the 12-step program, offers a powerful message of hope and resilience. She emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system, the role of her sponsor, and the ongoing vigilance required to maintain sobriety. Join us to hear Kathy's inspiring story and learn how she navigates life with a humble attitude towards her addiction, continuously striving for a sober and fulfilling life. If you find strength and hope in these stories, consider supporting The Daily Reprieve by donating at


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Monday Speaker Series - Alberto in Mexico City

Welcome to another heartfelt episode of The Daily Reprieve. In this moving narrative, Alberto shares his profound journey of recovery, emphasizing the transformative power of faith and a Higher Power. Alberto recounts his life from childhood trauma and years of living in lust to the pivotal moment he sought divine intervention. He describes the powerful change that occurred when he embraced a loving and forgiving God, contrasting this with his previous belief in a punitive deity. Throughout this episode, Alberto provides a raw and honest account of his struggles and ultimate path to sobriety, offering hope and inspiration to listeners. Tune in to hear how faith and the support of the ESA community played a crucial role in his recovery.


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Monday Speaker Series - Javin

Welcome to The Daily Reprieve, your ad-free source for essay, speaker meetings, workshops, and conferences in podcast format. In this episode, Javin from Salt Lake City, Utah, shares his powerful story of overcoming addiction and finding sobriety. Javin recounts his early struggles with addiction, starting from his childhood in a devout family, his exposure to pornography at a young age, and the secret life he led through his teenage years. He talks about his battles with self-worth, acceptance, and the double life he lived while trying to maintain his religious and social commitments. Through heartfelt narration, Javin describes the turning points in his life, including the impactful conversations with friends and his experiences during a two-year mission. He discusses the challenges he faced in understanding and dealing with his addiction, and the pivotal moments that led him to seek help through support groups and SA meetings. Now seven months sober, Javin shares what his life is like today, emphasizing the importance of surrendering to a higher power and relying on a support network. He offers insights into the ongoing journey of recovery and the profound changes that have brought him peace and joy. Join us in listening to Javin's inspiring journey from darkness to light, and discover the hope and strength that comes from true recovery.


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Monday Speaker Series - Hugh in PA

Welcome to another episode of The Daily Reprieve. In this powerful installment, we hear from Hugh, a recovered sexaholic who has been sober since November 16th, 2009. Hugh shares his gripping life story, starting from a challenging childhood marked by early traumas and a complicated relationship with his father, to his struggles with sexual addiction and the impact it had on his marriage and personal life. Hugh's narrative delves deep into his journey through the Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) program, highlighting the transformative power of the 12 steps. He recounts the difficulties he faced, the milestones he achieved, and the eventual reconciliation and strengthening of his marriage. His story is a testament to the possibility of recovery and the profound changes that can occur through dedication and support. Tune in to gain insight into Hugh's courageous path from addiction to recovery, and learn how he now serves and supports others within the SA community. This episode is not just a story of struggle, but one of hope and redemption.


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Monday Speaker Series - Christina in WI

A Gritty Tale of Triumph: Overcoming Sex and Alcohol Addiction Welcome to an enlightening episode of 'The Daily Reprieve', dedicated to sharing personal narratives of recovery from addiction. In this episode, we shine a light on a harrowing journey through sex addiction, despair, and survival, featuring an emotionally-charged account of Christina, a sex and alcohol addict. Despite being raised in a religious family, Christina descended on a path of substance abuse, indulging in destructive relationships and emotion-less sexual encounters. Wrestling with internal conflicts, she grappled with her faith and self-worth as she continually battled with her addictions. An unimaginable tragedy further spiraled her down a path of despair, pushing her towards the brink of suicide. However, in the aftermath of her darkest hours, an epiphany drove Christina to rebuild her life with the transformative power of the 12-step recovery program. Her journey from denial to acceptance, disbelief to faith is a resounding testament of resilience. Not only did she foster healthy relationships but she also developed a newfound divine connection, finding peace in celibacy, and deriving joy from wholesomely engaging with family and friends. Join us in this candid conversation with Christina, as she narrates her inspiring journey from the depths of pain and despair to the light of recovery and redemption, offering crucial insights for anyone dealing with addiction.


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Monday Speaker Series - Hugh in PA

The Journey to Recovery and Redemption: An Eye-Opening Story of Overcoming Sexaholism In this special episode of The Daily Reprieve, we dive into the life of Hugh, a recovered sexaholic who shares his touching, heart-breaking, and inspiring journey towards sobriety. Born into a strict family, Hugh experienced sexual acts from an extremely young age which subsequently led him down the path of sex addiction. He recollects his sexually active early life, his sexual encounters with men, and the struggles he faced in trying to suppress his sexual compulsions. His continual denial plunged his marriage into a turbulent phase, creating a period of uncertainty and mistrust. But when Hugh's wife finally confronted him and guided him towards Sexaholics Anonymous, things started to change for the better. Over time, Hugh took steps to face his demons, work on himself and seek help. His road to recovery is punctuated by moments of incredible courage and determination, showing his resilience and strength every step of the way. His commitment to his recovery and his stubborn refusal to accept defeat makes his discourse something worth listening to. The episode delves deeper into the struggles associated with sex addiction, the redemption Hugh found in the 12-step program, and how it transformed his life. Today, he is an active member and representative of SA, relentlessly devoted to service and using his experiences to help others struggling with similar issues. What's more, his relationship with his wife is stronger than ever – reflective of the power that honesty, self-work, and commitment can yield. Join us in this eye-opening episode as we navigate through Hugh's tumultuous journey, witnessing his triumph against the odds and his mission to help others in their struggle against sex addiction. His story is one of vulnerability, resilience, and eventually, redemption.


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Monday Speaker Series - Just Ray in Maine

Defying Addiction: Embracing the Leap of Faith and the Pursuit of RecoveryJoin us in another resonant episode of The Daily Reprieve, where our guest, Jeff, from Northern Maine, candidly shares his transformative journey from addiction to recovery. Rooting from childhood traumas, he navigates us through his escalating addiction to pornography, compounded by an alcohol problem, and the way it hijacked his relationships and personal life. Inspiring listeners with his ultimate turning point, Jeff shares how he was driven towards a path of self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment. This eye-opening episode features his challenging transformation, revealing how he confronted his defeats, embraced faith, and committed himself to a recovery program. Jeff gives us an insightful perspective into the demands of the 12-step recovery process. He opens up about long nights in the car, the crucial support of his sponsor, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of recovery. He also unveils his transition from intellectual pride to humility and faith, highlighting an improved attitude towards relationships and self-love. This episode is a testament to perseverance, tuning in to the innate strength of an individual's spirit resilience against the clutches of addiction. Offering hope to listeners grappling with their issues, this narrative emphasizes the immense potential of the human spirit to transcend personal shadows and leap towards faith and recovery. In a heartfelt conclusion, Jeff reads 'Desiderata', a poem that warmed his soul throughout his journey. This episode raises a toast to the unsung heroes waging their battles against addiction, reminding them that it is never too late to forge a path towards healing and transformation, with faith as their guide.


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Monday Speaker Series - Jim in FL

Welcome to another episode of The Daily Reprieve, your ultimate guide to essay, speaker meetings, workshops, and podcasts. In our ad-free podcast, we aim to provide motivation and support to the ones fighting the battle against addiction. Today's episode features a deeply personal and moving account by Jim from Florida. Jim shares his story of transformation and on-going sobriety over a year-long journey within the program. His battle with addiction began at a tender age but with time, determination and the right guidance, he was able to identify his addiction and sought counselling. Understanding his affliction and accepting it were monumental steps in his healing process. His acceptance led him to conducting an inventory of his failings which he narrated to his sponsor. His faith in his higher power, his resolve to make sobriety his top priority, and his promise to himself to start every day by surrendering his will to God were pivotal in his recovery. In this episode, Jim shares invaluable lessons he learned throughout his recovery. From honesty to finding hope, the strength he gained from surrendering, and the profound transformation from living a turbulent life to finally finding still waters, Jim's journey puts forth a beacon of hope for many struggling with similar issues. This episode highlights the essence of dedication, willpower and faith in one's journey towards recovery. Jim's experience serves as a testament that darkness can be overcome by adopting a self-supporting stance and seeking help when needed. For more motivating stories and powerful lessons, subscribe to The Daily Reprieve. Your every little support helps us keep going and inspiring. To show your support, you can donate to The Daily Reprieve by visiting Thank you for tuning in!


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Monday Speaker Series - Dennis T

Finding Freedom from Lust in Marriage: A Sexaholic's Journey Towards Recovery In this episode of The Daily Reprieve, our guest, Dennis, shares his story of overcoming sexaholism. After stuggling with uncontainable lustful urges that led him to live a life of affairs, frequent encounters with prostitutes, and insatiable masturbation, Dennis shares how his journey towards recovery began with a challenging resolution: 90 meetings in 90 days and 90 days of abstinence. His sponsor emphasized the importance of this journey, explaining how abstaining from sexual acts for 90 days can help rewire the brain and show that sex is optional. The struggle was enormous, but Dennis emerged victorious, realizing that sex truly was a choice rather than a necessity. Through the process, Dennis discovered intimacy outside of sexual contexts with his wife. Their relationship flourished as they spent time together, engaging in simple activities such as taking walks or getting a cup of coffee. As Dennis experienced freedom from his sexaholic tendencies, he was better able to appreciate his wife, which led to a deepened connection and profound love. Despite the fear of falling back into old habits, Dennis managed to maintain a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship with his wife without succumbing to lust. This recovery story provides hope, strength, and inspiration to others similarly struggling, with a powerful underlying message: freedom from lust in marriage is possible through dedication, communication, and application of the right strategies. Be sure to tune in to hear more recovery stories from sexaholism and find solace knowing that you aren't alone in your battle.


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Monday Speaker Series - Debbie

Overcoming Resentments and Embracing Gratitude: A Journey to SobrietyIn this episode of The Daily Reprieve, we hear from Debbie, a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and a recovering sex addict. She shares her powerful journey of recovery and self-discovery—one that has been filled with overcoming resentments, learning to practice gratitude, and establishing a deep connection with her higher power. Debbie expresses the struggle she faced in dealing with resentments, a hurdle many in recovery are all too familiar with. Her key to sobriety has been learning not only to recognize these resentments but also to surrender them to God. However, she reminds us that such a process is a daily practice that requires continuous effort. She discusses the tools she's utilized on her journey, including journaling, utilizing a 10th-step app, and daily self-reflection. One of Debbie's main focuses in this talk is replacing resentments with an attitude of gratitude. She reflects on the importance of being grateful for all experiences, not just the good ones. The growth that comes with overcoming challenges is part of what has ultimately led to her sobriety. The episode reflects Debbie's commitment to continuous growth and self-improvement. Admitting her wrongs, taking ownership, and seeking to change are steps she undergoes with humility and faith. It's a powerful listen, filled with valuable insights and practices for anyone overcoming addiction or seeking personal growth. As she concludes her talk, Debbie encourages the listeners to keep coming back, reinforcing the message that recovery is indeed possible with determination, faith, and support. She ends with a prayer, hoping to be of use to her creator and her peers. This episode promises to leave you moved and inspired, a testament to the transformative power of recovery and the strength of the human spirit.


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Monday Speaker Series - Steve M

Welcome to a revealing episode of The Daily Reprieve, titled 'Triumph Over Temptation: A True Testimony of a Recovering Sexaholic, Steve.' Unearth valuable lessons as you immerse yourself in Steve's mesmerizing narrative of overcoming extreme personal struggles that include childhood trauma, relationship tribulations, and, more starkly, sex addiction. Facing the harsh realities of his infidelity, Steve embarks on the arduous yet necessary path of recovery. Experience his exploration of various addiction support groups as he grapples with his condition. The podcast traces his poignant realization that overcoming addiction was not about 'fitting' into a group but acknowledging and fighting the adversary within. 'Triumph Over Temptation' offers an unvarnished glance into the depths of a sexaholic's torment and the redemption found in acceptance, community support, humility, and faith. Steve's candid confessions serve as an audacious beacon of hope for others ensnared in similar battles, illuminating the path to recovery through resilience, acceptance, and faith. This potent episode stands as an authentic testament to the power of surrender and the transformative pledges of recovery, making it a must-listen! Regardless if you're fighting addiction, are in recovery, or have the desire to understand the realities of sexaholism better, we invite you to tune in to Steve's compelling life narrative.


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Monday Speaker Series - Dominic

Episode: Dominic's Journey of Recovery - The Daily ReprieveIn this inspiring episode of The Daily Reprieve, we have Dominic, who shares his personal journey of recovery from sex addicition. He's been sober for 2013 days since January 6, 2016, and he attributes this remarkable feat to faith, resilience, and the intervention of his higher power. Dominic shares that his story started right from his birth in 1977. His acting out began in his teenage years and spiraled out of control. By the time he was 18, he was losing interest in his relationships and succumbing to the allure of pornography. After realizing he was powerless on his own, Dominic decided to seek help from his higher power, actively involving Him in all his affairs. Your heart will be moved by Dominic's struggles to overcome his addiction. Talking about his attempts in trying filters on his computer, seeking help from his community, and many other things which all didn't work, until he stumbled upon a self-help group in 2016. A turning point in his life came when he received a call back from a group and has been sober ever since. Dominic admits that he's still not an expert and continues to grapple with his addiction every day, but his faith in his higher power helps him stay on the course of recovery. He emphasizes the significance of working hard on the recovery steps, surrendering to your higher power, and seeking help from a sponsor. Since Dominic's first meeting on January 9th, 2016, his life started to improve dramatically. He reveals how he cleansed his apartment of any triggers and started living anew without acting out.. This heartening story of personal triumph over addiction is a must-listen. Dominic's honest and courageous account will serve as an encouragement to those struggling with similar problems. We hope Dominic's story inspires you to seek help and strive for change, just like he did. Keep tuned in to the Daily Reprieve for more stories of strength, hope, and recovery. We are an ad-free podcast and rely on the support of our listeners to continue this mission. You can make a difference by choosing to donate at


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Monday Speaker Series - Cal

From Shame to Strength: A Sexaholic's Journey to RecoveryWelcome to this episode of 'The Daily Reprieve', a podcast dedicated to inspiring recovery with engaging conversations, deep insights, and practical tips. We're an advertisement-free platform, sustained only by our listeners. If you find value in our episodes, please consider supporting us at In this episode, our guest, Cal, shares his poignant journey from being a tormented sexaholic to a resilient survivor. Cal admits to being a sex addict since his early years, leading a double life that was fuelled by secrecy, shame, and deception. This battle with addiction not only brought him personal torment but also caused immense pain to his family. Cal's story takes a dramatic turn after the devastating consequences of his actions result in the loss of his good name, business, and family. It was then that he turned to his higher power - guiding him to recovery and redemption. Determined to transform his life, Cal attended over 700 12-step recovery meetings and involved himself in five fellowships. His relentless pursuit of recovery also led him to seek help from therapy, sponsorships, and eventually, teaching medical psychology. Cal's story is not just about the adverse effects of addiction; it's also an inspirational testament to human resilience, highlighting the transformative power of recovery. Despite the enormous challenges faced, the episode celebrates Cal's undying spirit and unwavering dedication to rebuilding a healthier and happier life. Stay tuned till the end of the episode as Cal explores the joy of recovery, the deep friendships formed along the way, and his renewed purpose in life. His healing journey serves as a beacon of hope, shedding light on the possibilities of recovery, growth, and self-discovery. Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you find strength and motivation in Cal's story. Please help us continue to provide content like this by supporting The Daily Reprieve. Visit to help. Stay tuned for more episodes filled with experience, strength, and hope for SA members.


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Monday Speaker Series - Solomon

Breaking Chains: Overcoming Fears, Resentments, and EgoIn this inspiring episode of The Daily Reprieve podcast, our speaker takes listeners through his gripping journey to resilience. Facing adversity due to his diagnosis of Asperger’s, the speaker enlightens listeners about his struggles in communication and social interaction. He recounts how bullying and a constant feeling of alienation affected his life, leading him to seek solace in the supportive space provided by the SA programs. The Speaker chronicles his experiences with various steps in his recovery journey, providing a detailed and emotional recounting of his struggles. He deeply reflects on the prominent issues that led him to seek help – fears, resentments, and ego. The podcast episode provides a raw and heartfelt illustration of the transformative power of faith, resilience, and profound self-introspection, shedding light on the fundamental steps in his sobriety journey. The speaker mentions how important it was for him to recognize his weaknesses, accept his shortcomings and ask the God of his understanding to help him overcome them. He also shares valuable insights into his thoughts and experiences with working through the 12-step programme—including examples of amends he made and those he didn’t, due to potential harm, and his struggles with maintaining perfect adherence to these steps. In this compelling episode, listeners will find messages of hope, strength, and resilience as the speaker emphasizes heavily on the transformational power of internal change and spiritual growth he gained through the SA programs. Please make sure not to miss this inspiring ride of hope and resilience!