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Living on Purpose, @tregammage

Living on Purpose, @tregammage
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Living on Purpose, @tregammage




EP 59 Down to the root, talking sexual abuse with Arthenius J

Listen to episode 59 of the Dash Podcast with Arthenius J who experienced sexual violence at the age of 6 and is now a warrior for victims and survivors. In 2014 Arthenius created One Touch Transformation a noon profit that raises awareness for sexual abuse and supports other organizations that stand against it.


EP 58 Until you own your own, you can't be free Author Ash Cash

He wrote the Wake Up Call: Financial inspiration from 4:44. Best selling author, and financial Guide Ash Cash “Humility is about intention not action if the intention is for people to talk about me that’s not humility. But If my intention is to reach 1 million people because I have a message for them, staying humble is about knowing my why. I appreciate the success, but the goal is the message” Ash Cash Visit for more


EP 55 When you put in work you get results, ft Too Black

Conversations about power, being black, getting results and more. “I don’t actually believe you can be too black, you can be too a lot of things. But Black isn’t a personality trait, it’s more than that, blackness is an experience. A human experience and spectrum of blackness. To put an in and outness on that is impossible. I’m Too black because I’m who I am as much as I can be.” Visit for more


EP 51 Set Up For Success with South Carolina's Academic Elite

In August of 2016 at the world championship of public speaking. The top 100 speakers in the world from 143 countries came to Washington DC to compete for the Title World Champion of Public Speaking. I was so ready to be the champ and travel the world as a renowned champion. Only I lost! So, focused on gaining fame, that I forgot to add value. After that defeat a new hunger started in my stomach. That loss was a Set Up for Success. My focus changed from gaining fame to adding value, which...


EP 57 Timing is Everything, Maritalyn Frazier and her journey to Black Panther

I’m a big believer in timing, whatever someone is getting right now in your place is for them, not for you. You aren’t missing out, sometimes you must take time for yourself You are never too old to get started. On her first major production with Orange Is the New Black Maritalyn Frazier, wasn’t quite as comfortable on set. Until she was with the old woman’s club, and she realized you are never too old to start. What someone else has going on right now isn’t for you. You aren’t missing...


EP 56 The In Between Moments, with Photographer & Filmographer Leah Tribbett

“you need a lot of in between moments to make a big moment, living in the entrepreneurial world is celebrating those in between moments, even when the aha moment isn’t there yet. " Join us for Episode 56 of the Dash Podcast. Leah Tribbett is an authentic woman that looking for the moment's in between that capture who you are. Find more


Let Go | MAM EP 38

Let Go | MAM EP 38 by Tre' Gammage


The Question that changed my life EP 35 Mixdown

Challenging, meaningful, significant conversation, find more information New Episode every Monday and Friday


Step Into Your Lane EP 25

The Dash Podcast Hosted by Tre' Gammage provides Challenging, Meaningful, Significant conversation on how to take pain in life and create a platform for purpose. For more information visit


Healing Hurts EP 10

Wrapping up 4 episode's empowering women this march we have Nefateri, Her 2 books Identity Chasers, and Cry's from within are now an independent film, that's been picked up by the state of South Carolina. Joining Nefateri her Husband, and partner Oddie Smalls, these two make a dynamic duo.


Hold Nothing Back EP 6

"When someone has a dream it causes you to say i want to be like them or I want to be a part of their dream" Episode 6 of The Dash Podcast with your host Tre' Gammage. In this Episode we cover Victory Loves preparation the Compound Effect and Building lagacies! Find out more at


Preparing Your Child EP 4

Tre' Gammage | Facilitating Purpose, The Dash is a weekly podcast with a goal to provide challenging, meaningful, significant conversation. Episode 3's guest Andre Gammage (My Dad) is a Judge in St. Joe County Indiana, a practicing law partner for 20 years, and a mentor in many ways.


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