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A weekly dramatic Bible reading including music and sound effects to help the listeners envision life and times of Jesus and his disciples. Occasionally, different readers and listeners will be asked to submit reading as well. Interviews with random people, asking them what they think the Bible says.

A weekly dramatic Bible reading including music and sound effects to help the listeners envision life and times of Jesus and his disciples. Occasionally, different readers and listeners will be asked to submit reading as well. Interviews with random people, asking them what they think the Bible says.
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A weekly dramatic Bible reading including music and sound effects to help the listeners envision life and times of Jesus and his disciples. Occasionally, different readers and listeners will be asked to submit reading as well. Interviews with random people, asking them what they think the Bible says.






The Day Of Pentecost

This episode starts with the Ascension of our Lord Jesus and goes to the Upper Room. The Day of Pentecost! Peter offers redemption to those who didn't believe and were shouting, Crucify Him, days earlier. We all have denied our Savior at some point, but I'm so glad, He never gives up on us.


Our Times Are In His Hand

Thinking about the Crucifixion always brings such horrible thoughts into our mind. It was a horrible way to kill anyone. Our Lord died on that cross for us. That's Love. His Love for us motivated Him to go to that extent. These last three chapters concludes this book, The Gospel of John. We will be going into the book of Acts next. We now have listeners in 14 different countries or continents. WOW! Keep spreading the word about this podcast.


Pilate Found No Fault

We learned that as disciples, we are in this world, but not of it. We have a future glory awaiting us, as Christians. Judas betrayal of Jesus has always taken me back but I also realize that things haven't change today. There are always things that will make us look away from Christ. Jesus prayed for us and asked the Father to protect us from the evil-one. Jesus stands before Pilate and I love it when Pilate lets the world know, "I find no fault in this man". I want to stand in front of...


Jesus, The True Vine

This episode teaches us that we must stay connected to Jesus. We are His Branches and He is The Vine. Our relations with fellow believers is most important, as well as our understanding about how the world will treat, and think of us. Jesus promised us The Holy Spirit would come and teach us all truth. The Lord hears our prayers and He gives us assurance that we can ask in His name, believing, and it will be done of the Father. The promises of God are so awesome and wonderful. We won't...


Jesus Comforts His Disciples

This episodes gives us an example of how we are to serve one another. Jesus washes His disciples feet and assures them that He will not leave them without a Helper, The Holy Spirit. We are to do greater works because the Holy Spirit lives in us. Let us not betray Jesus, as we live out our daily lives. Because we have the Holy Spirit living in us, we are one with the Father and Jesus.


Jesus Foretells His Death

We learn that Lazarus' being raised from the death caused many to believe and the rulers wanted him death because of it. Image people wanting to kill you because The Lord blessed you. Mary anoints Jesus and Judas is mad. The conspiracy to kill Jesus is in full force. Palm branches, people shouting Hosanna!, Greeks coming to The Lord, and prophesy being fulfilled. Finally, Jesus foretells His death and the world has a savior riding into Jerusalem on a donkey colt.


Jesus Affirms His Deity

This episode starts with the healing of the blind man, who had been born blind. The Pharisees didn't believe and didn't want anyone else to believe. They excommunicated the man because he was healed on the Sabbath and he was telling people about his healing. Jesus said those who say they see, really are blind themselves. Finally, in chapter 10, Jesus tells them all that He is the Good Shepherd and those who hear Him and obey Him, are His sheep. He came to do the works of the Father. He...


The Truth Will Make You Free

There will always be naysayers, those who won't or can't believe the Son of God came from heaven to save the world. This division exist to this day. Jesus didn't come to condemn us, but to shed the light on our sins, so that we might repent, just as the adulterous woman. The freedom spoken of in these scriptures can be experienced by everyone who calls upon His name.


Jesus Equality With God

The healing of the lame man at Bethesda and Jesus saying that He is the Son of God upset many of the people. The dead will hear His voice and raise again to eternal life. The witness of John is that Jesus would increase, that he might decrease. The scripture told of Jesus coming, as the writing of Moses told the Jews, so they should have believed. Jesus fed the 5 thousand and walked on water, this shows who Jesus is and Peter recognized Jesus as the Son of God.


The Gospel Of John

Jesus shows and tells us He is for all who believe in His name and that He is the One. As He goes to Galilee and on the way speaks to the Samaritan woman, He gives her instructions on how to become a believer. We must confess our sins. The healing of the Nobleman's Son shows us that we must believe before we can expect anything from The Lord. Finally, John told everyone that he would decrease but the One after him must increase. He never told anyone that he was the Christ. How often do...


In the Beginning Was The Word

The Gospel of John is fundamental to understanding who Christ Is. John tells his disciples, he is not the one. He tells everyone, he is voice crying in the wilderness, preparing the way for the true light. The word is made flesh with Christ appearance. John testified of His coming. Jesus public ministry starts in this narrative and we learn of His first converts. The wedding is where Christ performs the miracle of turning water into wine. The 1st. Passover and the cleansing of the temple...


Crucified To Rise Again

Judas was remorseful after betraying Jesus. How many times have betrayed our faith, to be reminded of the price our Savior paid for our eternal life? We will face those who mock us each day, just like those who mocked Jesus. He promised us, we'd be killed for His name sake. Jesus told His disciples that He was going to be killed, but He would rise again. Some doubted, but He rose like He said He would. Now, we are given the great commission to go into the world and tell others about our...


Mission Accomplished

This Chapter brings us closer to Christ fulfilling His mission on earth. The plot to kill him by Judas and Judas' bargains for 30 pieces of silver foretold. When we chose to do the best things, as the woman pouring precious oil on our Savior. She was preparing Him for his burial. His Spirit goes before Him to confirm a place for The Last Passover, so that He could institute The Lord's Supper. Nothing would stop His mission, though He felt the pain and grief, He knew His Father's will was...


His Glorious Return

Christ tells us of His return and what to look for. Things will get worst before they get better, in our world. We need to be watchful and be ready for His eminent return. We don't want to be like those virgins who were not prepared. We are to take full advantage of our God given talents and not waste them because conditions aren't always to our liking. We can be sure, judgement is coming, so be wise and help others. Feed the poor, visit those that are sick, volunteer services to those...


Many Called, Few Chosen

Many will be called but few will be chosen because they will be busy doing other things they believe more important. Loving God and loving others are the two most important things to live by. Pharisaism was exposed in biblical times just as we see it today. We are to make sure we are doing the right things for the right reasons, not to be seen of men. The Woes of life: hindering others, teaching false doctrines, not knowing the truth, no justice or mercy, false personality, and if I...


Parables Still Relevant Today

We learn that it doesn't matter when we accept Christ, as to the order of our membership in the family. What matters is that be servants. The competition of the world has not place in the body of Christ, we everyone to be that perfect church. Everyone will be challenged. The church building is where we come to honor and give thanks to the Lord, not a place to sell or bargain for goods. Christ lets us know that we are to be fruitful. Doing the will of the Lord is how we are blessed and...


Christ-Like In Every Way

This episode teaches us a lot. We struggle with competition in our lives. The disciples were no different. They wanted to be first. The danger of being a stumbling block to others, causing them to look at our behavior and think God is the same. Seeing about that person who has strayed is so important to remember. We should discipline ourselves and prayer continually. Forgiving others is a must. Learning to be as a child and never putting anything in the way of following Christ will assure...


He Made A Way

The non-believers testing Christ and Peter realizes who Christ really is. The Disciples find out that it will take putting aside everything they have to follow Jesus to make into the kingdom. They have a rare glimpse of Jesus together with Moses and other men of faith, who have gone before them. Jesus continues to heal, which continues to help some believe He is who He says He is. Finally, He teaches us to render to Cesar what is due, and to Him what is due. Christ never wants us to be...


The Book Of Matthew

This episode starts off sad, with the beheading of John The Baptist. Jesus, after hearing the news, goes off to Himself to mourn. Many miracle dot this period; His walking on water, healing of the Syrophoenician woman and the crowds all being healed. Jesus lets us know that it not tradition that will get us into Heaven but it will be the heart of man, that will determine it.


The Book Of Matthew

Starting with the Sabbath, Jesus teaches His disciple many truths that we can relate. The unpardonable sin, signs of the times, relationships and why does he only teach some in parables. Chapter 13 goes on the tell us about the sower, the mustard seed, hidden treasures, a costly pearl and He visits Nazareth.