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The Great Surprise: Finding Hope in the Gospel, with Marcus Rose – EM253

Growing up in East Germany, Marcus Rose saw Jesus work in his family and in the country. When he was fifteen, he felt a call to ministry while Germany was still divided by the wall. Four years later, Marcus and other believers went to schools around town to share the Gospel to people. As Germany changed, Marcus experienced a crisis of faith. He wasn’t sure how to keep following God’s call. Eventually, in Thailand, he re-committed his life to God. Since then, Marcus has been planting house...


To Seek and Save: How to Love Muslims Like God Does, with Aaron Myers – EM252

The Bible has a lot of stories about God seeking the lost. Sometimes, Christians forget to join in the search. Aaron Myers joins to share about how the Church can be involved, specifically with Muslims. He works with Crescent Project and Everywhere to Everywhere to train believers on sharing the Gospel with Muslims. After working in Turkey for four years, Aaron and his family moved back to the States. He now wants to see the Church equip and encourage Christians to share the Good News with...


God Is Sufficient: How to Lean on God in Ministry, with Jordan Raybon – EM251

God loves to work in and through our weaknesses. He is very good at taking what little we have and multiplying it for thousands. Jordan Raybon visits Engaging Missions to share about how God has been doing that in his ministry. Jordan is a pastor from Tennessee who is living in Brussels, Belgium with his wife and son. He describes his church in Belgium as one that is thriving and growing. Jordan shares about working in a multiethnic setting in Belgium. He also talks about the importance of...


Off the RACE Track: From Color-Blind to Color-Kind, with Steve Simms – EM250

Through Christ, all walls of division have been torn down. Believers from every tribe and tongue are united by the blood of Jesus. A former Engaging Missions guest, Steve Simms, comes to talk about racial reconciliation. As ministers of reconciliation, we are called to bring healing where there has been injustice and brokenness. Steve shares about his new book called Off the RACE Track, which helps believers know how to be color kind. He also tells stories about how he came to care about...


How to Bring Hope to the Hopeless, with The Copelands – EM249

The process of missions can be a long and beautiful one. For Chris and Joi Copeland, they have been waiting to go to Ireland for four years. They are currently raising support and are almost fully funded. Their ministry focuses on leadership development, church planting, and serving the community. It all centers on bringing hope to the hopeless. Chris and Joi share about how God called them to Ireland. They have many stories of God’s faithfulness and provision over the last few years. Their...


Thrive. Ideas to lead the church in post-Christendom, with Rohadi – EM248

As time goes on, the Church is re-learning how to engage with culture. This can be seen in churches across the United States. There are many who have no connection with the Church or have left it, and churches are searching for how to respond. Rohadi joins to talk about this issue. He is a church planter, entrepreneur, and writer. He works to change ideas about mission in American churches. Rohadi shares about his experiences in church planting. Also, he discusses the importance of being...


Powerful Restoration: God’s Love in El Salvador, with Kenton Moody – EM247

In ministry, it’s important to remember that perfect love casts out fear and brings healing. Kenton Moody talks about the power of simply loving your neighbors. He has been ministering in El Salvador for almost ten years. Kenton sees the country as his home. He started a school in the community and is a pastor at a local church. Since he was nine, Kenton felt called to missions. He has obeyed the Lord in His call, and he has seen God’s faithfulness through it. During the show, Kenton shares...


A Presence of Legitimacy: How to Do Missions with Integrity, with Steve Schirmer – EM246

Sharing the Gospel is more than speaking to people. It’s also about living with Integrity. Steve Schirmer joins the show to talk about having a “presence of legitimacy” in missions work. Steve has worked in Asia and with Asian populations for over ten years. He is currently over a ministry called “Silk Road Catalyst,” which works to bring the Gospel to the unreached in the Silk Road region. During the show, Steve shares about his journey to faith and ministry. He also speaks about the...


How to Love the Least, the Last, and the Lost, with Andrew Foster - EM245

Andrew Foster is one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. He’s on the show to share about his prison ministry which also involves a local coffee shop. Having been in prison himself, Andrew has seen the Lord’s love for those behind bars. He heard the Good News and became a Christian while in jail, and now he wants to see others come to know Jesus. Through his ministry, he houses people transitioning out of prison, showing them the love of Christ. He also runs a local coffee shop...


How to Fulfill the Assignment of God in the Local Church, with David Kim – EM244

Local churches play a key role in leading people to Jesus. David Kim joins the podcast to remind us of that important job. He has been equipping believers in his church to evangelize in the community. In the Bay area, where David lives, there is a great harvest that churches can minister to. Going deeper in discipleship can be a difficult process, but David shows why benefits outweigh costs. By surrendering to the Holy Spirit, he has seen his community change through sharing the Gospel....


What Happens When We Walk in Obedience to God?, with Justin White – EM243

It started in a small Baptist Church, with a response to the Gospel. But that didn’t mean that Justin immediately jumped in and followed God wholeheartedly. But a few years later, God used Isaiah to call Justin back to Himself. Years later, God used an adoption to redirect Justin and his family to Africa for a couple of years. While they were there, they met cultural challenges but God began to show them how to use simple, reproducible tools to share their love for Him. Now Justin and his...


How to Be a Catalyst: Obey the Great Commission, with Mike Falkenstine – EM242

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How to Follow God into the Marketplace, with Caleb Townsend – EM241

It’s important to remember that the marketplace is a place of ministry. Caleb Townsend comes and talks about his experience of ministering through his business. He also shares about his journey with Jesus and how others have discipled him. Caleb mentions the importance of discipleship and investing in people as a part of ministry. Even though people can be messy, Caleb reminds us to be patient and to love them where they’re at. From your neighbor to your co-worker, you can show the love of...


Every Door, Every Heart: Following God of the Harvest, with Ross Ramsey – EM240

Have you ever counted how many homes are in your community? Well, Ross Ramsey has, and he plans on knocking on every single door to let his town know about Jesus. Over the last year, he has worked with his church to train believers in making disciples. As his church has participated in ministry, there has been great spiritual growth. For Ross, this isn’t about getting new church members. This is about building the Kingdom. His greatest vision is to join in whatever God is doing and to trust...


How to Heal from Collapse in Ministry, with Ryan Kuja – Author of From the Inside Out – EM239

Within Christian ministry, specifically missions, it can be easy to only tell positive stories. Sometimes, though, it’s important to talk about the difficult times. Ryan Kuja joins the show to discuss his own experience with missions and what he has learned about strengths and weaknesses of ministry. Having lived in over fifteen cities across five continents, Ryan has seen how Western mindsets impact models of mission work. He proposes a model called “constellational thinking,” which looks...


Join the Club: How to Be a Sender for Ministries, with Adam Moody – EM238

Sometimes it is important to remember that wealthy nations need Jesus too. Adam Moody tells about his work in Sweden, which is financially rich, but spiritually poor. There are even priests in Sweden who don’t actually believe in God. After working in university ministry, Adam and his family are planning on returning to Sweden to plant churches. During the show, Adam talks about a really unique idea for raising support for ministries that are underfunded. Here’s a hint: If you like food or...


The Mind of a Missionary: Interesting Facts, Reframing Success, with David Joannes – EM237

Have you ever wondered whether God’s called you to be a missionary? Have you wondered what it takes and why so many missionaries struggle? Have you wondered if your calling isn’t important or why some Christians will leave behind family and friends who haven’t met Christ to take the Gospel thousands of miles away to people they’ve never met? If so, today’s conversation with David Joannes is for you. David is a missionary of 20+ years, the founder of Within Reach Global, and the author of a...


How to Impact Communities with the Good News, with Tom & Sarah Hall – EM236

Oftentimes, ministry is closer than you think. Tom and Sarah Hall come to discuss their ministry in Kansas City and how they ended up there. Growing up, Tom felt a call to missions, and he expected to work overseas. God had other plans, however, and led him to work in the States. He and his wife now train believers to be disciple-makers and spread the Gospel in their community. Tom shares about his journey from pastor to disciple-maker and what God has been doing through the ministry. He...


Being Bold and Bringing Hope to the Lost, with Jacob – EM235

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Glorious Faith: A Chef, Discipleship, and Life, with Cory Rasco – EM234

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