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Every Door, Every Heart: Following God of the Harvest, with Ross Ramsey – EM240

Have you ever counted how many homes are in your community? Well, Ross Ramsey has, and he plans on knocking on every single door to let his town know about Jesus. Over the last year, he has worked with his church to train believers in making disciples. As his church has participated in ministry, there has been great spiritual growth. For Ross, this isn’t about getting new church members. This is about building the Kingdom. His greatest vision is to join in whatever God is doing and to trust...


How to Heal from Collapse in Ministry, with Ryan Kuja – Author of From the Inside Out – EM239

Within Christian ministry, specifically missions, it can be easy to only tell positive stories. Sometimes, though, it’s important to talk about the difficult times. Ryan Kuja joins the show to discuss his own experience with missions and what he has learned about strengths and weaknesses of ministry. Having lived in over fifteen cities across five continents, Ryan has seen how Western mindsets impact models of mission work. He proposes a model called “constellational thinking,” which looks...


Join the Club: How to Be a Sender for Ministries, with Adam Moody – EM238

Sometimes it is important to remember that wealthy nations need Jesus too. Adam Moody tells about his work in Sweden, which is financially rich, but spiritually poor. There are even priests in Sweden who don’t actually believe in God. After working in university ministry, Adam and his family are planning on returning to Sweden to plant churches. During the show, Adam talks about a really unique idea for raising support for ministries that are underfunded. Here’s a hint: If you like food or...


The Mind of a Missionary: Interesting Facts, Reframing Success, with David Joannes – EM237

Have you ever wondered whether God’s called you to be a missionary? Have you wondered what it takes and why so many missionaries struggle? Have you wondered if your calling isn’t important or why some Christians will leave behind family and friends who haven’t met Christ to take the Gospel thousands of miles away to people they’ve never met? If so, today’s conversation with David Joannes is for you. David is a missionary of 20+ years, the founder of Within Reach Global, and the author of a...


How to Impact Communities with the Good News, with Tom & Sarah Hall – EM236

Oftentimes, ministry is closer than you think. Tom and Sarah Hall come to discuss their ministry in Kansas City and how they ended up there. Growing up, Tom felt a call to missions, and he expected to work overseas. God had other plans, however, and led him to work in the States. He and his wife now train believers to be disciple-makers and spread the Gospel in their community. Tom shares about his journey from pastor to disciple-maker and what God has been doing through the ministry. He...


Being Bold and Bringing Hope to the Lost, with Jacob – EM235

Sometimes Christians are held back because of fear. If that's you, then this is for you. Listen as Jacob (pen name) shares what can happen when we step out in faith in spite of fear.


Glorious Faith: A Chef, Discipleship, and Life, with Cory Rasco – EM234

When God truly leads us, our paths often make sense only in hindsight. Listen as Cory Rasco shares his journey from chef to disciple-maker to bivocational chef and church planter.


From Jerusalem to the World: How to Minister Where You Are, with Cole and Kristin Malphrus – EM233

We're called to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the Earth. But what does that mean? How is our preparation different? Listen to hear Cole and Kristin Malphrus share their experiences.


How to Empower Christians to Make Disciples in the World, with C Anderson – EM232

Sometimes we can be discouraged by the enormity of the task of sharing the Gospel. Listen as C Anderson shares her heart and experiences with disciple-making movements and some leadership principles.


Community, Faith, and Health: How to Bring the Kingdom Here, with Austin Rumbaugh – EM231

Just because we write off a city or a nation doesn't mean God doesn't still care. He does care and can still move. Hear how God is is opening doors for Austin Rumbaugh in what is commonly called "Sin City."


Faith and Fellowship: Bringing Hope to Those in the Military, with David Warner - EM230

People in the military need support and discipleship. Listen as David Warner shares how Officer's Christian Fellowship provides training and resources for people in the military to minister to each other.


Reaching the Unreached: How to Show the Glory of God to the World, with Duane Frasier of the Joshua Project - EM229

Have you considered what you can do to help reach those who seem to have no chance of hearing the Gospel? Even if you aren't called to "go" you'll be inspired by what Duane Frasier shares about the Joshua Project.


Open Doors Are Opportunities: Obeying God in the World, with Sharp Nicaragua Missionary - EM228

Preparation is important but how long is too long to be preparing? James Sharp shares a long-term vision for ministry in Asia, his work in Nicaragua, and how God's guided his life.


The Power of Learning: How to Serve God Cross-Culturally, with Jean Johnson - EM227

Haver you ever wondered how looking for "quick wins" might actually derail missions efforts? Listen to hear Jean Johnson share her experiences and wisdom after decades of ministry.


Love Multiplies: How to Be Faithful and Be Fruitful, with Jonathan Ammon - EM226

Struggling with motivation in missions or ministry? Listen to discover the 3 important elements that Jonathan Ammon shares from his experience in discipleship and church planting!


3 Stories of How God Heals People in the World, with Kirk De Venney – EM225

Wondering if God still heals? Need encouragement? Join us as Kirk DeVenney, missionary to Guatemala, shares stories of healing and how he's seen God do amazing things for people (and chickens).


Where in the World Are Your Neighbors? Love Them. – with Beth Watkins – EM224

Have you ever been expelled from a country? Beth Watkins has and in this week's episode she shares some of the twists, turns, joy, heartbreak, and faithfulness in her journey. Listen to be inspired!


The Heart Language: How to Show Jesus in Poland, with Matthew Meyer – EM223

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be new on a missions assignment? Or considered the path to get there? Listen to discover how God called Matthew Meyer and led him to Poland.


Never Too Old: How to Follow Jesus Across America, with Gordy Entzminger – EM222

Are you nearing retirement and not sure you're ready to shut down? Listen to discover what God is doing with Gordy and Marva Entzminger as they're transitioning to God's "next" hands-on ministry opportunity for them.


Engaging Missions in 2018 - EM221

Wondering what's going on with the Engaging Missions Show? Well, after some rest and hearing from you, we're returning strong but with some changes. Listen to learn more about what you can look forward to in 2018.