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Ep 5: Connie Viveros: The Freedom Found in Embracing Our Shadow (1 of 2)

Connie Viveros is a master integrative life empowerment coach and a philanthropist. After discussing Connie's own spiritual path, we talk about how 'Shadow Work', or exploring and owning the dark parts of ourselves, completely changed Connie's life. From it, she found freedom, peace and self love. In this episode, Connie traces her journey from a difficult childhood, through addiction and recovery, and discusses how discovering the text “A Course in Miracles” in her 20s changed her life....


Ep 4: Patti McGraw: Leaps of Faith and Saying 'Yes'

Patti McGraw is a spiritual seeker who shares incredible wisdom and advice during this episode from her many years of walking her spiritual path. We spend much time discussing how Patti has been able cultivate faith and say 'YES' to opportunities that were way outside of her comfort zone. My favorite quote from Patti: "When you face your biggest fears, freedom is on the other side of that." Patti discusses the importance of listening to that inner voice, finding support from others,...


Ep 3: José Luis Stevens: The Shifting Paradigm & Donald Trump (2 of 2)

Jose Luis Stevens joins us for part 2 of our interview. We focus on Jose's blog series on the election of Donald Trump to president, his view on what's REALLY happening in our world from a larger perspective, that despite appearances, things in the world aren't what they seem, and his surprising opinion on what we should all be doing now to serve. We talk about Jose's new book Encounters with Power: Adventures and Misadventures on the Shamanic Path of Healing Jose Luis Stevens is an...


Ep 2: José Luis Stevens: Tapping Into True Power (1 of 2)

Jose Luis Stevens is an international lecturer, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker and shamanic practitioner. He's the founder, along with his wife, Lena, of the Power Path School of Shamanism. We discuss how he was drawn to shamanism after growing up Catholic, experiences in studying with shaman from around the world, and how to tap into true power. We talk in depth about Jose's new book Encounters with Power: Adventures and Misadventures on the Shamanic Path of Healing. Find...


Ep 1: Welcome to "The Enlightened Life" - What's this podcast about?

Welcome to the podcast! In this episode, you'll hear the story behind how the podcast came to be. Throughout the upcoming episodes, you'll hear inspiring interviews with progressive-minded spiritual thought leaders, teachers and 'everyday' spiritual seekers. They'll share lessons they've learned, wisdom and tools that can help you in your life.