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My Disciple Part 2 with Kenny Luck

#2 - MY DISCIPLE LOVES PEOPLE Hey guys – it’s your host Jeremy – thanks for being a part of the Every Man Livestream Study. Today’s study is going to be highlighting the fact that - who we really are eventually comes out in our relationships. I think we can all agree that that can be a good thing or… a bad thing. For most men, it’s fair to say that relationships represent his greatest challenge, his greatest source of regret OR his highest sense of achievement and satisfaction. How do we...


My Disciple Part 1 with Kenny Luck – Audio Only

Watch the video at #1 – MY DISCIPLE HOLDS TO MY TEACHING Hey guys – it’s Jeremy – thanks for being a part of the Every Man Livestream Study. Have you ever said to yourself, “Is that guy a Christian?” Maybe we see them behaving a certain way or doing something that raises the question in our minds. When someone makes a claim, there is a natural expectation we place on people once they make it. But how do we know if a person is the REAL DEAL…a real friend…a real...


You Breaking Through with Kenny Luck

God says there is a next level for you - a whole other gear of life, living, relationship, and character this next year. Will you settle? Or, will you experience the personal and powerful breakthroughs he has planned for you in Christ? Take the challenge from men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck to have a breakthrough year full of power.

The Testimony Series Trailer

Every Man has a testimony waiting to come out. When a man makes a decision for Christ he gives thanks by telling the world what God has delivered them from. The Testimony Series is coming soon and you can only see it on so sign up today and get ready to be moved.

Ground Zero Part 4 with Kenny Luck

Part 4 - Ground Zero: When Healthy Legacy Explodes In our culture today we make much of our celebrities – they are super visible people who have massive followings. But I think you would agree that there is big difference between a hero and a celebrity. * Celebrities are known for their name being known. * Heroes – on the other hand – are known for thinking of someone else. * Celebrities make history through visibility. * Heroes make history through character qualities. * Celebrities show...

Ground Zero Part 3 with Kenny Luck

Part 3 - Ground Zero: When Healthy Morality Explodes You might have heard the famous statement: “If we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything?” The idea is simple: weak convictions lead to a weak morality among men which leads to weak beliefs and behaviors. I don’t know about you but I think the world is pretty fed up with men who have a weak or selfish morality. On the other hand, we respect men who believe their beliefs and live them out – even if they differ from our own....

End Of The Year 2018 Thank You

ACCELERATING FAST ... into a powerful and world changing 2019 because of you. Acceleration is the story of this past year heading into next year. Only hard work and team work with you placed in God's hands creates momentum. And when you have it you need to work it. That's why Every Man is launching "A MILLION FOR A MILLION" right now to change masculinity for God and good. Come with us.

Ground Zero Part 2 with Kenny Luck

Part 2 - Ground Zero: When Healthy Community Explodes I think you’ll agree that when a few men get together – all it takes is one bad idea for dangerous stuff to start going down. Am I right? But did you know that in the exact same way, when good men combine all it takes is courage and conviction to do the right thing for some serious good take place. History tells the stories of generations of men who identified with, energized, and lived out the best and worst of ideas as small bands of...

Ground Zero Part 1 with Kenny Luck

Ground Zero #1 By the looks of it, emotionally grown up, spiritually strong, and relationally committed men are in high demand but low supply. In a world scrambling for solutions to the chaos, dysfunction, injustices and related pain in today's cities and communities, it is equally clear that the ills before us will not be solved politically, economically, or by a gender grab for power and position. What would happen if a new wave of masculinity for others took root? A masculinity that...

Triumph by Kenny Luck

Traumas in our lives can redefine us or redeem us. What happens depends on what we allow to shape our thoughts and actions in the midst - not in the absence of - adversity. God's plan is for you to rise above and soar above your challenges not let them define you.

Worth Fighting For Part 3 with Joe Champion

A study of the book of Ephesians, along with 5 powerful testimonies. Together, we look into what things are truly worth fighting for.

Each Day Part 5 with Kenny Luck

Each Day Part 5 - Walk in Pride or Walk in Humility We all know unhealthy pride when we see it - the message is: thanks but no thanks. When you run into a prideful person they act like they know better than you or are even worse - that they are better than you! We also know humility when we see it right? Men who who possess greatness but don't use it to their advantage or make you feel less than them. It makes us respect them even more? Pride and humility are HUGE themes in the Bible and for...

Each Day Part 4 with Kenny Luck

Being a taker is easy. Being a giver requires inner resources we don't always have. Jesus made this issue of giving and taking as a man a defining feature for those who followed him. Men who did not follow him were free to be takers but men called themselves by his name were free to be givers - saying no to themselves in order to say yes to others. Jesus modeled exactly what he expects and in Part 4 of the Each Day series men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck breaks down what being a giver...

Worth Fighting For Part 1 with Joe Champion

Worth Fighting For Series Description A study of the book of Ephesians, along with 5 powerful testimonies. Together, we look into what things are truly worth fighting for.

Each Day Part 3 by Kenny Luck

Each Day Part 3 A parent sees and senses when their child is not listening to them. A wife sees and senses when her husband hears what she is saying but isn’t going to change his behavior or take action. A coach sees and senses when a player is not taking his direction in the game. God sees and senses when WE are listening to him or ignoring him. Each day we have a choice. Join us for Part 3 of the Each Day Series as men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck explores what the Bible says about how...

Each Day Part 2 – Kenny Luck

Ever noticed that it is easy to thank God when life is good? But somehow when we are faced with challenges - the gratitude stops and the grumbling starts - especially the longer our expectations go unmet. But how do you do that? How do we affirm God's goodness in the middle of our cancer, getting fired, losing a relationship, or a dream dying. In today's study, you are going to see what happens when God's people grumble and, on the other side, how gratitude in the midst of challenges pleases...

Each Day Part 1 with Kenny Luck

In relationships remembering another person is synonymous with caring for another person. Think about when someone thoughtfully remembers you when you are apart and shows up and says, "I was thinking of you and thought you would appreciate this." The Lord is a person and He says that He loves to be remembered not forgotten. When we forget the Lord there are consequences. When we discipline ourselves to remember him there are rich, blessings. Each day we make that choice.