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091.🌞moves to Aries on the Equinox 🌹and the Moon is Full in Libra💕We get what we give😘

March 20, 2019 The Sun moves into Aries marking the Equinox- The Astrological new year! Woot woot! and the Moon is full in lovey Libra. This is a potent time to get in touch with who you are - and once you are clear about that you can connect from the heart to your people. The Sun in Aries knows what it wants. It could care less what your agenda is. Aries is frequently accused of being selfish and impetuous. Try and stop an Aries, or ask them to wait a few minutes and you will see what I...


090. 💕Activate your magic ✨

March 12-19, 2019 This week the we have some stressful aspects pushing us to grow, along with some lovely ones to remind us how dull our comfort zone really is. We are here to live, so lets get started. Friday Mercury will Square Jupiter. Squares force growth. Your imagination creates your reality. You can absolutely take control of the reality you live in. The path to your true and total self requires you to bring your vision into reality. We are on the heals of the Equinox. More on that...


089.🌘🌑🌒 New Moon in Pisces 🔮 Mercury Goes retrograde and Uranus moves to Taurus.

New Moon in Pisces: March 6, 2019 These are mystical times we live in. Consider yourself the oracle. Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter in influence. Neptune is like ink in water. Or the colors in a dancing fire. It's what helps tune you into the Cosmos. It is always in your periphery. The New Moon on March 6, 2019 is a potent one. Neptune is squaring Jupiter.Sagittarius. These two together can make big waves, like the unsinkable Titanic Mercury goes retrograde on...


088. ♈Chiron shifts into🌟 Aries: 2019-2027-🌈 Awake we can heal!

Chiron Moves to Aries: February 2019- April 2027. We are now doing the work of expressing our identity. Whatever stands in the way of who we came here to be must go. We are moving fast with Purpose now. When you discover your wounds and give them a voice you become aware. Awake. Activating your potential takes courage, and certainty. With Chiron in Aries we begin a new adventure. One where we don't have to apologize for being who we are. We can heal and grow and know. And we do know! We...


087.🌕Super full moon in Purifying Virgo: 💫Clear the space for new stories to be born🌱

The Super full Moon is in purifying Virgo. Now is your chance to let go of what is no longer useful to you. Is it a bad habit? A box of old papers? A drag you down relationship? This Virgo Full Moon is here to help. You only have room for a well-ordered carry on. Virgo energy is looking for perpetual perfection. Peace comes from taking care of all the details. Attending to the routines that build a healthy solid life. Your ability to see what is no longer working should be top-notch right...


086.Warrior Mars💥 fuses with Uranus in Brave 💣Aries: May the 🔥 in your Heart light the way.✨

February 12-17, 2019 Mars conjoins Uranus. A great big burst of energy helping you be you. This powerful aspect is happening in Fiery self propelling Aries. If you need courage and strength and the ability to act fast in your own best interest, now is your time. The conjunction between Mars and Uranus is at the last degrees of Aries before Mars moves to very different Taurus. Unexpected, uncharacteristic acts of rebellion are possible. Also, accidents. Walk slowly, be deliberate and you can...


085. ⚡ New Moon In ♒Aquarius 04-02-2019: Rebellion pays off.

Aquarius New Moon February 4, 2019- Now is our chance to to reset. This is an opportunity to let go with effortless ease. Watch for sudden lucky opportunities that expand your life to include fortunate adventures with like minded companions. Venus, ruler of what we value, moves to commited Capricorn: What do you need to do to get where you need to go? Now is the perfect time to plan. It is a perfect time to begin as you intend to go on. You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you...


084.🌔🌕🌖 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in ☀Leo 01-21-19:🌵What would you do if you knew success was inevitable?

January 20/21, full moon Lunar Eclipse in Noble Leo will oppose the Sun in future thinking Aquarius. This Eclipse shows us where we need to release and reset. This last two weeks has set in motion new circumstances to take you where you are meant to be. In the name of Joy and Love make your choices. May you tap into the pulse of Love, and fun and peace and Abundance. Leave old stories, bring along the best and leave the rest. This tangle of difficulty will soon unravel and our path will be...


083.🌘🌑🌒New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn🐐: You have what it takes to get what you want🌟

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 5 , 2019: What’s your plan for this lifetime? Clarity is in the air: Breathe deep of it. Dig way down and prepare the soil for some potent seeds. We are entering the Eclipse portal, the next two weeks change everything. Choose those seeds carefully. Think in terms of usefulness and longevity. What will be your legacy? You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you anywhere! subscribe on iTunes or Google Play to get every episode...


082.❄Winter Solstice and the full Moon in Cancer: 💓Count your blessings and go with the flow.

Winter Solstice and the full moon in Cancer: We have arrived at a power point this solstice. Potent Pivotal moments are occurring all around us. Generous Jupiter is fusing with Mercury to bless us with the right idea, perfect knowing. Our life long story lines are dissolving to bring us too our true potential. This is a time you will remember. The winter solstice, when the sun enters Capricorn, is on December 21, 2018. Our intentions are powerful. Introspection is fruitful. What do you need...


081.💘Chiron Direct:💔What we feel we can heal💖.

December 12-19 2018 Chiron is heading forward now in Pisces. Galloping us through the mysterious unknown, determined to heal our pain in all directions of time. This is progress. Progress is letting go. Let go of what you think you know. Ahh,but Mercury has moved to Sagittarius, know it all extraordinaire. We may be flooded with big ideas. Ideas that give new meaning and purpose. Our beliefs shape our lives. And what we believe is about to go through a fantastic expansion. The veils of...


080.🍀 New moon in Sagittarius:💞 You have a Vision and you are always guided by it💫

The moon is New moon in Sagittarius at 11:20 pm PST December 6 , 2018. Aim High! Higher! This new moon helps us all get in touch with our biggest vision. Mercury is going forward again too. Glorious gobs of great big truth are bubbling up to show you what's in your way. Consider it an adventure. New moons are a great time to plant the seeds of future. This Sagittarius new moon taps us into our confidence and certainty. Our intuitive knowing is strong. Our bullshit detector fully functional....


079.🔮Venus and Mercury move to Scorpio💞 Trust what nourishes you

November 27- December 2, 2018 Valuable Venus and big thinking Mercury move into Scorpio. Let us have a deep meaningful look at the truth of it all. Transformation is underway. Release the past and the past will release you. Call back all the unheard parts of yourself. Call back all the unlived dreams. It is time for a renewal and you want to start with all your available energy. With Mercury going retrograde into to Scorpio your thoughts may turn to past traumas of all kinds.Issues of...


078.🌔🌕🌖 Full Moon in Gemini:💖May your Quest be lit by Love.

November 22-26 2018- Gemini Full Moon on November 22 9:39 pm PST is the beginning of something New and wonderful. Tap into this energy to amp up your mental prowess. Smooth talking you is ready to chat about the meaning of it all. The past is left easily now. You know all that you need to know to get on with it. It's really that simple. The energy of this Full Moon will help to align you with your highest path. Don’t forget to ground yourself. Surround yourself with Light and Love. May...


077.♻Discombobulation Alert🔮: Mercury retrograde, Venus Direct, Mars into Pisces. 🙏Resolve to resolve.

November 16-21, 2018 Discombobulation alert. Mercury goes retrograde and Venus goes direct-Look back to go forward. Mars moves into Pisces after being in Aquarius for ages. Consider the sudden confusion necessary. It's always been there. Now you are actively wrestling with your demons. They lay low no longer. Things are highly charged now. Be brave and honest and also be cautious and thoughtful. Remember its a winding down time of year. Be patient with any lack of perceived progress. Mars...


076.♏Scorpio New Moon-🔭What you focus on grows.🌱💖

Uranus backs into Aries:I am and You are. The Moon is New in Scorpio: Feel then release. Jupiter leaves Scorpio for its hometown of Sagittarius. We are poised for ignition. The nodes change focus. The fuel that propels us to our future is the release of all we have held back. The next year has enormous potential to deliver you your dreams come true. Be clear. Be precise. Be certain. You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you anywhere! subscribe on iTunes or Google Play to get...


075.💡Mercury Conjoins Jupiter and moves into Sagittarius: ✨A wish begins with a💤 Dream

October 30-November 2018 Mercury and Jupiter fuse in space and time granting us with brilliant plans and understanding. Mercury will shift into Sagittarius. Amping-up our need to know the truth which does set us free. Venus Retrograde and Uranus get in a tussle about whether to stay or change. Or maybe change and stay. Venus will leave Scorpio and back track into Libra territory. A chance to set things right is available. A redo has come due. Remember: A wish begins with a dream. A dream...


074.🌔🌕🌖Full Moon in Taurus🎂 The finer things in life make life mighty fine🍻

October 23-30, 2018 The Full moon in Taurus asks: What are your intentions? Earthy Taurus helps us make it real. Like really real. Get specific. Snap out of it. It’s time to realign with a new design! This is a potent moon for making it happen, bringing your ideas down into the real world. Enlightened Uranus is in luxury loving Taurus joines with the Full Moon. It's an odd and unpredictable combo. One I suspect is designed to shake us out of our inertia. If you want to get to where you've...


073.💖 The Libra Sun🌞 is open for Love💌Love💘Love💥.

October 15-22, 2018. "What you seek is seeking you." It's time to connect. Venus ruled Libra is happiest in relationship. Most of us humans are. We thrive on Love. Get clear about what you have to offer and what you are looking for. Details darling. Think of everything. Mercury brings our thoughts to the stuff we would rather avoid. Venus makes it clear our relationships need attention. Or maybe it is our lack of relationship situation that needs some considered thought. You can take the...


072.🔮Mercury Moves to Scorpio: 🚪Deep thoughts need thinking. What you Value motivates you

October 9- 15, 2018 connector Mercury moves into loyal Scorpio. It will oppose Uranus in super stubborn Taurus. Plenty of power struggle possibilities. Yikes. Venus in Scorpio is also in a tangle with macho Mars in detached Aquarius. All manner of miscommunication is possible. Maybe never talking again is the way to go. Maybe some things are worth fighting for. Maybe. Maybe not. The sun is in Libra. If you are feeling the dull ache of repressed pain , open your arms wide to those terrible...