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As the title states, this show is mostly about Exploring Astrology. In it, you will find interviews with some of the worlds greatest Astrologers and much of the other space lit up by my mythical ramblings on the subject. The show is meant to be both educational and entertaining. Hope you enjoy!

As the title states, this show is mostly about Exploring Astrology. In it, you will find interviews with some of the worlds greatest Astrologers and much of the other space lit up by my mythical ramblings on the subject. The show is meant to be both educational and entertaining. Hope you enjoy!
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As the title states, this show is mostly about Exploring Astrology. In it, you will find interviews with some of the worlds greatest Astrologers and much of the other space lit up by my mythical ramblings on the subject. The show is meant to be both educational and entertaining. Hope you enjoy!




Tone, Chiropractic, & Medical Astrology with Alec Brogan

In this show, my dear friend Alec Brogan joins me to share more on Medical Astrology to continue from the last show with William. He recently graduated from chiropractic school and is doing some groundbreaking work weaving Astrology and his medicine. We talk all about it. We also recorded the show the day after the "Dreaming with Chiron" retreat, on location, I did in the Fall of 2019. Enjoy. art by Sander Bos & Mapije de Wit Find him on Facebook Support the Podcast on Patreon...


Medical Astrology with William Morris

In this show, you will hear William Morris and I talk about Medical Astrology. It goes deeper though. Our love for the ways of the East and of sound and of dragons inform much of what happens in this conversation. I think it is one that may resonate in you for some time. Enjoy. To support the Work:


A Chat with Nick Mulvey

In this show, I had the great pleasure to chat with one of my favorite musicians, Nick Mulvey. We chat about how to make honey from our darkness, the progressed Full Moon, music, and sprinkles of many other inspired topics. One of the most potent would be around our human searching for external validation. I think you will enjoy this chat very much. Nicks site: My site: To support the Work:


In Person with Mark Jones

In this show, I captured a sliver of the countless hours of inspired conversation between Mark and I when I visited him in Wales. Ranging from early childhood development to why we use Astrology, there are many ideas you will find in here that have the power to change you. I'm confident you are going to enjoy the show very much.


A Show for Venus "All for Love"

This show is dedicated to Venus. She is gone from the sky now, headed for the other side of the Sun. I do my best to connect us to the beginning of the cycle back in October of 2018 and get ready for what's about to happen. There are some big ideas I explore in this one: Love. Psyche & Eros. Anima. Animus. get the idea. It's all about Venus. enjoy


Dreaming Plants & Planets with Sheri Hupfer

In this Podcast, Sheri Hupfer and I continue the tradition of Plants and Planets. I know it's been a while since you've heard one of these, but hopefully, your longing has been sweet and educational. We talk about dreams, Chiron, Pulsatilla, relational dynamics, and of course our upcoming retreat in Colorado where we will be creating something like an Asclepieon. Enjoy


Mythic Astrology with Arielle Guttman Pt. 2

In this show, Arielle returns to speak about Mythic Astrology and how it might be helpful for these "troubled" times. She likens our moment to a pressure cooker (something I'm sure many of you can relate to) and how we can best release the steam. Palles, Chiron, Pluto, Saturn, and Ketu all make appearances. I always enjoy talking to our elders in the field. May you find exactly what you need by listening.


Mercury Cycles with Gray Crawford

In this show, Gray Crawford and I talk about the magic found in Mercury cycles. Whether we are working with the synodic cycle in the sky or by progression, we both agree: It is one of the most magical movements to track in both skies-above and below! Lots of what we speak of also apply to Venus's cycle as well. It is my hope that you get excited to go much deeper with the Magi after listening. Enjoy Art by Shakti Fullon


The Forever 27 Club with Zachary Kampf

In this show, Zachary Kampf and I explore the infamous club of the "Forever 27's." He is working on a Dissertation on the subject using Archetypal Astrology and Psychology to attempt to understand this unfortunate phenomenon. Lots of discussion about the Saturn Return naturally occurs as well. Enjoy Contact Zach:


A Show for Hermes

This show is dedicated to Hermes. It's a solo one. In it, I do some invocations, we lend our ears to the Great Magi, and we learn a bit on how to track him and our thoughts as they orbit the One Mind. If you enjoy my solo shows, I think you are in for a treat. If you don't, there are many others to choose from. Enjoy


Myth & Music with Marya Stark

In this show, Marya Stark and I talk about my favorite things: Myth. Music. Magic. And Healing. She is one of the most talented songbirds I know. She also weaves all of what she does with mythopoetic threads. I really think you are going to love her and hopefully, you will be inspired to learn more about the language of birds as well.


Epigenetic work with David Krantz

In this Podcast, David Krantz joins me to talk about epigenetic's and ten thousand other things. We learn it's in the nature of 5 Gemini (which we both have) which creates such interdisciplinary dialogue. I really enjoyed this conversation with David. It's the type that could go on forever. Check out his work here: my work:


The Fool's Journey with Robert Bonomo

In this show I am joined by Robert Bonomo to explore the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana as a Path to Awakening. This is the second show on the Tarot and hopefully a profound deepening into it. We are in a 'Hanged Man' moment my friends. This podcast is in perfect stride with it and all the exciting transits happening in the sky. Enjoy.


On Chiron in Aries

In this show, we revisit Chiron's cave. It's been a while since we've been there. Being that he has stepped into Aries now, it is my feeling there is much to learn. By listening, you will get both a brief overview of the nature of Chiron and some specific downloads on what to expect with him now being in Aries. Enjoy.


Relationships & Astrology with Dianne Lawson

In this show, Dianne Lawson and I talk about the power Astrology possesses in being able to heal our Relationships. She just wrote a book on the topic. It's called Extraordinary Relationships through Astrology. Check it out on her site below. It is my hope this conversation helps in more ways than one. But one is just fine. Enjoy


On The Nodes of the Moon

In this Podcast, I share the story of the Samudra Manthan. It's an old tale. One that explains eclipses in the most interesting of ways. I also reflect on the Maui retreat and all that has transpired along this wyrd road that I'm on. It's a solo show. I hope you enjoy it.


Myth & Astrology with Jason Holley

In this show, Jason joins us for the first time to talk about Myth and Astrology. We also touch on astrodrama, the nodes, the scarlett letter of the Scorpio Moon, and many other tasty topics. Jason is based out of Sante Fe and has the best laugh. Hope you enjoy listening to us.


The Tarot with T. Susan Chang

In this show, T. Susan Chang joins me from Fortune's Wheelhouse Podcast to talk about the Tarot. It's the first time I've ever done a show on the topic and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. Susan is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject. I learned a lot. I'm sure you will too. Enjoy


The Red Books with Becca Segall Tarnas

In this show, Becca Segall Tarnas revisits the show to take a deeper dive into the Red Books. Both Tolkien and Jung had their own Red Books, which are an unbelievably deep exploration of the Imagination. To Tolkien, it is a Fae Realm, which he recorded for us in all of his books; With Jung, it is the Collective Unconscious. There is also an astrological component present in all the synchronicities between the two men which relate to the cycles between Neptune and Uranus. Being that Becca did...


Astrocartography with Moses Siregar III

In this show, Moses Siregar joins me to talk about Astrocartography. Also known as Locational Astrology, it is one of the more fascinating branches of Astrology that helps us understand how place awakens different parts of our chart. Moses takes it incredibly seriously, so much so, it has even changed my relationship to it as well. I hope that it inspires you to go deep with the maps.