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As the title states, this show is mostly about Exploring Astrology. In it, you will find interviews with some of the worlds greatest Astrologers and much of the other space lit up by my mythical ramblings on the subject. The show is meant to be both educational and entertaining. Hope you enjoy!

As the title states, this show is mostly about Exploring Astrology. In it, you will find interviews with some of the worlds greatest Astrologers and much of the other space lit up by my mythical ramblings on the subject. The show is meant to be both educational and entertaining. Hope you enjoy!
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As the title states, this show is mostly about Exploring Astrology. In it, you will find interviews with some of the worlds greatest Astrologers and much of the other space lit up by my mythical ramblings on the subject. The show is meant to be both educational and entertaining. Hope you enjoy!




Exploring the Celestial Art with Austin Coppock

In this show, Austin Coppock and I meet again in dragon territory to talk about the Celestial Art. Recent centuries have not been kind to both Astrology and Magic, in fact, it's been so brutal that the two have somehow even been separated. Well, not anymore. These kinds of conversations will change the tides for certain. Enjoy.


Exploring Astrology with Richard Tarnas

In this show, I finally get the chance to sit down with Richard Tarnas. As many of you know, Rick is the reason I do this work. His book Cosmos & Psyche changed my life. And so, I'm honored to finally get to share this conversation with you all, about two of my favorite topics in the world: Astrology and Psychedelics.


Exploring Planetary Nodes with Mark Jones

In this show, Mark Jones returns to talk about a different kind of Node and a completely different dragon: The Planetary Nodes! We've chatted about them before, but not as in-depth as this round. I always enjoy the effervescent mingling of ideas I experience with Mark. He makes me proud to be an Astrologer.


Exploring Out of Bounds Planets with Tony Howard

In this show, Tony Howard visits to talk about Out of Bounds Planets (OOB). If you aren't familiar with this concept, well now you are. If you have always wanted to know more, well this show is for you. I hope this information will deepen your exploration of Astrology. Enjoy.


Exploring Astrology with Amanda "Pua" Walsh

In this show, Amanda Walsh of Astrology Hub joins me for her first visit. We talk Hawaii magik, gawk at the aftermath of Pluto/Uranus, and share stories about our attempts at making Astrology more beautiful and accessible to the people. I hope you enjoy it.


Mars Rx 2018 "The Right Kind of Trouble"

In this show, I return from my retreat with a sack full of ideas related to Mars and attempt to make them useful for the upcoming retrograde this Summer. It is a solo show. I hope you enjoy it. And remember: Eat your beets!


Exploring Plants & Planets with Sheri Hupfer "Chiron Loves Turmeric"

In this show, Sheri returns to talk Chiron, Turmeric, and about the purpose of Heavy Metal. There are many other relevant topics which are discussed of course. Have a listen. Hope you enjoy it. Sheri's site: my site:


Exploring the Archetypal Universe with Renn Butler

In this show Renn Butler returns to talk about his new book The Archetypal Universe. It's always a great pleasure to have Renn on, because he has been steeped for decades in the ideas of Grof, Tarnas, and transpersonal approaches to healing--my kind of topics! If you are new to Renn's work, welcome. If you have been familiar for years, well, welcome back. And enjoy.


Exploring Uranus in Taurus Pt. 2 with Chris Brennan & Eugenia Krok

This show is a continuation of the three-part series of the Trialogue between Chris Brennan, Eugenia Krok, and I about Astrology. In this first one, which you can find on Chris's show, The Astrology Podcast, we talked about what it's like to be a professional Astrologer. Also, what it takes to get to and be in such a novel position as one in life. In this show, it's all about Uranus in Taurus. In the next, which will be on Eugenia's show, Bridging Realities, we talk about Chiron moving...


Exploring Addiction with Katya Slivinskaya

In this show, my dear friend Katya joins me to explore addiction. We are all addicted to something. It's important not to kid ourselves, instead to understand the pain behind the distraction. Katya has devoted her life to working with addiction, using Astrology as well to assist in the process of deeper understanding and healing. We've been close friends for over a Jupiter cycle, and this is our first podcast together. We hope you get inspired to make a change by listening....


Exploring the Hermetica Triptycha with Gary Caton

In this show, Gary Caton joins me to talk about his new book on Mercury called Hermetica Triptycha. There are so many ideas within this book that every Astrologer needs to know in my opinion, so it was a great honor to talk with him and pick his brain about what I have learned since reading this essential mercurial tome. Enjoy. art "Hermes" by Martina Hoffman


Exploring the Astrology of Cryptocurrency with Noah Lampert

In this show, I have a titillating conversation with my friend Noah Lampert about Cryptocurrency. No matter what you have heard or what you currently think about this game-changing technology, I ask you to keep an open mind when listening. It could change everything for you. It could be it: The freedom you have always been searching for...


Exploring Astrology with Charles Eisenstein

In this show, I am joined by revolutionary thinker Charles Eisenstein. We contemplate Neptune in Pisces under the Virgo Full Moon, take a look at long stretches of time through the quaking dynamic between Pluto and Uranus, and much more. Charles is not an Astrologer but was kind enough to come on the show with an open mind to see what happened. Well, I think what happened was kind of interesting...oOo Enjoy


Venus Evening Star Podcast "Connected"

In this show, I explore Venus as an Evening Star. She has just returned to the western skies, exalted, and heading towards Neptune. There is much to be excited about. And I share all my ideas in this show for you. Enjoy!


Exploring Dragons pt. 2 with Austin Coppock

In this show, Austin Coppock returns for pt. 2 of our Dragon talk series. The first was just before the "Great American Eclipse," and now, six months later, here we are again with Eclipse season upon us. The connection between dragons and eclipses is a fascinating phenomenon, one which Austin and I have a great time exploring together. Hope you enjoy.


Exploring Astrology & Qi Gong with Paul Fraser

In this show I have a conversation with my Medical Qi Gong teacher, Paul Fraser. You may not think this has anything to do with Astrology, but you may be surprised. If Astrology is the study of Time, Light, and Energy, then Qi Gong is the practice to keep us radiant in all three. It's fundamental. It's healing. It's more than words can capture. I do hope you enjoy listening. And if you find yourself wanting to learn, Paul and I both teach it.


Exploring Spagyrics with Sajah Popham

In this show, I have a chat with Sajah Popham of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism about Spagyrics. If you aren't familiar with the idea, you probably already are to an extent. If you've listened to any of my Plants & Planets shows, that's essentially what Spagyrics is. It's old, it's magical, it's essential to the work we are all doing. I'm excited for you to listen to this. Enjoy


Exploring Mugwort & the Solstice with Sheri Hupfer

In this show, Sheri returns to talk about the Winter Solstice and Mugwort. As the Sun stands still up here in the North, the nights are long and perfect for dreaming. No better herb according to many for augmenting the dreamworld experience than Artemesia Vulgaris (Mugwort). May this show summon your inner witch and alchemist to the table. Enjoy Sheri's site:


The Saturn Podcast "Another look at the Old Devil"

In this show, I share the heaviest load of Saturn content to date. With his ingress home into Capricorn just around the Galactic Center, I felt it appropriate to go deep. I also talk about the Saturn Return, Sade Sati, and walk with him into many other essential realities. I do hope you enjoy!


Exploring Astrology with Chris Brennan pt. 2

In this show, Chris and I pick up from where we left off on his show where we set off to answer our listener questions and only got to the Nodes in our first attempt. This time, we cover a few more, like Time Lord Techniques, Mutual Reception, and a couple other interesting Q and A dynamics. Lots to learn in this one my friends. Enjoy!