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The Expositor's Podcast with Dr. Joel Dover

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Verse by Verse Expository teaching with Pastor Joel Dover, Pastor at Calvary Chapel Church in Newnan GA.

Verse by Verse Expository teaching with Pastor Joel Dover, Pastor at Calvary Chapel Church in Newnan GA.


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Verse by Verse Expository teaching with Pastor Joel Dover, Pastor at Calvary Chapel Church in Newnan GA.




Advent Sunday Week Two: Preparation

This week we'll continue our exciting journey through Advent as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. This week's Advent theme is preparation. Let's agree in the Spirit to prepare our hearts for the coming Christ Child.


Advent Sunday Week One: Hope

Join us for week one of Advent. This week's theme is hope.


James 5:13-20 Prayer and the Power of God!

Pastor Joel will take us through the final teaching in the James series. We'll learn about the power of prayer, and James' instruction to pray in every circumstance. Join us as we study God's word together.


James 5:1-12 Principles of Endurance for Suffering Christians

Christians will suffer. If there's one message that blows a hole in the boat of the prosperity doctrine, it's the reality that Christians sometimes suffer. Sometimes Christians suffer even when they are in the will of God or are doing everything right. James will teach us this week about principles of endurance for suffering Christians. Some in James' churches were victims of injustices from wealthy members of the community who used their wealth as a weapon by withholding wages and...


James 4:1-17 Exaltation and Divine Resistance

James teaches us about the need to be humble Christians, and to put away pridefulness and arrogance that so often cause infighting among Christians. In his original audience, their desire for worldly pleasures had become an idol that set God in its shadow. James helps them to recognize their idolatry, and corrects them by giving a prescription of repentance, renewal, and revival. Join us as Pastor Joel takes us through this chapter verse by verse. For more information, check out our web...


James 3:13-18 Leadership Matters!

Pastor Joel continues our journey through James with a message that contrasts godly leaders with worldly leaders. When a church is led by godly leaders, it is a blessed place indeed...but when wicked men lead, the people are oppressed. Join us as we work through this magnificent text and are challenged by the Bible.


James 3:1-12 Taming the Tongue!

In today's reading from the book of James, we'll learn about the power of the tongue. Of all the organs in our bodies, the hardest one to tame is the human tongue. Pastor Joel will take us through the first twelve verses of James 3 and we'll learn about the need for Christians to glorify God with our words.


James 1:9-11, 2:1-13 Kingdom Currency

Pastor Joel takes us through two texts that speak to the believer's Kingdom worth. Our value in the kingdom is not measured in earthly currency. James has a good word for the impoverished believer, and for the wealthy one, encouraging both to see themselves in their true Kingdom identity. Likewise, the church of the Lord Jesus should view others through Kingdom eyes, and avoid worldly partiality and favoritism.


Are We There Yet Mt 24 2 Th 3.1-5



1 Samuel 21-22



James 1:21-27 Counterfeit Christians

Pastor Joel talks to us about the distinguishing qualities of genuine Christianity, and also those of counterfeit faith. James will teach us that genuine Christianity is demonstrated by an exchanged life, and by an obedient life.


James 1:12-20 Facing Temptations That Destroy Us!

Pastor Joel preaches message two in our James study, a message about facing destructive temptations. James helps us to detrains ways that we can face temptations and win!


James 1:1-8 How Trials Make Believers Stronger in Faith

Pastor Joel begins teaching a ten-week message series through the book of James. In this message, we'll learn about the right approach to engaging trials. For those who know Christ, God works in our trials and tribulations to make us stronger in faith. Trials teach us how to lean on God in greater ways, and they produce the fruits of spiritual maturity.


Are We There Yet Mt 24 2 Th 3.1-5



1 Samuel 21-22



Small Groups Sunday

Pastors Joel and Ashley will prepare our church for the Fall Small Groups (10 wks) season that kicks off this week. Come and hear from several of our facilitators, and stick around after the service to meet our group leaders and hosts, and to sign up for a small group!


Thinking Small Leadership Podcast September 2022

A leadership podcast for Small Group Facilitators and Leaders. In this episode, Pastors Joel and Ashley talk through getting our Fall groups started. How can we make new members welcome in the group? What does a typical group meeting look like? How should we use the study guide to the fullest? How do we know if we're making disciples? We'll answer all of these questions as we discuss small groups at CCN.


Doctrinal Study: The New Testament Church

Pastor Joel will give us a one message overview of the doctrine of the New Testament Church from the Bible. We'll take three Biblical looks at the Church and answer the questions: Who are we? What is our unique relationship with Christ? What kinds of things should the church be doing?


Vision Sunday August 28/2022

Friends, join us for Vision Sunday at CCN where we'll spend the morning renewing our current vision and casting new vision. We'll discuss as a church family realizing some old paths and also making some new ones. We have several exciting announcements coming tomorrow, so be sure to join us in person or online. It's an important day in the life of our church.


Special Guest Speaker: JP Garrison

Pastor JP will lead us in our Bible study this morning.