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Ready For Anything

Ready is our Equip. Our Inward Focus on Why Jesus came. Our Inward Focus to make disciple of disciples. Making the Invisible Kingdom Visible.


Win by Grace, Build with Truth, Send in Faith

Our Vision at the EEA Network is to Win by Grace, Build with Truth, Send in Faith, and those three traits can be summed up in Ready Set Go.


Change of Perspective

The story of David and Goliath teaches us a lot about perspective. What perspective needs to change in your life for you to receive the victory? When it seems nothing is happening, you’ll never get what you’ve prayed for, or bad things just won’t end. He is telling you today, Don’t Quit!


Serving Human Need

God created each of us with purpose, and one of those purposes is to care for the poor. Caring for the poor was mandated by God. If we as believers want to accurately represent Jesus and honor God's Word, we must focus on serving and empowering those in need. Listen and Enjoy!


Growth Blockers

I want to challenge you today to seek Revival and Growth inside your Family. But there are blockers, or inhibitors, keeping you away from all God has for you. If you learn them and look for them, you will be able to resist them and renew your mind. Enjoy and Share this Podcast.


Forgiveness In The Family

When we Forgive, it releases us from the destructive hold satan has on us. In today's Episode you will learn what Forgiveness is, and the bonds that unforgiveness holds us down with. Without true Forgiveness Unity will never be accomplished. Enjoy!


Let Faith Inspire

God is calling everyone of us to step out in Faith and do something for Him to disciple and lift people up out of despair. Let Faith Inspire you to believe that you can do all things through Christ who gives you the strength. God is our source.


Encouragement for Single Parents

In the Program today I want to bring encouragement to single parents. Sometimes we forget about those individuals that are serving in both the mother and father roles. But we can never forget those that are raising children on their own. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, God still has a plan for you and your children. He still sees you, He knows you, and He cares for you.


The Wife is a Crown to Her Husband

The Bible tells us that a worthy wife is a crown to her husband, and crowns relate to wisdom. When she is received as God's gift, her husband will benefit from God's wisdom through her. The woman who cultivates her relationship with God first, then relates to her husband relevantly, will powerfully influence him in every area of his life.


Discipline As An Act Of Faith

Disciplining your children goes far deeper than an action in one moment. It is an ongoing process. Today we talk about 3 areas of Discipline; Discipline as an act of faith, guidelines for administering discipline, and types of discipline. We have to remember proper discipline takes time and effort that instills in your children a respect for you so that when they deviate from the right path, their hearts will be tender and they'll want to get back on it. It is vital that we combine our...


Honor and Respect

Parents, we are to model honor and respect for our children to model in society. We pay a steep price in society when parents don't instill honor in the home and allow their children to get away with dishonoring them. There is a price tag to disrespect. If kids don’t learn to honor Mom and Dad, how will they learn to honor police officers, judges, or anyone else’s person or property? That is why God made it clear from the beginning of history that honor and respect are critical in every...


Family Faith's Warfare

We cannot have effective prayers without insight into how to pray and into what God truly longs for us to seek after in prayer. We Dive into the book of Proverbs to gain wisdom and understanding as a Family. Because in Proverbs it says what you learn from your Father and Mother "will crown you with grace and be a chain of honor around your neck." Dive in with me today!


Power Of Unity

Spiritual Unity is at the heart of our Christian faith and the life that binds our family together. Ephesians 4 reveals the Holy Spirit as the source of Unity. It also reveals that "the faith" is the substance of Unity. Enjoy today's episode as we learn how Spiritual Unity was so much a part of the early church and how your family today can break the bondage of division.


Call To Unity Part 2

When Christ dwells in us, it is a miracle full of power, that the Love He revealed to us is the exact Love he will communicate to others through us. When this QUALITY of Love is the basis of a relationship, the miracle of Unity is possible. Holla if you hear me!! It's Love month and with Feb. 14th approaching we learn how to Love and Show Love, first in the family, then to the world.


Call To Unity

What keeps you from your primary (first) love for Christ and for the people He’s given us to love? It is often a “seduction of the secondary” that keeps us from our primary love for Christ and for those He has given us to love. Unity is difficult to grasp when we consider these secondary things and they become the basis for judging or staying away from others. God calls us to love others and serve others just as Jesus did, by the power of the Holy Spirit and in His gracious freedom. Listen,...


Commit To Love

Jesus summed up all moral obligations in the word LOVE. We are called to Love as we are Loved. The issue of Unity is Love. Jesus used, what He called, a new commandment to press us beyond our natural human tendencies to the need for Christ's inspiration. We has humans need to Love and receive Love. Enjoy this weeks Family Podcast!


Expect Great Things

Learn a Vital Key to walking in the pathway of God's Miracles. God has so much more than you anticapate for you and your family. He does not call you to attempt to produce more, but to ASK and BELIEVE Him for more. The Best is yet to come in your Family!


Give Thanks For The Family

In this week's episode we stop and give Thanks for the Family. Lead by example and show your family like Jesus showed His disciples how to serve and become a leader in the process. And you will change future generations in the process.


Raising Leaders

In today's society it's easy to just try and get by, but we as parents or mentors need to teach our children the importance to strive for excellence. In this weeks program we explore how Asher raised his children and the 4 principles we can learn from him. We also will need to make a decision this week, because our future depends on it. So sit back, and enjoy the Family Second Program!


Commitment to the Family

Some people say it takes a village to raise kids, but I believe it just takes parents that are committed to raising a family. In this weeks episode we explore what Commitment means and how we can find it in the most unusual places. As we choose life we need to Commit ourselves to Him. So, get ready to have an Encounter, and lets Activate our Faith today!