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The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 014 - How To Thank God When You Don’t Feel Like It

Most of us know that we should thank God for our blessings each day, but sometimes we don't feel like it. What can we do? We can either force ourselves to give thanks or we can look for ways to deepen our understanding and gratitude for all that the Lord does for us. This week, Gary will discuss several blessings that don't occur to most people. Once you hear this list, you'll find it much easier to give thanks from the heart each day!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 013 - The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Can you imagine being filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control? That's exactly what can happen when you give the Holy Spirit permission to work in your life. Join Gary as he discusses the fruits of the Holy Spirit and how they can become part of your everyday life!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 012 - Come, Holy Spirit!

By taking on a human body, Jesus could only be in one place at a time. After He ascended into heaven, however, the Lord would now be available to anyone who needs Him at any time of the night or day. In addition, His departure would enable Him to send the Holy Spirit to help us live holy and joyful lives. In this episode, we'll discuss the life-changing gift of the Holy Spirit and what we can do to stir up His power in our lives!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 011 - Praying With Confidence

When you pray, do you expect God to hear and answer your prayers? While we obviously believe that prayer has some value (or else we wouldn't pray), we often get discouraged when the answers don't come quickly enough. Sometimes we question if God even hears our prayers. This week, we'll open up the Bible and look at some great examples of expectant prayer. Through these powerful examples, you'll learn how to keep your eyes on the Lord as you wait for your prayers to be answered!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 010 - Hey Look…It’s Jesus!

We often get so distracted with our daily cares and responsibilities that we lose sight of the fact that the risen Jesus is right beside us! This week, we'll look at how He appeared to several of the Apostles (John 21) as they were fishing. After a frustrating night (they caught nothing), Jesus showed up and everything changed. Just as He did with the dejected Apostles, Jesus comes to us every day in the midst of our ordinary lives and is ready and willing to help. We just have to recognize...


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 009 - Back To The Tomb!

This week, we go back to the empty tomb and look at how Mary Magdalene reacted to the evidence that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead. Just like her, we often spend so much time weeping over the problems in our lives that we fail to recognize the risen Lord in our midst. We'll discuss what finally enabled her to see Jesus and what you can do to see Him too!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 008 - The Empty Tomb: It’s All How You Look At It!

After Jesus rose from the dead, many of His followers reacted to the empty tomb with sadness. Instead of rejoicing because He is risen (as He said), they were sad because His body was missing. How do you react to the difficult situations in your life? Are you able to see the risen Lord or are you filled with sadness or despair? Join Gary as he offers suggestions for finding Jesus always - even in the darkness!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 007: “Peace Be With You!”

It's no accident that the first message the risen Jesus had for the terrified Apostles was "Peace be with you!" Appearing to His followers as they hid in fear, Christ restored their hope by proving that He is alive. He continues to do the same thing for us today, if we let Him. Let's talk about it!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 006 - Living Like There Was No Resurrection!

We often make the mistake of focusing so much on our problems that we become sad and lose hope. Doing so causes us to lose sight of the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and is greater than all of our difficulties. Join Gary as he opens the Bible and looks at several individuals who made the same mistake. We'll learn an important lesson on living joyfully!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 005 - Peace Beyond All Understanding

Is it possible to experience peace even in the midst of turmoil and suffering? Absolutely! Join Gary Zimak as he shares some great advice on the matter from someone who should know - Saint Paul!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 004 - You Can’t Walk On Water If You’re Sitting In The Boat!

Sometimes the Lord asks us to leave our comfort zone in order to grow closer to Him. If you're struggling with a decision or enduring suffering right now, you'll definitely want to hear what Gary has to say!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 003 - When God Is Silent

Are you getting frustrated that God isn't answering your prayers? Join Gary as he discusses the Biblical story of a woman who had the same experience, but kept praying. You'll love the end result!!!


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 002 - How Can I Suffer AND Be Peaceful?

Jesus promises us rest if we come to Him, but He also asks us to pick up our cross and follow in His footsteps. What gives? Is it possible to do both? Absolutely! Tune in and discover how carrying your cross is the only way to find lasting peace.


The Gary Zimak Show - Episode 001 - What Does Jesus Say About Worry?

In this episode, Gary will define worry and look at what Jesus said about this common problem. You'll also learn to secret to eliminating worry from your life!