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The Gospel of Jesus. What it is. Why it matters. And how it changes things.

The Gospel of Jesus. What it is. Why it matters. And how it changes things.
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The Gospel of Jesus. What it is. Why it matters. And how it changes things.








The Gospel We Are Trying to Preach (Proclaiming Jesus as Messiah, and Questions about the Ascension)

What does it mean to "proclaim Jesus as Messiah"? Is that what we are supposed to be doing? Is that the Gospel? Why were the Temple Priests so angry with the apostles? And why did the apostles get beaten when they were acquitted? Join our conversation! Check it out this week's podcast on our YOUTUBE Channel Leave a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music! Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner!...


Relearning The Gospel (What about Hell, Election & Salvation? W/ Joanna Keilson)

The Gospel For Planet Earth seeks to recapture the Biblical understanding of the Gospel. But that is easier said than done. When we come to understand the Gospel of the Kingdom, all sorts of other things we have learned have to be questioned and reworked through a fresh vision. In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler are joined by Joanna Keilson for an honest conversation about Hell, Election, and the Gospel. The PODCAST on You Tube: Leave a...


Why Don't We See Jesus? (The Ascension, The Church, and the Village Monk w/ Steven May)

Where is Jesus now? Why don't we see Him? Why isn't He still walking the earth doing the healing and ministry He did before? In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler try to answer these questions. Plus, we will meet Steven May from Kentucky Teen Challenge who is affectionately known as "The Village Monk" because of his reputation for being a Jesus representative in his community. This week's podcast also comes with a blog:...


When God Kills People (Ananias & Sapphira, The Fear of God, and Tragedy in the Early Church)

Luke's account of the tragic deaths of Ananias and Sapphira in the book of Acts is disturbing on many levels. How should we process this story? Should it bring us comfort or fear? Why does God sometimes act this way? Does God still do things like this today? In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler try to unpack some thoughts bound up with the story found in Acts chapter 5. Check it out the podcast YOUTUBE Channel Leave a Comment, ask a question,...


The Continuing Acts Of Jesus (Thoughts and Reflections from Inside our Cross-Country Ministry Tour)

We have taken our family of 7 on a cross-country music ministry tour. When we left home, we barely had enough funds to get us to our first few destinations. But we left anyway because Jesus promised to be with His disciples "always, even to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:20. This week, Karl and Susie Gessler will be sharing updates, thoughts, and reflections in the middle of our homeward stretch. When we left home, we intended to go all the way from North Carolina to Alaska. But did we...


The Beginning Of The Resurrection (Acts 4 and how to respond to a Resurrection of One)

The Disciples were looking for the resurrection but they did not imagine that it would happen to only One Man in the middle of time! Nevertheless, Jesus was raised from the dead and is still carrying on His work today. In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler are looking at Acts 4 and are recording live from the road in the middle of our "Continuing Acts of Jesus Tour" across America. Join us for a closer look at the Acts of Jesus in the first days of the Church and in the life of the...


Can We Really Trust The Name of Jesus? (Acts 3, Faith, Mission, Risk & Healing)

This week’s podcast is the first recorded podcast from the road on our “Continuing Acts of Jesus” Tour. We in Custer Stare Park where our faith seems to be falling on hard times. In this week’s podcast, we are talking about Acts 3 and the power of the name of Jesus. Can we really have confidence in this name? Leave a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music! Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! THE KARL GESSLER BAND VLOG:...


God Did Not Intend This For You (Sam Young's Testimony: Abuse, Forgiveness, and Healing)

Sam Young's step father was a minister in public and very admired and respected. But the man Sam knew at home, behind closed doors, was very different. In this week's podcast, Susie Gessler will interview Sam as she shares her moving story of abuse, salvation, forgiveness, and healing. This is a story of redemption out of deep pain and darkness. "For my father and my mother have forsaken me, But the LORD will take me up." Psalm 27:10 Show Your Love! Become a PODCAST PARTNER!...


"Expand or die!" (The Back To Jerusalem Mission and vision w/ Eugene Bach)

Eugene Bach is a retired Marine Special Forces officer, an author and a dedicated missionary working alongside the Chinese House Church movement among some of the most unreached people groups in the world. In this week's podcast, Eugene shares with us some of the vision behind the Back to Jerusalem movement as well as some of the warnings and challenges facing the Western Church. BACK TO JERUSALEM PODCAST Leave a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music!...


Does God Love All People or Just "the elect"? (Special episode/ interview with Karl Gessler)

"Does God love everyone or just the elect?" This week, Karl Gessler is a guest on David Arthur's (The Alphabet Man) show to answer questions regarding the doctrines of election, limited atonement and predestination. This is a quick synopsis of some very difficult topics which spring from a very dense text of Romans 9. Check out David Arthur's show: David's full story: Election Podcast...


Are You Qualified? And is The Bible Necessary? + Enoc Solano's Testimony

What do you need to be qualified to be used by God? Enoc Solano joins Karl Gessler on the podcast this week to share his story of coming to surrender his life to Jesus and about the amazing thing that happened soon after! Plus, Karl will be facing the question " Do you need to have a Bible in order to grow in your faith in Jesus?" Breaking Free from LGBT Leave a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music!...


Nancy Worley: Salvation & The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

He said to them, "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?" And they said to him, "No, we have not even heard whether there is a Holy Spirit." Acts 19:2. There are many things about Jesus which we may have never heard, even if we grew up in the Church. Nancy Worley grew up in church, but it wasn't until college that someone asked her if she knew what it meant to be a Christian. In this week's podcast, Nancy shares her story of coming to faith in Jesus and also about her secondary...


Praying in Tongues and Speaking truth to Power

How do you speak in tongues? Why would anyone want to do it? This week, Karl and Susie Gessler will share their stories and thoughts on the book of Acts chapter 2, speaking in tongues, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Plus, Karl shares about his recent confrontation with a mayor about the Kingdom of God and the notion of the "separation of Church and State." Leave a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music! Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner!...


The Day Of Pentecost (What is it? What did it mean? What difference does it make?)

The Day of Pentecost was celebrated long before Jesus' disciples had their strange experience described in Acts chapter 2 and even longer before Western Christians argued over whether or not Christians can or should "speak in tongues." But what was the Day of Pentecost? Is it significant that Jesus' disciple's life-altering spiritual experience took place on the day of this Jewish festival? Well, of course, it is and that is what this podcast episode is about. Leave a Comment, ask a...


Muslim, Hindu, Christian. All one or One for All? (Arun Kumar's Story)

He grew up with a Muslim father and a Hindu mother, but his grandmother was a Christian. How did these different worlds live together? Can these world-views coexist? Arun Kumar joins Karl Gessler for this week's podcast to share his story of growing up in India with millions of gods and goddesses and how he discovered the only way to real life. Leave a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music! Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner!...


Restoring The Kingdom to Israel, (Replacing Judas, Restoring Israel and Finding the Will of God)

What is "the Kingdom of Israel"? Why did the disciples ask Jesus if He was going to restore the Kingdom of Israel? In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler discuss the Kingdom of Israel, why the disciples replaced Judas, and how the disciples discerned the will of God. Plus we will hear from Sabina Wurmbrand who described her time in a Communist prison camp as passing through "the beauty parlor of Christ." Know the Persecuted Church through The Voice of The Martyrs...


Leaving Buddha (An interview with Author Eugene Bach)

Buddhism in the West in various forms is fairly popular at the moment. Spiritual practices found within Buddhism such as Yoga, meditation, detachment from materialism, etc. are seen by Westerners to be very positive and helpful resources. But is there another side to Buddhism? According to one former Tibetan Monk, there is. In this week's podcast, Karl Gessler sits down with author, missions director, and former intelligence officer, Eugene Bach, to talk about his new book "Leaving Buddha"...


Where Did Jesus Go?(Acts 1, The Ascension, and the Holy Spirit)

Where did Jesus go when He ascended into heaven? Where is Jesus now? What were the disciples doing while they waited for the Holy Spirit? What the disciples expect the Holy Spirit to do once He came? Who wrote the book of Acts? What does it mean to "repent of your way of doing the kingdom?" Karl and Susie Gessler discuss these questions and more in this week's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast. Leave a Comment or ask a question: Show Your Love! Become a...


How To Act Righteously (Phinehas, Psalm 106, and the Biblical Meaning of Righteousness)

What does it mean to be righteous according to the Bible? When Westerners talk about someone possessing righteousness, we usually mean that someone is what is considered universally moral, such as never breaking one of the Ten Commandments. However, the priority of the question of moral spotlessness is a Western value and not necessarily the focus of the Biblical authors. This week, Karl and Susie Gessler look at some very interesting Bible stories and songs that attribute righteousness to...


Charles Finney: Theology Fiction (Imputation, Election, & Evangelism)

Imputation and atonement are big theological words with which we may not be that familiar. Nevertheless, the things that we have been taught at a popular level about these subjects have oozed their way into our minds one way or another. Atonement is a word used to try to explain what Christ has accomplished on the cross. Imputation is a word that is used to try to explain how Christ's resurrection affects us. But what do we do when the explanations we have heard do not sit well with our...