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The Gospel of Jesus. What it is. Why it matters. And how it changes things.

The Gospel of Jesus. What it is. Why it matters. And how it changes things.
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The Gospel of Jesus. What it is. Why it matters. And how it changes things.








Where Did Jesus Go?(Acts 1, The Ascension, and the Holy Spirit)

Where did Jesus go when He ascended into heaven? Where is Jesus now? What were the disciples doing while they waited for the Holy Spirit? What the disciples expect the Holy Spirit to do once He came? Who wrote the book of Acts? What does it mean to "repent of your way of doing the kingdom?" Karl and Susie Gessler discuss these questions and more in this week's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast. Leave a Comment or ask a question: Show Your Love! Become a...


How To Act Righteously (Phinehas, Psalm 106, and the Biblical Meaning of Righteousness)

What does it mean to be righteous according to the Bible? When Westerners talk about someone possessing righteousness, we usually mean that someone is what is considered universally moral, such as never breaking one of the Ten Commandments. However, the priority of the question of moral spotlessness is a Western value and not necessarily the focus of the Biblical authors. This week, Karl and Susie Gessler look at some very interesting Bible stories and songs that attribute righteousness to...


Charles Finney: Theology Fiction (Imputation, Election, & Evangelism)

Imputation and atonement are big theological words with which we may not be that familiar. Nevertheless, the things that we have been taught at a popular level about these subjects have oozed their way into our minds one way or another. Atonement is a word used to try to explain what Christ has accomplished on the cross. Imputation is a word that is used to try to explain how Christ's resurrection affects us. But what do we do when the explanations we have heard do not sit well with our...


Does God Demand Perfection? (Perfection, God's Plan, and the Meaning of Forgiveness in Luke 24)

What kind of emotions does the word perfection evoke in you? If we are talking about food, it might be a very exciting, complimentary word. But if we are talking about our moral, mental, or physical presence, it is a very overbearing word. The understanding that God is perfect is both intimidating as well as alienating. We don't even really know what perfection is though we feel the pressure to live up to someone's notion of it. Does this pressure come from God? Does God demand perfection...


The Promise that Killed God(Luke 24, Imputation, and the Meaning of Jesus' Death)

Did Jesus die to make me righteous? If He did, what does that mean exactly? As important as this question seems to be to us as Western Christians, it is remarkable that the subject of our "righteousness" in the sense of the sum total of our personal morality, is hardly commented on by Jesus. Jesus never asked anyone if they knew where they would go when they died or if they believed that their works could commend them to God. So why is it such a big deal to us but apparently not to Jesus or...


The Day After Resurrection (Resurrection, The Inaugurated Kingdom, & New Creation w/ Jimmy Clifton)

In Luke's account of the Easter story, Luke tells us about two disciples who were walking home to Emmaus on the first day of the week. They had heard the story of the women at the tomb who claimed that the tomb was empty and that they had seen a vision of angels who claimed that Jesus was alive. But they didn't know what to make of it. Should they believe it? And if they believed it, what did it mean? In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler invite you to walk with them down the road...


Is The Kingdom Of God Physical? (Luke 23, the kingdom and a missionary update from Josh Hoekle)

There is a lot of confusion around the question "What is the Kingdom God?" Is it a physical kingdom or a spiritual kingdom? Personally, I am not sure what a spiritual "kingdom" actually is. I believe that the kingdom of God is nothing if not physical and in this week's discussion with my wife, Susie, I will give some reasons why I believe this. Leave your thoughts below. What do you think the Kingdom of God is like? Plus, Josh Hoekle joins us in the studio to update us on his family's...


Unplanned Podcast (A Reaction to the Movie and a Testimony of a life Changed w/ Elizabeth Harris)

I did not plan to watch the movie "Unplanned." I am already a pro-life activist. I have already seen a live (note the irony) abortion video and I never wanted to see one again. But this week, the guest sharing her testimony on our podcast, Elizabeth Harris, really wanted to talk about the movie on the podcast as it ties in well with her testimony. So, of course, I needed to see it first. That was a couple of days ago and I am still wrecked. This movie does it's job and I am compelled more...


The Boha Tribe ( Hannah and Bobby Morrison talk about redemption, ministry, and following Jesus).

The God of the Bible has always been known as the creator God. As a creator myself, I know that creators love to create something new and the Hebrew people who gave us the Bible always anticipated that the Creator of the Universe would do a new thing within His creation to renew it. The world is a beautiful and good place but it is also scary and violent at times. The creator God intends to change that. This is what the ancient Hebrews believed and this is what the early Christians believed...


The Cross, The Kingdom, & Paradise (Luke 23 + Bobby Morrison testimony)

The gospel is good news about a change in government for the whole world. In other words, the gospel is about a kingdom. But that is not how I thought of it for many years. I used to think that the gospel was about avoiding Hell and gaining Paradise, but I have since discovered that Jesus did NOT come to show us the way to heaven. Jesus came to bring heaven to earth. In this week's podcast, I am going to be taking a closer look at Jesus' last conversation with a brigand about "paradise" and...


Leprechauns, Lucky Charms, & The Adventures of Saint Patrick w/ John Immel

Everybody loves a good holiday, but what makes a holiday good? What makes it a holy-day? Saint Patrick's day is celebrated with wearing green, pub-crawls, leprechauns, and all things Irish. But what do all these things have to do with Saint Patrick? What did Saint Patrick do that he should be celebrated over 1,500 years later? Should the life of Saint Patrick be celebrated today? And if so, what is the best way to do it? Karl and Susie Gessler are joined once again by Joseph John Immel to...


China's Spirit Of 1776 (Persecution, The Church in China, and Communism w/ Bob Fu)

Patrick Henry's declaration "Give me liberty or give me death!" was the heart-cry of the American revolution of 1776. Since that time, American's fiery passion for liberty as cooled and morphed into a passion for the "right" do what I want, when I want, with whom I want, without paying for it. But today's passion for true liberty, the true spirit of 1776, can be found among the members of the Chinese House Churches who are dying for their unwillingness to surrender their freedom in Christ to...


Manipulation, Fishing, and the Power of love (Luke 23) (w/ Ricky Rector and Steve Ward)

Nobody likes to feel manipulated or used. We all know what it feels like to be manipulated and it follows that we have also attempted to manipulate others. It is hard not to be suspicious of other people's motives. But where love exists, manipulation disappears. Jesus' trial in Luke 23 can be bewildering to understand. It is hard to determine, from a face-value reading, what the characters surrounding Jesus really want. Was Pilate really a friend of Jesus? Why did Herod want to see Jesus?...


The Silence Of The Evangelists (Luke 22, Faith in the Cross, and Evangelism w/ Darren Eastwood)

Do you have trouble sharing your faith? Have you ever told someone about Jesus? The last commandment Jesus gave His followers at His ascension was a command to preach the Gospel in all the world. But statistics say that hardly any Western Christians practice this. What is going on? Why can't we obey this simple instruction? In this week's podcast, Karl and Susie Gessler will try to unpack some of the hang-ups that we generally have about sharing the Gospel. We will look at Luke 22 and ask...


Good Reasons to Betray Jesus (Judas, Luke 22, the Kingdom of God + Evangelism w/ Joe Harrell

What motivated Judas to betray Jesus? Did Judas have a disposition more prone to evil and greed than other human beings? Did Judas really betray Jesus for money? If Jesus is such a great guy, why would anyone want to betray Him? This week, Karl and Susie will face these questions and other similar questions associated with Luke 22. Plus, Joe Harrell joins us in the studio to share his story of being brought to an active role in evangelism. Joe shares his passion and methods with us so that...


Why My Valentine Went to Prison (Valetine's Day and True Love w/ John Immel)

Valentine's day can come with a lot of pressure. Will we get the right gift or find the perfect card? Will he or she think I did enough to make our evening special? Will I be expected to perform favors in response to the gifts and gestures of affection? Everyone comes to Valentine's Day with some measure of expectation. But what is this day really all about? Where did it come from? Who is Saint Valentine and why do we celebrate his name? What makes Valentine's day special at all? John Immel...


The Superplan (Reaching Unreached nations through New York City W/ Chris Clayman)

Chris Clayman felt called to minister in West Africa among the Wassoulou, a tribe that had never been reached with the message of the Gospel of Jesus. But after several attempts to live among the Wassoulou, Chris was continually evacuated due to severe sickness. Chris did not know how he would fulfill his calling until he found himself, of all places, in New York city among Wassoulou immigrants. Find out how God used Chris to reach this unreached West Africa tribe through New York City!...


Weird Things We Do in Church (Communion, Passover and Luke 22 W/ Brent Burke)

If you have grown up in the Western Protestant Church, you are most likely familiar with the command by Jesus to "Do this in Remembrance of Me" because it was engraved on a table that held grape juice and strange little wafer things that you would eat and drink ever so often. What is this thing that we are doing? And why do Anglicans and Catholics do it differently? Where did it come from and why did Jesus command us to do it? And what does any of this have to do with preaching the Gospel or...


Did Jesus Understand The Gospel? (Luke 21, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the Gospel)

When you read the Gospels, especially passages that have to do with coming judgments, do you ever wonder why Jesus doesn't say the things that most evangelicals have been taught to say? In Luke 21, Jesus talks about a coming judgment and yet He never asks anyone if they knew where they would go when they died, nor did He teach about the depravity of man or justification by faith. Did Jesus know what the Gospel is? Well, of course He did. But do we know what Jesus thought the Gospel was? That...


This Is How You Share The Gospel (Luke 21, 70 AD, and Evangelism W/ Teresa McMillan)

If we want to share the Gospel, we need to know what it is. Isn't the Gospel found in the Gospels, as in, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? Those guys wrote a lot! What part of the Gospel do we share with someone when we just have 5 minutes in a coffee shop? What if we don't know what to say? Can we share the Gospel without having all the answers? Karl Gessler is joined in the studio this week by his brother, Joseph, to wrestle with some of these questions. Also, on this week's podcast, meet a...