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God wants total well-being for all children.

God wants total well-being for all children.
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God wants total well-being for all children.






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Marketer Speaks Out Against Porn

Dani Johnson of multi-level marketing fame and mother of 5 speaks out against pornography: what the marketers are doing to addict your children and what she does with her own children. This was our most popular 'cast; it ia rerun from 2009. Here is a more current article, covering dangers of social media, pf which many parents are unaware. nowayismykidgettingthisapp : porn, bullying, and...


Intractable Learning Problems? See Lindamood-Bell

Mrs. Jennifer Sangave, from Lindamood-Bell in Austin, gave us an inspiring interview. She says they have statistics and claim a high success rate, even when children who have not done well in other programs. An individualized plan is the key. Hear what she has to say.


Child Having Trouble Reading? Test this First!

Dr. Carol Zuccone, the Irlen representative explains this fairly common light sensitivity. Often there is a fairly easy remedy too. She tells us what mothers and teachers might look for. She says that it is educators that test for this, and so it gets overlooked by other professionals, but if this light sensitivity is not ruled out, then other tests are skewed. Next week we will wrap up our series on what to do when the road to reading becomes rocky. After that I plan to post again the Dani...


Blessed Resurrection Sunday

I hope you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday. Make it a wonderful time of worship and a wonderful time with your family. Think, this might be the last "Easter" we get to celebrate before Jesus comes back. Consider the amazing fulfillment of prophecy that happened when Jesus was here. Imagine what it will be like when we see him as he is! Thank Him for the wonderful salvation he created for us. Be sure your children know! Our foundational scripture is Isaiah 54?13: All your offspring shall...


Picking a Private School

We are in the middle of a series of What to Do When the Road to Reading Gets Rocky. I felt we needed to take a break for Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday, so we will resume and finish the series of WRR in April, with an interview from Dr. Zuccone who represents Irlen in Texas and Jennifer Sangave who is with Lindamood-Bell in Austin. These are wonderful interviews and will give the home and professional educator alike many great ideas. If these services are what is needed for your...


When the Road to Reading Gets Rocky: Other Resources

In our series about what to do when your child is having trouble learning to read, today we talk about a variety of other resources for teaching spelling and getting help. The next two weeks we will have interviews with good representatives to a couple of important providers. Please feel free to share other resources that you have found that have helped your children/students.


How I Teach Reading

I was asked to say something about how homeschooling moms can help children who are having trouble reading. This is my method. This is how I taught reading to my grandsons. One of them was being put back in Kindergarten for the 3rd time, during the October of his first grade year. My daughter appealed to me since she was getting nowhere with the school system. He learned in 4 hours! We worked with him in other ways and he excelled. Then, I used the same method on the second grandson who...


Mindset to Help Your Child Having Trouble Reading, Writing, doing Math, etc.

Today we begin a series on "What to do When the Road to Reading gets Rocky." The first thing to do is to be sure of your own mindset, Mama. Faith helps in that! Please! Share with moms who are beginning to encounter difficulties with their children's academics! Also home educators, especially if they are having trouble teaching their children to read, will benefit. They feel so alone. Here is help! We will lay things out in a fairly orderly way. They want to know... please tell them it is...


How Faith Works Together with Practical Effort

Just as many have tried to confuse the message of total well-being, so also, many are confused by the working together of faith and practical effort. People prefer one side or the other, but balance keeps you on the road, rather than in the ditch; on the bicycle, instead of fallen. So today we discuss how faith and practical effort come together. They come together in the though of this broadcast. They will come together as you help the children in need that you are responsible for.


We are Christians and therefore friends of Jews

Today I am re-airing an interview with a man, David Rubin, who has started a therapy center for children who are victims of terrorism in Israel. He lives in Shiloh, the place where Eli and Samuel ministered at the historical Tabernacle, but what was bare ground before a few RVs came in to settle -- in what is now called "The West Bank." Mr. Rubin did this in response to he and his two year old being shot up while attempting to go to a dentist appointment. My Jewish friends are...


Does Grace is Sufficient Mean there Is or Is Not Healing?

We unfold the idea of grace and how it relates to healing. Many people use Paul's words about grace being sufficient as if God is saying we must just suffer and not expect help. Does that make sense? Let's start with definitions of words. What is grace, after all? Grace is unmerited favor, yes, but it is also the provision of help to get things done. How would that apply to healing of learning problems for your children? I say we believe in healing and will take it anyway it comes:...


Healing, as Taught by Jesus

Jesus heals. Matthew cites Isaiah 53 as an explanation of the miraculous healings that Jesus did. We believe in healing and will take is any way it comes. We don't believe the stories that God wants our children to suffer. Please enjoy our little mini-series on healing. Please know that you may subscribe to the whole podcast or to just a portion: the Bible, the practical health measures, or the innovative education part.


Bible Promises Healing

Folks, we know ultimate Truth is in the Bible. Forces in our society have long despised that. They sold us the myth of amoral facts. Now, their ideology has so taken over their minds as if that were ultimate truth, they are making war on facts. We believe in healing, and will take it any way it comes. We believe that God has miraculous healing power, but that God as creator set things up to work. And would help us heal ourselves and our lands if we but work in harmony with Godly wisdom....


Expose on Glutamate — Harms Brains

We knew that some children had a problem with gluten, but we didn't know until recently how many foods had glutamate in them -- and how much it harms brains -- and how many ways it may harm us. Here our latest report. Thanks to Dr. Russel Blaylock, MD. Not surprisingly, there is an autism connection -- but that is not all of it. All preventable -- that is the good news.


What a Mother Can Do About the Flu

A really bad flu seems to be going around. It is going around in Austin, with kids and with adults. It is going around the rest of the country. I hear it is going around in other countries. It is a bad one. I also hear (rumors and televised news is close to the same these days) that the CDC flu vaccine doesn't stop it. This is quite possible because how the flu vaccine is only a guess at the top 3 or 4 strains out of many many. I also heard a strong, middle aged adult say she wasn't going...


Christmas Concert from Home Schooled Students

Austin home school choir gave GSB a Christmas performance. Enjoy. For one week, why don't you rest? Don't worry about anything, but think about the beauty, the love, and joyful. Be thankful. That in itself is healing. Merry Christmas! Best wished to all.


Tune Into Joy

We have heard SO much about feeling our feelings that it is a new thought these days, that we have a duty to be cheerful. The best news is that we can tune into Joy, that Joy of the Lord is there for us. Also, you may know that research shows that bringing energy is very effective for training. So joy in teaching is extremely important. Certainly, when I was a parent, struggling with my daughter's difficulties in school and resulting unhappiness, this teaching on joy would have helped me....


Tune into Love

I am hearing a lot about God's love. I think the Spirit is speaking. Johnny and Elizabeth have a book, the Rainbow God, about how God wants his character to be known in all sectors of society. Doug Stringer has a book, Leadership Awakening, and we read in adult Sunday school about God's love last Sunday. Christmas is really about God's love too, reaching out, as God showed up as Baby Jesus. As we teach, rear, and stand in faith for our children, let's remember the great Love of God this...


Healing Music for Christmas

Playing special music when my child was upset was very helpful. Her learning disabilities caused her a lot of emotional upset. School was hard. It was hard on me -- getting through to her, getting school work done, everything. I did find some subliminal music that worked. But I have some reservations about it. Since then, I found some music that is better. Wholetones. I have raved about it before. I am going to tell you that beginning story about it again, because I want you to know how...


The Mission of the GSB Ministry

Did you know that I started this to help mothers with children who had learning problems (aka "Learning Disabilities")? Of course, I want to stay rooted in faith -- faith to find natural solutions as much as to receive supernatural miracles! Did I go too far in failing to say "learning disabilities" so that the search engines couldn't help you find me? Of course, everything is connect to everything in some way. Better nutrition for better brains is an interest of the grandparent generation...


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