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God wants total well-being for all children.

God wants total well-being for all children.
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God wants total well-being for all children.






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God’s Advice for Dangerous Times for Teachers

Yes! God has advice for teachers in dangerous times! Wow! Yes! Right there in 2 Timothy! And it works! Sorry for the technical difficulties, but we are now back on our dangerous times series. This is part one for teachers, but parents will want to listen too! Please share this with any Christian teacher. You can share on Facebook -- or just send them the link. Thanks!


The Government is not a Village

We are told that in our praying we should first of all pray for authorities. It makes sense. Because they are authorities, they influence our lives. Whether we like them or not, we should pray for them. Right now, in a democratic republic, right before an election, seems like a good time to pray. Let's think about praying then, for our nation, our leaders, especially in our schools, even our children's teacher. This is also part of how to navigate in dangerous times. Also, btw, the largest...


Be the Village

Apparently I made some sort of uploading mistake so today I am forced to give you a rerun. What would be good right before the elections? How about a consideration of how we together can influence education policy? That is certainly up for consideration in our vote in Texas. You can see by the title that I start with the idea that Mrs. Clinton gave us in her *It Takes a Village.* In my book, *The Government is not a Village* I address each point she raised, organize those points, and update...


God Tells Parents How to Navigate Dangerous Times

Do realize how hard it is to rear children today? How about teach? Think we are in dangerous times? God has a word for us, for those of us who are in dangerous times, who rear or teach children. Continuing with 2 Timothy 2 & 3!


Bible Advice For How to Live in Dangerous Times

We continue our series, still talking mainly to parents today. We are living in dangerous times. The Lord tells us how to rear and teach our children in such time.


Call to Arms for Parents and Educators

We have all seen the reality of the dark side. Today we unpack a Christian's response, particularly for our children and their education. Primarily it is a spiritual battle. The trick of the enemy is to make us like him, like a devil. So "fighting evil" is itself a trap. Scripture, however, tells us exactly how to go forward in victory. We unpack 2 Timothy 3. (Rerun from 2012)


How Faith for Healing Applies to Learning Problems

For some time now, we've been talking about great ideas that are solutions for some people and their learning problems. Last week, we went back to our roots, back to the Bible, in Isaiah 53, where we see that healing is promised to us in the atonement. Just as God promises forgiveness and spiritual cleansing, God also promises healing. In both, we need to apprend the promise by faith and walk it out, so that in the end it is manifested. What good is it if you get saved, and never walk holy?...


Amazing News About Free Healing For Everyone and Everything

We have done a lot of episodes about how to address particular problems around children's learning, but we are primarily a healing ministry. From the beginning we have proclaimed that God, no less than GOD, wants total well-being for all children, each child. Yes. Now. Since there are problems, how do we deal with them? First, we are grounded in the good news that God cares about us and our children more than even we do. Okay. So then, given a fallen, broken world, and this good news, what...


Something CAN Be Done

People become overwhelmed, whether because they are lazy or because they are faced with much, and then they have a choice to either look for an answer or to say, "Well, nothing can be done." To choose to not look for an answer will ensure that no answer is found. Something CAN be done. Just looking for an answer is something. Having faith is something. Nearly always, when you accept responsibility and thus look around, you will find that God gives you an answer, a strategy, and hence,...


The Blessing Economy

How to teach your children about success from a place of a Biblical understanding of the Blessing Economy. It occurs to me that public school is an economy of cursing. Cursing is permitted, cursing children by labeling them is required, and the system drags down even the most well-meaning teacher into discarding children who require extra attention. This is not God's economy. God's economy is one of blessing. We start from God's loving each one of us. We go forward knowing his rules are for...


How as Teachers, We Can Bless Our Student

Pastor Mrs. Reddy, who works as a teacher in the Special Education Department of a school system in Texas, talks about how we can bless your student. Pastor Mr. Reddy might chime in. Have a great school year!


Local Pastor Prays for Educators and Advises Students About Religious Rights

Bob Long, a local leader in Central Texas, weighs in about religious rights in public school. Then he prays over all the children and educators starting school this year. (rerun from 2009). For more help on the topic of rights for Christians in the public school, please consult Christian Educators Association Christian Educators Association International. Encouraging, equipping, and empowering Christian educators in K-12 public, charter, and private schools. The mission...


Brain Balance Austin

Wholistic concept of brain... balance. They start with nutrition, do tests, then build an exercise and study plan specifically for that child. It is not cheap, but it has really done wonders. Here these Christian owners talk about their experience.


New Understanding of Authority

You might have heard of the sovereignty of God and thought it meant everything that happens was in the will of God. You might have heard of "speaking truth to power" and figured that was for leftist activists. Here is a new idea from someone long ago who was faithful in the midst of duties in an ungodly world: Daniel


New Light on Education from an American Founder

I love John Adams! Here are some thoughts on education. Enjoy the last of your summer and come back to the school year refreshed, with new hope.


Biblical Worldview Informed, if not Caused, American Liberty

Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration -- assuming you are in the States. Hope our Canadian friends had a happy Canad Day. Wherever you are, I hope you live in a nation that is free. Today, some people are so little knowledgeable about Christianity as to think that it was, is and always has been an agent of oppression, when nothing could be farther from the truth. Notice that only nations that have considerable Biblical worldview are free from corruption and have true...


Whose Job Is is to Teach the Kids?

We are beginning a little series on independence and liberty, so please wait for your "July 4th" topic until next week. We will start at home -- with teaching the children. Hope you have a happy and blessed Independence Day celebration.


Dr. Jeff Meyers on Passing the Baton

Jeff Meyers started a movement of mentoring. Did you know that young people really want mentoring contact? Dr. Meyers lets us in on the secrets of how to pass on the blessing. Originally a radio broadcast in August 2008. For people who want to go deeper on this, ready for strong meat, Just this month I found pertinent message from Damon Thompson. Being a father is more important than being a warrior or a preacher or a whatever. Legacy is generational....


Testimony of Miraculous Healing – 5 Year Old Boy Expected to be Dead

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, I am playing the testimony of my grandson's healing. It was this experience, walking through my family's difficulties that brought about this broadcast. The 5 year old was expected to die; zero percent chance of living they said. The medic was speechless when I told him that my grandson came out of a coma. The nurses thought I was a nut to hope that the child would ever be more than a vegetable. They were speechless when he walked out of the hospital...


Testimony About the use of Innovative Educational Practices

To celebrate GSB's 10th birthday, let's return to the original two testimonies. In this, I tell about how much progress my grandsons made when I used some innovative practices. I hope it gives you great faith and determination -- and maybe some good ideas. Never give up with your children! And don't necessarily believe that the grim outcomes that "the system" predicts if you use better measures. Indeed, a comment was made about "the system" being so fake (whether it is food, financial,...