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Lynne Maureen Hurdle: Resolving Conflict - Consciously & Soulfully

In Episode #84 on The Jen Mavros Show we lean into the heat with the heart-full Lynne Maureen Hurdle to peel back the shell of CONFLICT. Don't run away my love, but rather lean in... Lean into this incredibly insightful conversation that you will no doubt walk away from feeling empowered when conflict arises. In our talk today, we unpack the art of conscious conflict resolution and navigating genuine apologies. These are life skills every single human being should have on their tool belt,...


Kathleen Ventura: Intentional Living - A Voice in the Advancement of Solutions

In Episode #83 on The Jen Mavros Show we sit down with a dear sister, socially conscious, TEDx speaker, Kathleen Ventura. "I truly believe that if more people were awake making intentional choices, actively participating in creating a lifestyle in alignment with their own values and priorities, that it would change the world. If we had everyone living a life full of things, people, events, jobs, health that they truly wanted we’d live in a much different world." Kathleen is a passionate...


Sora Surya No: Sisterhood, Circles, Altars & Ritual. OH MY!

In Episode #82 on The Jen Mavros Show we dance into the Sacred with a dear sister of mine, the magnificently divine, Sora Surya No. OH. EM. GIZZLE!! 😊 THIS!! EPISODE!! 🎉 I can't flippin' wait for you to hear this golden lil diddy. Right out the gate, Sora serenades me, right up until she nestles me in with the way in which she articulates Sacredness, Sisterhood, Circles, Ritual, Altars & Prayer. You are in for a real treat here my friend. "Sacred is a word that you can't really...


Arielle Ford: Find Love, Keep Love, Be Love

In Episode #81 on The Jen Mavros Show we sit down with international best selling author and celebrated love and relationship expert, Arielle Ford. For the past 30 years, as a relationship expert, Arielle has helped people find love, keep love and be love. We begin our convo with Arielle's definition of mature love in relationships and how it's a behavior and knowing this can open you up to more love. "What we crave most is to be accepted for exactly who we are. We want to be loved for...


Mark Nepo: Things That Join the Sea & the Sky

In Episode #80 on The Jen Mavros Show, New York Times Best Selling author and acclaimed poet-author, Mark Nepo joins us. "Whatever opens us is never as important as what it opens. The field that it opens is what matters." In this conversation, Mark shares the difference between a diary and a journal and encourages us to engage in our own conversation with the Universe through the art of journaling, as a way to personalize and animate how to experience life and the world. And then into a...


Flora Ware: Moon Magic & Manifesting

In Episode #79 on The Jen Mavros Show we commune with the ever so lovely, Flora Ware. In our conversation Flora shares about the different phases of the moon and their cycles. And then we enter into one of my favorite topics, Manifestation. She shares how you can harness the power of the cosmos, specifically the moon, to super-charge your manifesting in co-creation. Flora helps women hear their soul's voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique...


Rebecca Campbell: Work Your Light

In Episode #78 on The Jen Mavros Show, joining us for the SECOND time [*YAY*], devotional spiritual teacher & Best Selling Hay House author, the lovely, Rebecca Campbell. During our time together, Rebecca takes us on a journey into "working your light". And when I asked her what working your light means... "Light is your soul, your spirit and to me light is also power. It's not all about rainbows and faeries. I really think that in order to be led by the soul and embody your light, it's...


Julie Parker: The Modern Day Priestess

In Episode #77 on The Jen Mavros Show we sit down for a warm, heart-held conversation with Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine, Hay House Author and Hostess of The Priestess Podcast, my friend, the ever-so delightful, Julie Parker. Julie walks the path of a Modern Day Priestess infusing her love into the hearts of each person she encounters. During our time together, she defines for us what a Modern Day Priestess is, "she is a...


Emma Mildon: The Millennial Mystic; Soul, Death & Spiritual Guides

This is a really special episode for me and I am incredibly honored to share it with you my friend. I'm *beyond* grateful for my guest, she's truly a beautiful soul. She opened a door for me and gave me a profoundly powerful gift, one that means so much to me. A little more backstory: On March 18, 2017, my father-in-law, Michael Mavros, who was like a father to me, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It was a shock and devastating blow to my family. To add to the emotional fray, we...


Meggan Watterson: Radical Love & The Divine Feminine

In Episode #75 on The Jen Mavros Show we gather with Harvard-trained scholar of the divine feminine, Meggan Watterson. During our conversation, Meggan unfolds Radical Love and the Divine Feminine. She offers an invitation for us to reclaim our power. "There have always been just as many holy ladies as men. We simply haven’t lived in a time that holds the feminine and the female as sacred as the masculine and male. But gratefully, the time has arrived. It’s important to recognize that...


Hiro Boga: SOUL Is Who You Are

In Episode #74 on The Jen Mavros Show we are joined by author, teacher, business strategist and mystic, Hiro Boga to talk SOUL. "You are an incarnate, embodied soul," acclaimed writer, mentor and mystic Hiro Boga assures us. “You don’t have to do anything to be soul – soul is who you are.” "Yet how often, in the course of an ordinary day, do you experience the depth, beauty, power, and radiance of your soul? If you want to strengthen your soul connection, do as soul does. Let your being...


Ryan Yokome: Soul Wealth & Procrastination

In Episode #73 on The Jen Mavros Show we grab a seat with my dear spirit homie, Ryan Yokome. This episode contains the colorful and amazing 'F' word. Earmuff yo' kids! ;) Let's chitty about crystals, beliefs, procrastination and everything in between. Ryan's work in the world is to help people live the highest version of themselves by releasing the stories and blocks and fully step into their brilliance, creativity, expression, power, confidence, and flow. Yasss!! As an internationally...


Sarah Sapora: Body Love [pants optional]

In Episode #72 on The Jen Mavros Show, we are in for a real, raw authentic treat, that may or may not involve wearing pants... meet my sister-friend, Sarah Sapora. As a Self-Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate, Sarah's biggest passion in life is igniting positive change in women of all shapes and sizes, “banging down the door” of the wellness industry for women of size -> folks who have been told that the only way to experience personal growth is by dieting. She calls B*llshit on that. In...


Dougall Fraser: Your Soulful Life In COLOR

In Episode #71 on The Jen Mavros Show, we pull up a chair with Internationally renowned psychic and cosmic life coach, Dougall Fraser. What if you could see colors emanating from people’s souls? My next guest does!! And he draws from years of experience and observation to create a guide for utilizing the innate strength of colors in conjunction with your individual self. From white to gold to emerald green, every color has qualities that you can consciously draw strength and purpose from...


Daniel Bruce Levin: A Global MindHack to Activate Connection

In Episode #70 on The Jen Mavros Show we sit down for a deep, powerful and soul-sparking conversation with my brother in spirit and dear friend, Daniel Bruce Levin. "What if everything was possible? What if the reason we think something is impossible is because we do not see a way for it to happen. Daniel invites you to see the world from a new point-of-view― one that focuses on what connects us to each other and brings us happiness. But what if we could see a new way? What if there...


Kelly Keegan: The Enneagram - Understanding Ourselves & Others

In Episode #69 on The Jen Mavros Show, one of my sisters, the beautiful and intelligent Kelly Keegan joins us to shed some light on self-awareness. Kelly is an expert on one of the most powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others, The Enneagram. It helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-awareness and self-knowledge. Kelly Keegan is a Leadership and Personal Development Coach and founder...


Lola Pickett: Dismantling Perfectionsim

In Episode #68 on The Jen Mavros Show, we take a seat with fellow sister-friend, Lola Medicine Keeper Pickett, to swivel between deep soulful dives and light heartedly dances in a fun and mysterious conversation. During our conversation, Lola unpacks her recovery of perfectionism and her yearning to live a soul-full and present life. We side chat on shamanism, elves, fairies, cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation. Lola shares with us her journey of how she dismantled her...


Jadah Sellner: Leading With Love in Business & Life

In Episode #67 on The Jen Mavros Show we are joined by the heart-centered world-changer, Jadah Sellner. "Leading with love means you're in it for the long game, not the quick win or quick ROI, but that you're building things intentionally and pouring time and energy into each piece of the puzzle." YASSSS!!! You might know some of Jadah's work by following the enormous instagram community, Simple Green Smoothies, she co-founded the company and now helps creative CEO’s, visionary...


Lisa Nichols: Abundance Now!

In Episode #66 on The Jen Mavros Show, I’m over-the-cosmos excited to invite you into conversation with a legendary powerhouse of a woman. She’s someone who has personally inspired me to tap into what I’m truly meant to do here and has motivated me to get going on it. I’m THRILLED to introduce you to the lovely, Lisa Nichols. My loves, turn off everything else and soak up this intimate conversation where you’re going to get some serious soul medicine. We talk about the genesis of her...


Kute Blackson: You. Are. The. One.

In Episode #65 on The Jen Mavros Show we sit down with the charismatic visionary and transformational teacher, Kute Blackson. In this powerful conversation, we unfold the truth bomb after truth bomb. "The question is not whether we are going to die. That is guaranteed. The question is how will you live?" Kute Blackson comes from a long line of spiritual leaders and works with people from all walks of life, offering his own uniquely powerful process to transform lives from the inside...