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Faith. Family. Fight.
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Faith. Family. Fight.






The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 10

Ep. 10: "A Soldier's Year Long Fight to Overcome Meth Addiction Through Faith” Wayne Christlieb & Western Michigan Teen/Adult Challenge Addiction is an ugly thing. Imagine serving your country in Iraq, defeat the enemy, and then come home to a losing battle against drug addiction. For any soldier, a battle lost is hard to accept, and defeat is even harder to handle than most feelings. Add Meth to that situation and it takes an already tough situation and makes it feel as if all hope is...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 9

Ep. 9: "Overcoming Sexual Abuse & Stage Fright to Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord ” Amanda Baugh of the Amanda Baugh Band Do you ever wish you could sing but cant? Some people have the great gift of singing in their lives and are a true joy to listen to and enjoy. Its even greater when that person can use their gift to praise and worship God, and give others an avenue to a greater joy in their faith and help make that connection with God. A gift like this doesn't always come easy, and...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 8

Ep. 8: "Cancer & Our Kid: Fighting Through Cancer With a 4 Year Old & Being Faithful” Kyle & Arielle Black In this episode Gran sits down with Kyle & Arielle Black, and talks about their 4 year old son, Christian, and his 2 year long battle with Cancer, and the realities of the situation and how they deal with it as parents, and as a couple. We talk about the journey, the struggles, the scary times, but most importantly, the blessings! They tell us about the multiple blessings they have...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 7

Ep. 7: "Preparing Your Teen, and Their Faith, Successfully For College Life” Maddie Hilbish In this episode Gran sits down with Ball State University College Freshman, Maddie Hilbish. We talk about what it is like to prepare for college as a young, Christian female, what it was like to adjust to living independently and the struggles that come with that, the peer pressure, the alcohol and sexual temptations of college life, and how Maddie is successfully avoiding those pressures due to her...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 6

Ep. 6: "Eating Disorders, Marriage and Overcoming it as a Team" Chad & Joy Wilson In this episode Gran has a conversation with his friends Chad and Joy Wilson about Eating Disorders, Marriage and Faith. Joy overcame many years of struggling with an eating disorder with the help and support of her husband Chad and her faith, found victory, and offers insight on how we can help our spouses who might be struggling through this and how to over come it, and allow your faith to be strengthened...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 5

Ep. 5: "Living the Single Life as a Christian, and Dating in a Secular World" Shane Lenon In this episode Gran has a conversation with a Christian, single friend, Shane Lenon. They talk about the struggles of being a Christian man in a very secular world, the pressures of dating, expectations and the fear of rejection and how all of this can affect our faith. We will also talk about the dreaded "Friend Zone" that we hope to stay clear of! Being single and living a Godly life is possible...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 4

Ep. 4: "Creating David's and Leaders Through Faith & Taekwondo" Master Zach Hayden of ATA Excellence Taekwondo In this episode Gran has a conversation with Master Zach Hayden of ATA Excellence Taekwondo and talk about the many parallels and values that exist between our Christian faith and the martial art of Taekwondo. We will find out how Master Hayden uses those same shared values to help build young leaders of today through practice, discipline and hard work that results in responsible...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 3

Ep. 3: "The Journey Through Still Birth, Faith and Healing" Ryan & Lisa Ule In this episode Gran will talk to Ryan & Lisa Ule about their journey through the still birth of their son Nolan. They share the heartache of their experience and how God used their pain for a purpose by helping others going through the same journey. They also offer advice and encouragement for those of us unfamiliar with this topic, so that in the event of a friend or family member might be going through this then...


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 2

Ep. 2: "Running The Race of Faith" Joey Nelson of Stone's Hill Community Church In this episode Gran will talk to Pastor Joey Nelson of Stone's Hill Community Church. Besides being a pastor, Joey is an Ultra Runner. We will explore Joey's success going from the couch to the New York City Marathon in just 3 years, plus, we will explore how running has expanded not only Joey's faith, but those around him, and how God speaks to him as he runs the race of life with his faith!


The Keep Diggin' Podcast: Ep. 1

Ep. 1: "Living Your Faith Through Business" Scotty Herring & TJ Dailey of T-Zone Custom Apparel In this episode Gran will concentrate on sharing your faith through your business and your job in todays world. He will sit down with Scotty Herring and TJ Dailey from T-Zone Custom Apparel in Milford, Indiana and talk to them about their faith, how they use it in their business and how Scotty uses his business as a ministry tool.