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Is The Devil Dead?

The answer may surprise or even shock you. It may force you to rethink scripture and your life or just decide that Marcuss is a complete rank heretic. Whichever course you may take, please listen with an open Bible and study these texts and thoughts to come to a more Biblical conclusion. Email:


Heaven and Earth Have Passed Away

Jesus said heaven and earth shall pass away. Many think this is a future event even though scripture states that the earth will remain (endure) forever. So, what did Jesus mean? Did you know heaven and earth are 3 different entities in the Bible? Yes, three. One remains, but two have passed away. Email:


A False Teaching By Katie Souza

I know, I know, why? I give the explanation at the beginning but I’ll explain a little here as well. If you’ve listened to me for some time, I have debunked and explained some of the teachings that occur today and this is one of them. So what better way to get the point across? I play some of Katie’s sermon and comment then take a look at the texts she provides to see if what she is saying is Biblical or not and spoiler alert, the title of this episode gives it away, its...


What In The World Is Fruit?

Do you always hear people talking about peoples fruit? Is it almost always in the context of defensive about a leader or ministry or if there’s just ever a question about them and hear “Well, let us just look at their fruit.”? You’re not alone and yes its okay to have thought this is probably out of context because it is. Email:


Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias

This one is a bit of psychology and for good reason. Cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias are two things that all humanity experience, especially when it comes to our beliefs/theology. Find out what you need to know and how Marcuss experienced this himself, to be prepared for changes in your theology and understanding in light of some things that you just believe because you have always been taught that way. Email:...



Marcuss goes through 2 Corinthians 5, debunking some things that are common and also offering the interpretation of what it really means that God has reconciled the world to Himself and as believers have received the ministry of reconciliation to spread to all those around us. Email:


Good Sermon: Gods Grace…It Really Is Amazing

Heres another good sermon. This time from my good brother, Steve. This is on grace, identity, and reconciliation. Email:


The Advancing Kingdom

Marcuss share a little about being a mustard seed and leaven. The Kingdom of God is a reality to believers and there is tension when it comes to “the already, but not yet”. But what does that all mean for us and how do we deal with it? Email:


What was Paul’s thorn?

We’ve all read it. We’ve all heard it. We’ve all talked about it. Paul’s thorn in the flesh is often talked about as a sickness that he dealt with that God would not cure him of but was it really that? Sometimes, phrases used in scripture are phrases we do not understand any longer. Furthermore, without letting scripture interpret scripture, we often miss the exact point the author was making and turn it into something else. Email:...


Two Men In A Field

In this episode, Marcuss share some good questions to use as principals for interpreting a text and help you have a guideline or framework for basic hermeneutical practice. In sharing these things, Marcuss examines a very famous misinterpretation of Matthew 24 and those you are left behind. Is it really the righteous saved believers that are removed from Earth or is it the other way around? Email:


Beware of the leaven: apostolic madness, super apostles, defending the faith

Heres a rant and ramble but it does offer biblical insight and explanation to back up what is going on! Apostolic madness in the church today, apostles, prophets, the super-apostles vs Paul and the church in Corinth and defending the faith. Marcuss tackles some of the things going on today like the New Apostolic Reformation, Alliances, and more. Email:


The Real Zacchaeus

Remeber the wee little man and awful of a sinner he was? What if some of our bibles try to interpret instead of translate? What if Zacchaeus wasn’t that bad and was actually the opposite of the tax collectors of his day and Jesus actually affirmed it? Let’s look at the text and a couple other points to straighten out this guys reputation that has been tainted for almost 2,000 years. Email:


Kingdom Minded, Earthly Good

Heres a sermon from May 6, 2018, that Marcuss gave at his home church. The topic is on being Kingdom minded, Heavenly minded, but being of earthly good. Whats the key, the formula, the A + B = C? It’s really not as profound as one would think, in fact, it’s pretty simplistic. Email:


The Whole Story Of The Woman Caught In Adultery

John 8 and the woman caught in adultery has many many things going on that many of us are not aware of at all. So, did Jesus break the law all the time? Is Jesus just telling everyone they cannot judge and throw stones? Think of the Sunday school lessons we have all heard and how people have used this story to throw into a situation. It’s all wrong. Listen to find out why. Email:


Good Sermon

Most of the information is presented in the intro by Marcuss. This is a sermon delivered on April 29, 2018, by a friend Ryan at my home church on reconciliation and our intimate God who wants a direct relationship with us. Email:


Meat and Bones

There is a common phrase used by many today that states, “Eat the meat and spit out the bones”. This is used to take in many teachings from varying people in ministry from sermons, podcasts, and books. Just pick and choose what is good, helpful and right for you but leave the rest. But just how many of us know what exactly is the meat and the bones in which to spit out and discard? How good is ones discernment to properly and rightly divide the doctrine being presented to know if someone...


Allow Me To Explain…

Hey all! This is just a short episode of explaining how sometimes an episode may be weak or stronger than some. It’s more of an explanation of how I present things in different ways and the reason why. Email:


Q&R: Glory Clouds, Feathers and Studying the Bible

Bonus episode this week! This time Marcuss responds to a couple questions from listeners. The topics include manifestations of gold dust, feathers and all that other crazy stuff and how to study the Bible! Email:


Sermon - You Are Dead

In this episode, you will hear the difference in how Marcuss presents some of his information from podcast form to preaching form. If you have been listening to previous episodes you will know this is one of the first topics Marcuss covered and it came from sermon notes but was shortened. This episode shares a recent speaking engagement that shares a broader context for the New Covenant of Grace and the reality of believers truly being dead. Email:...


Modern Day Apostles?

We all know The Apostles. Church history professes we believe in an Apostolic Church and early writings speak of these men in the past tense. However, since 2001, it has been announced and proclaimed that God has brought back and restored this office. In this episode, Marcuss takes a look through the Scriptures and the early historical writings of the church. What are the qualifications for being an Apostle? What’s the purpose and function of this office and does it exist...