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The Big 10 or The Law of Christ?

Alright, since we have to establish that we are to cast out the slave women and are not under The Law, that means the whole Law including The Ten Commandments! Still, today, many suggest we should still have monuments of the big 10 on display. Most are sincere and have good intention but the question is, "Does the world really going to get it anyway?". Have we not been given the ministry of reconciliation to minister to those whom the Father has restored favor? A little discussion of all...


Cast Out The Slave Woman

Marcuss starts off this episode talking about Andy Stanley and the controversy surrounding a couple of his recent statements. To be fair Andy is right, although maybe he should have worded things a little differently. Nevertheless, people would still have things to say. Do we need the Old Testament? Absolutely! Without it, the New Testament would be even more complicated to understand. To understand the New is to understand the Old with its types and shadows pointing to the promise of Jesus....


Heaven and Earth Have Passed Away - Revisited and Re Explained

Consider this episode part 2 of "Heaven and Earth Have Passed Away" from way back at the beginning. I thought we could dive a little bit more in exploring the phrase "heaven and earth" and see the different types in scripture. There are more than just the actual physical literal heavens and earth in the bible. The Temple and the nation of Israel were talked about in the same manner and Jesus said the law would remain until all was accomplished and heaven and earth passed away? So which is...


Fasting And The New Covenant

There are a lot of ideas and different ways of thinking when it comes to fasting today. Some believe it makes them more anointed or spiritually powerful. Others give things up to give more time to God. Are these even the biblical definition of fasting? The Law only required it once a year and it was to have you remember your sins. The Pharisees fasted twice a week to be righteous. John's disciples ask Jesus why He and His disciples aren't fasting like the rest of them. Let's examine what...


Drive-Thru Bible Study: Colossians 2:1-12

Here we continue with our study through the book of Colossians. Paul starts to shed a little more light in chapter 2 on the heresy that was taking place at Colossae which included philosophies, empty deciet, Gnosticism, and Jewish mysticism. Paul assures the readers at Colossae they are filled with Christ and all things are in Him so he urges them to remember what they have been taught. Help Support: YouTube:...


Eschatology Series 10: Matthew 24:4-14 - Jesus' Answers Part 1

This is the third part in understanding Matthew 24 from a Preterist approach/understanding. We have had the primer and looked at the Disciples questions, now we examine the Answer(s) Jesus gives. To whom is He talking? We need to remember the principal of audience relevance when interpreting the Bible and this will help us better understand what is taking place. Of course, many see what Jesus is describing as "signs of the times", however, we must ask, did the Disciples and the rest of their...


Intro To The Gospel: Why Are We Sinners?

The Gospel or Good News of Jesus Christ is simplistic but also overly complicated to some. To fully articulate it to someone we need answers to questions that will arise. In order to understand why Jesus is the Good News, we need to understand why we need to be redeemed. Often, people know they sin and sinning makes them a sinner but why? What is it about the fall and humanity that created this issue in order for our creator God to reconcile us to Him through Christ? (stick around after the...


Lucifer and Devil Myths

We all know that Lucifer is the devil, right? Wrong. But we know the devil was an angel, the most beautiful in fact in charge of worship, and led a rebellion that took one-third of other angels with him, right? Wrong. Those are all misinterpretations that come from myths. In fact, the Bible actually tells us less about the devil than what we all think we know! Help Support: YouTube: Join the...


Drive-Thru Bible Study: Colossians 1:21-29

Alright, here is a shorter drive-thru bible study, friends! We are finishing up chapter 1 and Paul is just hammering the truths away in this from the start! God, Christ, suffering and the mystery revealed! Help Support: YouTube: Join the group: Email:


The Birth Of Salvation And An Everlasting Kingdom Sermon

Here's the second Christmas sermon of this month. This time, Marcuss, focuses on the birth of Christ, the Messianic prophecies, and the everlasting Kingdom of God. Help Support: YouTube: Join the group: Email:


Drive-Thru Bible Study: Colossians 1:1-20

Episode 100!! Trying to drive through this in a timely manner may mean to go a bit slower. Marcuss gives an intro to the book of Colossians that addresses the "Colossian Hersey" that Paul is combatting at times throughout his letter. After the greeting and thanksgiving prayer, Paul starts hitting hard with core doctrinal truths about our redemption and the person of Jesus. Help Support: YouTube:...


Not Your Traditional Christmas Sermon

In order to properly preach next Sunday on the birth of Christ, I needed to clear our heads of tradition and myths. Was Jesus really born in a stable because of no room at the inn in the middle of the night? Of course not and just reading the text plainly can help to clear that up. So here's a Christmas sermon you rarely here with those facts and other insights surrounding the birth of Jesus. Help Support: YouTube:...


Eschatology Series 9: Matthew 24 - The Disciples Questions

As we start to go through Matthew 24 we first have to understand what was going through the disciple's minds and the question or questions that asked Jesus. Remember, they have been with Jesus, they have heard Him speaking judgment that is to come to Jerusalem, and now Jesus has just said not a single stone of the temple would be left! So, with all these things in mind, and the disciple's, we now have to ask, what are they asking exactly? Is it a long off future return of Jesus or something...


Ephesians 6:10-24 Sermon

17 weeks later and here we are, at the end of the letter to the Ephesians. Looking at the section of "the whole armor of God", we find interesting words, phrases, and an emphasis from the Apostle Paul. Some of the words and phrases do not mean what many think they mean. In fact, reading with the first-century context in mind, we find some things for the church of Ephesus that they were facing and we are not, something that would come to an end in 70 AD. Furthermore, keep in mind that the...


Christus Victor Sermon

I had the privilege to speak at a great place called Darkhorse Ministries and share another part of The Gospel that normally is overlooked today, Christus Victor. A component of the atonement that was in the early church and got lost along the way. Remember, the episode "Is the devil dead"? That is part of this message and part of The Gospel! *I did not have my microphone so this is just recorded on the phone. I did some work on it but it is still a bit noisy and unpolished but still...


Ephesians 6:1-9 Sermon

The last chapter in the letter to The Ephesians by Apostle Paul. Verses 1 through 9 is still dealing with household codes from chapter 5 and a result of being filled by the Holy Spirit in 5:18 (good works). Help Support: YouTube: Join the group: Email:


Ephesians 5 21-33 Sermon: A Profound Mystery - One Flesh

This week we finish chapter 5 of Ephesians! Marcuss explains a little more in this sermon such as the literary style Paul is using, household codes, and how the whole emphasis isn't just about wives submitting and husbands loving. Rather, Paul is pointing the profound mystery that has been revealed to him about Christ and the church. Help Support: YouTube: Join the group:...


Drive-Thru Bible Study: 1 Corinthians 15 Part 2

This is part 2 of the drive-thru study on 1 Corinthians 15. This is the last half, verses 35-38, interpreting the resurrection body, mystery, and victory that Paul shares in his rhetoric to the church at Corinth. Help Support: YouTube: Join the group: Email:


Drive-Thru Bible Study: 1 Corinthians 15 Part 1

Drive-Thru Bible Study Time! 1 Corinthians 15 is a great primer and starting point for The Gospel. Paul mentions many truths in these 58 verses combating doubt, false teaching, and practices. In this episode, Marcuss drives thru the first 34 verses of this chapter giving explanation and interpretation. Help Support: YouTube: Join the group: Email:...


Ephesians 5:15-21 Sermon

Ephesians chapter 5 verses 15 through 21. Help Support: YouTube: Join the group: Email: