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These aren't my words. These are the lyrics from Billy's forest...

These aren't my words. These are the lyrics from Billy's forest...
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These aren't my words. These are the lyrics from Billy's forest...






The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 140

In the opening days of July 2016 I put a lot of energy in my daily writing as to why I was no longer able to locate the required space to continue writing at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC. The paths had changed. I was no longer a stones throw away. It weighed heavy on my heart. I had started something that brought tremendous joy to the walk but couldn't figure out how to put my feet back on the journey. On this podcast I go back nearly three years and study the writers story by...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 139

In the movie Bohemian Rhapsody they clearly make it a point to paint the picture of how radio would reject the length of the Queen song. How dare they try to release something that clocked in at just over six minutes! FM radio was present but wasn't scoring huge audiences yet. AM was king and Pop music was called Top 40 for a reason. There were 40 songs that needed airplay and Bohemian Rhapsody was going to get in the way of the programming clock. This past New Years Eve I sang the song...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 138

Sitting within a winter forest without snow magnifies the importance of growth. Winter is a transition period not just for trees and nature but each of us are dropping things and looking like faded gray sticks slowly pacing our way through whatever storms the holidays pushed us into. On this podcast I talk about my uncles collection of trees in Ranchester, Wyoming and how he created an incredible relationship with them. He depended on those tall sticks stuck in mud to help protect his home...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 137

It’s not because I’m into nature but I find it extremely funny to watch humans do all they can to race from gray rainy days. I’m no different! Those types of days mixed in with the winter months of Carolina have a way of reaching the bones. The term cold to the bone is very real. The reason why I find enjoyment from the passing storms is because everything around us will utilize the waters falling from the sky. The soil accepts the changes while feeding the limbs of a tree. I take note of...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 136

Trees are my weak spot. The importance of those limbs, trunks and roots keeps me firmly attached to the importance of their place of shape shifting. This year the Fall colors were pretty amazing. While sitting under a huge tree I couldn't help but wonder if a tree can see how incredibly beautiful it is with the rest of the forest. Trees don't have mirrors. Humans do and we love to overuse their ability. Rather than being comfortable with the atmosphere of "Now" the goal is to endlessly...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 135

While sitting in a forest these words became the path of the writing, "An atmosphere of constant change makes no room for a guarantee." We only assume the forest floor sits in its present shape not just today but all days until it rains. Our personal lives are no different. We are trained to think that change is the only way to process progress. Therefore we create change to motivate all that may become a greater day of victory. On this podcast I talk about how many chances each of us take...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 134

Trusting the physical act of collaboration. Being a radio guy. It's always been a tough journey to share the reins of expectation with a partnership of presentation. I knew in my early days that I wasn't going to be a morning show host that features three to five others. Not that I'm stuck on myself or feel I'm greater than. I have a fear of being the lead actor who has to accept the responsibility of failure with each moment of victory. In my heart the best way to be in control of each...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 133

What are we truly listening to during our daily walks through chapters trying to be met? I love listening to the wind because I believe humans are missing out on multiple layers of lessons. The wind is known for carrying the seeds of plants and other things, what if there's something that we should be recognizing? On this podcast I talk about standing in front of Versace's house in Florida the moment I learned of his passing. I didn't know how to handle the news except to take note of a...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 132

I'm not a weatherman but I do enjoy studying the way of the rain. As much as I want to believe each drop is sent to feed the roots of a tree it's never met, the other side of my creative mind believes rain is sent to locate an ocean. This far inland how can such a thought be possible? You like to dream right? Your thoughts are single drops of rain. Somehow someway you get to touch the opposite side of a rainbow. A gentle rain is no different. A single drop unknowing to us, will make it's way...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 131

Living in the present is a tough walk. There are too many things taking place in our past to suddenly drop it off. To stay in a moment of "Now" I ask myself, "What are you feeling in the present?" Mindfully I accept as well as respect the surrounding atmosphere. This reminds me of my many walks through several forests. I find incredible pleasure in staring at the floor of collected limbs, leaves, needles, dried weeds and vines. If you've ever walked off the path then you know the dangers...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 130

We measure a lot of who we are by the changing of seasons. When it's summer that gives us permission to run like children and play out things like never before. Fall and Winter are reminders to drop our old souls off and begin new paths of change and recovery. It all sounds nice but we keep forgetting about your image. On this podcast we talk about how current bosses and decision makers very rarely look at the enormous amount of resumes being sent in. They have computers that make the...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 129

Not once but twice the Carolina's were hit by either a hurricane or tropical storm. We barely caught up with the required cleaning before we were interrupted from a different direction. During both cases I paid close attention to the stream located in the center of my forest. For twenty six years I've not trusted the banks of this natural carrier of flow. Every storm makes me feel like a fool because the stream has a way of keeping all things protected. Even during the driest of summer days...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 128

When Fall arrives in Carolina each year I pay close attention to how the trees never mourn the loss of their leaves. It's physical proof of how each of us need to move in forward motion and emotion. The tree doesn't bend to wave goodbye nor does a tree keep the flying leaves near its trunk for future use. It says "I'm done. Thank you very much." Can you imagine where you'd be in life if you spent less time collecting thoughts and experiences and flat out kept focused on growing outward? On...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 127

These are great times to spend moments sitting in a chair watching spiders mastermind their plans to build the biggest and best web caught between tree limbs. The average person can't stand the sight or thought of a spider being anywhere near their next step. It's a spiritual moment to sit with spiders. Native American spirituality teaches us that spiders showcase an opportunity to access our deepest wisdom. We are to open our minds to the infinite number of possibilities that sit in front...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 126

How often do you go back into your social media posts? It says a lot about how you express. At times I feel like I'm a magnet to everybody's bad day, mood or misunderstanding. It's like an old episode of Batman. Boom! Pow! Biff! That's not the subject of this podcast. Today it's having the courage to go back into what we've written and see how we've grown from those unfiltered moments. I'm a daily journal writer. To be in the presence of 24 years of dug in deep written words is a journey, a...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 125

I sat in my forest in south Charlotte, NC as Tropical Storm Florence made her way across our lay of land. As the rain began to fall I listened to it's pleasant voice as it fell between the leaves still attached to the trees. I guess you can me a true tree hugger. It's more than that. I've written in this forest since 1994. A lot of thoughts and word shapes were put into play because of an energy within its presence. So to sit with the forest while a monster storm began it's journey through...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 124

Magnifying the image of where courage and strength come from is a very difficult subject for many to openly discuss. I know a lot of people that try to laugh off the compliment, "You know how it is. You stick to something you like and eventually it pays off." On today's podcast the Poet in the Forest has no fear of sharing his heart in the way of making sure that his relationship with the Greater Power is personalized and should never be bragged about. Only to see the closing thoughts echo...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 123

I sat writing in the forest. On this particular day there seemed to be less birds. It looked as if the sun was dimmer then usual. I wasn't moved but rather bothered. It was the center of summer and the forest usually doesn't locate calm until the leaves begin to fall. Then it occurred to me. This must be what peaceful sounds like. In this age of so many sights and sounds we've lost our way. We assume peaceful is on a digital device or it's making sure we're always busy at work or throwing...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 122

I recently sat staring into a swarm of Dragonflies. My studies of Native American Spirituality opened the soul I carry to what it meant to be in such a moment. To become aware of falsehoods, deceit and illusions. I could've easily stopped there but I wanted to bring God into the picture. Dragonflies in that shape of study represents transformation. As a writer and endless thinker it was now time to blend the two messages. But it had to be done by way of not the human looking at the Dragonfly...


The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 121

While growing up I always took note of the older generation getting away with a lot of things they said and physically did. It's almost as if a person hits a certain age and society accepts their actions as just being what old people do. Being the bystander I wanted to know why so many forgave the actions. More importantly what would turn off someone's personal censors? My trip back home to Montana gave me a lot of insight. I heard these words a lot, "It doesn't matter." Wow! Talk about a...