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The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #022 – Overcoming Challenges with Sheikh Saeed Nasser

In this months podcast, I spoke to Sheikh Saeed Nasser about his work as an integrative counsellor, bereavement counsellor, interpreter and clinical supervisor. He shared his experience of working within the Muslim community in this capacity and shed light on several aspects of life from relationships to mental health. Sheikh Saeed also spoke openly about his earlier years, his way of facing the stigma he experienced with regards to his visual impairment and his love for his home, the UK....


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #021 – Depression, OCD and Suicidal Thoughts with Adam Afghan

Our podcast The Mindful Muslim, a space to have open, honest, raw conversations on mental health, psychology, Islam and spirituality is back, this time in video form. I (Sivan Kader) speak to Adam Afghan who shares his experience with anxiety, depression, OCD and intrusive thoughts. Adam opens up about how he struggled with anxiety as a child and experienced disturbing thoughts later in life which culminated in him contemplating suicide. He also speaks about how he eventually sought help to...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #020 – Self-Harm and Self Destructive Behaviours

Clinical Psychologist Nomir Ahmed from an NHS Mental Health Trust in London gives his insight into Self-Harm and Self Destructive Behaviours in this month's The Mindful Muslim Podcast. Some of the things you’ll find out about are: What Self-Harm is The most common reasons for someone to inflict self-harm on themselves The Self-Harm cycle Misconceptions around Self-Harm Treatments and support for Self-Harm Next month we’ll be talking about the impact money and debt has on one's mental health....


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #019 – Domestic Violence and Mental Health

February has been a great month of opening up conversations that are often quite difficult to face, sometimes complex and even harder to accept. Although we have focused heavily on sexual abuse, trauma and the effects it has on the brain, this podcast is an interesting combination of various taboo topics. We had the pleasure of hosting Hanfia Iliyas from Eden Houses UK and Sofia Buncy, from Muslim Women in Prisons who both gave very unique perspectives of domestic violence within the Muslim...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #018 – Sexual Health in the Muslim Community with Imam Alyas Karmani

 This month we have been talking about sexual health, intimacy and pornography in the Muslim Community and we were honoured to have Imam Alyas Karmani join us for this month’s podcast - and we really go to town with this one. There’s no shame, and no room for cringe-ing in this podcast. So if you would like to hear about the detailed experiences that the Imam himself has been in, as well as other issues around sexual health, particularly pornography with no holding back, then listen in....


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #017 – Premarital Relationships and Marriage with Haleh Banani

This month we have approached a subject that isn't spoken about very often and although some of the weeks have been awkward to discuss it's been a good way to break the ice around this taboo topic. Premarital relationships is a growing concern, especially for young adults and we are at a time where proverbs such as "when nikkah becomes hard, zina becomes easy" are more and more present. So how do we save ourselves from the consequences of such relationships? We were honored to host sister...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #016 – Who are you?

This month we have been talking about the dreaded "who are you?" question, where everyone has something to say, but it's not always everything we have to say. Whether we avoid the question intentionally or because we frankly have no clue who we are, or whether or not we want to answer with what is socially accepted or what is in line with our values - this podcast will cover the A-Z of the perfect identity crisis. Muslims worldwide, in every generation, and every culture, are often torn...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #015 – The Stresses of being a Student

This month we have been looking at student stress - from results day, to accommodation, to lectures, to procrastination. However, what better way to hear about it, than hearing it from 2nd year Psychology student at the University of Birmingham, Rayhan Ahmed. He left his hometown where he grew up and had never left, he went into a new environment, with different people and received a big wake up call. In this podcast we discuss cliques, student habits and the importance of aligning your...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #014 – The Struggles of Fatherhood

Our theme this month is around postnatal depression, however it would be an injustice if we ignored the other side of the matter. Males in general are forgotten when it comes to mental health, and fathers are totally neglected when it comes to pregnancy and related issues. However, we want to change this. Fathers should hold the same significance and importance as the mother when a new life is brought into the world. We agree they don't have to go through the physical aspect of pregnancy,...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #013 – Ramadan and Eating Disorders

Ramadan is brimming with treasures waiting to be discovered within ourselves and our communities. Alas, there are forgotten gems within society which we often isolate and stigmatize, but this is the year we want to change that. Whilst Ramadan is an extremely positive time, for some it is a nightmare, and not because of the perfect ordainment from Islam but because of their own mental health issues which Allah has excused, but society does not. Join us for Wajid's strenuous journey as a young...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #012 – MIM Apparel and Conversational Clothing on Mental Health

An idea created with pure love and understanding of the complexities we all feel in our daily lives. MIM Apparel are a conversational clothing brand who are looking to kick start the dialogue about mental health with uniquely produced designs, each with their own narrative. This month Shumi and Tajmina share MIM Apparel's story on how fashion can be used to creatively represent mental health in a different light. To learn more about MIM Apparel please visit If...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #011 – Food, Wellbeing and Mental Health

This month we have focused on food and mental health, (what better timing with Ramadan around the corner?) We have talked about the relationship we maintain, the relationship we should have according to the sunnah, different food groups and their effects on mood and much more discussion to come. Meanwhile, we have had the pleasure of Safira, from Tiffin and Tea complementing our theme. To hear about the blog; its goals, Safira's top nutritional tips, Prophetic medicine, alongside her own...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #010 – A Therapist on the Couch

We're making some movement toward defeating the stigma around mental health, but what about the negative ideas around therapy and intervention? For your FAQ's to be answered about therapy, a different perspective of Islamic Counselling, and to hear what it's like for a therapist to have received therapy alongside an alternative and inspirational attitude on how to move forward, then listen in! If you have a question or topic you would like us to discuss on The Mindful Muslim Podcast or if...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #009 – From Syria to UK: The Journey of a Refugee

With sweaty palms, and shaky breath, brother AbdurRahman fidgets nervously as he takes us through his gripping journey of how he arrived in the UK. Become witness to his hard swallows as he fights back tears remembering his trauma and reliving the pain of leaving his family and his home. Listen in to empathise with his frustration, understand his concerns and take from what he has to say to the Ummah. Please remember this brother as well those like him in your precious A'diyaat. If you have...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #008 – Secrets of Effective Motivation

Have you ever started something, feeling pumped and ready to take on the world; as if nothing could get in the way, or shatter your dedication to then be at a much slower pace a few days or weeks later? Weighed down, practically dragging your feet to the finish line which is no longer in sight? Sounds pretty similar right? Whether that is starting the gym, eating healthier, being more organised, writing diary entries, or being more sociable. The majority of us know this feeling and the...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #007 – Anxiety: How does it feel?

“You can be alone in your room at 2am, and it’s like a sudden shock to your body…” “I was told they thought I was having a heart attack…” Do you know what it is like to have anxiety? Want to know the real truth behind the so called “nerves” or “stress” and lack of “faith in Allah”? Listen in with Meanha with guests Jamilla and Mary sufferers and survivors of Anxiety and Panic disorder who take you through their rollercoaster journey; from identification of their issues, to the diagnosis, the...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #006 – A Brief History of Islamic Psychology: A Discussion with Dr Rania Awaad

Islamic psychology or Ilm al-Nafs, (the science of "the self" or "psyche"), refers to the medical and philosophical study of the psyche from an Islamic perspective. The contributions of many Muslim scholars of the past on studying the mind and proposing treatments for mental conditions is extremely important and underpins many of our modern techniques. Join Meanha and our special guest Dr Rania Awaad as they explore the Islamic history of psychology and the works of early Muslim scholars...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #005 – Jinn, Magic and Ruqyah

In the same way that paracetamol is often seen as the answer to all types of pain, ruqyah is usually seen as the answer to all mental illnesses. Today we discuss what ruqyah actually is, what it entails and what it can be used for. We also look at the differences between sihr (black magic), jinn possession and mental health problems. Join Zahra, Salina and Abutaher from the Inspirited Minds team as they discuss these issues and more. If you have a question or topic you would like us to...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #004 – Mental Health Interventions in Schools

School is fundamental for a young person’s socialisation and academic development, but are the settings succeeding in helping young people flourish, find their self-worth and discover their skills and talents? Safeguarding, equal opportunities, bullying awareness, vulnerability warnings and many other policies are in place within schools to ensure a healthy and safe educational environment for young adults and children. However, what is being done to ensure a healthy and safe mental...


The Mindful Muslim Podcast – #003 – The Mental Health of Prisoners

According to the Prison Reform Trust, 10% of men and 30% of women have a psychiatric admission before they enter prison. Personality disorders are most prevalent amongst prisoners – 62% of male and 57% of female sentenced prisoners have a personality disorder. Prisoners also experience anxiety, depression and suicide attempts are at a much higher rate than in the general population, especially amongst women. The growing prison population means that there are now more people in prison with...