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The Art of Jin Shin with Alexis Brink

Did you know you hold the power to heal yourself right at your fingertips? Jin Shin Jyutsu is based on the ancient Japanese healing art of energy medicine that is now practiced throughout the world. Join author and healer Alexis Brink as we explore how to use this simple energy healing modality to work through whatever ails you, including backache, anxiety, colds and flu, digestive issues, immune disorders, migraines, insomnia, and much more.


The New Happiness with Matthew Mckay

Most of us are searching for happiness in one form or another, but the “happiness” we’ve been conditioned to pursue is often elusive and fleeting. When we base our happiness on what we have—such as material possessions or status recognition from others—our happiness is no longer in our control. Dr. Matthew McKay has some powerful tools to help us see that happiness is an inside job and what we can do to achieve lasting happiness.


Love on Every Breath with Lama Palden Drolma

Tonglen is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist a meditation that combines breath, awareness, imagination, and an energetic transformation process. Author and Buddhist teacher Lama Palden Drolma, has updated this process so that modern people can easily do it and learn to open our hearts, to reveal and cultivate our kindness, love, compassion, and wisdom. If you have every wondered how to help alleviate suffering in yourself and the world, this is for you!


Do You Need To Break Up With Sugar? with Rena Greenberg

Rena Greenberg shares her unique and effective mind-body-spirit method for overcoming unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits and addictions. Though we are going to discuss sugar and carb addiction, Author Rena Greenberg delivers a stellar method for breaking free from any unhealthy addiction, whether it be to food, alcohol or substances.


Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker

What happens when you fuse Donna Eden Energy Medicine with yoga? Celebrated yoga teacher Lauren Walker shares with us how to use this powerful and unique modality to find balance and healing in your life and uncover the root causes of specific health and emotional complaints. Check out this amazing treasure trove of power self-care practices that will accelerate your healing!


Brave New Medicine with Dr. Cynthia Li

We read stories about people who feel chronically ill, people who have seen the doctor with no clear answer as to why they feel the way they do. So, what happens when a doctor can’t get better? When the tables turn and the doctor is now considered the “difficult patient”? Join Dr. Cynthia Li as she describes her journey to healing a mysterious autoimmune disease which called on her to practice everything she new about medicine and functional medicine to heal herself.


Star Sisters: Twin Loss and “Death Astrology”

Join us as Astrologer and twin Linda Zlotnick recounts the remarkable and gripping story of how she dealt with the illness and death of her identical twin sister, Lou Ann. Informed by her knowledge, we will explore themes of twin connections and twin loss, fate and free will, and what can know about someone’s life and death by looking at their astrological chart.


The Gratitude Prescription with Will Pye

Real gratitude is so much more than just turning lemons into lemonade. It’s really about using the intentional power of our thoughts and feelings and focusing them in a way that gives us a higher and more joyful vibration. Join author, activist and cancer survivor Will Pye as he shares is story and his wisdom in how to create a more joyful life through gratitude.


From Suffering to Peace with Mark Coleman

Like yoga and meditation before it, mindfulness seems to be having its moment in the spotlight. It has become a buzzword in everything from medicine, the military, and education, to sports, prisons, and therapy. This hype has reached the point where it is easy to lose sight of what it can actually offer. Mark Coleman, who has been teaching mindfulness practices in a wide array of settings for over twenty years, draws on both his knowledge and life experience to clarify what mindfulness...


Apollo and Me with Cate Montana

What if a god fell in love with you? Greek gods have been doing that all along but Cate Montana has put a modern twist on this tale that brings up the concepts of divine love, sexual healing and the healing of the feminine in a fun, sexy and topic story. Join us as we discuss this tale of eternal love, magic and the healing power of love.


How To Be Panic Free with Tom Bunn

When author Tom Bunn was an airline captain, he began a quest that lasted many years, to find a solution that would help fearful fliers control their panic. Until now, panic attacks have been a problem without a consistently viable solution, but Tom Bunn came up with a fabulous solution in his book Panic Free. Join us in this conversation as he goes through his process.


The Heart of Abundance with Karen Hager

Empower Radio host Karen Hager is an intuitive guide, psychic channel, and passionate advocate for practical intuitive development. Please tune in as we discuss how to activate your heart to manifest the life you have always wanted- with a lot of love!


Finally Full of Yourself with Maria Salomão-Schmidt

Maria Salomão-Schmidt has been through it all, the lowest low of losing a child and the highest high- being on the Oprah Winfrey show. She has an inspiring story to tell us about how living as your own "flavor" in life creates a magical flow and can create powerful transformation and change in your life as you learn to be finally full of yourself.


Energy Speaks with Lee Harris

Please join Lee Harris, and his guides, the "Z's" as we talk about his connection to the spiritual worlds. You know I love having other psychics on the show and Less Harris is so inspiring as he distills the Zs' wisdom into a concise and practical guide for conscious living that promises that each one of us is an irreplaceable part of something much greater than ourselves.


The Art of Mediumship

Today we have psychics Denise Correll and Samantha Fey as we talk about their ever evolving lives as psychics and mediums. They also host the popular pod cast the Enlightened Empaths. Join is as we bust some myths and misconceptions about what it’s really like to be a psychic and a medium.


My Search for Christopher with Joe McQuillen

Is there a way to speak to those on “the other side?” Losing his son Christopher in a tragic boating accident led Joe McQuillen on a journey through the worlds of mediums and psychics as he searched for and founded messages from his son. Bring your hankies for this one folks!


Become a Superhero of Love with Bridget Fonger

A bad breakup not only makes us feel powerless, it can bring us to our knees. The good news is that inside each of us is our very own superhero with the power to heal and strengthen us so we can love and be loved more than ever before. Join author Bridget Fonger as we explore how to heal after a breakup and have a resilient heart.


Loving Through Your Differences with James L. Creighton

Couples fight. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes these fights provide comic relief. At other times they threaten the very survival of the relationship. Join author and couple’s therapist James Creighton as he shares how having separate views of reality can make or your break your relationship.


Feed Your Soul with Carly Pollack

If you are looking to get off the yo-yo diet trap and finally find a healthy relationship with your body and your food, try feeding your soul instead. Carly Pollack will teach how changing how we think can take us off the destined to fail diet trap and help us learn to nourish ourselves from the inside out.


Healing Your Soul Using The Akashic Records with Jessenia Nozzolillo

Soul Healer Jessenia Nozzolillo shares her secrets of how to heal at a past life level. As we evolve our connection to our soul, shed our ego, and reintegrate the soul to self, we will notice that our perspective shifts. We no longer see our choices in this life as punishment; we see them as part of the plan. We are no longer the victims of our circumstances, but the divine creators of our reality and circumstances.