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Ep.33: Black Panther!

In what is probably our most controversial episode of all time, we talk Black Panther, race, immigration, and toilets in space suits. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we do claim to know the One who does. Listen to the episode, and then come join the conversation on our FB group! If you enjoy the episode, please like and share with friends, family, and the super powered panther king that lives next door.


Ep. 32: The Friendship of Hobbits

In this episode, we carry you on our backs into the very fires of Mount Doom! Join us as we discuss friendship, hobbits, and the odd eating habits of Swedish people. If you enjoy this, then please share with your friend/friends/best friend/acquaintances.


Ep. 31: Livin' On A Prayer!

Traveling at 88 miles per hour, we are heading once more, back to the basics! In this episode, we discuss what prayer is, what the Bible says about it, and how to pray in general. We also talk Elon Musk and flamethrowers, and go over the best picture Oscar nominees. You don't want to miss this biz. If you enjoy, please do us a huge favor and share this episode with friends, family, and maybe even your accountants.


Ep. 30: A Balm-Badil For Your Soul

INCOMING ORC ATTACK! GONDOR CALLS FOR AID! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! If you, like the people of Gondor, have ever felt anxious, then this is the episode for you! We have the "Balm-Badil" for your soul! In this episode, we talk Tom Bombadil, anxiety, and finding rest at the feet of Jesus. If you enjoy the episode, please like, rate, and share with friends, family, and the Ringwraith next door.


Ep. 29: The Doctrine of God!

In our second episode of our back to the basics series, we discuss the Doctrine of God! We also start out this episode with a horrible musical number which we, 1) didn't practice, 2) didn't sing to a track, and 3) basically just winged on the spot. You're welcome. If you enjoy this extra long episode, please share with friends and help us get the word out. Thanks for your support!


Ep.28: Man of Steel/Man of Sorrows

Coming at your ears like a speeding bullet, penetrating your brain like a powerful locomotive, able to leap over the tall buildings of your intellect! The Nerd Gospel Podcast! In this episode we talk all things Superman, and discuss the similarities between the man of steel, and the man of sorrows. If you enjoy this, please like and share with friends, family, and your arch nemesis.



MERRY CHRISTMAS! In this special Christmas themed episode, we talk Narnia, great Christmas movies, and the birth of King Jesus! Hope you enjoy, and please share with friends and family who might enjoy :)


Ep. 23: Return of the Jedi!

IT'S A TRAP! No, its actually just another tantalizing episode of the Nerd Gospel Podcast! In this episode we talk all things Return of the Jedi. We talk about resurrection, triumph over evil, and somehow relate Darth Vader to the Apostle Paul. Also, Heath may or may not call Ewoks (adorable) idolatrous-robot-worshipping-murderous-pagans. We hope you will share this episode (and our previous SW ones) with friends and family who are Star Wars fans. Hope you enjoy and are blessed by our...


Ep. 22: The Empire Strikes Back!

In this episode, we share our thoughts on the new Justice League movie before diving headfirst into tauntaun guts! We talk all things "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back," and chat a little bit about what it looks like living in the now/not yet. If you have a friend that loves Star Wars, then share this episode with them as well! Thanks for listening, and stay nerdy!


Ep. 20: The Far Kingdom (Restoration)

In this episode, we conclude our 4-part series on Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration! Join us as we discuss the promises of God, living in the now/not yet, and a little bit of Gandalf thrown into the mix, all as we look forward to that far kingdom... If you like the episode, share and subscribe!


Ep. 19: Thor Ragnarok and Eschatology!

It's hammer time, y'all! In this episode we talk Thor: Ragnarok and the end of all things! Did we enjoy the new film? Would we take our grandmothers to go see it? Is this a romantic comedy? Also, what is eschatology and why are there so many books about it? Will a giant Norse snake swallow the earth? Also, we announce our introduction into a super secret society! You wont want to miss this action packed episode of extra long proportions. If you enjoy, share this biz and find us on FB :)


Ep. 18: Reformation Celebration

Dear Reformation, Happy 500th birthday. You look great for your age, and I think you will only continue to improve as you get older. Stay sassy. In this episode, we discuss the protestant reformation and how it changed the world as we currently know it. We also do a bit of jabber jawing about some of the early reformers. Men like John Wick, Jan Gooseboy, and Martin Luther King. You won't want to miss this history packed, ultra special birthday celebration episode of informative learning!...


Ep. 17: Halloween, or nah?

In this episode, we delve into the ancient origins of Halloween, and ask the question: "Should Christians celebrate Halloween, or nah?" Is Halloween the devils day, or was it invented by a bunch of dentists in order to make some extra cash flow? Side topic: Candy Corn is neither corn nor candy, discuss. If you enjoy this episode, please like and share. It helps us out and stuff :)


Ep.16: Angels and Demons!

We continue our "spooky" episodes for the month of October by discussing angels and demons! Do people become angels when they die? Can demons possess Christians? Who are the Nephilim in Genesis 6, and why are people confused about that biz? And lastly, what does Jeremy sound like while singing a Sarah McLachlan song? All this and so much more in this extra long episode of the Nerd Gospel Podcast!


Ep. 15: Ghosts and Spirits! BOO!

DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU, because right in front of you is a brand spanking new episode! In this spooktacular edition of the Nerd Gospel Podcast, we discuss Ghosts! What happens after we die? Do we become Casper? Can our loved ones come back from the grave to give us tasks, or tell us to avenge their deaths? Are you secretly living with a ghost, or is that just a bed sheet hanging on your closet door? Most importantly, what does the Bible have to say about Ghosts and Spirits? All this and so...


Special Ep: Word For Word Bible Comic Interview!

In this super special midweek episode, we chat with Simon Amadeus Pillario, the illustrator/mad genius behind the word for word bible comic. If you like what you hear, check out his website at, and support him if you are able to do so! Thanks as always for listening!


Ep. 14: Bigfoot, Nessie, and Mothman, oh my!

In this episode, we discuss Cryptids! What is a Cryptid, and where can you buy one? Is your grandmother a Cryptid? Are there Cryptids mentioned in the Bible? All this and so much more in episode 14 of the Nerd Gospel Podcast! Share this with friends, family, and your worst enemies. Thanks for listening!


Ep. 13: The Rescue Mission! (Redemption)

Jack Bauer, eat your heart out! In this episode, we discuss God's grand rescue plan of redemption! We only scratch the tip of a single snowflake resting on top of the giant iceberg of awesomeness, but we hope that's enough to wet your appetite for more! This episode was crazy encouraging to record, and we hope it encourages and edifies you as well!


Ep. 12: LARPing and Identity

In this semi-controversial episode, we discuss identity and Live Action Role-Playing (LARPing). What does it mean to find our true identity in Jesus, and what does that look like? What is live action role-playing, and who are Vonnstaff and Gorog? Who is the Bobby in your life that needs you? All of this and so much more, in another exciting episode of the Nerd Gospel Podcast!


Ep. 11: Pennywise and Biblewise

In this ultra spooky scary episode, we discuss the brand new horror film, "IT." What is "it," and why are people scared of "it?" Why are clowns scary, and why are goblins demanding tolls on the road scary as well? We also discuss what it means to fear God, and what the Bible has to say about both our fear and anxiety. You don't want to miss this action packed episode!


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