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Parenting for Faith exists to equip and encourage parents to raise God-connected children and teens. In the podcast, Rachel Turner offers ideas and tools, answers questions, reviews books, hosts interviews and panel discussions. Discover our free course for churches and more at Parenting for Faith is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship, a registered charity.

Parenting for Faith exists to equip and encourage parents to raise God-connected children and teens. In the podcast, Rachel Turner offers ideas and tools, answers questions, reviews books, hosts interviews and panel discussions. Discover our free course for churches and more at Parenting for Faith is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship, a registered charity.
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Parenting for Faith exists to equip and encourage parents to raise God-connected children and teens. In the podcast, Rachel Turner offers ideas and tools, answers questions, reviews books, hosts interviews and panel discussions. Discover our free course for churches and more at Parenting for Faith is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship, a registered charity.




#44 What Saul did right, explaining concubines and heading off to uni

This week, we kick off by looking at the story of David and Goliath(1 Sam 17)and asking what Saul's role was. What did he do and what can we learn from it? During our Facebook Live events (, we encourage you to ask questions about anything. We were asked one about how to explain Bible stories that include non-monogamous relationships, for example concubines. Discover how Rachel tackled it in our Q and A section. In our wildcard section, Anna...


#43 Different worldviews, not holiday club anymore and gender neutral toys

Becky kicks off with some thoughts on the gospel and different worldviews. Rachel answers the question 'Why isn't the church more like holiday club?' The wildcard section is an exploration of gender neutral toys, do we think they are a good idea or not?


#42 Serving in church, parental guilt and catching for your bump or baby

This week, Rachel asks how do we get our kids ready to serve in church? For our question and answer section, she explores how to deal with parental guilt. This week's wildcard section is from Anna Hawken, part of the Parenting for Faith team. She looks at how to get started using chat and catch if you are pregnant, waiting to adopt or have a new baby by taking us through some steps to start catching for your child.


#41 Beauty and manliness, grandparenting and being a taxi driver or a tour guide

How do we help our kids live in a world which tells them the most important thing about them is the way that they look? We steal from one of our Facebook Live events for parents and carers 'Bedtime Drinks' to explore ideas of beauty and manliness. You can catch up on more past episodes at For our Q&A section, we ask should grandparents ask permission from their children to talk to their grandchildren about God? For our wildcard section,...


#40 Not just for kids, different rules for different families and parenting adult children

You are called to be significant and powerful wherever you are and the Parenting for Faith tools can help you to do that, with all sorts of people, not just your children. Rachel shares some of her experiences with this. Our question this week is 'How do you deal with your kid in church when they are allowed certain things and other people are allowed different things?'. Becky shares some thoughts on parenting an adult child.


#39 Summer stories, changing up chat and catch and grief

We kick off this week's episode by sharing stories of surfing the waves in summer. So many things are different over the summer - how can we make the most of those opportunities? Our question is about how to get creative with 'chat & catch' so that we're not just getting stuck in a rut of using this tool in the same way. We hear from Simon Parry, founder of Allstars Kids Club, about HOME. This album was written for kids and families dealing with grief and loss. We hear how it came about and...


#38 Church on holiday, misconceptions and being God's child

This week we think about church on holiday - should you go? If you do, how can your family gain the most from the experience? We ask James Archer, father of five, educator and MD of CherishEd., how to help untangle children's misconceptions. Anna, our national coordinator, explores how to take a break from always being the grown up and remember that you're God's child... and you need Him just as much as your kids do.


Heading Home Bonus Episode - how do we take it home?

A special edition of the Parenting for Faith podcast for any parent or carer heading home from a Christian camp or festival. To find out more about the best way for you to get the podcast, head to


#37 The 'play with me' tool, helping kids worship and prepping for Christian camps

Rachel highlights the spiritual aspect of play and explores how to use the 'play with me' tool over the summer. We speak to a child who loves worship and get her advice on how to help kids connect in worship. We finish off by talking about what we need to get into our heads before we go to Christian camps and events. How can we prepare well so we are ready for what God is going to do with our kids there.


#36 How to finish well, spiritual love languages and talking about films

It's the last week of school and Rachel unpacks how to help your child to finish well and reflect on the previous school year. She answers a question about whether there are spiritual love languages. In the final segment, Elle Bird shares how we can use films as a springboard to have interesting conversations with kids and teens.


#35 Coping with failure, explaining death and the book 'Growing With'

Rachel commiserates on the lionesses' world cup loss and uses it to share some ideas to help kids handle and process failure. Rev James Yeates answers a question about how to explain death to children, especially when you're unsure of their faith and family situation. In our wildcard section, it's time for another 'Books you don't have time to read' segment. Rachel shares ideas and wisdom from 'Growing With: Every Parent's Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in Their Faith,...


#34 Catching from God, the creation vs evolution debate and nightmares

This week, we look at three different ideas of ways to catch from God, to stop you getting stuck in a rut. We wade into the creation, evolution debate and get equipped how to chat to our kids about it. Anna, our National Coordinator, shares a testimony from her family about God helping with nightmares and introduces you to a tool that might help your child.


#33 God's wrath, if he doesn't exist and wearing a ministry and a parent hat

This week, we tackle the question 'How do you build a healthy view of God's wrath?'. We hear from Rachel's husband, Mark Turner, who shared his thoughts about why this is important. Rachel answers a follow up question about how to help children who don't believe that God exists. In the wildcard section, we look at how to serve in church, particularly in children's ministry, when you're the parent too.


#32 Balancing parenting advice, under 3s in church and additional needs parents

Rachel shares some ideas for how to balance parenting advice and all the 'shoulds' that we hear from different places. She answers a question about how to handle your under 3s in church if there is no specific provision for them. Mark Arnold, shares three spiritual truths for parents and carers of children with additional needs. You can read a written version of this at .


#31 If God doesn't exist, social media and learning from carers

Rachel shares about our free online event for parents and carers. This month it's on Monday 17 June and is all about tying together truth and experience. Find out more at She answers two questions this week. 1) What do we do if our child thinks that God doesn't exist? and 2)How do we help our children navigate social media? In the wildcard section, Becky shares her experience of having a carer living in her house and what...


#30 Heart gardens, new to faith and living with chronic pain

Rachel talks about different ways we can help our kids find the language to talk about their feelings, answers a question about how to start with parenting for faith when you are new to faith yourselves, and interviews Jo and Elliot about the lessons their family are learning from her chronic pain.


#29 Persecution, struggling to focus and Ali Campbell on tweenagers

Rachel kicks off with how we can help our kids engage with persecution, even though it is something they may never have experienced. She answers a question about a child who doesn't like sitting still and how he might be able to read and access the Bible. Our wildcard section, comes from guest Ali Campbell who shares about the tweens age group and how to help them engage.


#28 Prepping for a non-Christian world, aggressive behaviour and mummy meditations

This week, we find out how to prepare our kids for being Christians in a non-Christian world. Rachel answers a question about how to parent for faith in the midst of aggressive behaviour from your child. In the wildcard section, we hear from Rachel Ridler about her journey of learning new ways to connect with God after becoming a parent; why she founded 'Mummy meditations'; and how you can get involved. You can find out more at .


#27 Going beyond resources, avoiding 'Jesus is my buddy' and no one size fits all.

Rachel shares about Bedtime Drinks, our new monthly Facebook Live event for parents and carers. This month we're meeting on Monday 13 May to discuss 'Beauty and Manliness'. Find out more at . She explores how we use Christian resources and what to do when it feels like they don't work. She answers a question about how to unwind a view of God where an under-five thinks 'Jesus is my buddy - only interested in following me around and making me...


#26 Adult only spaces, prayer formulas and grandparents

Based on something she saw on a trip to Israel, Rachel explores how we as adults can invite children in to what we are already doing, rather than always changing what we're doing to make it about them. She looks at formulas in prayer and how to help children that really like those. Anna Hawken, interviews her mum, who has nine grandchildren and has recently done the Parenting for Faith course. They discuss the role that grandparents have to play in helping their grandchildren meet and know...