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The Past Lives Podcast Ep33 – Jenny Cockell

This week I am talking to Jenny Cockell about her past life memories and how she confirmed there reality through research and eventually meeting her past incarnation’s children. We discuss her book 'Yesterday's Children: The extraordinary search for my Past Life Family'. The book describes the trauma and worry of a past-life memory, and Jenny's decision to search for "her" lost children. It follows her progress through her dreams and memories, the revelations of hypnotism, her searches...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep32 – Theresa Cheung

This week I am talking to Theresa Cheung about spirit communication and the book she co-authored with Claire Broad 'Answers from Heaven:Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife'. Theresa is a Sunday Times bestselling author in the fields of Spirituality, Heaven, the science of the Paranormal and the Afterlife. Born into a family of Spiritualists, she has over two decades experience, both personal and professional, boasting a Master’s degree in Theology and English...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep31 – Dr Linda Backman

This week I am talking to Dr Linda Backman. We discuss her book 'Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives'. In her work as a regression hypnotherapist, Dr. Linda Backman frequently meets with individuals who have had past lives on planets and realms beyond Earth. These individuals―called interplanetary souls―have agreed to come to Earth to help support the evolution of the planet as well as to develop themselves and learn lessons for spiritual advancement. In Souls on Earth, Dr....


The Past Lives Podcast Ep30 – Candace Talmadge

This week I am talking to Candace Talmadge about her book The Afterlife Healing Circle. The afterlife healing circle is a way we can safely communicate with those on the other side, whether they are loved ones who have passed or future offspring who have not yet been born. Trained as an energy-healer, Candace has been taking clients to meet their guides since 1988. Her mission is to awaken others to the unlimited practical benefits of true holistic living, which actively incorporates the...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep29 – Cyrus Kirkpatrick

This week I am talking to Cyrus Kirkpatrick about his book The Afterlife and Beyond. We discuss many aspects of the afterlife and his viewpoint on skeptics and the reality of life after death. If the afterlife is real, what does that mean for our lives? For society? In a second feature book by afterlife and supernatural writer Cyrus Kirkpatrick, these questions are poised as the consequences of an afterlife are explored in relation to subjects from cryogenics to artificial intelligence and...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep28 – Traci Bray

This week I am talking to the medium Traci Bray. Traci is certified by the Windbridge Research Center as a research medium, has appeared on TV and appears in books by noted researchers Dr. Julie Beischel and Dr. Gary Schwartz. Most recently a number of thoughts and quotes of Traci's appear in Dr. Julie Beischel's book From the Mouths of Mediums, which provides interviews with other Windbridge Certified Research Mediums which Beischel directs. In 2000, Traci was filmed by the BBC for a...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep27 – Dr Gregory Shushan

This week I am talking to Dr Gregory Shushan. We discuss his fascinating book Near-Death Experience in Indigenous Religions. Gregory Shushan explores the relationship between NDEs and beliefs about the afterlife in traditional indigenous societies. He was Grawemeyer Award-nominated for his book Conceptions of the Afterlife in Early Civilizations. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Religious Experience Research Centre, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and was previously...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep26 – Claire Broad

This week I am talking to Claire Broad about mediumship and the book she co-authored Answers from Heaven: Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife. Answers from Heaven is for anyone who has ever wondered if there is an afterlife and if it is truly possible to contact the spirit world. In this compelling book, Sunday Times bestselling author Theresa Cheung and medium Claire Broad share the fascinating true stories of ordinary people who have experienced direct...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep25 – Wendy Rose Williams

This week I am talking to Wendy Rose williams about her near death experience, reincarnation and her book Regression Healing I:: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Soldier. A lifetime athlete and adventurer had broken his neck. Could a comprehensive Past-Life Regression truly heal his significant daily pain? Could he finally learn how to connect easily and meaningfully with his Higher Self and Guides? Witness one man’s exploration of more than a dozen of his past lives....


The Past Lives Podcast Ep24 – Alan Hugenot

This week I talk to Dr. Alan Hugenot. We talk about his Near Death Experience and his book The Death Experience: What it is like when you die. His book describes what you will experience as you die. Giving details of the death process and your journey into the afterlife based on the author's own Near-Death experience where he died, went out-of-body into the afterlife, and returned to a second life in the same body. His experiences are collated with the Tibetan Book of the Dead; the Egyptian...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep23 – Richard Estep

This week I’m talking to Richard Estep. He is a paramedic and paranormal investigator. We discuss his experiences as a paranormal investigator and his books detailing the many places he has witnessed extraordinary events. We focus on his book 'The Devil’s Coming To Get Me, The Haunting of Malvern Manor' Malvern Manor has been many things over the course of its long life. In the late 1800s it was a hotel catering to travelers and businessmen; then it was converted into a rest home for the...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep22 – Tricia Robertson

This week I talk to Tricia Robertson about her book ‘Things You Can do When You’re Dead’. Tricia Robertson is one of Scotland’s foremost psychical researchers. In the book Tricia shares some of her thirty-year research into mediumship, reincarnation, psychic healing, apparitions, poltergeists, and after death communications.


The Past Lives Podcast Ep21 – Reena Kumarasingham

This week I talk to Reena Kumarasingham about her book Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys. Through the past life journeys of eight souls, Shrouded Truth unveils the dramatic adventures and emotional experiences of those closest to Jesus.


The Past Lives Podcast Ep 20 – Andy Tomlinson

This week on The Past Lives Podcast I talk to Andy Tomlinson about his book Healing the Eternal Soul – Insights from Past Life and Spiritual Regression. Andy is a registered psychotherapist. He has been trained in hypnotherapy, past life regression and is a certified regression therapist and between lives therapist. Within each of us reside the events and memories of past lives. As the soul returns to life over and over, these traumatic memories are often re-created making little sense in...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep19 – Cliff Aguirre

This week I have my first return guest, Cliff Aguirre. We talk about his book The Death Transition: The Process Of Passing Over. Death has always been a misunderstood subject, feared as the final demise of one's consciousness. But, death is simply the movement of consciousness from one reality to another. There is no end to your existence. The Death Transition is a book that answers questions on pre-death and after-death experiences. It describes step-by-step experiences which will be...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep18 – Carol Bowman

On this episode of The Past Lives Podcast I am talking to Carol Bowman about her books Children's Past Lives and Return from Heaven: Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family. We also discuss her work as a past life therapist and reincarnation researcher.


The Past Lives Podcast Ep17 – Kelly Walsh

This week my guest is NDE experiencer Kelly Walsh. I talk to Kelly about her near death experience and the book she co-authored with Dr Penny Sartori 'The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences: How the Messages of NDEs Positively Impact the World'. Kelly is a published author, public speaker, and ‘Step into your Divinity’ coach & mentor. She is also the founder of the Positivity Power Movement fuelling the activity of the Love Care Share charitable foundation aimed at making a...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep16 – Tom Butler

This week I am talking to Tom Butler. Tom, with his wife Lisa, are the directors of the Association TransCommunication. I talk to Tom about electronic voice phenomena, his book Your Immortal Self and his visits to physical mediums. The Association TransCommunication (ATransC) was founded by Sarah Estep in 1982 as the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP). Her objective was to “provide objective evidence that we survive physical death in our individual conscious state.”...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep15 – Toni Reilly

In this episode I talk to Toni Reilly about her book Awake. Toni takes people through past life regressions. Toni Reilly is an international best-selling author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Therapist. She is the creator of SoulLife™ Coaching, Programs, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation. She assists people to overcome their emotional bruises and live with purpose,...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep14 – Patricia Pearson

This week I talk to Patricia Pearson. Patricia is a critically-acclaimed independent journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, the New Yorker, the Daily Beast and the Daily Telegraph. We discuss her book Opening Heaven’s: Door What the Dying Are Trying to Say about Where They're Going. People everywhere carry with them extraordinary, deeply comforting experiences that arrived at the moment when they most needed relief: when they lost a loved one. These experiences can include...