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Pastors Wade Lentz and Harold Smith have real discussions that range from the topics of church life to defining our roles as Christian patriots.


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Pastors Wade Lentz and Harold Smith have real discussions that range from the topics of church life to defining our roles as Christian patriots.




The Pilgrims Were Not KJV Only, and You Shouldn’t Be Either

This episode explains why the Pilgrims did not use the King James Version of the Bible and preferred to use their trusted Geneva Bible instead. We also discuss the fallacy of KJV Onlyism. As well as the reliability of the Textus Receptus manuscripts.


Rick Warren, Mike Stone, and Christian Nationalism

After taking a two-month sabbatical, pastors Harold Smith and Wade Lentz get behind their mics again to discuss the ongoing and evermore heated debate over Christian Nationalism. We also discuss matters within the SBC with their upcoming national convention in New Orleans. Rick Warren is expected to ask the messengers present to vote to welcome Saddleback Church back into full fellowship within the SBC. We conclude this episode with the news that our dear friend and fellow pastor, Mike Stone, will once again run for the presidency of the SBC against the incumbent. Bart Barber.


Christian Nationalism??

Many of our listeners no doubt have seen and heard of the Christian Nationalism movement that has become a major talking point in evangelical circles lately. In this episode, Wade Lentz and Harold Smith define Christian Nationalism using Stephen Wolfe's definition in his recently published book, "The Case For Christian Nationalism." We discuss the central tenets of what Christian Nationalists hold to and then lay those principles against God's Word to see if they are biblical. We trust that this episode will be helpful to you and give you some clarity concerning the subject of Christian Nationalism.


Christ or Chaos?

Today's episode deals with the ever-sweeping away and erosion by the secularists to rid our nation of Christian values and beliefs from public life. When this is accomplished, utter chaos ensues. We mention a couple of examples, 1) Public Schools and 2) Our nation's crime-filled cities. Are these things better? No! Harold Smith and Wade Lentz also, discuss the answer that is so desperately needed, the gospel!!


Government Overreach and Endless Regulations

Our nation has passed over 30,000 laws since 1789, and we are adding somewhere 1,000 new laws each year! Many of these laws infringe upon our liberties and freedoms. Sadly, our nation is becoming what our Founding Fathers freed us from, tyranny. Harold Smith and Wade Lentz discuss the repercussions when a government tries to make everything their business.


Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Harold Smith and Wade Lentz discuss a topic that is undoubtedly the most well-known topic we will ever discuss. The subject is social media. What are the good aspects of it, the bad, and even the ugly parts of social media? Should Christians use social media? If so, how should we use social media? Can social media be addictive? Please take the time to listen to this episode and share your thoughts with us.


Divine Providence and Early America

Harold and Wade were excited to record this particular episode of the Patriot Pastor's Podcast as it is an episode that recounts God's providential hand in our nation's founding, more specifically, the miraculous preservation of our then General George Washington.


This and That!

In this episode, we speak about several topics briefly. 1) Confederate General A.P. Hill's Bones being exhumed and moved from Richmond, Virginia. 2) Stanford University's list of WOKE words that are no longer allowed to be used on Campus. 3) Amy Grant and Dolly Parton's wrong version of Christianity. 4) The implosion of churches wrongly offering the gospel with gimmicks.


Never Say Never (The Error of the #NeverTrump Voters)

Almost every American will agree that the past two years under the Biden administration have been difficult, to say the least. We are worse off morally, economically, militarily, and in many other areas. Still, we have many evangelical leaders across our country who are voicing their opinion as to why they are #NeverTrump voters and why everyone should be as well. Pastors Harold Smith and Wade Lentz disagree with this logic, and in this episode, they give their reasons why they believe you need to reject this #NeverTrump movement in 2024.


Combating Political Correctness

Pastors Wade Lentz and Harold Smith discuss the evermore controversial subject of political correctness and why it is a real danger that could lead to the complete removal of our freedom of speech.


The Liabilities of Libertarianism

In Wade Lentz and Harold Smith's latest episode of the Patriot Pastor's Podcast, we discuss the controversial subject of the liability and fallacy of voting for a Libertarian candidate. The platform itself is badly flawed! We also give our opinion on former President Trump's 2024 election status. Does Trump run or not? Should he run or not? What do you think?


Being Soft on Crime = More Crime!

In this episode of the Patriot Pastor's Podcast, we discuss the results of the many problems that spring forth when a society goes soft on crime. What does the Bible say about Capital Punishment? Why are our prisons overcrowded? Why are judges bent on rendering light sentences? We hope that you find this episode helpful as Harold Smith and Wade Lentz present biblical solutions to these issues.


Make Local Church Conferences Great Again!

Why are churches not hosting special revival meetings or Bible conferences like they used to? We live in the day of mega conferences such as G3, T4G, and the Shepherds Conference in California. These conferences are great and helpful, but they are mainly designed for pastors. What about church members? In this episode, Wade Lentz and Harold Smith discuss the benefits of churches hosting special meetings/conferences.


The Rarity of Biblical Pastors and Sound Churches

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Biblical pastors and Bible-believing churches are getting harder and harder to find. Our country does not lack pastors or churches; however, there is a shortage of men of God and churches that have not sold their souls to preaching "feel-good" messages and all-out pragmatism to get the masses to attend their churches. If your church has a godly man who is your pastor, pray for him because he needs it. And if you belong to a rock-solid Bible-believing church, stay, as the chances of finding another one may be more challenging than you think. In this episode, both Harold Smith and Wade Lentz encourage pastors to continue to lead their church, having only one aim: to please God.


Biblical Missions--Special guest, Jonathan Murdock

In this episode, Harold Smith recently sat down with pastor and former missionary Jonathan Murdock and discussed the subject of biblical missions. Jonathan spent ten years in Mexico City as a church planter, and even though he is currently a pastor in the states, he continues to have a focused ministry in both South and Central America. They also explain how important it is that churches are actively engaged in the training of pastors in foreign lands so that those churches would be strengthened.


The Local Church Matters--With Allen Nelson IV

In this episode, Wade and Harold are joined by their long-time friend and fellow pastor, Allen Nelson IV. Allen is the pastor of Second Baptist Church in Perryville, AR. Allen has a great love for Christ and Christ's church. We trust this episode will be an encouragement to you and your ministry. (We apologize for the inconsistency in the audio in this episode.)


Missions Matter!!

Pastors Harold Smith and Wade Lentz recently sat down with pastor Eddie Ragsdale and the Assistant Director of Global Baptist Missions, Brandon Harrell, to discuss the importance of church missions and the different ways churches can support missions. With many pastors and churches contemplating leaving the Southern Baptist Convention, this will be a very helpful and informative episode for you.


The Doctrines of Grace in Early America

In this special edition of the Patriot Pastor's Podcast, we were thrilled to host a guest preacher and MDiv student at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, Austin McCormick. Austin and Wade Lentz discuss Christianity's influence and impact on our nation's early years. More specifically, we discuss a Bible doctrine that was very prominent during the early years of our country called the "Doctrines of Grace," aka Calvinism. Thankfully, we are seeing a revival of sorts of this biblical doctrine once again. Austin McCormick also answers the question, was George Washington baptized by the Baptist pastor, John Gano? Listen to this episode for the answer!


SBC22 ”Turn Out The Lights”

In this episode, pastors Wade Lentz and Harold Smith discuss the latest developments at the S.B.C. Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. We speak on the losses the conservatives received in the elected positions within the S.B.C. Such as Voddie Baucham's loss as the Pastor's Conference President and Tom Ascol's loss for S.B.C. President. We also speak on Rick Warren's bizarre speech where he essentially bragged about himself and his accomplishments within the S.B.C. What do all the conservative losses mean for the S.B.C.? Where can the conservative pastor go from here? We endeavor to answer these questions and more in this special episode.


A Christian’s Perspective On Gun Control

After the horrific school shooting tragedy in Texas, the Democrats, Hollywood stars, and even evangelical leaders have been raising their voices in defense of more gun laws. But what does the Bible teach about such a subject? Should Christians own firearms? Wade Lentz and Harold Smith give you their pastoral answer to this controversial topic.