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More Than Just an Art Festival: Burning Man as Pilgrimage

For some, it’s an art festival, for others, a networking event. For others, it's merely a time and place to get away from it all. But for Maria Lambert Bridge, the 7-day annual middle-of-nowhere Burning Man event in the desert of Nevada, is all of that, but much more. It’s a time of renewal, a pilgrimage: something akin to coming home to sacred ground. Bridge, a thirty-something consultant and occasional mindfulness instructor, here describes her experiences at Burning Man; her yearlong...


Christianity, Christian Denial, and the Future of the Men's Movement

It took a series of relationship failures to cause Dmitri Bilgere to embrace Christianity. Rather than giving the universe a kind of laundry list of what he wanted in a partner, he instead asked God to send him the right woman. This simple change of perspective brought him the love of his life, forms the basis of his personal faith, and is central to how he his work with the men he coaches or encounters in his workshops. Bilgere (BILL-GERE) here describes his personal journey, the five...


A Sufi Approach to Business

Fourth generation entrepreneur Mark Silver is a pioneer in the integration of spirituality and business. He believes that commerce doesn’t need to involve hype or manipulation but instead can be based on transparency, integrity and heart. In this podcast, he describes how life circumstances led him to embrace the Sufi path, his belief that right business practice is inherently spiritual, and how when done correctly marketing can be a form of healing. The founder of the Ithaca, New...


From Diversity 101 to Radical Inclusion

One of the founders of the Diversity and Spirituality Network talks about the integration of diversity and spirituality; the need for diversity and inclusion work to evolve; and the role on inclusive, spiritually-oriented networks such as the Diversity and Spirituality Network in in an increasingly secular age. Show Notes: PEW Research CenterGlobal Shapers Survey podcastRecord a commentupcoming events Like the podcast? Support us on Patreon!


New Religious Movements

Pejoratively called "cults" by some, there are by some estimates more than 300 New Religious Movements in the United States and tens of thousands worldwide. These include offshoots of established religions, congregations with unique scriptures, and "New Age" churches that claim celestial origins. Some of these groups last less than a decade, whereas others span generations. W. Michael Ashcraft, the Philosophy and Religion Department Chair of Truman State University, has been studying New...


From Near-Death Survivor to Legend in Diversity

Although he grew up with privilege and an unconscious sense that he was better than others, a near-death experience caused Lewis Brown Griggs to see things differently. While hovering between life and death, he was "told" that he needed to come back and to "do his work." This meant overcoming what he saw as his principal weakness: learning to bridge the gaps between himself and other people. He's been helping others do this through diversity and inclusion work for more than 25...


Gay Spirituality: A Primer

Two male gay priests talk about the distinctive nature of gay spirituality, institutional Christianity's attitudes towards LGBT people, and why there are high numbers of gays in the clergy. They also share how they realized their spiritual calling despite growing up within a hostile religious environment, the advice they would give to a young gay person who sees him or herself as religious and spiritual, and their belief that the on-the-ground acceptance of gay people is often at variance...


The Personal, The Political and the Spiritual

Author and advocate Jim Brown believes that restoring civility will go along way towards reversing the nation's political dysfunction. And that striving to do so is as much an internal process as it is an external one. In this increasingly polarized climate, Brown says, the way to political recovery and spiritual renewal begins with a practice that is at the heart of the world's great religions: love your enemy. In this podcast, Brown describes the process that led him to write his book,...


Travel, Religion and Spirituality

Psychotherapist, author and world traveler Greesh Sharma talks about the transformative aspects of travel; how to trek without being a tourist; and how religion influences national culture. He shares stories from his visits to some 150 countries that illustrate the diversity of human experience, how religious practice differs from place to place, and how spending time abroad has expanded his sense of self. Sharma sees travel as a form of spiritual practice and one that paradoxically...


From Theist to Atheist

Sociologist Douglas E. Cowan talks about New Religious Movements, the cult wars of the 1970s and the influence of the internet on religion. He also traces his own personal journey from mainstream Protestant believer through agnosticism to atheism. Regardless of what you believe, he says, "atheism matters." Links: Doug Cowan's Amazon page CV and Profile Page New Religious Movements (Hartford Institute for Religion Research) Diversity and Spirituality Network Support this podcast on...


Entrepreneurship, Social Activism, and Spiritual Practice

Paul Zelizer sees his mission as nurturing a community of socially conscious and spiritually aware entrepreneurs. His mission is embodied in the Awarepreneurs, a global community he founded in which business-minded people explore how their ventures might better contribute to a just and sustainable world. Awarepreneur members focus on integrating social activism into their business practices, while cultivating their personal sense of spiritual awareness. At one time, the community had more...


Building Bridges in Difficult Times

Conflict resolution specialist David Campt talks about the art of peace building, using dialogue to create common ground, and how whites can be effective allies for people of color in the fight against racism. Campt is an authority on inclusion and equity, stakeholder engagement, and conflict resolution and dialogue. The author of Read the Room for Real and co-author (with Lisa Schirch) of The Little Book of Dialogue for Difficult Subjects, he's served as Senior Policy Adviser to...


Adventures of a Jewish Yogi

When the Judaism of her youth failed to satisfy her spiritual yearning, Dani Antman embarked on a journey that included yoga, energy healing, and an eventual discovery of the mysticism of the Jewish Kabbalah. In this podcast, Antman discusses her teachers' cultural differences, sexuality and spirituality, and what personal tragedy has taught her. This podcast amplifies the message of Antman's recently published memoir, Wired for God, which was Finalist in the "Autobiography/Memoir"...


A Universalist Unitarian Minister Talks About White Privilege and the Church's Recent Racial Controversy

The summer of 2017 was a turbulent time in the Universalist Unitarian world. A racially oriented hiring controversy -- when a white man was hired over a Latina woman for a church leadership post -- caused many church members to question whether the church was living up to its espoused progressive values. One of these church members was Reverend Kimberly "Kim" Wildszewski, the pastor of a UU church in Titusville New Jersey. Her church in a small way lived out a microcosm of what the...


Social Activism and Spiritual Practice

Three years after the murder of her husband and birth of her daughter, former Black Panther Party leader Ericka Huggins found herself unjustly imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement. it was here that she taught herself meditation and embarked on a path that 37 years later has made her a leading exemplar of the integration of spirituality and social activism. Here, Huggins shared what she learned about herself while in solitary confinement, the legacy of the Black Panther Party, and...


Japan: the Teacher

Author Steven Earle talks about his studies with Japanese spiritual teachers; the relationship between sound, language and reality; and the untold story of how a former spy turned businessman introduced yoga to Japan. Earle talks about what led him in his early 20s to move to Japan, his lifelong study of the martial art of aikido, and his mentorship with Odano Sanae, who deeply influenced his understanding of the relationship between sound, language and reality. Odano's work is the...


"World Peace, Through Inner Peace"

Social entrepreneur, spiritual guide and author Virginia Swain explains how personal tragedy shaped her spiritual focus, her work at the United Nations, and her vision for the transformation of America in a post 9/11 world. She also speaks about her most recent community project, America's Soul Cafe, and provides advice to anyone seeking to integrate their quest for inner peace with peace in the world. Virginia is the author of the recently published book, My Soul’s Journey to Redefine...


"Cindy's Story" - An Interview with Cindy Franklin

Cindy Franklin, the co-founder of the Diversity and Spirituality Network, talks about coming from a background that some people might think of as privileged; spirituality as a pathway to appreciation of diversity; her studies with a diverse array of spiritual teachers; and her vision for the Diversity and Spirituality Network. Links: About Muktananda (Cindy's First Spiritual Teacher) "Spirituality is the River" - an interview with DSN co-founder Rene Molenkamp "A Foundation Story" - an...


"What the F#@k Is Enlightenment"

Boston's Kamaria Powell began asking life's most thought-provoking questions and found answers she didn't find in the Pentecostal Church in which she was raised. She shares her journey, the questions she asked herself along the way, and why she now defines herself as "spiritual," rather than "religious." She also explores the role of religion in the African-American community and its particular impact on African-American women.


On being secular and loving Jesus

Tom Krattenmaker, a writer who specializing in religion in public life, explains how he pulls off the delicate balancing act of being a Jesus follower while not being religious. He explains his own paradoxical love affair with religion, the implications of the national decline in religious observance, and what he thinks secular humanists can learn from religionists. Links: Tom's Website Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower (book) website Yale Humanist Community