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The Priestess Podcast shares inspirational interviews and intimate conversations about all things Divine Feminine, Goddess Culture, Women's Spirituality and Soulful Business. Listen in to some of the world's great spiritual thought leaders, authors and speakers with your host Priestess Julie Parker

The Priestess Podcast shares inspirational interviews and intimate conversations about all things Divine Feminine, Goddess Culture, Women's Spirituality and Soulful Business. Listen in to some of the world's great spiritual thought leaders, authors and speakers with your host Priestess Julie Parker
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The Priestess Podcast shares inspirational interviews and intimate conversations about all things Divine Feminine, Goddess Culture, Women's Spirituality and Soulful Business. Listen in to some of the world's great spiritual thought leaders, authors and speakers with your host Priestess Julie Parker




Tracy Neely on Seer Wisdom (E75)

It’s likely that you have heard the word seer, but maybe like me, you are not sure exactly what one is or does. Tracy Neely, my guest on The Priestess Podcast today identifies as many extraordinary things and a seer is one of them. This special gift has been with Tracy since childhood but didn’t truly come forth in her life and work until a health crisis unfolded in – of all places – her dentists chair. That moment and experience changed Tracy’s life, opening her up to her own seer wisdom....


Alexandra Roxo on The Power of Rituals (E74)

There are so many ways we can more deeply connect with our spiritual selves - and rituals are one of those. You may just think that a ritual is something witchy and involves really complex mantras or crystal grids or various other spiritual accoutrements – but truly, rituals don’t have to involve any of those things at all if we don’t want them to. My beautiful guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Alexandra Roxo – is passionate about the power of everyday rituals in our life and in...


Leesa Renee Hall on Exploring Your Ancestry (E73)

I am thrilled today to have on The Priestess Podcast Leesa Renee Hall who I consider to be an incredible guide and mentor to me in my life right now. Leesa is a creative word artist and social historian with a passion for helping people unpack their internal biases – especially whiteness – and show up in the world as more compassionate and whole human beings. Today Leesa and I discuss a shared passion around ancestry and our cultural lineages and why these are so important on our spiritual...


Mariah MacCarthy on The Divine Feminine & Being Non-Binary (E72)

Mariah MacCarthy, a.k.a. Feminist Life Coach, is a joyful nonbinary queer who's passionate about helping open-hearted creatives and social justice warriors live glorious, authentic lives. They take a compassionate approach to coaching, which honors the messy, nonlinear nature of human growth. They're a Beautiful You Life Coach, Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator, and a graduate of Brené Brown's Daring Greatly and Rising Strong courses, as well as Andréa...


Grace Funk on Rites of Passage (E71)

Did you know that you are experiencing and journeying through rites of passage in your life even though you may not be aware of it? Priestess Grace Funk is passionate about rites of passage such as menarche, menopause and death and in this episode of The Priestess Podcast she shares more about what these rites can mean to us on a spiritual level and why it’s so important we embrace them. This episode will be particularly powerful for you if you are a woman who has experienced and is...


Sharyn Holmes on Sacred Leadership (E70)

Sharyn Holmes is a deeply powerful and sacred leader in her own way. Infusing her own blend of spirituality, sacredness, introverted leadership and activism, Sharyn is a truth teller of the highest order - with a call to action in her words, poetry and actions. In this episode of The Priestess Podcast, Sharyn shares what she believes to be glaringly missing from the spiritual and entrepreneurial worlds right now and how it is white people who need to be the ones to initiate deep and...


Kim Bady on Sacred Feminine Power (E69)

What does power mean to you? Have you ever thought about it in the context of your spirituality and sacredness? In this episode of The Priestess Podcast Women’s Healing Educator Kim Bady shares her journey from being a pastor’s wife to a divorced sacred feminine leader, embracing and waking the Goddess within her, reclaiming her sacred power and embodying the feminine face of God. It is a beautiful personal journey that may just have you reflect on where you can and may even need to...


Jamie Lu on Sound Healing (68)

In this episode of The Priestess Podcast with Jamie Lu you are about to learn the extraordinarily powerful healing capabilities of sound. Jamie shares with us her love of sound and it’s very special heart opening and healing properties. She also gifts us with a sound healing in this episode using crystal singing bowls and light language that is truly beautiful to listen to and experience.


Maddy Moon on Your Inner Child (E67)

How much do you play and have fun as a ‘grown-up’ in your life? Did you leave behind your childhood whimsy and cheekiness a long time ago? Then today’s episode of The Priestess Podcast with Maddy Moon is for you. Maddy shares with us the infinite importance of remaining in touch with our inner child, spark and creativity, especially as adults living in a serious and sometimes stressful world.


Ricci-Jane Adams on Intuitive Intelligence (66)

What is intuitive intelligence? Can our intuition even BE intelligent? Ricci-Jane Adams takes her own and YOUR intuition very seriously and believes it is the seat of personal power and spiritual self-esteem for every person. Ricci-Jane has some perspectives and thoughts on intuition that you may never have heard of before and may just challenge you to see this inherent part of yourself with whole new eyes and feelings.


Nikki Novo on Your Spiritual Practice (65)

Do you have a spiritual practice? Or desire to have one? Priestess Podcast guest Nikki Novo may just surprise you today on how gracefully and easeful it can be to develop one OR that you may even have a spiritual practice and not even realise it. Nikki also shares with us some loving insights into her Cuban background and how that influences her spirituality and connection to the Divine every day.


Mimi Young on Shamanic Plant Medicine (64)

The power of plants and earth magick is at the heart of this episode of The Priestess Podcast with shamanic practitioner Mimi Young. Sharing with us her process for working with plants and the stories she believes they contain within, Mimi takes us on a magickal journey deep beneath the earth's surface and into her conscious beauty creations for the modern spiritual woman.


Belinda Davidson on Being Psychic (63)

Belinda Davidson shares in this episode of the Priestess Podcast what it is like to have been psychic all her life (yes since childhood!) and her thoughts on if we are all psychic too. If you have ever thought that you may have psychic abilities or the capacity to ‘see’ beyond the visual eye, Belinda’s story may just ignite a knowing inside of you that has been there since your childhood too.


Julie Parker & Sora Surya No on The Priestess Mistress Mind (62)

Host of the Priestess Podcast Julie Parker and fellow Priestess Sora Surya No share their latest adventure together - The Priestess Mistress Mind. Learn all about the development of this divine and sacred experience and how YOU can be a part of it throughout 2017-2018, including incredible experiences in Victoria, Australia and Glastonbury, UK.


Anahita Joon Tehrani on The Iranian Priestess (61)

Anahita Joon Tehrani joins the Priestess Podcast to talk about growing up during the Islamic Revolution of Iran and her desperate desire from a young age to be wild and womanly free. Now a healing Priestess and medicine woman Anahita has boldly stepped into a space of sacred leadership for herself and the countless women around the world she now inspires and works with.


Jessica Reid on Clairvoyancy and Channelling (60)

Are you clairvoyant or have ever consulted one? Maybe you’re not really sure what one is or does but would love to know! Then this episode of The Priestess Podcast with Jessica Reid is for you. Jessica shares with us what her special gifts as a clairvoyant are and how not only she - but you - can work with your higher guides.


Sarah Magdalena Love on Queer Magic (59)

In a beautiful and heartfelt interview Sarah Magdalena Love shares her special wisdom on what her world is like as a queer identifying witch and herbalist. Calling for a more inclusive and open spiritual community, Sarah’s gentle voice and divine nature will have you captivated as she brings forth her queer magic.


Tanya Geisler on The Imposter Complex (E58)

Tanya Geisler is your angel sent from heaven if you have ever felt like a fraud and that you’re just not measuring up. A compassionate and caring leader in the area of The Imposter Complex Tanya shares with us in this episode of The Priestess Podcast how to embrace imposter based feelings as a strength and use them to step into the starring role of your life.


Susana Frioni on Prioritising Pleasure (E57)

Susana Frioni is a speaker, certified Deep Coaching Professional and embodiment teacher igniting women through erotic empowerment via her brand LOVE SEX DESIRE. With an audience in over 190 countries, Susana also produces and hosts a weekly podcast series alongside her Sacred Dance events and other workshops/programs both in person and online.


Arielle Loren on Sexual and Creative Energy (E56)

Arielle Loren is the CEO of the Arielle Loren Agency, managing dozens of companies and building out high ROI marketing campaigns. As a Harvard grad, former sex columnist, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, she created the DRIVEN workshops to help women in business develop their "whole power" - self, sex, and spirit. The workshops combine non-traditional business strategy, Kundalini yoga, and sexual energy breathing exercises to create an intentional, pleasurable, and prosperous work-life balance.