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The Priestess Podcast shares inspirational interviews and intimate conversations about all things Divine Feminine, Goddess Culture, Women's Spirituality and Soulful Business. Listen in to some of the world's great spiritual thought leaders, authors and speakers with your host Priestess Julie Parker

The Priestess Podcast shares inspirational interviews and intimate conversations about all things Divine Feminine, Goddess Culture, Women's Spirituality and Soulful Business. Listen in to some of the world's great spiritual thought leaders, authors and speakers with your host Priestess Julie Parker
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The Priestess Podcast shares inspirational interviews and intimate conversations about all things Divine Feminine, Goddess Culture, Women's Spirituality and Soulful Business. Listen in to some of the world's great spiritual thought leaders, authors and speakers with your host Priestess Julie Parker




Carolina Rodriguez-Barros on Life as a Spiritual Path (E124)

Carolina Rodriguez-Barros never grew up as a little girl believing that she would become a New Earth Soul Alchemist and I am sure that is something that many of you listening right now could relate to. If someone had told me that I would be doing what I am doing right now even as a young woman in my 20’s I would scarcely have believed them. My interview with Carolina for The Priestess Podcast today will help you to see how everything in life that we experience and even desire not to...


Juliet Allen on Everyday Intimacy (E123)

What does it mean to have true intimacy in your everyday life? To feel deeply connected to everything you are and to have others see you in that way too? Intimacy is something that can of course mean different things to us all, but I think you’re going to love my guest today - Juliet Allen - and her very special take on what true intimacy really is. As a sexologist I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by to talk to Juliet about the connection between sex and intimacy and also sex and...


Olana Barros on Divine Legacy (E122)

My guest on The Priestess Podcast today - Olana Barros - is a truly special woman something that you are about to find out in our interview today all about life, living and legacy. In particular what Olana believes is your Divine Legacy. This is one of those rich and soulful conversations that may just change your life. So often we think that to achieve a legacy or leave a legacy or mark of some kind that we have to do something extra-ordinary, something that makes us famous or impacts...


Sarah Wilder on Your Highest Self (E121)

Sarah Wilder is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer, thought leader and nature nerd ever exploring the healing arts + natural world. She is on a mission to self actualise and teach others how to work with the beauty and magic in nature to help rediscover their own.


Ashni on Flower Essences (E120)

It’s always so beautiful for me to interview people for The Priestess Podcast who are passionate about what they do and the gifts they bring into the world. And such is the case with my guest today - Ashni - who you are about to find out has a deep love and passion for flowers. And that passion is one I absolutely share. Ashni is a flower essence therapist and in this episode she speaks to the beauty, wisdom and healing properties of flowers and how they are so often a mirror of our own...


Mara Glatzel on Self-Care & Tenderness (E119)

You, like me, probably think you know what self-care means. Even if you are not necessarily ‘doing’ it well for yourself. However do we really know what self-care and tending to ourselves with tenderness actually is? Or are we still a part of the media machine that tells us that self-care is really about bubble baths or going for a walk and doing something to improve or better ourselves? My guest on The Priestess Podcast today - Mara Glatzel - is a fan of a bubble bath as am I. But you are...


Nehanda Yemaya Imana on The Sovereign Queen (E118)

What does it really mean to be a Queen? The Queen of your own life, body, feelings, experiences, thoughts. And more. The Queen of it all. When we think about the Queen Archetype it’s easy to just see what is on the surface. Someone who is regal, a leader, confident, wears her crown with pride. But embodying the Queen archetype as my incredible guest on the podcast today Nehanda Yemaya Imana shares with us is so much more than that. Being a true Queen in our own life and world is all about...


Phoebe Mwanza on Spirituality & Social Justice (E117)

Love. That’s what my guest on The Priestess Podcast today - Phoebe Mwanza - believes is the deep connection and link between our spirituality and social justice. A human rights lawyer, social justice advocate and podcaster, Phoebe, as an African Australian woman, carries in her heart a lifetime of experiences that have lead her to a place of being passionate about supporting and speaking up about important social and political issues that need to be more widely addressed. Phoebe shares with...


Jerico Mandybur on Tarot for Healing (E116)

I remember the first time I saw a tarot deck - it was in a movie - and shuffling the cards was a very cranky looking crone who was about to use them to dispense some hard learned wisdom to the young woman sitting opposite her. From that moment on I believed for a long time that tarot cards were really only something that someone else used to read for you and that they were used to tell your fortune. Many moons later I have now come to understand tarot as something that is a creative tool for...


Megan Dalla Camina on Simple, Soulful, Sacred (E115)

We are living in a time of great hurry, flurry, busyness and hustle. Even if we try to resist such things, they still swirl around us and can be hard to ignore or not fall into. The result of this is, I believe, many of us are craving more simple lives that echo the times of our grandmothers, great grandmothers and beyond. Lives that are more simple, more soulful and more sacred. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today is Megan Dalla Camina and she has written a beautiful book called...


Dr Rebecca Ray on Courage & Bravery (E114)

I love it when people surprise you - in a good way. And that’s what happened in the opening moments of my interview today with Dr Rebecca Ray, author of The Universe Listens to Brave. Rebecca is a clinical psychologist and openly admits at the start of our chat today that she has experienced many personal and emotional issues of her own that have seen her have to really wrestle with her own fear, inner critic, relationship with bravery and her sense of self. It’s incredibly refreshing to...


Emily Cassel on Strength & Softness (E113)

Is it really possible to be both strong and soft as a person? Can you have boundaries and also be vulnerable with yourself and others? What does it truly mean to be strong? Does softness mean what we really think it does? We dive into all of these questions and more today on The Priestess Podcast with my guest Emily Cassel. Emily was once a highly self-critical type A perfectionist who avoided vulnerability and softness in her life, until she realised both - combined with action orientated...


Becca Piastrelli on Colonialism and Ancestry (E112)

My guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Becca Piastrelli, says that “Being alive in this time means that we all have a long and tangled past that our ancestors navigated to get us where we are today.” And she speaks the absolute truth. Truth in particular when speaking about tanglements that relate to those of us who identify as white and are descendants of people who colonised land, more often than not through brutal means, that we may still, and likely do, benefit from today. There is so...


Shade Ashani on The Father Wound (111)

The way we feel about ourselves as a human being is complex. It’s not a case of simply wanting to feel about ourselves in a certain way and it happening. There are often a lot of barriers that we have to overcome to claim our full worthiness, beauty and even divinity. One of the things that can stand in our way of achieving this is an emotional wound of some kind, an experience or experiences we have had that deeply impact our sense of self. One of those wounds is The Father Wound and my...


Tracey Pattison on Priestess Your Plate (110)

Today’s episode of The Priestess Podcast is delicious - and you may just want to have some of your most favourite foods on hand to enjoy while you listen in. My guest Tracey Pattison has a 25 year history of recipe creation for some of the world’s top chefs. She is passionate about seasonal living and eating, nourishing yourself, and being a sovereign, empowered queen in your own kitchen and how you priestess your plate and body. Tracey is also deeply committed to readdressing patriarchal...


Luna Grace Isbell-Love on Transformational Leadership (E109)

Leadership is a BIG topic and there are so many ways we can discuss it, think about it and live it as well. In saying that however, for so long now I think that leadership has been presented to us in a very narrow way, and where it is supposedly deeply tied with things such as power and authority. I absolutely love that we are now starting to both talk about, see, and live leadership as human beings in such a way that involves us talking about it in terms of empathy, compassion, heart and...


Connie Chapman on Slow Down and Tune In (E108)

I am sure you don’t need me to tell you, or remind you, that the pace with which so many of us live in this modern world is frenetic, frantic and frenzied. All the EFFS! There always seems to be so much to DO and just being as a human can feel some days like it’s a distant desire. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today is the luminous Connie Chapman, someone whose work and presence I adore. Connie truly embodies her values as a woman and a business owner and so when I invited her on the...


Heather Rebecca Wilson on Jade Eggs (E107)

We are talking all things jade eggs on The Priestess Podcast today. And I couldn’t imagine a better person to do that with than the wonderful Heather Rebecca Wilson. Heather explains to us the ancient beginnings of the jade egg practice and how it was used by priestesses then, to its eventual modernisation now. Heather in particular shares how using a jade egg can enhance not just our sex life but our pelvic floor health and even ability to be able to heal from sexual, racial and ancestral...


Rachel MacDonald on Transitions (E106).mp3

All of us are transitioning in our lives constantly. We are moving, growing, ageing, cycling and changing all the time. It’s not a part of our lives we can resist if we want to have the privilege of living and growing older - no matter how comfy our comfort zone may be. Despite the fact that change and transition is inevitable in life, it often can come with a lot of personal and spiritual stretching - that let’s face it - doesn’t always feel the best when we are in the thick of it. Our egos...


Kerry Rowett on Align and Attract (E105)

Starting a business can sound like there is a lot of freedom based fun to be had and that absolutely can be the case. What will also be the case - because it is for every business - is a lot of challenging work and at times really stretching personal growth. We can fall into traps of comparing ourselves to others, doing what others think is best for us rather than ourselves and following the crowd. My guest today on The Priestess Podcast - Kerry Rowett - works with entrepreneurs from all...